April 12th – 18th, 2010

We have seen the ramifications of Pluto and its shift from direct to retrograde motion this past week.  With Pluto indicative of the ‘underground’ and of explosive events, it should not be too surprising that there were mining accidents and earthquake activity.  Recently there were three mining accident tragedies with two explosions [one in West Virginia, US, and the other in Henan province, China] and a mine flooding problem [in Shanxi province of China].  And the earth experienced two 7+ magnitude earthquakes with the 7.2 quake in Baja, Mexico and a 7.7 quake off Sumatra in Indonesia. 

 With the approaching T-Square next year, and its influence felt even this year, of Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries, the shake-ups on an atmospheric, geophysical, geopolitical and infrastructural level may have only just begun.

I’m offering you a heads-up for the present and the future, but let’s look at this week of April 12th – 18th.

We may start the week like a racehorse out of the starting gate.  We’re inspired, full of energy and looking to put our mark on things.  We do need to be judicious in our approach.  It would be important for us to look before we leap, to consider the particulars of any situation and to recognize that not everyone may be on the same page with us.  It would be wise to consider the conditions before we launch forward, and some of the conditions might include unexpected variables that could force us to alter our plans.

The more we can get done before the weekend, the better it would be.  We are moving into a Mercury retrograde this weekend, a three week cycle that is akin to Murphy’s Law whereby ‘whatever can go wrong could.’  Not to raise the fear factor, but during a Mercury retrograde it is best to postpone important decisions, avoid initiating long-term commitments and recognize that things may take longer than originally anticipated.

Even if we can’t develop all the projects we wish to pursue, let’s notate the interests we wish to eventually engage. Blueprinting plans and starting new involvements without being locked into a timeframe would be good uses of this week’s energy. 

We will have the determination to move mountains this week but we should keep in mind that one of the great challenges of this paradigm shift is moving from the concept of mastering the world to a partnership of working in harmony with the unfolding energies.

Monday, April 12th – A Taste of Things to Come – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Mars.  After what could have been a fairly pleasant weekend, we come to Monday to start the week.  Manic Monday?  Monday morning blues?  Monday starts the week on a rather frenetic note.  Although not exact, we do have a T-Square with the Moon in Pisces conjuncting Uranus and opposing Saturn and then moving into Aries where it squares Pluto and eventually trines Mars.  We might awaken to some disconcerting news or be greeted to our everyday routine with a few curveballs thrown at us, and possibly towards our head.  Unexpected situations could arise that demand our immediate attention.  We may feel like things have shifted virtually overnight with new variables impacting our schedule.  We have to avoid feeling victimized, only reacting to situations that were not of our making but rather enforced upon us.  We might feel anxious and we would have to watch nervous energy getting the better of us, either by reactive actions that are done without due diligence or by our intestines feeling wound up in knots.  Today is a day to take a deep breath, relax into whatever is going on and recognize that different blips on the screen are exactly that, blips that eventually smooth out but at the moment may seem catastrophic.  As the day progresses, we can get a handle on things and even find creative ways to deal with our routine affairs and unexpected circumstances that arise.  Let’s be aware that there are going to be incidents of collateral damage as we go through these transitioning times.  And let’s keep in mind the wise and true saying that we never get more than we can handle.  How we handle situations is our choice, always our choice, and it would be wise to take our time in considering the best practices approach in dealing with the unexpected.

Tuesday, April 13th – Dark Side of the Moon.  Tuesday continues with the Aries Moon and just before tomorrow’s Aries New Moon.  Today is the dark side of the Moon, and with the Moon making no connections to the planets there is not a great deal of energy to accomplish much.  We could use this day as a time-out whereby we do whatever pleases us, especially if it allows for a creative bent.  This Tuesday might be a good day to concentrate on re-creational pursuits.  Whether we choose to go to a movie, participate in sports activities or just get off our usual track, we might use today’s energy to recharge our batteries and prepare for the launching forward that tomorrow promises with the Aries New Moon.  If we can complete certain tasks and outstanding obligations today, then we can clear the decks and prepare for the fortnight ahead.  And let’s bear in mind that Mercury turns retrograde this weekend.  If we have bills to pay, a budget to determine or revenue receivable, today might be a good to take care of our financial affairs.  We could also begin to consider how to best protect our assets in the future in light of the increased taxation over the next few years we may all have to bear, no matter in which country we reside.

Wednesday, April 14th – Widening our Perspective – Aries Lunation, Sun, Neptune.  Wednesday has the Aries New Moon with the Moon conjunct the Sun and the Moon sextile Neptune.  We might consider broadening our reach and considering alternatives for our future that we might not have earlier taken into account.  The New Moon influences the next two weeks and this New Moon allows us to start our projects and launch new activities.  We should be aware of the Mercury retrograde approaching, so no matter what we begin now, let’s be certain that we are flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.  Our interests might lie further afield from our daily existence.  We could contemplate possibilities and even those situations that could only occur in our idealized, perfect world.  And why shouldn’t we think about such so-called impossibilities?  Life is changing and while we might witness and experience certain crash-and-burn scenarios, we are also entering into a magical time, a time of asequential reality where things occur not in a logical, sequential progression but rather like mini-miracles, those unexpected events that occur without our having to make them happen and that we might experience just by being in the right place at the right time.  Today is a good day to take off our blinders of what could be based upon what has been and to take a look around, all around.  Some of us may consider our holiday travel plans, looking to get off the track and explore interests foreign to our experience.  Like a blank canvas, today allows us to paint with whatever colors, textures and representations we might choose.  Let’s go for it and embrace the world of possibilities, all possibilities even the seemingly impossible.  We may also be reaching out to friends and looking to widen our social circle today and over the next two weeks.  Despite our daily responsibilities or frustrations, we might realize what a wonder-filled world we live in.

Thursday, April 15th – Strategic Resources – Pluto, Mars, Mercury.  This Thursday is a rather ignominious day in the US, for it is Tax Day, the day the taxman cometh and taketh away.  While we might not be happy by the amount of monies the government takes from us, we do need to make an accounting of our monies received and monies expended in pursuit of our personal financial endeavors.  This day has the Taurus Moon trine Pluto, square Mars and conjunct Mercury.  Today would be a good day for us to spend some time and do a hard-core and focused accounting of our assets, our revenue and our expenses.  During this contractive phase [yes, I am aware of the term ‘recovery’ being bandied about], it is essential that each of us be very strategic regarding our resources.  And today allows us to do that.  Although we might feel any belt tightening could be scrimping our style, we might also discover our ability to stretch our monies, conserve our resources and be far more effective with less expenditure of energy, whether that energy be our time, our monies or our involvements.  We can cut to the core, do an inventory-taking and see where we can pare down, stripping away the extraneous and the superficial and focusing on the essential and the fundamentals.  Giving thought to devising a cushion, once referred to as ‘saving for a rainy day’, might be something for us to consider, especially in light of the dramatic, even drastic, changes going on in the financial and economic landscapes.  We can be very focused today and even if we feel limited by how much we can actually do, we can use our resources to their optimum.

Friday, April 16th – Springtime Reveries – Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus.  We may want to start the weekend on Friday morning.  With the Taurus Moon conjunct Venus, sextile Jupiter, square Neptune and sextile Uranus, today is a day when we could be somewhat extravagant.  We might not be too interested in maintaining our budget, and we could have a tendency towards impulse purchases that seem so right in the moment but could seem indulgent in retrospect.  Whether we are considering a Spring makeover, an addition to our wardrobe or an upgrade to our appearance or just want to enjoy ourselves, we might have a tendency to be generous to a fault and overspend.  Walks in nature, shopping jaunts to the mail, time spent in quiet reveries can all be appealing to us.  We’re not looking at being adversarial or confrontational.  We’re not seeking to forge ahead in fast forward.  This Friday’s allure is one of enjoying the soft, lazy days of Spring, settling back, taking our time, not rushing the river, but meandering through life’s terrain.  This Friday can be an especially pleasant day.  Let’s lower our expectations and just enjoy the moment.

Saturday, April 17th – Nothing’s Too Good – Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Mercury retrograde.  Think we got enough enjoyment from yesterday’s pleasantries?  Not nearly enough, and this Saturday has us wanting more, more, more of all the good things in life.  Friday and Saturday could see a spike up in consumer spending.  Even if we have been diligent about our finances, developed a focused budget and been strategic about the use of our resources; all that may have little influence on this Friday through Sunday period.  On the contrary, we might find ourselves spending more over these three days, and our rationale could be that what we’re doing is what we need and not solely what we want.  Nice justification!  Saturday has the two ‘good’ guys of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, sextile each other.  Late on Friday, early Saturday, the Taurus Moon trines Saturn and then the Moon moves into Gemini where it sextiles Mars.  Yes, this Saturday might prove the idea that nothing’s too good for me and my baby.  Excess, extravagance, indulgence could be at play over this three day period.  We might find that we are becoming more interested in the kaleidoscope of fun events, going from one enjoyable activity to another and to another.  We might want to sample a little bit of everything that can bring a smile to our face.  We’re feeling upbeat and enticed by the pleasures of life.  While having a good time is highly recommended, it would be wise for us to have some form of reining in our enthusiasm in order to avoid excess that could later prove a nagging issue or problem.  Saturday night – Sunday morning, Mercury turns retrograde.  We should be aware that part of this weekend could have us wondering whether we’re coming or going or just running in place.  Miscommunications and misunderstandings can present problems over the next three weeks.  It would be wise to postpone major decisions and significant purchases until after Mercury turns direct on the 11th.  Traffic tie-ups, travel delays and motoring problems could also create difficulties.  Awareness and mindfulness are key during these times, and especially during Mercury retrograde.

Sunday, April 18th – Strolling through La-la-land – Sun, Neptune, Jupiter.  Sunday has the Sun sextile Neptune and the Gemini Moon square Jupiter.  We may want to believe what we believe, and we’re likely to do so no matter what the evidence might indicate, even to the contrary.  We may be feeling a little spacey, enjoying the spaciness and not overly concerned with mundane reality.  The past two days and this day might be seen as a step out of time space and into our own fantasmagoric world.  Should we call it la-la-land?  While enjoying possibilities and willing to try out different things doesn’t have to cause any harm, we do have to be careful in regard to making commitments or buying into things at face value.  The hucksters, tricksters and spinmeisters may be out in full force presenting grand presentations and offering wondrous images.  Let’s enjoy the show but not be taken for a ride.  These three days may be like a carnival, our ability to get out of our usual routine, enjoy ourselves but always realizing that at some point we have to leave the carnival and go home, back to our daily reality.  We can contemplate possibilities, share tall tales with friends and indulge our appetites.  Let’s just keep in the back of our mind that too much of a good thing might prove to be too much.  A wonderful weekend, a nice respite from our daily grind, but Monday could provide a wake-up call, whether necessary or not.