June 7th – 13th, 2010

This week opens the door to magic time, and we’re ready to take full advantage of surprising opportunities that are likely to come our way. Let’s be sure to work with peripheral vision, looking at all possibilities. For under the energy configurations of this week, things seem to come fast and furious, some of which come out of left field or out of the blue.

We may be looking at making changes, emphasizing our freedom of movement and expressing our individuality. We might consider a personal makeover or buying purchases that would add spice to our life. Just keep the receipts since we may be operating on a high and could make impulse purchases that seem right in the moment but might seem frivolous or not what we want on later reflection.

Towards the latter part of the week, life speeds up ever more. We may be going from different activities and juggling various things. It is important that we not overly schedule this week since much of the activity seems unexpected and offers interesting mini-miracles of events, contacts and connections that are serendipitous of being in the right place at the right time.

Over the weekend, we may gather with friends and family for some fun celebrations. We are far more interested in having a lot going on than concentrating on one or two significant events. Life for us this week is a kaleidoscope of magical moments, fun events and a feel-good attitude. And the keyword for this week is en-joy.

Monday, June 7th – Stepping Out – Sun, Venus, Mars Virgo. Monday starts the week with us in high gear. The week begins with the Aries Moon sextile the Sun and square Venus. Mars moves into Virgo ending its almost eight month transit of Leo. We may be feeling like we are at the top of our game, ready to move our interests ahead with no obstacles or naysayers in our way. The question arises, however, as to whether our forceful presentations are based upon the strength of our case or are masking a certain insecurity whereby we feel that a strong offense is a good defense. We could be a little hypercritical of people or situations occurring around us. We can use our sense of doing our own thing without stepping on other people’s toes and without going full speed ahead before checking the conditions and circumstances in which we are forging ahead. Today is a good day for us to present our own perspective but with the specifics and particulars at hand. If we take into account the details necessary to accomplish our goals before we launch forward, then we might better offer a best cases scenario and a win-win situation without our seeming to be overly focused on our own personal interests. This Monday is a good day for stepping out but being certain that we’re not stepping on other peoples’ toes.

Tuesday, June 8th – Falling into Place – Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Pluto. Today is one of those days when everything seems to work and all the pieces fit neatly into place. The sense of magic and miracles, the serendipity of being in the right place at the right time, all seem to work on this Tuesday. Jupiter conjuncts Uranus, and Mercury trines Saturn. The Moon starts off in Aries and sextiles Neptune before moving into Taurus where it creates a Grand Trine in the Earth Element by trining Mars in Virgo and trining Pluto in Capricorn. As though we have pulled back the veil of Maya and entered a different dimension where everything works easily, today is one of those days when we can accomplish a great deal, surprising opportunities open to us, and we might feel as though all our cares and worries have dropped away. Of course, in order to come to such a realization, we have to embrace the awe and wonder of childhood, step away from our sense of controlling situations and being master of our own domain, and accept with humility the magical possibilities of even the seemingly impossible. Expect the unexpected, for this day opens a door, or a window, of new interests and a new sense of self. Let’s not be too surprised if we’re considering a personal makeover, making changes to our appearance or our wardrobe, based upon an impinging new sense of who we are. We do not have to commit to any changes we embrace today. Rather this is a day for self-exploration, self-discovery and getting out of our own way of whom we have been and how we have acted. Can we do so? That might prove the largest question as to the breadth of today’s opportunities. The more we can draw today from a blank slate and allow magic to happen, the more we can engage some interesting and wonderful opportunities. Not only can we consider possibilities we might otherwise discount at other times. We can also take our new interests, streamline our operations and devise a best practices approach in which to get things done. This Tuesday is a primo day, so let’s take full advantage of it. But let’s also keep in mind that life is about cycles and similar to the ocean’s waves there are times when we can ride the crest of the waves, and other times when we’re down in the trough. Today is crest riding waves.

Wednesday, June 9th – Believing the Spin – Mercury, Neptune. After Tuesday and reinforced on Thursday, we could easily believe that we have moved into the paradigm shift and that everything is working out for our best, and with very little effort on our part. We might feel that we have entered a whole new dimension of our lives. Opportunities that we could never have imagined may have been dangled in front of us. Problems that we believed to be irreconcilable may have magically disappeared. We can be entranced, even seduced, by a new sense of being of who we are. And there can be the hucksters and spinmeisters that assure us all our concerns, all our difficulties, have magically disappeared. Nice concept, but such a belief could be but an illusion, and could also create a nasty set-up for a significant fall if we have climbed too high or reached too far without exercising due diligence and reading between the lines. This Wednesday continues with the Taurus Moon, but we also have Mercury square Neptune. We may want to believe a best case scenario, especially if we saw glimmers or the whole panorama of a much improved life circumstance yesterday. Our mind could be a little hazy today with us looking through rose-colored glasses. Although attitude is a key element of how we perceive life conditions, we have to be wary of extremes — extreme negativity bordering on depression or extreme positivity bordering on irrational exuberance. Today is a day to maintain a rein on our emotions, our beliefs and our finances. We could easily play the roulette wheel and put more money on certain squares than might be appropriate. Let’s try and maintain a conservative financial approach today even though we could hear about prospects and possibilities that seem inevitable and mind-numbing as if too good to be true. And possibly they are.

Thursday, June 10th – Shout it from the Highest Steeple – Mercury Gemini, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Mars. Wednesday night – Thursday morning, Mercury exits Taurus and enters its own Sign of Gemini, whereupon it sextiles both Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. The Taurus Moon today sextiles Venus, trines Saturn and squares Neptune. The Moon then moves into Gemini where it sextiles Uranus, sextiles Jupiter, conjuncts Mercury and squares Mars. We may be feeling on top of the world, and we might choose to communicate our feel-good attitude about ourselves to all and sundry. Opportunities that might have arisen for us earlier in the week can seem to take greater hold, and we might want to make anyone and everyone aware of our good fortune. Everyone could be patting themselves on the back. We might also find that we are far more interested in juggling many activities rather than focusing only on one or two significant involvements. We may feel like the world is our oyster and that we can easily devour a bushel load or more. Shucks, we may feel blessed and as if everything is going our way. Not to be a parade rainer, but I would advise that we maintain vigilance and awareness even during such upbeat and self-inflating times. We also have to be wary of those people who are legends in their own minds. We could get easily enraptured by our possibilities, seeing all the positive attributes without considering the potential liabilities. We might even get to the point of accepting the belief that might makes right and that the more belligerent we are the more likely we shall be in winning our way. Sounds like emotional tantrums whereby we narrow our vision to solely our perspective without considering someone else’s perspective. Today would be a day to utilize people we trust as a good sounding board regarding some of our intentions, decisions and planned actions.

Friday, June 11th – Pushing the Envelope – Mercury, Mars. Friday continues with the Gemini Moon, which is likely to reinforce today’s Mercury square Mars. People could be adamant in their own opinion, unable and unwilling to see anything beyond their own personal prejudices and beliefs. Communications today could get downright nasty with people drawing lines in the sand and advising other people that it is their way or the highway. We are in the dark side of the Moon with tomorrow’s New Moon, but that might not prevent some people from stepping in it, creating a furor and moving forward without considering the ramifications of their actions or the likely implications of the consequences of their actions. We could be impetuous today, so it would be wise to avoid knee-jerk reactions and count to ten before acting or reacting. We may want to press our point but we might not be fully aware of all the variables involved. Let’s keep in mind some of the unexpected situations that might have arisen earlier this week and use that as a tempering process regarding any action that we might choose to consider or to take.

Saturday, June 12th – Head in the Clouds – Venus, Saturn, Gemini New Moon, Sun, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter. Saturday has Venus sextile Saturn and the Gemini New Moon with the Moon conjunct the Sun, square Saturn and trine Neptune. The Moon then moves into Cancer where it squares both Uranus and Jupiter. This Saturday can be a little delusional. We might want what we want, imagine how we can get there, but the actual destination and itinerary might not lead us to where we expect to go. This New Moon has an influence over the next fortnight. Although we have had some very positive hits this week, the second week of this fortnight could be fairly traumatic and pop some of the bubbles we might have been enjoying. Although it is good to have our head in the clouds and consider all possibilities, it is essential that we keep our feet on the ground. And during this month, there can be times when our feet hardly touch the ground. Although we are all amping to make changes and to be more autonomous in our lives, we also have to be fully aware that there may be impediments and obstacles in our way, either creating delays or preventing our plans from occurring. We may be feeling a little uncomfortable in our own skin and want major change to occur immediately and especially after some of the teasers of mini-miracles or wondrous surprises we might have already experienced. Once again, we are being tested and challenged as to whether we want to control situations or whether we can accept the birthing process, the natural unfolding of life’s conditions and circumstances. These times talk to us as being co-creators of our destiny, of being participants in the natural unfolding. But these times also speak of our letting go of any sense of real control over life’s situations. We are going through a paradigm shift. We can make our changes, but let’s make our changes with the ideas of toes in the water rather than assuming that we can dive into the deep end without possible consequences that might not be to our liking.

Sunday, June 13th – No Rest for the Weary – Mars, Pluto. Sunday’s Cancer Moon sextiles Mars and opposes Pluto. Although today we might prefer to have a good time, enjoy our re-creational pursuits and even the possibility of getting off the track, out of Dodge, and exploring new terrain; this Sunday may have us running errands, doing fix-up projects around our home and generally cleaning up and clearing out. Let’s keep in mind the wise saying that the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled. We may want to make certain changes in our lives, but we might also have to let go of some of the baggage from our past. Inventory taking today and getting rid of the outmoded and no longer functional would go a long way towards creating space for the new interests and new involvements to come forward. It’s like a horse and cart kind of thing. We need to have the horse first. No matter what new interests we might have become aware during this week, now is a time for us to get rid of some of the old in order to take full advantage of possibilities, opportunities and situations that we might have had glimmers of, or even those situations of which we are not yet aware. First, we have to do the clean up and clear out and then we can embrace the new and the different.