May 10th – 16th, 2010

We’re almost out of the Mercury retrograde, but not until late on Tuesday this week. I wrote before that this Mercury retrograding through Taurus would bring up issues regarding our finances, and we’ve certainly seen the financial world in wrack and ruin as equity markets have taken a downturn, which some commentators write off as merely an expected correction.  And on Thursday, when the Dow Jones Industrial Averages fell over 1000 points in a very short period of time, it is claimed that an errant typo caused the drop.  Mercury retrograde!

During this Mercury retrograde, we also learn from the Congressional Budget Office that health care costs over the next ten years could be 33% higher than previous estimates when the US Healthcare Reform was debated and passed.

This Mercury retrograde also was in effect during the UK General Election, the results of which have created a hung Parliament and a minority government.  As I mentioned in my May Energy Patterns, the most glaring example of Mercury retrograde in elections was the US Presidential Election of 2000 when Mercury was ending its retrograde cycle and turning direct the very day of the election, an election so contentious and controversial that it was finally decided by one vote in the US Supreme Court.

Yes, Mercury retrograde has, once again, influenced our world. I hope that your life was not so severely impacted by the Mercury retrograde as it’s impact on the world at large.  To repeat, Mercury ends its retrograde cycle late on Tuesday, goes direct, but continues in the ‘shadow’ of its retrograde motion through the 28th of the month.

But let’s move on to the energies of this week.

We may start this week in high gear.  Let’s be sure that we’re in drive and not merely spinning our wheels.  In the early part of the week we might experience travel delays, thanks to the stationary Mercury in process of shifting from retrograde motion to direct motion.  We might want to add on extra time in getting from place to place.  Also, we need to be certain that people understand what we’re saying, even if we have to repeat it several times.  Now is not a time for niceties as much as for clarity.

As the week progresses, we might feel as though a fog has lifted.  If we have suffered from miscommunications and misunderstandings over the past three weeks, this week allows us to clear things up.  Situations that might have gone wrong or were difficult to complete can now be rectified and brought to conclusion.

The latter part of the week could be a time for us to plant our garden.  Building projects, springtime activities and purchases for summer events can be readily accomplished now.  Sorting through and getting rid of stuff in a good Spring cleaning could make room for the new and the different.  Remember, we are not who we were and we are not looking at re-creating the past.

The weekend can have us going from one fun activity to another, constantly on the go, alighting briefly then moving on to the next fun event.  Although we may be out and about over the weekend, we are likely to end the week moving things around and sprucing up our home.

Monday, May 10th – Clipping Our Wings – Pluto.  Monday begins the week with the Aries Moon square Pluto.  This day is also the last full day of the Mercury retrograde.  Mercury is slowing down as it is about to change direction and consequently we could experience travel delays, traffic problems, miscommunications and misunderstandings, along with computer glitches and wrong-headedness.  We might feel today as though our wings are being clipped.  We might want to do what we want to do but could feel limited by our responsibilities or by the intervention of authority figures.  We have already seen flare-ups of people protesting authority actions / decisions.  The diametrically opposed interests of the individual and the powers-that-be could see further demonstrations or actings-out.  Although we might feel blocked in some of our intentions, it would be wise to rework and reformulate our approach and come up with the most pragmatic and expeditious ways to advance our goals.  These times demand the tai chi moves whereby we are aware of the energies unfolding, their likely manifestations and that we work with those energies to benefit our plans and not feel that we have to be adversarial or in conflict.  Let’s keep in mind that it is far better for us now to work smarter rather than harder.

Tuesday, May 11th – Winning Ways – Mars, Venus, Mercury direct.  Tuesday is the 11th, a Master Number in numerology indicative of the visionary.  And today we can incorporate our visionary sense of what we want to achieve by means of being upbeat, persuasive and inclusive of other people’s interests.  The Aries Moon trines Mars and sextiles Venus.  We could be effective in putting our best foot forward.  We do have to be careful regarding what we say and how we say it.  Mercury is turning direct today and if we attempt to be extemporaneous, we might become tongue-tied, say the wrong thing [in a very pleasant manner however] and even miscommunicate the ideas we wish to convey.  Let’s take our time, add on additional time in order to get our story straight.  Once we have our storyline thought out, we can then present it in such a way that other people will not only hear what we have to say but could also prove supportive of our plans.  We can be charming and debonair today, but it would be wise to take our time so that we do not trip over ourselves.

Wednesday, May 12th – Back on Track – Neptune, Mercury, Pluto.  Tuesday night, early Wednesday finishes the Moon’s transit of Aries with a sextile to Neptune.  We may go to bed on Tuesday night with all sorts of thoughts and plans regarding our future and where we might choose to go with our plans.  The Moon then moves into Taurus where it conjuncts Mercury and trines Pluto.  We are also in the dark side of the Moon with tomorrow’s New Moon in Taurus.  This Wednesday is a good day for planning, strategizing and devising the best practices approach by which to accomplish our goals.  We can be especially conscious of our resources and can find ways to get more by doing less.  We might prioritize our activities and give thought to how we can be highly effective and productive without expending too much effort or too much money.  Today is a good day to budget and plan but we might want to wait on our launching forward until we have the wind to our backs, which comes tomorrow afternoon with the Taurus New Moon.

Thursday, May 13th – Seed Planting Time – Taurus New Moon, Mars, Sun.  Thursday has the Taurus Moon square Mars just before the Taurus New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction.  While we have a T-Square by Sign in the Fixed Signs with the Sun Moon conjunction and Mercury all in Taurus square Mars in Leo and square Neptune in Aquarius, we also have a Grand Trine by Sign in the Earth Element with the Sun Moon conjunction in Taurus trine Saturn in Virgo and trine Pluto in Capricorn.  The Sun Moon conjunction also makes a wide sextile to the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Pisces.  This is a day, and a two week period, when we can make manifest some of our plans, initiate some of our goals.  Yes, it’s seed planting time.  What we do have to be aware of is the fact that there can be delays, frustrations and impediments along our way.  We do not have to get frustrated by delays or impediments.  We just have to think outside the box, consider possible alternatives and allow ourselves to zig-zag past any obstacles or blockages.  Life in these present times is no longer a sequential, linear progression but rather a labyrinth, sometimes seeming maze-like, whereby we may have to take twists and turns to get to where we are going, all the while realizing that where we are going is not necessarily the destination that we initially started towards.  One of the beauties of these times is the morphing, shapeshifting, the magic and the miracles.  It demands we be flexible and appreciate the fact that god and the universe may have far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.  Let’s plant our seeds of new projects, new activities and new interests but let’s do so with no expectations regarding what might sprout or bloom from our seed planting.

Friday, May 14th – The Magic of these Times – Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus.  Thursday evening and early Friday morning can be a time for us to expand our interests, focus on our format and methods and be aware that some of the things we may wish to explore could turn into dead ends, all the while that life seems to hold a special magic whereby things occur not so much from our making them happen as much as us being open to those magical moments when things fall in to place and everything seems to go so easily.  Late Thursday, early Friday has the Taurus Moon sextile Jupiter, trine Saturn, square Neptune and sextile Uranus.  The Moon then moves into Gemini.  This day asks us to explore possibilities, discover new aspects of ourselves and be willing to be adaptable to changing circumstances.  During these times, it is important that we view life from peripheral vision, open our eyes to the world of all possibilities and appreciate that the quickening of these times allows things to occur quickly with some things occurring without a moment’s notice.  Now is a time for us to draw from a broad palette, sample various aspects of our lives and be willing to shift and change as conditions warrant.  There is magic in the air.  We just have to look up, look around and be willing to receive the opportunities of these times rather than focus on the stresses, strains and stretches of these days.

Saturday, May 15th – Blowing Our Own Horn – Mars.  Saturday continues with the Gemini Moon, which today sextiles Mars.  We might want to be blowing our horn, trumpeting our triumphs, and finding avenues for our creative expressions.  This is a good day for us to present ourselves in a dramatic and intriguing manner.  We have style today, and the gift of gab.  We do have to be careful not to focus solely on our accomplishments but rather to include the interests of other people in our conversations.  We can look for win-win scenarios today, all with the idea of having receptive listeners who encourage our pursuits and acknowledge our talents.  We might also want to have some fun times today, although we would be far more interested in doing several different activities rather than solely focusing on one pursuit.  This Saturday is a great day for us to spread our wings and en joy ourselves and behave like a social butterfly alighting from one situation to another to yet another.  This Saturday is a day for pleasurable pursuits.  Errands can wait, as we recharge our batteries and embrace the good times.

Sunday, May 16th – The Whipsaw of these Times –Venus, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto.  This Sunday asks us to keep our eye on the goal line, not to get whipsawed by either emotional extremes or pulls between what we want to do and what we need to do.  Today could have us thinking Dickens and especially his Tale of Two Cities that begins with the idea that it was the best of times and it was the worst of times.  The day begins with the Gemini Moon which today conjuncts Venus and trines Neptune.  Our interactions with other people can be fun engagements, get-togethers where we share our news and learn of their news.  We can think of future plans and chat up a storm.  Where a problem arises is the fact that the Gemini Moon today also creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Saturn in Virgo and square both Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces.  We can go through severe mood swings, feeling limited one moment, demanding our freedom to do whatever we want in the next moment.  Unexpected situations could crop up that demand that we juggle more today than we had intended.  There may be many mixed signals today, so it will be essential that we don’t react immediately to any situation or incident without taking time for due diligence and deep consideration before moving ahead.  If we maintain our composure, we can be far more focused as the day progresses.  The Moon exits Gemini and moves into Cancer where it sextiles Mercury and opposes Pluto.  The latter part of the day could have us attending to errands around our home that we put aside yesterday.  We can also prioritize and focus on the truly important and rid ourselves of distractions and the extraneous.  We may be hopped up and anxious as we begin the day, but things can settle down later in the day if we haven’t made a mess of things earlier.  And if we did mess up, we can use the latter part of the day to clean up our mess and ready ourselves for a highly active week ahead.