May 3rd – 9th, 2010

Timing is everything and this first full week of May might be a time for us to take reflective moments before we move ahead.  Things may not be as they appear.  Due diligence is called for, looking carefully at the situation before taking action and constantly evaluating what is going on.  Things can change quickly and without warning, so it’s best for us to stay alert and keep a heads-up for any unexpected factors that could crop up.

Things are likely to straighten out during the week.  We can accomplish a great deal as long as we go slow and keep aware of the conditions around us.  We may have to go back over things and review matters that we thought were concluded.  It is far better that we straighten things out now rather than to let them fester and pester us later on.

There seems to be a great deal of movement during the second half of the week.  Conversations are lively, and we may be making plans for get-togethers and trips out of town.  Let’s look to the future and not get stuck in the past.

The end of the week might be highly emotional and can even prove stressful, especially if it entails a walk down Memory Lane.  We may have to do what we need to do, but it would be wise for us to take some time and do something that we really want to do.  Part of the challenge of these times is to juggle responsibilities, all the while taking advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

Monday, May 3rd – Lining Up our Ducks – Mercury, Pluto, Sun.  Monday begins the week with us very focused, looking at the details and particulars and considering how best to put the pieces to the puzzle of our daily lives.  Mercury trines Pluto and the Capricorn Moon trines the Sun.  We can be very incisive and to the point today.  Today would be a good day for us to look at our budgets of time, monies and interests.  We might pare down and eliminate the superfluous and extraneous from our lives, concentrating instead on prioritizing and getting the most out of meaningful and significant situations.  We can see what works for us and what doesn’t.  We also have the ability today to read between the lines and see what is truly going on.  The spinmeisters may try to entrance us by their images, appearances and presentations but we’re too sharp and wily today for any of that to hoodwink us.   Not only can we strategize and plan our best practices approach.  Our pragmatism would allow us to get bargains, employ discounts and find the best for less.  This Monday is a good day to start the week since we can schedule and format our week ahead in the most productive manner, all the while keeping some open spaces for those inevitable circumstances that might arise and demand our spontaneous attention.

Tuesday, May 4th – Rose Colored Glasses – Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus.  Tuesday has the Sun square Mars and the Capricorn Moon sextile Jupiter, trine Saturn and sextile Uranus before the Moon exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius later in the day.  We might want to see things from our own perspective, viewing reality from the way we wish it would be rather than from an objective, realistic and detached viewpoint.  Today is one of those days when the hucksters can be out in full force, presenting their case based upon the supporting details and claims, while negating any potentially adverse impacts to their storyline.  We could easily get swayed today, even to the point of assuming that if we believe something to be true strongly enough, so it will be.  It would be important for us to keep a rein on our emotions and desires, which may prove hard since we might want what we want and justify that we not only deserve what we want but that we can realize what we want even if just in some magical, albeit impossible, way.  If we do not get carried away by our egocentric focus, then we could use today’s energies to consider alternatives that have a greater likelihood of achieving our goals, and we could look at options that might allow us to streamline our activities in order to get closer to our goal.  Today demands that we get out of our own way, not shoot ourselves in the foot by throwing tantrums of the way things should be according to our opinion, and embraces the idea that we can do the best we can as co-creators of our destiny but without grand expectations and allowing the magic of unexpected surprises to assist us in achieving our dreams.

Wednesday, May 5th – Frustrated Desires – Venus, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Mars.  Wednesday has the Aquarius Moon trine Venus but also creating a Lunar T-Square in the Fixed Signs as the Moon squares Mercury and opposes Mars.  We may have grand ideas of our future plans and what we want to do, but we have to be careful not to go overboard in trying to manifest such desires.  We could easily justify outrageous expenses, even to the point of showboating and being extravagant.  We might feel that we have to spend more than we have to, otherwise our hopes and dreams can’t come true.  While we might not want to limit our expenditures, the more we can consider short cuts and the least expensive ways to advance our interests, the better it would be.  If we don’t maintain control over our monies, we could rack up some expenses that leave us in a hole from which it would be difficult to dig ourselves out.  Let’s try to maintain a firm hand on our expenses, the use of our credit cards and be cautious that we’re not racking up some significant debts just for a momentary pleasure or a transitory indulgence.

Thursday, May 6th – Pushing the Credit Limits – Sun.  Wednesday and Thursday could have us feeling pulled between our desires and our financial position.  The Aquarius Moon squares the Sun.  We may feel emotionally stressed by what we want and what we can reasonably have.  Our appetites could be large, but our budget tight.   We might make assumptions that our own financial situation is turning around, that the economies are well on their way to full recovery and that life is better in the future than in the now.  If we adopt such an attitude, we could easily rationalize our willingness to go further into debt, to satiate our desires by making the purchase of that which we want to buy, and enjoy ourselves in the moment with small regard for our future situation.  It would be wise to rein in our desires and maintain a conservative approach regarding our expenditures.  And it would be wise to keep in mind the concept that if we dance to the music, we shall pay to the piper, either now in the present or down the road in the future.

Friday, May 7th – Me and My Shadow, and Friends – Venus, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Sun.  Friday seems an especially pleasant day, a day when we can enjoy ourselves without having to look over our shoulder regarding the credit collectors just steps behind us.  Perhaps we are more cognizant of what we can spend and how to spend.  We certainly are not pushing the envelope of our desires to the liable detriment in our future as we might have done over the past three days.  We seem far more content with ourselves on this Friday, more relaxed, more in the groove, and not only with ourselves but also with our friends and our interactions with other people.  This Friday has Venus sextile Mars.  We begin the day with the Aquarius Moon conjunct Neptune and then the Moon slips into Pisces where it sextiles Mercury and sextiles Pluto.  In my May e-letter [and please sign up if you wish to receive my e-letters] I wrote about the significance of wish lists and treasure maps by which we can magnetize those things we choose to have in our lives.  This Friday allows us to relax into our hopes and dreams.  Instead of trying to force things, this day allows for easier sledding and offers us renewed faith that the lives we wish to live can in deed come true.  Not only is today a good day for our relationships, a day when we can communicate our joy and appreciations for the people in our lives.  This day is also a strong day for our imagination, for us to take a moment and contemplate how our lives could be.  And why shouldn’t they?  Despite the turbulence and upsets of these tumultuous times, these times also are incredibly dynamic and allow things to change radically and dramatically in a very short period of time.  Let’s reflect on where we want to go and with whom we want to go there.  We may prioritize our goals and focus on the truly meaningful.  As the slogan for the US baseball team the New York Mets affirms: ‘You gotta believe.’  Today is a day to believe and affirm and focus on those things we choose to have in our lives.

Saturday, May 8th – For the Children – Venus, Sun.  Saturday continues with the Pisces Moon, which today squares Venus and sextiles the Sun.  Our compassion is engaged today and we might find ourselves going out of our way for other people.  There could be a great deal of social interaction today, but we have to be wary that our emotions are not played upon by other people’s wants.  It would be important for us to be clear that there is a balance of give and take in our relationships, and not a one-sided phenomenon whereby we give without getting much back in return.  We may be feeling very good about ourselves and generous to a fault.  If there are social occasions where gift-giving is appropriate, we have to be careful that we don’t overspend and be extravagant.  We can easily justify our expenditures, indulgences and excesses today.  We might write off such actions as only indicative of our good-hearted nature or a one time necessary release of our stress from what’s been going on in our lives.  While adding enjoyment  to our lives may be necessary like a palliative to Pavlov’s dogs, we can do so in a manner that doesn’t go to the extreme.  This day would be a good day to deal with what needs to be done early in the day and then go off for an afternoon drive or walk through the country, down by the lakes or off to the shoreline.  There is an old and true saying that states ‘the best things in life are free’.  Let’s concentrate less on the expensive and more on the freebies today.

Sunday, May 9th – Swing High, Swing Low – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus.  Sunday could prove an especially schizophrenic day, with extremes between buoyant exuberance and depthless depression.  We may feel like a metronome today in regard to our mood swings.  The day begins with the Pisces Moon conjunct Jupiter.  We may be feeling optimistic, enthusiastic, and wanting to embrace all the wonder of this Sun’s day, which today also celebrates Mother’s Day.  All may seem right in our world, for we’re looking at walking on the sunny side of the street.  But, like these times when things can change radically and instantaneously, our mood could suddenly shift as the Moon then opposes Saturn and conjuncts Uranus.  Our sense of obligations, those things that we have to do, can impede upon our good nature.  From feeling confident and uplifted, we may find ourselves like Dante’s Inferno in our own hellish nightmare.  We might take a walk down Memory Lane and instead of viewing the joys and wonders of our past, see only the hurts and disappointments of our earlier times.  We could easily become resentful, feeling that we have been slighted or injured by the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ or at other people’s hands.  While we might feel like an accordion today, going between an expansive attitude to a contractive disposition, we might also come to the realization that nothing is the way that it appears.  The more we can suspend judgment, put our inner critic to rest and just objectively and in a detached manner go through the different acts and scenes of this day, the less likely we shall feel haunted or fall into despair based upon what has been rather than what is.  Unexpected events might occur, and it would be suggested that no matter what our plans for this day could be, that we do something different, something on a spontaneous level and allow our impulses to express a stepping off our trajectory and exploring new realms.  This Sunday could have us swinging high, swinging low.  Our challenge is not to allow either posture to hold sway but to maintain balance, detachment and a willingness to investigate the new and unique.