May 17th – 23rd, 2010

We may start the week highly sensitive and extremely emotional.  We might have an inclination to stay home and even the desire to pull the bed covers over our head.  Our mood swings can be wide.  We may feel reactive and put upon, other times wanting to spread our wings, explore creative outlets and engage with scintillating new people.

While this week can be up and down with real highs and lows, it will allow us to stretch our interests into new arenas and also provide us a mirror for things in our life we might want to be free from.  This is not a week to jump to conclusions.  We should give ourselves time to evaluate and consider what inspires us and what seems to be holding us back.

From an emotional beginning to the week, we find our passion and we may experiment with new aspects of ourselves.  Towards the end of the week, we can deal with the details and the specifics.  We are likely to have a better handle on what is important to us and what isn’t.

Over the weekend, interactions with other people could be dicey.  Some people may want us to conform to their definition of who we are based upon their past experiences with us.  If they can’t accept the changes we’re going through, there could be some difficult interchanges.  New contacts may be far more appreciative of the burgeoning new sense of who we are.  After careful deliberation, we may realize it’s time for ‘out with the old, in with the new’.

Monday, May 17th – To the Max, and Beyond – Venus, Jupiter, Sun.  Monday starts the week with a strong inclination towards indulgence and excess.  Nothing is likely to be done in half measure, everything done in grandiose extravagance.  Monday has the two ‘good guys’ of the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, square each other.  The Sun sextiles Jupiter.  We may find ourselves doing too much, buying too much, eating too much.  Our reasoning mind can fly out the window as we focus on satiating our insatiable appetites.  This day is a day of extremes.  We can either feel on top of the world, assuming that everything is wonderful and that there are no problems in the world.  Or we can feel as though we are but pawns in a game that is controlled, rigged and manipulated by the powers-that-be.  We could either feel omnipotent or complete victim.  It is essential that we rein in our emotions today.  Otherwise, we could be on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, caroming through the day between highs and lows.  It is also important that we give serious consideration to any motivations we might have to spend and overspend today.  We could be masking our sense of frustration or a feeling of discontent with the ways life is going.  As if seeking a palliative to the craziness of the world around us, we might seek out things, events and other pleasures that are meant to take the pain away.  This is a day to be especially aware and mindful both regarding what is going on in our lives and also regarding what is going on in the world at large.  We could easily be seduced by the appearances, presentations and spinmeisters that paint a rosy picture or a hellish nightmare.  The truth of what is really going on might lie somewhere in between.

Tuesday, May 18th – Taking Care of Base Camp – Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Sun, Jupiter, Uranus.  Tuesday could be a highly active day, and a day when we could feel restricted by our obligations and our responsibilities, all the while that we want to focus more on our prospects than our daily reality.  Venus squares Saturn, and Venus trines Neptune.  The Sun trines Saturn.  The Cancer Moon trines Jupiter, sextiles the Sun, sextiles Saturn, and trines Uranus.  While our thoughts may be more towards the distant horizon of where we want to go, where we want to be; it would be wise for us to be certain that we have taken care of our daily routine, secured our base camp, before we head off towards the summit of our future goals.  We may have a great deal on our plate today.  Other people’s expectations might impinge upon our desire to stay around home, feather our nest and make the necessary changes to our daily living that would allow us to expedite our tasks in order to have time to develop our future plans.  Old issues may come up that necessitate our attention.  We do not have to be thrown off track by past matters.  We can deal with the unresolved and continue to keep an eye on our goals and our future possibilities.  The more we can streamline our management techniques, the easier and faster we can address our daily tasks.  Let’s not gloss over any significant details, but we don’t have to be so concentrated on how we get things done that it leads to procrastination.  If we can be nimble and quick without dropping a stitch, then we can keep up the pace, deal with old matters and take advantage of new and unexpected opportunities.  Let’s do take some time to recharge our batteries today.  Our home is intended to be our sanctuary and increasingly may seem the only sanctuary in this hurly-burly world of ours.  Even if only a momentary respite, let’s enjoy the sanctity and serenity of our home space.

Wednesday, May 19th – Whackadoo – Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Uranus, Venus Cancer.  This Wednesday could be one crazy-making day, a day when we might feel a little hazy about things but need to maintain constant vigilance.  More than ever before, awareness and mindfulness are called for.  The Sun squares Neptune and Venus squares Uranus on this Wednesday, along with the Moon in Leo square Mercury.  With a desire to explore, experiment and discover new aspects of our lives and for our living, we could go blindly into the night, and blindly into the day.  We might be entranced by the images and appearances, and look for an easy way out to transform ourselves into someone we are not.  Yes, this Wednesday could have us seeing the grass as being greener anywhere other than where we stand.  If we see life through rose-colored glasses, we could buy into instant remedies and immediate solutions that might provide neither in the long run, just a costly expense and momentary relief on the short term.  Fortunately, if we take our time and evaluate things with a healthy skepticism and employ due diligence, we might not be snared by the trap of our own illusions and our wishes of the ways things could be.  Our saving grace today is the Mercury trine Pluto.  Our laser-like vision can help us determine whether we have struck gold or merely been seduced by pyrite, fool’s gold.  Nonetheless, this day could prove a little whacked out, with things shifting and changing without a moment’s notice.  We need to avoid getting caught up in any mass stampedes today, for in truth the stampede could prove to be the lemmings racing for the cliffs.  We may want to enjoy fun events today, engage pleasurable pursuits, but it would be wise for us to keep that internal monitor on overdrive, evaluating, testing and duly considering the aspects and the ramifications of any decisions made or actions taken.  Towards the latter part of this Wednesday, Venus exits Gemini to enter Cancer.  We might prefer stepping off the fast track and enjoying the comfort of our own home.  We do not have to circle the wagons, but it would be important for us to embrace the support and nurture of our home and family.

Thursday, May 20th – What We Want, What Resources We Have – Sun, Uranus, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Venus, Sun Gemini.  The push pulls between our past and our future can be strong on this Thursday.  We want to make changes to our lives, find new ways of expressing ourselves and engage in new self-discoveries by stretching our interests and our activities.  The Sun sextiles Uranus today.  Change is in the air, and we might hear about significant changes being proposed from government leaders, corporate executives or from our own intentions.  We may feel like we’re champing at the bit, wanting to get on with it, but possibly not really clear about the ‘it’ we want to get on with.  While that could be a restraining factor, we are not wanting to be restrained today.  The Leo Moon conjuncts Mars and creates a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Neptune and the Moon square the Sun.  We can move forward forcefully and with strong determination but we could also be advancing in the wrong direction.  This Thursday we might be so enamored with changing our lives that we incorporate change for the sake of change and without duly considering where it might lead or the ramifications of any such shifts.  We have to be careful with our spending patterns, for we could easily convince ourselves that a large investment is necessary to bring about the transformations we seek in our lives.  This Thursday could be a gambler’s paradise, although we should keep in mind the reality that the house always wins.  Even if we succeed in bringing about our desired changes, we should ask ourselves: at what cost?  Let’s try and keep to a budget today and, even if difficult, let’s cap our budget overruns so that we don’t add on extra debilitating expenses.  We can make our plans today, but tomorrow would be a far better day to implement and execute any new course of action.  Towards the latter part of the day, the Moon exits Leo and enters Virgo where it sextiles Venus.  If we straighten up our home and our affairs later in the day, then we can proceed tomorrow in a far more focused and concentrated manner.  We could get more bang for our buck tomorrow rather than today when we might take on heedless expenses.  The Sun exits Taurus and moves into Gemini.  We may be more interested in drawing from a broader palette and in shorter brush strokes than we have been, so it will be important that we engage in many varied activities but without losing sight of the resources we can draw upon or what our intended destination might be.

Friday, May 21st – It Doesn’t Get Better Than This – Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Mercury.  Friday could prove the best day of this week, and in itself is a primo day for being highly effective and fully productive.  The Moon in Virgo creates a Grand Trine in the Earth Element with the Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mercury in Taurus.  This is a day when our mind is focused and we are looking at being highly resourceful with our time, with our energy and with our monies.  We can accomplish a great deal on this Friday, and we can do so in an expedited manner whereby we can do more with less.  We can cut to the core, focus on the fundamentals and devise the necessary strategies to get things done and realize our goals.  Today is a day to prioritize and then deal with things in a step-by-step manner.  This Friday is a day to blueprint, plan and execute.  Any outstanding issues can be addressed in a quick and easy manner.  We can then move on to the best practices approach by which to achieve our plans.  Time is no longer merely a quantitative measure but a qualitative factor.  Today is one of those days when the qualitative aspect of time allows us to accomplish so much more than we could on other days.  This Friday is streamlined and as long as we maintain our focus and concentration we can deal with far more matters today than at other times.  We do need to avoid distractions and diversions that might impede our progress.  But this Friday could prove to be the best day of the week, at least in regard to getting things done.

Saturday, May 22nd – Betwixt and Between – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus.  After yesterday’s highly functional and extremely productive day, we might assume that things will continue in a similar vein.  Nice concept, but that might not prove to be the reality this weekend, on Saturday or on Sunday.  Both days are dicey at best and seem to have us being pushed and pulled in different directions.  Coming off a highly successful Friday, we might want to continue on this Saturday with some of the activities we engaged yesterday.  But, maybe not, for this Saturday has the Virgo Moon opposed both Jupiter and Uranus and conjunct Saturn.  We might realize that certain obligations committed to a while back are getting in the way of our present desires.  Although we may have made plans for today, we might prefer to do things today more on the spur of the moment.  And that’s where the conundrum comes in — what we need to do versus what we want to do.  Things today may take longer than we would like.  No matter how well we have planned our day, unexpected situations could arise that create delays or get in our way and keep us from doing our intended efforts.  If we are dealing with errands today, it would be wise to plan our day and have contingency plans just in case things go awry.  We might become quite exhausted today and if there are storm systems brewing, whether atmospheric or emotional, we could experience a deluge.  Maintaining our balance today would be advised but hard to attain.  Some things are beyond our control, and some of those uncontrollable things could crop up in our lives today.

Sunday, May 23rd – Seeing Things in Black and White, and Negating the Gray Matter – Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Pluto, Sun, Lunar T-Square.  Sunday is often considered a day of rest, but not likely on this Sunday.  It might seem as though things are ratcheted up severalfold today.  Jupiter opposes Saturn.  Venus opposes Pluto.  And while the Libra Moon trines the Sun, it also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square by the Libra Moon square Venus in Cancer and the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn.  This Sunday could be an either / or scenario with little middle ground.  People may initiate actions without considering the ramifications much less the consequences.  Relationships could prove dicey with people adamant about their position, drawing lines in the sand and even willing to sacrifice their relationships on the altar of one upmanship.  This Sunday can be a day of extremes, and it would be wise not to react impulsively to anything going on, nor to act in a belligerent or confrontational manner.  Swords can be drawn and people might feel that they have to defend themselves without even questioning the possible areas of conflict or seeking a compromised stance.  Everyone may be on edge, and a good course of action would be step away, back off and let the energies run their course without getting sucked into the whirlwind of intensity that this day could bring.