May 31st – June 6th, 2010

We may start the week feeling unbalanced.  While we’re ready to move ahead and structure new situations, we might question the itinerary or the direction towards which we are moving.  No rushing the river.  Let’s take our time and focus on our future goals but with an appreciation that we might have to change our plans, fine tune our methods and adapt to changing circumstances.

It is essential we remember that we are in volatile times and things can shift and change without notice.  Part of the beauty of these times is that we can try out different things without committing for the long-term.  And we don’t have to make it all happen.  But it is important that we keep aware of the shifting tides and launch our efforts with the currents.

The latter part of the week could have us hitting some rocks, unforeseen circumstances that question our ability and even our intentions.  As long as we avoid any possible accidents, obstacles could provide an important honing opportunity whereby we do not rush headlong forward but rather temper our movements and our decisions by evaluating and continually re-evaluating.

Over the weekend we may attend to details of outstanding matters.  We may recognize the importance of clearing up old messes so they do not impinge upon our future plans.  With a second wind, our energy is sparked and we can easily proceed to initiate new projects, those things that speak to us and truly reflect who we are.

Monday, May 31st – Strategizing through the Haze – Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune retrograde.  Monday starts the week in something of a paradoxical situation.  On the one hand, we have the Moon in Capricorn trine Saturn and sextile Jupiter.  We can be very grounded, focused on structuring the details and devising the most appropriate format by which to realize our goals.  We may consider plans for our future and determine situations that not only could be financially rewarding but might also prove to be soul satisfying.  While we might be able to blend a visionary quality with a pragmatic approach, we need to be aware that this day also has Neptune turning retrograde.  We may be able to concentrate on what we want to do and how best to do it, but where a problem could arise is in the fact that the well-crafted and detail-mastered intention might also be building castles in the air, those situations that are grand illusions at best and blind alleys at the worst.  Like a dog chasing its tail, we could be off and running and wind up only going around in circles and wasting our energy, our time and our faith in the belief that things work out for the best.  Yes, we have to be wary that we don’t step into a bottomless pit based upon the premise of the old saying that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.  Today, we might also have plans for certain get-togethers that are far better in mind than in reality.  Plans made with other people could fall flat, and it would be wise to re-confirm any scheduled events.  All of us may seem to have been on overload recently, what with the volatility of these times and the craziness of certain incidents going on.  Let’s realize that we can only do the best that we can do under the circumstances of which we are aware.  The rest of it is the kaleidoscope of varied events, wild mood swings and being in the moment without much regard for commitment or mapped itineraries.  Welcome to the world in 2010.

Tuesday, June 1st – A Brand New Day – Uranus.  Monday night, Tuesday morning has the Moon exiting Capricorn and entering Aquarius where it sextiles Uranus, now transiting through Aries.  In the US, we are coming off the long Memorial Day weekend holiday and the unofficial start to the Summer season.  This day could feel like a new beginning.  We may be far more interested in testing the waters of new interests and participating in activities that grab our attention.  We can expedite our normal routine and we might draw upon new technologies that allow us to streamline our operations.  This is a day when unexpected opportunities could arise so it would be wise for us to work with peripheral vision, look all around, without being overly focused on the straight and narrow.  Let’s keep in mind that we are moving into a paradigm shift where we do not have to make things happen as much as being astute and attuned to possibilities that can come up virtually out of the blue.  Serendipity and synchronicity are keywords for this paradigm shift, so we might better appreciate the idea of expecting the unexpected.  If we can address our routine tasks early in the day, then we might be able to take greater advantage of doing things on a whim, on the spur of the moment.  And that’s what this Tuesday speaks to — the ability to note surprising opportunities and to take advantage of them.  We may feel like we’re crossing a suspension bridge between old and new — taking care of our normal responsibilities all the while that we try new things out, and going back and forth between whom we have been and whom we are becoming.

Wednesday, June 2nd – Never Enough – Sun, Mercury.  There is a saying that variety is the spice of life, and on this Wednesday we could embrace a great deal of spiciness.  But we have to ask ourselves: at what expense?  The Aquarius Moon today trines the Sun and squares Mercury.  We may feel like our life has become a smorgasbord of various opportunities that we can sample and engage.  The sampling is the primary factor, for we have to be careful not to engage more than we can handle or commit to situations that might be better in their sampling than for the long-term.  Our eyes could prove bigger than our stomach, or our wallet, today.  Let’s try to keep a rein on our finances, for otherwise we could be enamored by prospects and be willing to ante up to the table to try things out.  Although our mind can easily conceive the process of going from abstract through execution to manifestation, things take much longer in practical reality.  Any plans we have for this day could take longer and be more expensive than we might have envisioned.  It is far better for us today to go from one thing to another, focusing on the process rather than completion.  If we try to concentrate on one specific activity today, we could find ourselves getting bogged down and becoming highly unproductive.  At the same time, we have to be careful not to be spinning our wheels as interests arise that distract us from moving ahead with our goals.

Thursday, June 3rd – Grinding the Gears – Mars, Neptune, Pluto.  If we learned to drive a car with a manual transmission, there could have been times when we were grinding the gears as we tried to shift from one gear into another.  This Thursday could start out in a similar fashion, whereby we might feel as though we are grinding our gears.  This day begins with the Aquarius Moon opposed Mars and conjunct Neptune.  We might want what we want and could try to force situations.  We could be oblivious to the signs around us indicating that our intentions just are not working out.  The signs could include frustrations in getting things done, other people suggesting a different approach or a sense that we are expending more energy than we should be.  Timing is everything and as the day progresses, the Moon exits Aquarius and moves into Pisces where it sextiles Pluto.  Suddenly, we might become more relaxed and come to the realization of how best to achieve our plans.  Instead of forcing the situation, we might find that the situation unfolds in a far easier manner and in the most expedited ways.  If there is a lesson for us on this Thursday it may prove to be the fact that we do not have to make things happen but rather that things can develop in accordance with their own rhythm and in their own manner.  Learning that lesson would be a tremendous gift for us to navigate these times of volatility when there are times that no matter what effort we exert nothing goes right and other times when things slide easily like greased wheels and things fall neatly into place.

Friday, June 4th – Mimicking Sisyphus – Mars, Neptune, Sun.  Thursday provided us the opportunity and contrast between trying to force things and allowing things to fall easily into place.  Perhaps we didn’t learn yesterday’s lesson, for today could seem like we’re back at trying to make things happen, even to the point of being Sisyphus-like and rolling the boulder up a mountain.  Mars opposes Neptune today and the Pisces Moon squares the Sun.  This is a day when we need to take time and consider what is being told to us or presented to us.  The tricksters may be out in full force today providing their spin on things and offering a description of how they say things are.  Sound bites could create anxiety or concern, so let’s make sure that we read between the lines, look between the cracks and take a comprehensive view of what is truly going on.  Anxiety could be ratcheted up today as a result of situations beyond our control.  What we need to do is consider whether such situations impact us indirectly or directly or not at all.  We might easily get caught up in assuming that various incidents are having a greater impact on us than they might actually have.  Although we need to take our time and avoid knee-jerk reactions, our tendency might be to scurry form one thing to another, get only a glimpse or a minimal understanding of what is occurring and then react and make decisions without full information or full disclosure.  Interactions with other people could be fraught with misunderstandings or a tug-of-war between two differing interests.  Let’s chill out and not react impetuously or make assumptions without having all the facts.

Saturday, June 5th – The Comforts of Home – Venus, Mercury, Saturn.  Saturday has the Pisces Moon trine Venus, sextile Mercury and opposed Saturn.  We might want to spend time today at home and with our family.  We are far more interested in being a homebody or looking for those special items to spruce up our home than attending to our errands or dealing with our obligations.  We may not really want to push ourselves too much today.  If we have made plans with other people, we might even decide that we’re just not feeling up to it.   There could be a tendency towards resentment in people’s interactions today as though any fulfillment of commitment is expressed with a sense of people not doing each other any favors.  Our mood swings could prove extreme, and we might prefer the pleasure of our own company to social gatherings or get-togethers.  Casual barbecues and informal picnics would be preferable to formal parties or programmed celebrations.  If we do have plans for social occasions, let’s enjoy our home either before or after, but recognize that we can both deal with our planned occasions and also have some quiet time.  One without the other today could prove problematic, and we have to ask ourselves: why create problems when the solutions are far easier?

Sunday, June 6th – Off and Running – Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter Aries.  Late Saturday, early Sunday has the Pisces Moon conjunct Jupiter just before Jupiter enters Aries.  The Moon then moves into Aries where it conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto.  We may feel as though the starting gate has opened and we’re off and running at sprint-like speed.  This is a day when we might feel as though there’s no stopping us now.  We want to affirm our individual interests, even to the point of the primal scream of self-assertion.  Everyone may be wanting to launch their boats no matter the current, no matter the tides.  We are far more interested in going for it than we are in considering the conditions, checking the circumstances or even considering our itinerary, much less our destination.  We may be hell bent for glory today, except for one minor glitch.  The glitch can be the standards and statutes of government figures or authority sentries.  We might get tripped up by structures and formats that impose a dampening influence on our self-assertion.  This is one of those days when we need to be flexible, adaptable, nimble and quick.  Even if we encounter an obstacle, we can always go around it, under it, over it or through it.  We don’t need to be stopped in our tracks by it.  And with the strong self-assertive energy today, we’re not likely to be stopped, except possibly momentarily, for there’s no stopping us now.  We are truly coming into a time of ‘power to the person’, a time when it may become increasingly clear of the paradox and even adversarial relationship between the individual and the powers-that-be. With both Uranus and Jupiter in Aries during this Summertime, things can be hot, hot, hot — both in regard to atmospheric temperatures and the temperature of individuals who no longer want to be ruled or dominated by authority figures.  These are interesting times in which we live, and this Summer offers a brief prelude to what we might expect in 2011.