March 29th – April 4th

This week brings an end to March and the beginning of April.

Our imagination is strong and our intuitive sense heightened as we close out March. We may be looking at the ideal, the perfect picture of what could be. We could use such feelings of possibilities as an impelling force, allowing us to consider a wide range of prospects and providing a well-spring of future potentials.

While we can see the possibilities in all things, it is also essential that we balance our personal needs with the needs of other people in our life. If we have been self-absorbed and overly focused on what we want with little regard for other people’s concerns recently, this week allows us to right the wrongs. This is a week when we can spend time with friends and elicit their interests and their plans. We are far more considerate, less impulsive and looking to put our best foot forward.

We can take some of our ideas, our plans, our hopes and wishes and use this week to plant the seeds of their future reality. Our presentations are strong, both in regard to our passion in the commitment to our desires and also in regard to our style whereby we make our case in a pleasing manner and non-controversial way.

We might consider a personal makeover, ushering in Spring with the purchase of a new wardrobe or clothing items, or getting a new hairstyle or touch-up. We are certainly concerned with our image and appearance, which can be stylish and very put-together.

The beginning of April can see us decked out in our finest wardrobe. We might even use the occasion of Easter to go shopping and buy ourselves something elegant and quite possibly over-budget. We have an upbeat attitude but there could also be a tendency towards one-upmanship, whereby we want to put our best foot forward, impress all that we meet but pushing the limits to our finances and even good taste. Showboating is not necessary. We can present a stylish image without going overboard and becoming garish.

Interactions with other people over the weekend can be good fun with parties, social gatherings and pleasurable travel. It is important, however, to keep in mind that there could be unexpected interruptions to our plans. We should be as adaptable as we can to changing conditions. Let’s remember that flexibility and adaptability are keys to navigating the uncharted waters of these times.

Push pulls on Sunday between our obligations and wonderful surprises arising may have us going into turbo drive trying to cover all the bases. We may need to prioritize between the truly meaningful and those situations that might prove momentary diversions.

Similar to Easter in Christian theology that celebrates resurrection and ascension, this week allows us to focus on a rebirthing, concentrating on what we want to do and how we can best achieve our results in the most effective and expeditious manner. We are looking to our future and seeking outlets for our creative self-expressions.

Happy Easter! Happy renaissance!

Monday, March 29th – Possibilities are Endless – Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Libra Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Sun. Monday is a highly active day to start the week. Venus sextiles Neptune. The Virgo Moon in the early morning hours opposes Uranus. The Moon then enters Libra where it creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Saturn, square Pluto and then opposed the Sun at the Libra Full Moon. The Libra Moon also sextiles Mars. We may start the day somewhat anxious, feeling on overload regarding our work schedule for the week or feeling the world is reeling out of control with so many issues up all at once. We might determine to focus instead on those special people in our lives and those projects that are special to us to pursue. In Richard Bach’s book, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, he writes: ‘Don’t limit the IS.’ This Monday is one of those days when we could embrace such a concept and instead of focusing solely on what our responsibilities may be we might look instead at the world of possibilities and find them endless. Such an attitude doesn’t mean that all the possibilities are practical or even realistic, but there are times when we do need to tune out to what appears to be going on and give thought instead to what could be. Special times with those special people could find us being, or being provided, important sounding boards regarding prospects. This Monday we might be looking at potentials rather than realities. A high energy day this one, and we need to be aware that our personal interests could conflict with other people’s agendas and might even be opposed by authority figures. It would be wise for us to take into account the ideas in Taoism whereby water flows and always finds its way from the mountains to the oceans, no matter the course, no matter the impediments in the way, no matter the meander, eventually, finally finds its way to the oceans.

Tuesday, March 30th – Quiet Days, Quiet Nights. Tuesday has the Moon continuing its transit through Libra but making no aspects to the planets today. This day could be a bit of a breather after yesterday’s Full Moon intensity, which some would call Full Moon madness. If we, or other people, were a little self-absorbed yesterday, even to the point of stepping on toes, this Tuesday allows the opportunity of making amends. We may be very considerate of other people’s needs. We might want a sense of serenity and quietude, looking for the idyllic and willing to cut other people some slack. This day can be a pleasant time but there may not be a great deal of energy to get much done. We are betwixt and between yesterday’s Venus sextile Neptune and tomorrow’s Mercury sextile Neptune. On this Tuesday, we might be far more interested in the idyllic rather than the sordid. We do have to be careful not to buy into impressions or presentations without our due diligence. We might have the tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt without fully considering whether our trust has been fully earned. Let’s enjoy the company of others, concentrate on the positive and the amenable and avoid situations that might call for long-term commitments or major decisions.

Wednesday, March 31st – Fine Balance – Mercury, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Venus Taurus. The early morning hours of Wednesday has the Moon finishing its transit of Libra and in so doing opposing Mercury, trining Neptune, and opposing Venus. Mercury sextiles Neptune. The Moon moves into Scorpio where it squares Mars and sextiles Pluto. Venus ends its transit of Aries, where it is not comfortable, and enters Taurus, its own Sign. Our intuitive sense can be very strong today. We may know exactly what to say and how to say it. We do need to find the fine balance between our personal desires and the needs of other people, thereby creating a win-win scenario rather than a competitive win-lose situation. Not only do we have the ability of winning people to our side so long as we address their interests and their needs. We also have the ability, or the necessity, of being incredibly resourceful. While we might want free rein regarding our expenditure of time, energy, finances; it would be wise to rein in our self-importance and see how we can do more with less. These times speak to our concentrating on how best to be resourceful. Conservation of our resources is important to develop our skills of making everything work at its optimum and at the least expense. Today may offer us a balancing act, a test regarding our skill set, but we could also be very adept at feeling out the best practices approach and listening to our inner voice that may be far more astute than what is being projected as the reality of situations.

Thursday, April 1st – Who Be the Fool – Jupiter. Thursday is April Fool’s Day and has the Scorpio Moon trine Jupiter. Although we may have developed the ability to hone, focus, concentrate and do more with less, this Thursday could be a case of extremes. We might be resourceful to the point of self-abnegation and flip to the other extreme with excessive indulgence. Today is one of those days when it is important to read between the lines, count to ten before reacting to situations and use thoughtful consideration before making any significant moves. The potential for going overboard or not giving quite enough to a matter can create collateral damage that might have to be dealt with subsequently. Modifying the extremes, keeping budget in mind and seeing where we can get involved and where we need to step away are all important characteristics for this day. If we buy into appearances and images, then it might be we who play the fool.

Friday, April 2nd – Pretty Good – Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Mercury Taurus. Friday is Good Friday in Christian theology and those of that religious belief might either take themselves to church today or spend some time in reflection of the difficulties, even a sense of crucifixion, that they have faced in their recent times. Whether we give thought to the cycles in our own lives today or not, this day begins with the Scorpio Moon trine Uranus and square Neptune. If we give some time to reflection, we might see in our lives how some eliminations of our hopes and dreams, while distressing at the time, opened the door to other opportunities and exciting new interests. There is the saying that when one door closes, another door opens up. I know that saying to be a fact and have experienced such a turn-of-events more than once in my own life. Although these times may seem very difficult in many ways, we might see the paradigm shift of moving away from control or mastering our universe and moving into the magic and miracles of synchronicity whereby things occur not so much of our making as much as our being in the right place at the right time. As Friday progresses, the Moon moves into Sagittarius where it sextiles Saturn and trines Mars. We may feel suddenly uplifted, far more creative and interested in spreading our wings and trying out new activities. Mercury also exits Aries today and enters Taurus. Whether we are considering holiday plans or giving thought to expanding our interests, this Friday can be pretty good and an enjoyable time with friends and loved ones.

Saturday, April 3rd – Wide Expanse – Venus, Mars, Sun, Jupiter. Saturday has Venus square Mars and the Sagittarius Moon trine the Sun and square Jupiter. Issues could arise in relationships with people being obstinate, wanting what they want with little regard for other people. We need to be patient and accommodating but without capitulating. We may be feeling good about ourselves today, not looking to engage any parade rainers and looking for fun times with no expense spared. Yes, it’s the weekend. Yes, it’s Saturday and yes, it’s Springtime. We might justify our having a good time and that’s all well and good so long as we keep a firm grip on our monies today. There could be a tendency to spend on what we want without considering our budget or the consequences of impulsive actions. Before we head out, spread our wings and dive into the good times for this day, it would be wise that we have a general plan of action with a general budget in mind. Otherwise, we could easily get caught up in the excitement of the moment and cast good judgment to the wind.

Sunday, April 4th – Meaningful Gatherings – Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn. This Sunday is Easter Sunday, and is often an occasion for getting together with family and friends. Venus trines Pluto today and during much of the day the Moon transiting through Sagittarius squares Uranus and sextiles Neptune before moving into Capricorn later in the day where the Moon squares Saturn. There could be some very meaningful connections today. People are looking for depth and purpose and this day allows for an exploration of our relationships both in terms of people and in terms of the larger purpose of our life’s journey. Things may take some unexpected twists and turns today but if such incidents do occur, let’s see them as indicative of the wonder of it all. Brief encounters may seem replete with great understanding. Today is a day for exploration, getting into unfamiliar terrain and allowing ourselves moments of self-awareness and self-discovery. Late in the day we may be called upon to take on responsibilities that are not so much of our making as much as other people’s needs and difficulties. Today is Easter and speaks to the ascension and resurrection promised with the Spring season, the time of rebirth, a time for our renaissance.