April 19th – 25th, 2010

Mother Nature is at it again, as the highly active volcano in Iceland spews ash into the atmosphere and impacts air travel through much of western Europe with cancellations and major travel difficulties for thousands of people.  When people have been debating the global warming issue, they have focused solely on humanity’s impact on nature and the atmosphere through the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere by our use of fossil fuels, humankind’s carbon footprint.  Being highly egocentric and anthropomorphic, humankind has concentrated solely on humanity’s impact on climate and negated the influences of natural climate trends, solar activity, and geophysical activity.  As seen with the Icelandic volcano, geophysical activity introduces particulate matter into the atmosphere blocking out solar radiation, turning day into night, with an influence of lowering earth surface temperatures.

This past weekend had Mercury turning retrograde in Taurus.  Not only did we see the trouble with travel from the Icelandic volcano ash.  We also witnessed the allegations of fraud against Goldman Sachs in its marketing of mortgage-based products prior to the housing bust.  This case comes as the US White House and US Congress look to ‘reform’ financial regulation.  We all know that timing is everything and in our own Adventures in Wonderland we might remember the words of Alice that the timing of the SEC charges against Goldman Sachs seem ‘curioser and curioser’.  With the idea that timing is everything, and with recall of what I wrote last week and in my monthly update, Mercury transiting through Taurus and then retrograding through Taurus would raise the question of finances, both on a collective level and on our own personal level.  The US DJIA dropped 125 points on Friday after the SEC case was announced.

But let’s get on with this week, April 19th through the 25th.

We might feel a slowdown in our energy level this week.  Impetuousness and rashness could give way to a plodding, persistent manner.  While things may take time to develop, we are in less of a rush, more willing to allow things to unfold and also more aware of shifting circumstances and how best to cope with surprising developments.

We may be looking at our security and how to create a nurturing environment for ourselves. Similar to the eagle that creates it’s nest and then flies from it to soar on the air currents eventually to return to it’s nest, we too could attend to our living space, projects around our home and then towards the end of the week spread our wings and seek out pleasurable events more out in the world.

A good Spring cleaning could take place this week.  Putting things in order and straightening up will help us do an inventory taking of what is relevant to us and what could be relegated to our past.  Our cleaning may not be merely our home living space.  It might include an internal clearing whereby we evaluate who we are and who we are becoming.

Serendipitous meetings, magical moments when things just fall into place can be part of the end of our week.  Let’s allow ourselves some free time in our schedule to take advantage of wonderful opportunities and the ability to act on the whim of the moment.

Monday, April 19th – Another Manic Monday – Neptune, Sun, Lunar Grand Cross, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto.  Monday starts the week on a rather intense note.  We may have a great deal to do today, certain things planned, some unexpected situations that crop up.  The day begins with the Moon trine Neptune.  We may be thinking of our future and what we plan to do.  We might be enmeshed in the la-de-da of the past few days that could have allowed us an easy escape from reality to wander through the land of possibilities, the terrain of our hopes and dreams.  We may start that way again on this Monday, but such an idyllic romp is unlikely to last.  For the Moon then moves into a T-Square, and later a Grand Cross, with the Gemini Moon square Uranus in Pisces and square Saturn in Virgo.  Snippets of problems covered up or not yet revealed might come to light and force us to look at things from a different perspective.  Our anxiety level could ratchet up from the things we hear.  What we have to avoid is any knee-jerk reaction based upon little information, and information that might either be embellished or just downright fictional, a fraud.  We may find unexpected events demand our attention and we might have to revisit matters we once thought resolved.  If such an incident does occur, let’s not address the situation from fear or a mere reactive pose.  While these times demand that we be flexible and adaptable to the shifting tides, we also need to make sure that we’re not feeling victimized or coming from a diminished position.  Let’s do what needs to be done with a realization that we might be operating from overload.  Overload does not necessitate overwhelm.  The Moon also sextiles the Sun today, just before the Sun moves out of Aries and enters Taurus.  Although we might awaken with a great deal of hoo-haa today with a sense that the world as we have known it has changed drastically and dramatically, it has not been an overnight thing.  The more we can step back, look at what appears to be going on, consider the implications and long-term consequences, the better able we shall be to deal with matters in a strong and focused manner.  We can give thought to a best practices approach and consider our financial scenario both in regard to firming up our revenue stream and paring down our expense drain.  The Moon moves into Cancer where it opposes Pluto and feels the influence of the Grand Cross with the Moon having already squared today both Uranus and Saturn and now opposed Pluto.  Much of this Monday can be used to concentrate on the truly important, prioritize our activities and eliminate projects that are more trouble than they could be worth.  This week does begin with a manic Monday, so it’s important that we not get caught up in the groundswell of anxiety.

Tuesday, April 20th – After the Storm – Mercury, Jupiter, Sun Taurus.  Monday night, early Tuesday morning, the Sun exits Aries and moves into Taurus, creating a Stellium in Taurus as the Sun joins Venus and retrograde Mercury in the Venus-ruled Fixed Earth Sign.  The Cancer Moon sextiles Mercury and trines Jupiter.  This day can be far more pleasant than yesterday.  We may feel far less impetuous and more grounded.  If shock waves of the past few days have upset us, this Tuesday is a day when we can gather our strength and consider how we can deal with things in a methodical, step-by-step manner.  Our attention might be focused on our finances, and it would be wise for us to give thought to how we can best conserve our resources and determine an effective budget for ourselves.  We may be looking to spruce things up around our home with a recognition that we need to create a sanctuary for ourselves in which we can nurture ourselves and our loved ones and a place where we can recharge our batteries.  Life is getting rather tumultuous, with a great deal of turmoil upsetting normal, everyday routines.  People are getting a little squirrely, with some people unable to cope with the shifting paradigm.  Let’s not be one of those who capitulates to the backdrop events of life right now.  On the contrary, let’s find ways by which we give ourselves sustenance and appreciate with a certain level of bemusement the craziness going on in the world.  We are moving towards a time of planting our seeds, tilling our garden, pulling the weeds and nurturing the shoots we intend to develop.  We can begin to give greater thought and energy towards how we can create for ourselves better days through better ways.  We may be looking at making purchases today in order to move forward with our dreams.  But it would be important to keep the receipts and be certain that any major purchases are necessary and not merely impulse buys.

Wednesday, April 21st – Shifting Patterns – Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Sun.  The day begins with the Cancer Moon which today sextiles Venus, trines Uranus and sextiles Saturn.  We can effectively make changes today, especially if those changes don’t threaten our comfort zone.  Even if the changes are subtle shifts in our habitual patterns, they may be important indicators of our willingness to adapt to the paradigm shift going on.  Let’s keep in mind that any journey begins with a first step and then becomes a series of steps.  We might also want to think of the image of a snowball going down a mountain, gathering momentum and becoming the avalanche.  Whether we move things around in our home, do something different to our appearance or just change the way we get from point A to point B, subtle changes can be the beginning of our willingness to adapt and change and eventually shift into new ways of doing things, different ways of expressing ourselves and finding the most effective means of dealing with these times.  We can do this.  We can be adaptable to the changes going on in our lives and in the world around us.  Flexibility is the key and subtle shifts in our patterns are the ways of attaining the key.  As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Cancer and enters Leo where it squares the Sun.  We may feel that we want to present ourselves by putting our best foot forward and we might even assume that such an appearance demands a major expense.  Why go there?  The old paradigm might have encouraged pretentiousness and a sense of great expense indicating great worth.  We are not there anymore.  On the contrary, we can be resourceful and put our best foot forward without assuming that it comes at great expense.  These times call for us to be adept and creative in how we develop our projects and present ourselves.  We can do this.  We can be more effective with less expenditure of energy.

Thursday, April 22nd – Home, Home on the Range – Mars, Mercury.  Today is Earth Day.  Happy Birthday, Mother Earth.  This Thursday continues with the Leo Moon which today conjuncts Mars and squares Mercury.  Whenever we make changes, or are called upon to change our modus operandi, there are often challenges as to whether we have moved beyond our old patterns or are still replicating past ways.  This Thursday presents such a challenge.  We may feel very self-possessed, somewhat egocentric, and feeling that what we want is what we should have.  Nice concept in a perfect world of one, but such an idea may not jibe with present day reality.  This Thursday could be a little trying since we may feel gung-ho to do our thing with a major splash and no expense spared.  We might step on toes today or spend more than would be wise.  We could seem like a bulldozer, trying to win our way through the force of our persuasion or just by reason of our personal desires.  That might not prove effective, and it would be far better for us to do the tai chi moves of being fully aware of the circumstances and conditions and then working with those rather than just trying to put our imprint on things.  If we meet resistance, then we may have to either change our message or the way we present our message.  The challenge for this day is our willfulness.  If we become rigid and fixed in the way things should go, then we could wind up banging our heads repeatedly against the wall.  And what fun is that?

Friday, April 23rd – Who You?, Who Me? – Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Lunar Grand Trine, Sun, Pluto.  Friday is a paradoxical day.  Like the old nursery rhyme, this Friday can be a day that when it’s bad, it’s very bad, and when it’s good, it’s very good.  Friday has Venus square Neptune and Venus trine Uranus.  The day begins with the Moon still in Leo and creating a T-Square by squaring Venus and opposing Neptune.  We may have misread people, or people may have misread us.  A level of confusion could be strong with our past contacts and our familiar connections.  We may feel blocked or impeded by our old ways, and consequently looking at new situations, new people to affirm our intentions.  While people we might have expected to be our strongest supporters could prove to be naysayers, let’s not reprimand or create difficulties in our relationships.  On the contrary, let’s see any such situation as merely an indication of the changes in what we are doing, how we are proceeding and our future goals.  We may need new sounding boards, people with a fresh perspective, to bounce off our ideas and our plans.  Let’s remember that people we have known know us by past experiences and consequently by past definitions.  As we break free of our past, those familiar with us are likely to be the naysayers since change is not something everyone appreciates much less embraces.  It would be wise for us to go slow during the early part of the day, with the recognition that things can be stalled or blocked by those people who consider themselves our greatest advocates.  Any obstacles can be used as tempering phases, allowing us to hone our message, our method and even our goals.  As the day progresses, things improve significantly.  Serendipitous meetings can open up significant doors for us.  We also have the Moon moving into Virgo where it creates a Grand Trine in the Earth Element with the Virgo Moon trine the Sun in Taurus and trine Pluto in Capricorn.  We can now be extremely effective, prioritizing the steps necessary to realize our goals, and getting the most bang for our buck.  We can be resourceful and productive, concentrating on the most important in the most expeditious ways.  The main idea for this Friday is not to rush the river.  Timing is everything and while we would like to accomplish certain things yesterday, things develop and sprout in their own natural time.  The lesson for us today is not to get in our way but rather to work with the energies unfolding.  The early part of the day could prove difficult or perplexing, but the latter part of this Friday can be like greased wheels, easily sliding ahead to where we want to go.

Saturday, April 24th – Lining our Ducks up in a Row – Venus, Saturn, Mercury.  Saturday is a great day to do whatever needs to be done.  Errands, chores, spring cleaning can all be highly effective ways to spend this day.  Venus trines Saturn and the Virgo Moon trines Mercury.  We can use a best practices approach to clear the decks and develop the basics of the next step in our plans.  Purchases made today can help us streamline operations.  We can strategize the most effective ways of realizing our goals.  Whatever has needed completing, today is a good day to do so.  While we often consider Saturday a day to enjoy ourselves, partake in fun activities and get a breather from our week, this Saturday is more productive in doing errands and tying up loose ends.

Sunday, April 25th – Push Pulls – Mercury, Mars, Sun, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Venus, Venus Gemini.  Sunday can be a fairly intense day.  Mercury squares Mars, the Sun trines Pluto, and we begin the day with the Virgo Moon which opposes Jupiter, opposes Uranus and conjuncts Saturn.  Whatever we have planned for today, we might need to be aware that demands are likely to be made on us that add to the mix or divert us from what we want to do.  This Sunday could entail a tug of war between our own personal desires and our responsibilities, some of which may be imposed upon us.  Discussions could ratchet up into arguments with people being somewhat fixed in their opinion and unwilling to hear anything other than their own beliefs.  We may feel impassioned and determined but we need to avoid getting so fixed in our own stance that we cannot adapt to shifting conditions.  Curveballs out of left field could be thrown at us, so it would be wise to adjust our plans and not become belligerent in the ways we want things to go.  We are on a balance beam between the old and the new.  We’ve been there before, are there again, and we do need to balance our past obligations with our future desires.  This day could prove exhausting, and we might feel put upon by situations or other people.  Let’s go with the flow with the recognition that the latter part of the day allows things to cool down and even offers some enjoyable interludes with other people.  The Moon moves into Libra where it trines Venus which has just exited Taurus and entered Gemini.  If any problems with other people arise during the day, things can be smoothed over in the evening and we can enjoy some lighthearted repartee with our nearest and dearest.