April 5th – 11th

This week might be explosive and could raise the discomfort level. Like the two-step, we may be putting one foot forward and taking two steps back. Outstanding issues and old matters might demand our attention. If we glossed over situations and neglected details, we could find that we have to go back over things, rework them or redo them.

Although dealing with past matters can be frustrating, let’s bear in mind that we have the tools and the skill set to bring closure to any situations that come up. If we do have to go back over old matters, this time we need to heed the specifics and the details. We are looking to tie up loose ends in order to move forward with our future projects.

Now is a time to give thought to our health regimen — mind, body and spirit. We might consider our long-term goals and formulate the best practices approach by which to realize them. We could budget our finances, looking at both our revenue and expense streams. We can develop an exercise program and a nutritional dietary format in order to operate from our physical optimum. And we may reflect on what offers true meaning to our life.

These times speak to a phase when the past, present and future are all in the now. If we address the past and complete unresolved matters, then we can focus on a best practices approach for our daily routine, and give thought to where we want to go and how we want to get there.

Monday, April 5th – Bubbling Up, Bubbling Over – Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Venus. Monday starts the week with great intentions. Of course, there is the old saying that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. This day has Mercury square Mars. People can get stuck in their own mindset, willing to hear from ‘yes’ people but not interested in hearing anything contrary to their own opinion. If there are any adversarial confrontations today, it would be wise to sidestep them rather than engage them. We also need to watch for expenses. There could be a tendency to spend too much just for the sake of showing off our extravagance. Why go there? Balancing an ‘over the top’ type of attitude, we also have a restraining factor with the Moon in Capricorn trine both Mercury and Venus and conjunct Pluto. If we take our time, don’t let our ego get in the way, then we can be very effective at finding bargains and devising the best approach to accomplish our goals. One caveat is the fact that tomorrow has Pluto turning retrograde. The potential for outbursts, explosions and acting out is high, so let’s not react to anything immediately but take our time in considering what is going on. The greatest liability to this day is impulsiveness. If we can rein in our reactive behavior, then things can go smoothly and we can be highly effective and get quite a bit done.

Tuesday, April 6th – Focused Intent, Intensity – Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Jupiter, Pluto retrograde. Tuesday has Mercury trine Pluto, the Capricorn Moon square the Sun and sextile Jupiter, and Pluto turning retrograde. Our mind can be incredibly sharp and focused. We can come up with the right answer, delve beyond the surface impressions and laser-like get to the core of any matter. What we have to watch out for is getting in our own way, wanting what we want without being flexible and adaptable to the conditions or changing circumstance. If we get stuck, then we could feel like we’re in quicksand without a branch or a vine to hold onto and pull ourselves out. This Tuesday can be an especially intense day. Pluto is turning retrograde and the directional shift of Pluto often coincides with blasts, explosions and actings out. Let’s use our mental agility and ability to read between the lines today to see what is really going on. Things may be presented one way, the reality somewhat different. Both Monday and Tuesday are days when we may need to bite our tongue and not react impulsively. Let’s be nimble and quick today — agile in thought and adaptable in action. If we do not get caught up in how we want things to be, we could experience things unfolding in a very beneficial manner. Let’s keep in mind the wise saying that god and the universe often have far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

Wednesday, April 7th – Backing Over It – Uranus, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Mercury, Saturn Virgo. Wednesday begins with the Capricorn Moon sextile Uranus. We might have some great awakening regarding how we can do things effectively and with less expenditure of energy. We might feel as if we can streamline operations and consider new approaches and new directions for ourselves. The Moon then moves into Aquarius where it trines Saturn, right before Saturn retrogrades out of Libra and moves back into Virgo through mid-Summer. The Moon then creates a T-Square in the Fixed Signs as the Aquarius Moon opposes Mars and squares Mercury. We may have some great plans for this day and those ah-has and pleasant surprises early in the day could give us a sense of moving into turbothrust. We might even connect with people who offer good sounding boards regarding our plans and encourage us in our ways. We might be flying high until suddenly we hit some turbulence along the way. Our plans may not jibe with other people’s schedule and we might wonder if we have the resources necessary to both cover our present expenses and also to invest in future endeavors. Let’s not get overly frustrated today, but rather see any delays or restrictions as a means to reflect, hone and fine-tune our methods. With Saturn backing into Virgo, we may have to spend time concentrating on the details, the particulars and the specifics of our daily routine. We can use these energies to develop a good health regimen, looking at an exercise program and a diet plan that could allow us to operate at our optimum. Since we shall be moving into a highly active period later in the Spring and over the Summer, we might want to consider whether we should cut back on our various stimulants — soda, sugar, coffee and the like. Otherwise, we might experience not only the volatility in the world but also the volatility within ourselves.

Thursday, April 8th – Cutting our Path – Venus, Sun. Thursday’s Aquarius Moon squares Venus and sextiles the Sun. Today is a good to try out some new ideas, new approaches and consider new directions. Even if we want things to be easy sledding, we might try doing things with less exposure. Let’s test the waters without diving into the deep end. Experimenting and considering new activities for ourselves do not demand a major commitment. On the contrary, this is a day for us to draw from a broad palette, trying various things out and engaging only a tentative level to see if we like new interests and whether we want to develop them on a longer period of time. While we can make our plans today for future engagements, it would be wise for us not to be overly extravagant. We might be willing to pay a higher cost than necessary so let’s do our due diligence in regard to price comparisons and a consideration as to whether the price today holds for a week from now. Today is also a good day to get together with those friends that are adventuresome, that are interested in marching to their own beat and their own drummer rather than consensus driven. We can be inspired today and even be motivated to cut our own path. It’s just important that we don’t bring a lot of the old baggage with us.

Friday, April 9th – Dreamtime – Neptune. In many of the First Nations’ lexicon, the idea of a vision quest is to leave behind our egocentric personality and journey on a spiritual basis in order to re-discover the essence of our being. Such vision quests can occur through walk-abouts, deep meditations, reflections and contemplations and dreamtime. The key to this day with the Aquarius Moon conjunct Neptune is to dissolve our ego, the format of our daily lives, and the identity of ourselves that is wrapped up in what we do and have done; and to move into the amorphous, etheric sense of being one with the universe. In less prosaic terms, this Friday is a good day to give thought to our prospects and possibilities no matter how impossible they might seem. Time spent with a friend or friends discussing potentials can go a long way to give support to notions of things we might want to try. Whatever we consider as potentials today, it would be important for us to allow such thoughts to gestate and then on some other day balance our options against our resources as to whether we can truly realize our new set of goals. Our imagination can run strong but our practicality somewhat limited. We are likely to have our head in the clouds today but our feet hardly touching the ground. We may be more in an escape from our reality mode, and we do have to watch for indulgences that lubricate our trip into altered realities. Let’s chalk this Friday up to a ‘mental health’ day where we meander through our alternatives for the future but without getting overly serious or tightly committed to any one particular option. This Friday begins a weekend that could prove magical, quite marvelous and even miraculous. We may all feel like destiny’s child.

Saturday, April 10th – Above it All – Pluto, Mercury, Venus. Saturday could prove the highlight of our week. The Pisces Moon today sextiles Pluto in Capricorn and sextiles both Mercury and Venus in Taurus. This could prove one of those magical days when everything seems to flow smoothly. Whatever we might seek to accomplish today, we can do so with little effort and in the most expeditious manner. We might find extraordinary bargains today, things that we need or want at a fraction of their original cost. Personal makeovers, whether to our appearance or to our home, can bring out the very best in us — style, grace and to the point without overdoing. Interactions with other people may be fun encounters, soulful with great depth and full appreciation for each other. We seem to blend easily the practical with the whimsical. If we have been down in the dumps or dragging recently, this Saturday can give us a sense that our guardian angels are around us, taking good care of us, and providing us license to be good, very good, to ourselves. It might almost seem on this Saturday as if we are being guided, protected and steered towards right directions and right involvements.

Sunday, April 11th – Oh, Happy Day – Jupiter. Sunday continues with this otherworldly quality that this weekend provides. Ever since Friday, we might have felt as though we had stepped into some transformer and been whisked to a magical world. Our cares and concerns could drop away as our faith is renewed and our belief that everything works out for the best is restored. All we might have to do is look around in order to see various mini-miracles occurring. This Sunday the Pisces Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Whether we see life as a kaleidoscope of treats or an endless array of tricks is dependent upon our attitude, our choice, always our disposition is our choice. Today we can either fall into total despair, feeling completely victimized by the world, or we can feel that life is unfolding as it should and that we are involved in a loving and beneficial progression of our lives. We are on the threshold of a major paradigm shift. For some people these times could prove scary. For others these times offer incredible opportunities for change, transformation and living life in greater accord with one’s spiritual development. Throughout our lives there have been various statements encouraging us to see the best in everything. Such statements include: ‘when life hands you lemons, make lemonade’, and ‘every dark cloud has its silver lining’. If we are not reactive or narrow-visioned, we can see the possibilities amidst the turmoil. These are dynamic times and, as such, allow for dramatic changes in relatively short periods of time. This Sunday is the 11th, a master number in numerology associated with the visionary. Let’s listen to our inner voice, our inner knowing, and affirm that no matter what our conditions and circumstance might be, the best is yet to come. Oh, happy day!