March 8th – 14th

If we got carried away this past week and moved into la-la land where we were primarily concerned with our own self-interests and disregarded other people’s concerns, then this week could be payback time. Relationships may prove a little dicey. Everyone could be a little bit on edge. Let’s maintain diplomacy in our interactions with other people. We don’t have to go out of our way for other people but it is important that we consider their needs and their opinions.

Outstanding issues, old scores might need to be settled this week. We may even bump into people from our past or someone we haven’t seen in awhile. Although envy and resentment could raise their ugly heads this week, the more we can smooth things over, the less likely a severe breach might occur.

It would be wise for us to temper our passion and competitiveness. Let’s look to create win-win situations rather than seeking total victory at the loss or cost for other people. Otherwise, battle royals can start up and we could find that other people are trying to trip us up or put obstacles in our way.

Even if there are delays in moving our projects ahead, we can do what we can without feeling that we have to accomplish everything immediately. We should allow ourselves some time to give thought to future plans. Not only will such thoughts distract us from momentary frustrations but they will also allow us to see the bigger picture — our intended journey ahead.

Monday, March 8th – Manic Depressive Monday – Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Saturn, Pluto. Monday starts the week on something of a frenetic note. The Sagittarius Moon squares Uranus and trines Neptune.
We might have a great deal going on in regard to our plans and our scheduling, but while we are confident and effective in our visualization of what we can achieve today, the actual accomplishments could fall short. Unexpected situations may distract us and we might far prefer to communicate with friends than deal with what needs to be done. Let’s not be surprised if we put our planned activities on hold as we seek more interesting diversions for ourselves. Similar to the volatility of these times, the energy shifts dramatically as the Moon goes Void-of-Course for six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn where it creates a T-Square by squaring Venus in Aries, squaring Saturn in Libra and conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn. Suddenly, we might feel as if we were caught in a vise, an ever-tightening situation that demands we take care of our tasks at hand but with a critical eye from other people being cast our way. Outstanding issues may have to be addressed and we might pine, even whine, to get off the track and be freed from our responsibilities, those obligations that we just have to do with little appreciation forthcoming from other people. Whatever is going on in the second half of this day; we might as well get used to it and notate those areas of contention. For in the late Spring through mid Summer, we shall experience the T-Square of Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, a configuration we shall have to contend with over the next two years. Let the games begin, even if we do not like the game, the match or the rules. This latter part of Monday offers us a heads-up to the areas under stress and challenge over the next two years.

Tuesday, March 9th – Tying Up Loose Ends – Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury. Tuesday has Venus opposed Saturn and the Capricorn Moon sextile both Jupiter and Mercury. We have to be careful not to engage a tug-of-war with someone close to us. Our personal needs may conflict with another person’s desires. While we might be far more interested in doing our own thing, it would be wise not to tromp on other people’s toes. Otherwise, we could experience a monkey wrench thrower, someone upsetting our plans or placing unreasonable demands upon us. Social decorum and tai chi moves to step away from entangled situations are called for. We might find that we still have outstanding issues to resolve, matters we need to bring to completion. Even if it seems a drag to do so, let’s tie up loose ends, deal with our responsibilities and get things out of the way in order to proceed in new directions as we come into the Spring. Our intuitive sense could be strong and we might realize a best practices approach in resolving matters. It is important that we recognize people may be a little bit more needy than usual and no matter how much we do for them they might consider it not enough. And that’s where the tai chi moves come in. By being gracious and verbally accommodating, we can do what we can do without getting embroiled in the drama of it all. Let’s keep in mind the wise adage: “Give someone a fish and you feed them for a meal. Teach them to fish and you’ve fed them for a lifetime.” We can offer people advice and suggest a skill set but it would be co-dependent and a detriment to both if we were to try and fix their problems for them.

Wednesday, March 10th – Back on Track – Sun, Uranus, Mars direct. Can we get a shout out for Mars turning direct today? I would say. Mars has been retrograde since the latter part of December and we might have experienced the Mars retrograde cycle as contributing to our lethargy, our fatigue and our sense of having the wind knocked out of our sails. Mars turns direct today, but we do have to watch that we are not like a sprinter at the sound of the starting gun. We could turn up the energy into a turbothrust and like a tornado we could create a fair amount of damage. If we do feel a burst of energy, then let’s condition ourselves to picking up the speed. We could start slow and then build up towards what we want to do and where we want to go. We are likely to seek out creative projects for ourselves, activities that allow us to express ourselves and show our talents. The Capricorn Moon today sextiles the Sun and sextiles Uranus. We can be highly effective, especially if we’ll consider alternative means by which to accomplish our goals. We may feel as if we are back on the track, no longer scraping along the periphery but rather looking to embrace the whole enchilada. Let’s rein in our enthusiasm and blend our confidence with a strategic approach. We do not have to master the world. We can work with the natural unfolding and be co-creators of our destiny.

Thursday, March 11th – Straightening Out – Venus, Pluto, Mars, Saturn. Thursday has Venus hitting off the other part of the Cardinal Sign T-Square. On Tuesday, Venus opposed Saturn. Today, Venus squares Pluto. We also have the Moon in Aquarius opposed Mars, trine Saturn and sextile Venus. This Thursday could bring up issues with other people that have been percolating below the surface. If someone felt slighted or hurt by another person’s actions, today could be a day to hear about it. The action or reaction could either be a heart-to-heart talk to straighten things out or might prove a little explosive with someone letting loose with their frustrations and their hurt feelings. The former would be preferable, so it would be wise today for us to be cautious in how we present things to other people. If we don’t blurt out our feelings but take a less passionate, more dispassionate tone, then we can assuage any hurt feelings, make amends and get our relationships in better gear. It is important for us to keep in mind that we are at a seasonal transition point. We have one foot in Winter and the other foot reaching out for the Spring. All of us may be sick of the Winter doldrums, but we have to avoid rushing the river and trying to spring into action too soon or too quickly.

Friday, March 12th – Out of the Realm. Friday has no planetary energies fully operational today. The Moon continues its transit through Aquarius but makes no connections to the planets today. That might be a good thing, for the week has been, as life is now, rather volatile. We may have had our shares of ups and downs and might possibly need a breather or the ability to step off the track. This Friday is a good day for a ‘mental health’ day, to get together with friends or just take leisurely time to reflect on where we might want to go in the future. No stress, no strain today, but rather a tendency for us to take time, enjoy ourselves and look at our options.

Saturday, March 13th – Wrong Way Corrigan – Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Similar to Friday, Saturday does not have a great deal of energy associated with it. We start the day with the Aquarius Moon conjunct Neptune. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for close to six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aquarius and before entering Pisces. We may feel somewhat hazy today and we might not be operating at our sharpest or most astute. We could easily be drawn to things as a result of our moods and feelings and not based upon logic or clear reasoning. We have to be careful of decisions made or actions taken since we could operate from our hopes and our dreams rather than reality. Saturday may be better spent meandering through pastoral fields, thinking about what could be and allowing ourselves to space out.

Sunday, March 14th – Manifest Destiny – Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter. Although we are in the dark of the Moon to tomorrow’s power-packed Pisces New Moon, today we could feel as though we are drawn towards our destiny, living out our karma. This Sunday has the Sun conjunct Mercury and the Pisces Moon sextile Pluto and conjunct Jupiter. Our actions today might seem pre-destined, events and situations that we are supposed to do, not based upon our choice or free will but consequences of activities set into motion some time before. This Sunday can be a truly spiritual day and we are moving into a fortnight when things come about serendipitously, magically. We might feel that we are but observers to our life’s unfoldings and that we are pawns in some larger game determined beyond our choices, beyond our free will, beyond our conscious decisions or actions. Eery sensations perhaps, but today could also make us more aware that we are not the puppet master to the universe but rather co-creators as participants in the natural play.