April 26th – May 2nd, 2010

Please keep in mind that we are in the midst of a Mercury retrograde.  But do I need to indicate some of the complications likely with Mercury retrograde?  Travel difficulties, traffic delays, miscommunications, and misunderstandings.  And each of us may have experienced, or at least witnessed, some of those difficulties for ourselves.  Being back on the East Coast this week, I have experienced traffic tie-ups on the highways at all hours of the day and night.  I have also embraced my own advice of focusing on flexibility and adaptability as plans have shifted and changed.  Fluidity is a major characteristic of these times, although often it seems more like frustrating starts and stops.

This week can be a highly active, fairly intense week.  The battle of old and new is once again engaged this week.  We should be wary of anxiety-provoking mood swings or feeling victimized by circumstance.  This is a time to count to ten before acting or reacting.  Things may not be as they appear, so no rush to judgment this week.  Let’s allow ourselves time to study situations and engage due diligence before making decisions or committing to actions.  Appearance may be one thing, true reality somewhat different.

Now is a time for us to consider how to do more with less.  Time management, financial budgetary considerations and focusing on the truly important can be put into practice and might allow us to be more effective with less expenditure of energy.  With so much going on, it is important to work smarter rather than harder.

While emotions can be raw and security seemingly threatened, this week offers us the opportunity to draw upon our resilience and our resolve.  The superfluous and extraneous may have to give way to the truly meaningful and the essential.  Keep in mind the wise saying that we never get more than we can handle, even if might feel that we’re on overwhelm and on overload.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Even if we feel that our ambitions are being blocked, I would suggest that we look at the situation objectively, consider our options, and think of how we can realize our goals no matter the resources at hand.  Once we have our game plan in mind, we can move forward energetically and enthusiastically to realize our dreams.

The weekend has us in the beginning of May.  We may be looking at getting out of town.  Certainly getting off the track, whether we do so physically or by imagination in our mind’s eye, would allow us a fresh perspective.  There are times when we are too close to a situation to see clearly, when we are so narrowly focused that we cannot see our options and when we are so micro-managing that we are unable to engage alternatives.  Taking a breather from our routine provides an interlude whereby we can consider new concepts and possibilities outside of our daily experience.

Monday, April 26th – Devil or Angel, Whichever You Are – Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Mars.  Monday begins the week with our old nemesis, the Saturn Uranus opposition with Saturn retrograding back through Virgo and Uranus in Pisces.  This opposition occurred in these Signs back in November of 2008 and this opposition, which has continued on and off over the past eighteen months, continues on into next year with the T-Square of the Saturn Uranus opposition also moving next year to square Pluto.  This Monday engages the Pluto as the Libra Moon today squares Pluto and sextiles Mars.  Our battle between the old, traditional ways of doing things and the new, iconoclastic methodologies can keep us hopping today.  We have to be careful that any irritability we might be feeling doesn’t flare up.  Our expectations may be high today but our expectations could mask a fearfulness of instability and insecurity and a wondering as to which way is up and what is up.  We may feel as though it’s hard for us to have our finger on the pulse, questioning what is really going on amidst all the mixed signals and the kaleidoscope of possibly conflicting information.  Let’s keep in mind the idea of a suspension bridge where we go back and forth between past and future.  We may have certain obligations to attend to today and unexpected events could arise that force us to juggle.  We do need to avoid creating unnecessary conflicts.  People may want what they want all under the guise of win-win scenarios.  The more we can do the tai chi moves, aware of the energies operating, working with the energies and stepping out of the way of conflicts and adversarial engagements, the better things will go for us.  We might want to make radical changes with a desire to throw everything overboard or we may feel blocked unable to make the changes we wish to initiate.  If we slow down, avoid knee-jerk reactions, and don’t get caught up in a frenzy, then we can navigate the choppy waters of this Monday.  Otherwise, we could find ourselves being pushed and pulled and wondering whether we are doing the dance with the devil or with an angel.

Tuesday, April 27th – A Brief Respite – Neptune.  This Tuesday seems a momentary respite between two intense energy days, but the influence of Monday and Wednesday could prove slightly disruptive on this Tuesday when the Libra Moon trines Neptune.  This Tuesday is a good day to catch our breath, gather with friends and family, and even take a ‘mental health’ day when we have few expectations and allow even fewer demands to be placed on us.  The more we can take off our blinders and focus on possibilities, no matter how seemingly impossible such possibilities might seem, the better we shall feel.  Daydreaming is called for today.  Even if we feel we need to put our head in the sand like an ostrich, today is a good day to do so.  Let’s focus on the good things in our lives, the positive attributes we have in the world around us and not get caught up in any parade rainers.  Everything is beautiful in its own way, and this Tuesday is a great day to embrace the Springtime reveries, the sense of rebirth, renewal and all things being possible.

Wednesday, April 28th – Like a Camel Squeezing through the Eye of a Needle – Sun, Mercury, Scorpio Full Moon, Pluto, T-Square, Mars.  Wednesday is known as hump day, seeing how it comes at the middle of the work week.  This hump could feel a little exaggerated today since this day has the Scorpio Full Moon and a T-Square with the Scorpio Moon opposed both the Sun and Mercury, which are conjunct today, and the Moon square Mars in Leo.  The Full Moon does have a pleasant connection to Pluto, feeling the influence of this past Sunday’s Sun trine Pluto and today’s Moon sextile Pluto.  We may question our resources today, and it would be a good day for us to look over our budget, consider our finances and give thought to prioritizing our activities and being as resourceful as possible with our expenditures.  We are all likely aware of the increasing tax liabilities that may soon befall each of us as various nation states seek to dig themselves out of massive debt, whether those taxes are overt increases in different taxes or more covert increases through user fees.  Even though we may feel our style to be crimped by having to focus on being diligent and resourceful regarding our finances, our time and our energy; this energy allows us to work smarter rather than harder.  We are all getting more real with ourselves and other people, having to be like the emperor with no clothes, stripped of our adornments, our bling and even our identities of what we are.  It’s exciting that we can focus on the essence of our being rather than all the decorative paraphernalia that often masks our true being.  Today can be intense but let’s use the intensity to concentrate on the truly meaningful and on those activities that have some true purpose for ourselves.

Thursday, April 29th – Being True to Ourselves – Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus.  Thursday continues with the Scorpio Moon which today trines Jupiter, squares Neptune, sextiles Saturn and trines Uranus.  Today is a day when we can expedite matters.  We can focus on the specifics, attend to the particulars and come up with a best practices approach to get done what needs to be done.  Although we might have a tendency to be distracted by thinking about some of our hopes and dreams, today is a far better day to dig in, put our nose to the grindstone and accomplish a great deal.  Any mundane matters, while not necessarily enlivening, could be effectively handled and dealt with.  We do have to watch our compassion since someone could make demands on us, wanting us to be their sounding board and, to the extreme, take care of what they need to do for themselves.  We can be supportive, compassionate and give people the tools by which they can work through their own problems.  We need not get immersed in their issues or their dramas, but we can give them wise counsel and encourage them by affirming that they can do what they need to get done.  Today is a day for us to draw upon our faith and the belief that things do truly work out in the end.  Towards the latter part of the day, the Moon moves into Sagittarius and we may feel more uplifted, buoyant and exuberant.  As Emily Dickinson once wrote: “If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves.”

Friday, April 30th – Out of Here – Venus, Mars.  Friday has the Sagittarius Moon opposed Venus and trine Mars.  We may want to spread our wings, explore fun diversions and soar with the eagles.  Where a problem might arise is with our interactions with other people.  We are sociable and enjoying interactions with other people, but we’re not interested in spending all our time with one particular person. Like a butterfly, we might want to fly, alight for a pleasant conversation with someone, and then fly off somewhere else, before alighting again to spend some time with another person.  We want to enjoy the company of various people and not feel as though we’re being constricted or constrained by other people’s needs.  We are more interested in drawing from a broader palette than concentrating on a singular focus today.  If we can get out of town and travel to far-off places, we would certainly feel our creative juices flowing.  We want fun, adventure and to enjoy ourselves on this Friday.  It’s springtime, time for us to savor the burst of energy that comes with renewal and the birth of new possibilities.

Saturday, May 1st – Too Much of a Good Thing – Jupiter.  The Sagittarius Moon squares Jupiter today.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and with today’s combination, we have to be careful of excess.  We may be extravagant to a fault.  We may indulge our appetites a little too much.  We may go overboard on anything and everything.  We’re likely to feel good, and willing to cut ourselves a great deal of slack.  It would be wise to keep in mind the saying of ‘moderation in all things’, although even if we keep it in mind, we may not mind the admonition.  No, today is a day when we could go whole hog in whatever we’re doing.  We want to enjoy life and there are times when we might feel that more, more, more is the way to the greatest enjoyment.  Today could be one of those times when we might feel there is nothing like too much of a good thing.  There is, and we might suffer the consequences down the road if we spend too much, eat too much or go to any extremes.

Sunday, May 2nd – High Anxiety – Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury.  Saturday night and early Sunday morning could have us feeling upbeat, thanks to the Sagittarius Moon that begins the day with a sextile to Neptune.  We may have all sorts of grandiose plans for get-togethers and enjoyable sojourns.  We might even go to bed thinking that Sunday will be a lovely day with all right in the world.  What a perfect world it could be.  But then the Sagittarius Moon moves into a T-Square with our old nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition as the Moon squares Saturn in Virgo and squares Uranus in Pisces.  Our sleep state could suddenly be disrupted with us tossing and turning.  Did we eat too much?  Did we drink too much?  Are we suffering from heartburn, an upset stomach or nervous energy?  From a blissed-out early part of the day, things seem to speed up considerably.  We may feel limited by what we have to do, champing at the bit wanting to do what we want to do and feeling in something of a conundrum.  The push pulls could ratchet up our anxiety with both demands and unexpected events impacting our plans.  If we’ll just chill out and not let the anxiety get the better of us, then as the day progresses we can effectively line our ducks up in a row, prioritizing the most important matters to deal with and expediting what needs to be done.  The Moon moves into Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto and trines Mercury.  Let’s just be certain that any excesses on Saturday don’t have ramifications for late Saturday and early Sunday.  If they do, then let’s take some time, rest up and then take care of things in a highly effective and productive manner.  The weekend offers some fun activities, but as we get closer to the end of the weekend we’re focusing more on the structures and the formats of what we need to accomplish.