May 24th – 30th, 2010

Like a sleeping beauty awakening, we may feel totally reinvigorated and completely renewed this week.  We have two major, major energy shifts this week — one being Uranus exiting Pisces and entering Aries on the 27th at the time of the Full Moon and the other being Saturn ending its five and a half month retrograde cycle and turning direct on the 30th.

If we have been experiencing delays over the past few months, things can start to move forward quickly with less frustration now.  We are looking at widening our viewpoint and broadening our expanse.  Even our interactions with other people may seem a great deal brighter and less adversarial.  We’re not concerned about fitting in or how other people express themselves.  We’re looking at standing out, emphasizing our own personal interests, and letting people be themselves.

We may feel like a whole new person this week, and we might consider a personal makeover.  Let’s not be shy about spending money this week.  While these times ask us to be resourceful and to get the best bang for the buck, we could find good bargains and the ability to stretch our monies.  We might go through a sifting process, getting rid of things that no longer reflect who we are while adding those things that speak to us.

As the week progresses, our thoughts may turn to travel and getting out of Dodge.  Getting into unfamiliar terrain would allow us to evaluate our new sense of being without the limitations of familiarity or habitual patterns.

This is a week for us to explore, experiment and test the waters of new interests and different activities.  There is no need to commit for the long-term but to sample various possibilities.

Monday, May 24th – Good Times – Mars.  Monday begins the week with the Libra Moon sextile Mars.  We could be a lot happier and far more conciliatory toward other people today, at least compared to the weekend’s events.  We might want to enjoy pleasurable activities — take in a movie, go to a concert or just have some fun times with that special someone in our lives.  Today is a time when we can put our best foot forward, advance our interests with the support of significant people and present ourselves in a compelling, passionate and gracious manner.  We’ve got style and we’ve got charm today so let’s engage the good times and see how things can run so smoothly and so easily when we’re in the zone.

Tuesday, May 25th – Rooting Out the Essential Factors – Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Mercury.  Monday night, early Tuesday morning has the Libra Moon trine Neptune.  We might feel like everything is coming up roses, that we have few cares in the world that we cannot finesse, much less address.  The beauty of this day is that we’re feeling more upbeat than usual and we can channel our enthusiasm into being incredibly resourceful, for the Moon moves into Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto, trines Venus and opposes Mercury.  We can cut to the core, devise a best practices approach, all the while that we are focused on the fundamentals and not being distracted by the superfluous.  We may want to purchase some items for our home today, but let’s keep in mind that we if don’t need it, we can do without it.  This day is not to be lost to excess or indulgence.  We can find bargains, pare down our expenses and concentrate on the truly meaningful.

Wednesday, May 26th – No Dancing Around – Mars.  While Monday has the Moon sextile Mars, this Wednesday has the Scorpio Moon square Mars.  We could be fairly intense today.  We may want what we want but we could also feel frustrated if things don’t go our way.  There might be a tendency for tantrum-throwing today, whether we engage it or are witness to other people acting out.  It would be wise for us to budget our time and our expenses today.  We could easily feel in a tug-of-war between our sensible nature and our grandiose desires.  Let’s avoid exhausting ourselves or being like the dog chasing its tail.  We could easily get caught up in the wild activity of these times and do things more from impulse than rational thought.  The energy can ratchet up severalfold today with the recognition that tomorrow has the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Thursday, May 27th – Doing My Thing – Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Sagittarius Full Moon, Sun, Uranus Aries.  Thursday begins with the Scorpio Moon sextile Saturn, trine Jupiter, square Neptune and trine Uranus, before the Moon exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius where it creates a Full Moon with the opposition to the Sun in Gemini.  The Full Moon occurs just as Uranus enters Aries.  The more we can tie up loose ends, expedite matters and be adaptable to our changing interests and shifting our plans, the better it would be.  For today begins a major energy shift.  Uranus ends its transit of Pisces and enters Aries.  This entry of Uranus into Aries is a brief prelude, one that runs from today until mid-August when Uranus retrogrades back into Pisces before turning direct and moving into Aries early next year for its seven-year transit of the Cardinal Fire Sign.  We are looking to try new things, express ourselves and focus on our individuality.  We may also find people are stepping up, calling for greater freedom, and demonstrating their disgust at the strictures and structures of traditional society.  We are moving into a time when people might not merely question authority but may seek to bring the powers-that-be down to their knees.  ‘Power to the person’ is a key phrase for this prelude time and reinforced next month when Jupiter also enters Aries briefly before its next year’s transit of the Cardinal Fire Sign.  Each of us is likely to be looking for new formats, greater autonomy and different avenues for increased self-expression.  These are exciting times, challenging times, dynamic times and these times suggest that we rely on our own selves rather than any institution, government or self-appointed leaders.  We may hear the refrain this summer that if people will lead, the leaders will follow.  While poet – musician Gil Scott-Heron told us that the revolution will not be televised, each of us may be going through our own internal and personal revolution of self-exploration and self-discovery.

Friday, May 28th – The Wide Expanse.  Friday has the Sagittarius Moon, but today the Moon makes no aspects or connections to the planets.  With our new found impetus from Uranus moving into Aries yesterday, this Friday might be a day for us to contemplate our prospects, broaden our perspective, consider our possibilities and feel like we’ve gained a second wind.  No matter what seems to be going on in the world around us, we can use this day to accentuate our personal interests and some of the areas we may wish to investigate.  With the sense of change being all around us we can now shift into expressing the changes that have gone on within us.  It need not matter if there are restrictions and constraints to our movement or to our plans.  Increasingly, we might realize that we are moving into the paradigm shift of asequential reality, where things can occur not so much from our making them happen but rather from our taking advantage of unexpected opportunities that present themselves.  All aboard the magical mystery tour!

Saturday, May 29th – Slow Down, We Move Too Fast – Mars, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto.  We may be in high gear as we start this Saturday.  We might feel as though the world is our oyster and that we want to sup like drunken Vikings.  Enough may not be enough for us today.  We’re feeling good, upbeat and wanting to take the world by its tail and swing with it.  The day starts with the Sagittarius Moon trine Mars and sextile Neptune.  The Moon also creates a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Sagittarius Moon squares Saturn in Virgo and squares Jupiter in Pisces.  We may be pushed and pulled in various directions.  We might feel as though there is no stopping us now but rather that we are a whirlwind of energy and of activity.  Of course, we could also find ourselves like a whirling dervish, spinning around in circles and, rather than a meditative moment, moving into a dizzying array of things to do and activities to engage.  The Moon then moves out of Sagittarius and enters Capricorn where it squares Uranus and conjuncts Pluto.  We might feel as though our new-found desire to express ourselves through the primal scream of our self-assertion is being dampened by restrictions, restraints and our old structures of being.  Either we can rein in our passion and channel our energies, or we can become hell-bent for glory knocking down everything in our way.  Or, a third alternative, would be to use our new interests as a measuring tool to see what we can rid ourselves of and what continues to hold real meaning for us.

Sunday, May 30th – Out of the Gate – Venus, Mercury, Saturn direct.  Sunday continues with the Capricorn Moon, which today opposes Venus and trines Mercury.  The Capricorn ruler, Saturn, turns direct today ending its five and a half month retrograde cycle which is often akin to a winter hibernation, whereby more things occur internally while our external advances are delayed, frustrated or thwarted.  We might want to spend some quality time at home today, doing some springtime home projects, or just hanging out, catching our breath and enjoying the comforts of home.  At the same time, today is a good day for us to plan and strategize how we can best move forward with some of our goals and ways by which to realize our ambitions.  Let’s keep in mind that life is accelerating, everything is speeding up and these times demand that we work smarter rather than harder.  Let’s use this day to see how we can streamline our operations, focus on the most important and eliminate some of the distractions from our life.  In the US, this long holiday weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer and this summer is likely to offer us chances to be different, do things differently and find new ways of expressing ourselves and even the possibility of a transformation in our self-identities.