June 28th – July 4th, 2010

This week is a week for us to stretch our wings, broaden our perspective and focus on summertime fun. And we might need some respite from the intensity of this past week. As though closing ourselves off from the mundane world and everyday reality, we might be far more interested in looking towards our future, our possibilities and having a good old time in the summertime. This week also leads up to the long holiday weekend in the US as we enter July and the upcoming weekend being the July 4th weekend.

Summer is here and we would prefer to dispel our cares. This week is a good time for fun family gatherings, get-togethers with friends and heading for the shore or the country just to get off the track and out of Dodge and leave behind our everyday world. While there are concerns aplenty regarding economies, antagonisms and heightened anxiety, we may choose not to go there. If we can carve out an idyllic world for ourselves this week, we could recharge our batteries and not overly personalize some of the craziness going on out in the world at large.

Although we may have our head in the clouds, we should keep our feet on the ground. Let’s enjoy ourselves, party and have a good time, all the while that we are maintaining our awareness and vigilance to situations that might not be of our making but could directly impact us nonetheless.

Putting things on hold this week but with a willingness to address things that demand our immediate attention would be the best way to work with this week’s energies. We can have a good time without being totally oblivious to what’s going on around us.

Let’s keep in mind that we are in the push pulls of a paradigm shift, a dramatic transformation to life and how we do our living.

The weekend in the US celebrates Independence Day, and a brief interlude from our daily lives could allow us to see how we can free ourselves up from old patterns and situations that no longer work for us and familiar issues that could be even less beneficial in the future.

Monday, June 28th – Planning our Good Times – Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter. Monday is a primo day and comes off a string of four days that could have had us upset, overwhelmed or just on overload. Monday starts the week, and a fairly pleasant week, with the Sun conjunct Mercury and the Capricorn Moon trine Saturn before the Moon moves into Aquarius where it sextiles both Uranus and Jupiter. This is a good day when we can get a great deal done, if we take the time to strategize our ‘to do’ list and prioritize our activities. We can figure a best practices approach to our responsibilities and then concentrate on plans for social gatherings or future jaunts out of town. We might want to straighten things up in both our personal matters and our home environment, in order to feel that we have cleared the decks and won’t be distracted by our outstanding obligations while we are considering our future. It would be wise for us to see this week as one when we might be far more interested in exploring new realms and trying out new activities than dealing with our daily routine. We may want to get off the track and engage summertime activities more than dealing with our mundane concerns. But like horse and cart, we should deal with our daily demands before launching into exciting, new opportunities. As the day progresses, surprising events might arise that intrigue us and may have us wanting to get involved. Let’s embrace the spontaneity and serendipity of magical times.

Tuesday, June 29th – A Test of Wills – Venus. The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius on this Tuesday and opposes Venus today. While we may all want to have a good time, the question could arise as to whether we are all on the same page. It is important to consider win-win scenarios today, whereby everyone is heard and their interests acknowledged. Otherwise, a lose-lose situation could arise, whereby a tug of war between our personal interests and the desires of other people ensues and we find ourselves in a no-win situation no matter the outcome. If we are engaging social activities today, we might want to be clear regarding the schedule, the itinerary and the plans. But let’s also be open to having enough time and space to act on impulse. Sometimes our greatest experiences are not what we have planned but rather being open to the magic of the moment. This Tuesday can be a thoroughly enjoyable day as long as we’re not involved with narcissists interested in only what works for them and who assume that everyone else will gladly follow their lead.

Wednesday, June 30th – Hazy, Lazy Day of Summer – Neptune. Wednesday brings us to the end of June and we close out the month with the Aquarius Moon conjunct Neptune. We may be feeling a little spacey today. Clarity is not our strong suit now, especially with us wanting to live in an idyllic world but perhaps an unrealistic one. This is a good day to just laze around without trying to get a great deal done. Our imagination may be on fire, with all sorts of visions, possibilities and hoped-for situations percolating in our minds. If we decide to try out something new, it might be wise for us to use a good friend as a sounding board to see whether we are leaping into the void or just taking a pleasant excursion out of our present day reality. Whatever we do today, our emotions can be strong and we could whipsaw between fantastic opportunities and anxious concerns. Wherever we go or whatever we do, let’s appreciate the fact that we may have stepped across the line into a fantasy world. It’s fine for us to go there, but it could wind up being disastrous if we wholeheartedly believe that such ingredients make up a real life scenario. Later in the day, the Moon moves out of Aquarius and moves into Neptune-ruled Pisces. We are in a moody, emotional way and it would be wise for us to see this time, as Paul Desmond wrote for the Dave Brubeck Quartet, to Take Five.

Thursday, July 1st – Home, Home on the Range – Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Sun. Thursday begins the month of July and much of our focus as we start the month may be on our home and family. Mercury transiting Cancer sextiles Mars transiting Virgo. The Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn and trines the Sun in Cancer. We may be looking at the details and format of planned family celebrations or just looking at some home improvement projects that can create a greater sense of sanctuary in our living space. To some degree, we may step back and concentrate on our fundamental support systems, seeking solace and comfort in our home and family. Our sensitivity is strong today but we might also be considering how best to protect ourselves and nurture ourselves from what might feel like an ever-challenging world. The combination of vision and detail offers us the ability of seeing both the big picture and the steps necessary to bring that big picture into manifestation. We can accomplish a great deal today if we do so in concentrated time cycles and without feeling the need to justify or rationalize our position. Today is a day for us to pamper ourselves, even to the point of healthy indulgence. We are not interested in doing battle today but we are protective of our self-interests and those nearest and dearest to us.

Friday, July 2nd – The Perfection of Imperfection – Mars, Mercury. Friday continues with the Pisces Moon which today opposes Mars and trines Mercury. We all would love to live in a perfect world. And, if we were to let go of our grand expectations or our precise measuring standards, we might realize that the world is perfect without our mucking it up. Japanese potters of the Wabi Sabi tradition put their thumbprint in their pottery to indicate that only the source is perfect. Arab carpet weavers are known to have a loose thread in their weaving of their carpets to acknowledge that only Allah is perfect. The perfection of imperfection! And for us this day could either accept this concept that everything is perfect in its own way or we could find ourselves carping and criticizing the lack of perfection, but a lack of perfection whose standard is unattainable in an imperfect world. Either we can use this day to do the best that we can, or we could find ourselves going through wild mood swings with our expectations never being fulfilled or realized. Our choice. Of course, this day also brings us the biggest challenge for all of us during this time of paradigm shift. Are we in control of our universe, able to totally master it and devise it according to our plan? Or are we co-creators of our destiny, working hand in hand with the unfolding of the universal cycles, nature’s rhythm? The sense of what we can do and what we need to adapt to could be impinging upon our day today. As the prayer by theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, more commonly known as the Serenity Prayer, states: ‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’

Saturday, July 3rd – Lemmings on Parade – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto. Saturday could be a rather bizarre day — one of extremes that could allow for real swings in emotions and actions. The potential for pushing the envelope, and possibly more out of an exaggerated sense of frustration, is strong today. Although a dissociate aspect, the Moon creates something of a T-Square today, first by finishing its transit of Pisces and its opposition to Saturn, then by moving into Aries where it conjuncts both Uranus and Jupiter before squaring Pluto. Early Saturday could have us feeling bummed about what is going on in our lives. We might feel victim to life’s circumstances and disappointed by the way things are going. Our anxiety level could be ratcheted up severalfold. But our reaction could also be a little over the top. Instead of considering well-thought out plans or intricately-devised strategies, we could go for knee-jerk reactions of breaking free and doing whatever we want with little, if any, consideration of the consequences. Unfortunately, if we go blindly into the night or into the day we could race into walls, obstacles and other impediments that force us to come to a halt, stop and possibly with a dizzying effect. This Saturday asks that we keep in mind the adage: moderation in all things. We may want to have a summer blowout, indulge beyond our limits and feel no compunction about being a law unto ourselves. There are liabilities in complications for ill-conceived actions. It would also be suggested that we keep our ear to the railroad track. The powers-that-be often release bad news or distressing information when there is the lowest audience likely to notice. Let’s notice whatever is going on in the world today, for it may provide a heads-up regarding issues that could prove far more significant and impactful during this next year of 2011.

Sunday, July 4th – Free at Last, Except for Family Obligations – Sun. Sunday is July 4th, celebrated in the US as Independence Day and largely celebrated as a day of barbecues, fireworks and demonstrations of US patriotism replete with blueberry pie, ice cream, a six pack of beer and other culinary delights of American fancy. Today has the Moon in Aries square the Sun. We may want to do our own thing, especially if we felt restricted yesterday and unable to fully vent our self-assertive expressions. What we want to do and what we’re scheduled to do are often two different things and so it could be on this Sunday. We might prefer taking off, cutting our own path, and exploring the vast terrain. But we may have also committed to certain family gatherings and we could wind up feeling our wings being clipped. Today is a day to seek the balance between our personal wants and our family needs. In any social gatherings we might find ourselves taking a walk down Memory Lane, recounting the good old times that are far better in retrospect than at that time. Let’s enjoy ourselves on this Sunday without feeling captive by our life’s conditions. Tomorrow Uranus turns retrograde and we might be feeling that our new sense of self has been more a mirage than an actual process. We may have to put aside some of our new interests but we might have had glimmers of how we want to be, where we want to be and whom we want to be for the future. Let’s not forget those glances of possibilities and remember that in this paradigm shift it is not so much our having to make things happen as much as being open to the mystery and magic of synchronicity and serendipity — being in the right place at the right time.