June 21st – 27th, 2010

After a couple of weeks that may have seemed like nirvana, close to heaven, this week could prove a little rougher. Maybe there’s been too much of a good thing, but unexpected situations this week might be upsetting and could force us to change our plans and cut back on some of our scheduled activities.

Flexibility is key this week, for if we can’t adapt to shifting conditions we could wind up banging our head against the wall. Why go there? Even if there are forced delays, we might want to see them as a tempering process rather than obstacles we have to plow through.

Our sensitivity can be ratcheted up severalfold. We might feel reticent about stepping out and emphasizing our personal needs. It would be important for us to find the balance between our needs and the needs of the people around us. Relationships could be problematic but any difficulties may be a result of great expectations after the infatuations of the past two weeks. It would be wise for us to see things from a more realistic perspective and avoid
knee-jerk reactions.

This week can be a dynamic week but also one that may give a wake-up call. Things may not be as they appear. We need to read between the lines and accept the volatility of these times. Yes, the last two weeks may have been especially pleasant but this week may demand that we do a good clearing up. We might choose to prioritize our projects with the idea of getting rid of the extraneous and focusing on the most important.

Monday, June 21st – Here Comes Summer – Summer Solstice, Sun Cancer, Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Mars. The week starts with our entry into the summer season as the Sun enters Cancer at the Summer Solstice and we enjoy the longest day of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere. As the Sun moves into Cancer, it squares Uranus in Aries. We may be champing at the bit to do something different, express ourselves in a unique and innovative manner, and explore new terrain with which we are unfamiliar. We might also be somewhat hesitant about stepping forward. Our past might be a restraining factor to our trying things we have never tried before. The Moon begins the day in Libra and trine Neptune. We might want to make our summer plans for that special getaway with that special someone. Although we might consider the idyllic, the possible and even the less than pragmatic; our self-consciousness and our concern about our financial resources could put a damper on any grandiose plans. After finishing its transit of Libra, the Moon moves into Scorpio where it trines the Sun, sextiles Pluto and sextiles Mars. Although we might feel that our devil-may-care attitude has been restricted and that our impetuous desires to do whatever we choose on the spur-of-the-moment without due deliberation has been constrained, the limiting factor may be a healthy braking system to our actions. Instead of just going for whatever makes us feel good, we can be extremely resourceful, able to find the best deal for the least monies and strategize the most expedient ways to achieve our goals. If we do not give in to our desire to embrace summer without a thought or without concern for consequences, then we can enter summer in a manner whereby we can start to develop new interests and make our plans by a focused strategy that combines both the big picture and the smallest of necessary details.

Tuesday, June 22nd – What We Want, What We Can Have – Venus. Tuesday seems the quietest day of this high energy, even frenetic, week. The Scorpio Moon squares Venus. Although we might want to party and enjoy ourselves, we could also feel the financial pinch keeping us in check. Although we may know what we want and how we want to spend our time and our monies, this day also makes us aware of the need to be resourceful. We might seethe at the feeling that we can’t have everything we want and have it all, but we need not become petulant. On the contrary, we have the opportunity of stretching our abilities to express good taste and to enjoy ourselves without going overboard in our expenditures of time, money or energy. Relationships could be a little dicey today, especially if someone is showboating and throwing their assets around. We do have to watch for a battle of wills between people today. And, if there were conflict, it might not be so much out in the open as a passive – aggressive quality with people doing a tug-of-war with each other all the while engaging their smiling faces. This Tuesday is a day to prioritize our social activities. It is also a day for us to take a more conservative approach regarding our finances. Over the last two weeks we have had some very pleasant hits of positive energy that were reflected in the triple digit gains in the DJIA of the US equity markets. With the energy impending, we might consider taking some of our chips off the table, realizing our gains and possibly cashing out.

Wednesday, June 23rd – Too Good to be True – Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus. There is a saying that it is often darkest before the dawn. But could the inverse also be true? That it is often brightest before it darkens? As a child, I would hear my grandparents speak of the roaring ‘20’s a time after the Great War to end all wars that seemed to usher in prosperity for all time. It was a nice concept, an idyllic paradise but one that proved stronger in concept, belief and imagination than true reality. The same thing has occurred more recently with the dot.com boom before the implosion, and the housing market boom before the sub-prime mortgage bust. There is another old saying that states the higher one climbs the harder one falls. Not that we have to always fall if we climb high, but we have to climb knowledgeably, fully aware of the conditions and shifting circumstances in order to make it to the summit and stay there. This Wednesday could engender increased confidence to the point of irrational exuberance, again. The Sun squares Jupiter today. We may be more interested in looking at the half glass of water as full and overflowing rather than seeing it as a half glass of water that could either be filled or could be drained. We start the day with the Scorpio Moon sextile Saturn and square Neptune. We may be far more perceptive and grounded as we start the day, but we would have to be careful and wary that things aren’t presented in a way that tickles our enthusiasm, bolsters our confidence and contributes to wild exuberance. The latter part of the day could be a ‘feel good’ time as the Sun Jupiter square is augmented by the Moon moving into Sagittarius and trining both Uranus and Jupiter. Although we might begin the day more focused on the intricate and the specific, the latter part of the day could easily embrace the image and presentation of let the good times roll.

Thursday, June 24th – Looking Back or Looking Ahead – Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Venus. Thursday could prove a real mixed bag, even a little schizoid. Mercury squares Saturn and Mercury trines Neptune today. The Sagittarius Moon squares Mars and trines Venus. We could easily get depressed if we focus on the minutiae and the specifics of situations. But we could be quite exuberant if we concentrate on our good times and enjoyable interactions with other people. Either we can look back at the mess created in the past and their likely implications for our present and possible consequences for our future. Or we can look forward at the possibilities for our future, the prospects of what could be. We might, of course, do both in the course of this day and find ourselves whipsawing between being very upbeat, inspired and positive and being very negative, depressed and defeated. If we could avoid the either or of these energies today, then we could also blend the best case scenario with the worst case scenario and come up with a plan that allows us to move ahead with our plans, all the while having contingency plans for those situations that could throw curve balls at our efforts. We do need to avoid glossing over details today and to also avoid micro-focusing on the minutiae. If we would take a long view and then consider the best practices approach to get to where we want to go, then we can avoid the incredible metronome of highs and lows that this day might otherwise suggest.

Friday, June 25th – Always Something We Cannot Account For – Mercury Cancer, Mercury, Uranus, Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus. We have all probably heard of the so-called ‘black swans’, those situations that arise unexpectedly that cast a pall on things and knock us back and force us to re-evaluate what is going on as a result of the unanticipated variables that have changed the game. This Friday could be one of those days and could cast its pall over the weekend too. Today Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini to move into Cancer where it squares Uranus. Whenever Mercury squares Uranus, I avoid flying since this energy configuration does create problems with travel, and air travel specifically, and also create computer glitches or hacker attacks. Shocking news could come forward today, even to the point of altering our plans. The Sun also opposes Pluto. People may feel rather belligerent today, uncomfortable in their own skin. There could also be personal attacks and certainly the so-called normalcy or stability of these times could be somewhat shaken. This can be a witching day when things ratchet up severalfold and we’re either playing catch-up or having to deal with surprising scenarios that force us away from our schedule to mitigate issues we had not planned for. The day also has the Sagittarius Moon square Saturn and sextile Neptune before the Moon moves into Capricorn later in the day to square Uranus. Whatever plans we have made for this day, we might have to alter or put on hold. Pressing issues could demand our attention and this could also impact our weekend plans. Let’s keep in mind that these volatile times demand that we be nimble and quick, adjusting to changing conditions and adapting to shifting circumstances. There’s no point grousing about any surprising scenarios that force us to alter our plans. We just have to do it.

Saturday, June 26th – All Fall Down – Lunar Eclipse, Capricorn Full Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Sun, Mars. Some people say that every day seems like a Full Moon, reflective of the Full Moon’s attribute of ratcheting up emotions and triggering intense actions. This Saturday’s Full Moon is also an Eclipse but also increases the intensity by reason of the Eclipse Chart. The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and opposes both the Sun and Mercury in Cancer. This Lunar Eclipse also has a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Capricorn and Cancer planets all square Jupiter in Aries, with Mercury exactly square Jupiter. This day can be a day when the chickens seem to be out of their coop and racing around in all directions as though their heads were cut off. This Saturday demands due diligence — the essential ingredients of these times being the keywords of awareness and mindfulness. Things could be presented today to sugarcoat situations. There might be an increased feeling of the ineffectuality of the powers-that-be, that authorities are unable to stem the problems facing society. Although we could easily throw our hands up in the air, resigned to the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ [as Shakespeare phrased it]; we could also take bull by the horns and determine to extricate ourselves from some of the messes created by others, or even some of the messes we unintentionally have created for ourselves. As the day progresses, the Moon trines Mars. If we don’t get caught up in the sounds and the furies of appearance and what seems projected as going on, then we can take careful evaluation of what seems to be impacting us personally and devise the best practices approach not only to assuage issues and problems but rather to turn any lemons handed to us into lemonade. Let’s keep in mind the wise saying that we never get more than we can handle. We may have to be more astute, stretch a bit but we could also find that we are up to the challenge and can in truth create better days through better ways for ourselves.

Sunday, June 27th – Seeing the Reality of it All – Mercury, Pluto. Sunday continues with the Capricorn Moon and today Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Although much of the hoo-haa that might have occurred yesterday may still be rumbling about today, if we avoid emotional reactions and take reins in hand we can penetrate the images and appearances, concentrate on what is truly going on and then determine how we can best use these energies to our own advantage. We do need to avoid prickly discussions that could turn into heated arguments. The sense of a strong offense as a strong defense might be at play and people may be sharp-tongued and quite opinionated today. There is no need for us to engage in verbal duels. What we can do is use our laser-like vision to focus on the truly significant, prioritize our intentions and devise the most effective and expedient ways to realize our plans. Let’s keep in mind that along with awareness and mindfulness, in league with being nimble and quick, these times ask us to work smarter rather than harder. We have the tools, the talents and the tenaciousness to meet whatever comes our way, for in truth we never get more than we can handle.