June 14th -20th

We seem able to move mountains as we begin the week. Our positive attitude could prove contagious and might win support for our hopes and dreams from other people. There is a zest and a zip to our behavior. We may want to do our own thing, but we’re not looking to step on anyone’s toes. We would prefer to make friends rather than enemies and still get our way.

The blend of enthusiasm and can-do attitude allows us to advance our interests quickly and without skipping over details. We can expedite activities through streamlined methods and sharp time management techniques. We could do more in shorter spurts of energy as things fall neatly into place.

Love is in the air. We may want to engage new connections and take time to enjoy the company of others. We want to have fun, are looking to embrace all the beauties life has to offer and may find ourselves at the top of our game. We may even be affirming what a wonderful world this is.

The weekend could prove a little dicey. Obligations and responsibilities might have us feeling somewhat deflated. While our energy could flag, we do not have to become despondent. We may have to take a walk down Memory Lane, deal with past issues but we can use old matters as a mirror to see where we have come from and the difference between then and where we are now. We should not let anyone rain on our parade.

Monday, June 14th – Oh, Happy Day – Venus Leo, Venus, Uranus, Saturn. Monday begins the week on a high note. Venus moves out of Cancer and enters Leo where it trines Uranus. We may be feeling full of life, unwilling to allow storm clouds to darken our path, and ready to focus on our Summer plans. Yes, the official start of Summer is still a week away, but who’s listening to anything official nowadays anyway? We want to have fun and engage in various social occasions. The Moon is in Cancer for much of the day and sextiles Saturn. We might be interested in straightening things up around our home and making the necessary adjustments for possible parties and get-togethers. The feel good attitude continues through much of this week and some of our upbeat attitude can be attributed to the nice hits we might have received last Tuesday and Thursday, days whose positive energies were certainly reflected in stock market rallies. Well, we are certainly up for letting the good times roll, on and on, and this Monday is one when we might choose to broaden our social circle, try something different to express our creative talents and look for an exciting and thrilling involvement that allows us to stretch beyond our normal parameters. We are full of beans today and certainly singing the inspirational theme of ‘oh happy day’. Towards the latter part of the day, the Moon exits Cancer and enters Leo. The evening could be one for fun and re-creation and possibly embracing a new format or experimenting in a new venue.

Tuesday, June 15th – To the Max and Beyond – Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury. Can this be as good as it gets? It possibly seems so, since this day could be a truly primo day. The two ‘good guys’ of the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, are trine and the two most intense and passionate planets of the zodiac, Mars and Pluto, are also trine. Add to this stellar combination the Leo Moon, which today trines Uranus, conjuncts Venus, trines Jupiter and sextiles Mercury. We may be feeling at the top of our game. Not only do we have our style well put together, but our passion and determination also may know no bounds. We are feeling highly creative, exceptionally playful, and with a belief that everything is going our way. And well it might. This Tuesday is a day when we can broaden our scope, expand our interests and widen our involvements. While things can fall neatly into place and we might feel we have a Midas touch, where a problem could arise would be in excess and indulgence. This Tuesday is a day when we are likely to cast our fate to the winds and assume that everything works out for the best, our best. And to some large degree, everything well might work to our advantage today. We could easily get seduced into accepting a sense that all the problems in the world have righted themselves and that we are back on easy street. Unfortunately, such an attitude would also negate lessons we should have learned — lessons of cycles with their waves and troughs, cycles of expansion and contraction. While last week and this week could have us in an expansive phase, we can hit shoals over the weekend and especially next week. Let’s enjoy ourselves, have a good time but also let’s keep in mind that moderation in all things might be wiser than the caroming between extremes, from indulgence to lack.

Wednesday, June 16th – One Step Over the Line – Sun, Neptune. Wednesday continues with the Leo Moon which today sextiles the Sun and opposes Neptune. We are still feeling at the top of our game but the potential for deception and self-deception is increasing. Maybe it’s too much of a good thing, believing our own invincibility or just wanting to let the good times roll on. We’re just not interested in anyone being a parade rainer or popping our balloon. Illusions can be great but unfortunately they could also prove dangerous. We might try too hard, make assumptions that are patently unrealistic and engage our desires without considering the full ramifications or the possible consequences of our actions. We may feel ‘in the zone’, even convince ourselves that we are very zen-like and very much in the moment. But there can be little doubt that recently we have been looking at life through rose-colored glasses and have put on our blinders to the negative news in the world at large. We do have to be careful that we don’t over-commit or over-extend ourselves. We could easily take one step over the line and make ourselves liable for problems further down the road. Let me remind ourselves — moderation in all things.

Thursday, June 17th – Everything in Place – Pluto, Mars. Late Wednesday, early Thursday the Moon leaves Leo and enters Virgo where it trines Pluto and conjuncts Mars. From the enjoyment of the past three days, this Thursday allows us to get more focused on what needs to be done. We can be highly successful today, prioritize our tasks and streamline our operations. If we would write out our ‘to do’ list, then we can check things off one by one and get more done than we might have thought possible. We are focused on the specifics and the details and are only considering the most important facets of any situation. We just don’t want to waste our time today. We want to be productive and effective, and we can be if we aren’t distracted by the superfluous or don’t take on a Superperson attitude with a willingness to engage all the cares of the world. Today is a good day for us to put on our blinders, put one foot in front of the other and plow through our tasks at hand.

Friday, June 18th – Skimming Along – Mercury. Friday continues with the Virgo Moon, which today squares Mercury, both the ruler of Virgo and also transiting Gemini, the other Sign Mercury rules. Are we being glib or narrow-minded? In either case, our communications and our thought processes may be a little off. We could easily confuse ourselves today by not considering things in enough depth or detail and merely skimming along or being so involved in micro-focusing that we close ourselves off to other possibilities. We need to watch our tongue today. After the recent ten days when we could have been feeling so much better, suddenly we might start getting critical of situations and other people. We could even start feeling bitter about things. Has the bloom come off the rose? I would say the last two weeks could have had us engaging in irrational exuberance, again. The next ten days could be a horse of a different color. We might also see that the recent euphoria in stock markets could shift as we come more into next week. Just a heads-up! But no matter, our tendency today could be merely to gloss over, even if we are starting to feel somewhat uncomfortable once again about things operating in our lives and in the world at large.

Saturday, June 19th – Bump in the Road – Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus. Saturday could provide a wake-up call, but do we want to wake up from an idyllic reverie? Probably not, so we could continue to luxuriate in our fantasies, walk on the sunny side of the street and avoid all the unpleasantries in today’s life and living scenarios. But for how long can we avoid some of the difficulties, unpleasant situations and hard cold reality? Today the Sun squares Saturn and the Sun trines Neptune. Our choice! Dealing with reality or taking a stroll through fantasyland. Late Friday early Saturday the Virgo Moon squares the Sun and conjuncts Saturn before the Moon moves into Libra and creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square by the Libra Moon opposing both Jupiter and Uranus in Aries and the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon does sextile Venus. If we can avoid the facts and embrace a lullaby fiction, we are likely to do so. We do need to keep our eyes open and our mind clear — awareness and mindfulness are called for — because it is essential that we notate some of the issues, matters and arenas where problems might seem to arise. Whatever bumps in the road today could prove major humps over the next two years.

Sunday, June 20th – Pleasant Chit Chat – Mercury. Sunday is Father’s Day in the US, and this Sunday has the Libra Moon trine Mercury. Whether we are engaged with family today or not, this Sunday offers some enjoyable conversations. People are not haranguing their point of view as much as being interested in what’s going on for other people. Discussions can be upbeat and pleasant. There is greater consideration and receptive listening today. Not that the topics will be weighty or overly serious. On the contrary, things talked about are likely to be light and breezy. We might also want to just lightly touch base with other people, going from one event to another, or moving from one conversation to another, all the while that we are alighting briefly before moving off to another discussion or a different activity. Today is a day when we might want to sample various involvements and not be singularly concentrated on just one. A light and lively day, we might consider using this day to recharge our batteries in preparation for some of the more trying aspects to the latter part of next week.