March 22nd – 28th

We might feel like our life right now is a mixture of starts and stops. On the one hand, we want to proceed with our springtime plans and begin new projects. On the other hand, delays and situations beyond our control could get in our way and put the brakes on our forward movement. Let’s keep in mind that those are the energies with which we are dealing now. It is important for us not to personalize the energies swirling around us, but to allow extra time to get things done. It would be wise to note the areas that are highlighted this week, both in our personal world and in the world at large. Whatever those areas might be they are also areas that may demand our attention over the next two years.

Now is a time for us to learn the tai chi moves of working with the energies. By learning the staccato rhythm of these times, we can be certain not to get totally blocked by impediments but instead we can devise effective ways to address them or get around them. There are times when delays offer a good tempering process.

We may want to begin new projects but before moving ahead we should be certain that we have tied up loose ends of any outstanding matters. We are not looking at re-creating our past but rather want totally fresh starts. Such beginnings might take longer as a result of unfinished business. Now is a time for us to finish up old projects, all the while that we are starting anew.

Monday, March 22nd – On Top of It – Mars, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, Neptune. Monday could be an especially good, productive and fun day. Mars sextiles Saturn and the Gemini Moon sextiles Venus, squares Uranus and trines Neptune. This is one of those days when we can juggle a number of different engagements, catch up with various people and get many things moving. We have to be aware of volatility. Things may be going a certain way and then suddenly, out of the blue, things can change. Unanticipated variables can arise, unexpected situations develop, all of which demand that we be nimble and quick, able to adapt to changing conditions. Flexibility is key. Today is the 22nd, a master number in numerology, which speaks to the master builder, creating the right form and structure to build solidly on rock with little wavering or instability. Much of this Monday might be spent in conversations, priming people with our exploits and our intentions. We’re interested in our future plantings and we might draw upon other people as important sounding boards to affirm our plans and appreciate our efforts. We’re in high gear today, on top of it, and able to gain support for our endeavors. This Monday is not a day to waste and is a high on the roller coaster of this week’s energies.

Tuesday, March 23rd – Hitting the Wall – Lunar Grand Cross, Saturn, Sun, Pluto. We may not feel it, since we could be incredibly busy with start-ups that are being delayed and that have our full attention, but today could have us hitting the wall. The Moon moves into its own Sign of Cancer where it creates a Grand Cross in the Cardinal Signs by the Moon squaring Saturn in Libra, squaring the Sun in Aries and opposing Pluto in Capricorn. The Cardinal Signs talk to initiations, beginnings and we may be determined to move our projects forward no matter the resistance, delays or problems involved. There is a great deal of energy today and it would be wise for us to keep our antennae up, maintain awareness and recognize that not everyone is likely to be on the same page. Everyone might want to do their own thing, and there could be problems with team play. Let’s not personalize any frustrations we might experience. It would be wise to notate areas of difficulty or friction, since these are areas that are likely to be in focus over the next two years. Old formats may no longer work and old structures can either come tumbling down or be seen as weak and no longer functional. Whatever we choose to do today, we might want to add on extra time, not assume that we’ll have the support systems we might have had yesterday and that it might feel as if we’re rolling a boulder up a mountain, or hitting the wall.

Wednesday, March 24th – Not trying it – Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. We might be a little gun-shy on this Wednesday, especially if we felt pummeled and battered yesterday. The Cancer Moon today squares both Mercury and Venus in Aries and trines Jupiter in Pisces. We might be like that old television commercial whereby two small children say to each other: “I’m not trying it. You try it. Let’s get Mikey, he hates everything.” We just might not want to put ourselves out there today. In fact, if we could manage it, today would be a good day to escape, take a ‘mental health’ day, and enjoy the fever of springtime. Reticence and shyness could put a damper on the day, so let’s be aware that the person who yells the loudest might get the attention, but that doesn’t mean they have the right answers. Time spent at home, feathering our nest and recharging our batteries might be far more enjoyable. Let’s keep in mind the volatility of these times. There are times when we can move ahead easily, such as this past Monday. And there are other times when, whatever we do, we just cannot be productive or effective. We need to pick our battles and this Wednesday might be a far better day to take some time for ourselves, recharge our batteries and not feel as if our back is up against the wall.

Thursday, March 25th – Winching the Boulder – Sun, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Sun. Thursday begins with the Cancer Moon trine Uranus and then the Moon moves into Leo where it sextiles Saturn, conjuncts Mars and trines the Sun. The Sun squares Pluto. Sometimes, it helps to get out of our own way. If we tried to get much done on Tuesday and Wednesday, we might have experienced resistance. Thursday begins with an unexpected ease. Perhaps we’re learning the hard way that there are different cycles, different phases to life’s journey. Or perhaps we have finally let go and let god, as the twelve-step programs suggest. There are times, and increasingly so in this paradigm shift, that things happen easily, as if by magic, by serendipity and in truth synchronicity. We may awaken today with some ah-has, realizations, and pieces to the puzzle falling neatly into place. Even though we may feel slightly uncomfortable in our own skin today and might even assume that other people are blocking our free expression, this can be a highly creative day and a day when we have the verve and passion to put our imprint upon things. We can gain the support of important people and we could find ourselves feeling good about the turn of events. We just have to be selective with whom we share our plans. We don’t need a cheerleader today. We’re our best support system, but it would be wise to be flexible and see how we can adjust to situations and be most effective in an expedited manner.

Friday, March 26th – It’s a Beautiful Morning – Mercury, Venus. Friday continues with the Leo Moon, which today trines both Mercury and Venus. We’re likely to be walking on the sunny side of the street, feeling good about ourselves, optimistic about our abilities, no matter the craziness operating in the world. We want to have fun, enjoy ourselves and stand in the spotlight. Today is a good day for us to make presentations, put our best foot forward and shine in our light. Our perspective is far broader than usual and we may seek ways by which to express our creative side. This Friday is not a day to be hampered but rather one to spread our wings, soar, consider the broadest realm of possibilities and expand our scope. We may want this day to be a ‘me’ day and we can embrace that concept just so long as we make no one a loser but everyone a winner in a win-win scenario. We’re not looking at competing against anyone today. Instead, we’re interested in our personal best.

Saturday, March 27th – Doing What Needs to Be Done – Neptune, Pluto. We may awaken on Saturday a little groggy, unsure of what we want to do and possibly feeling a little hung over from the pleasantries of yesterday. We might even feel as though we had too much of a good thing yesterday and wondering what we can do today to top it. The day begins with the Leo Moon opposed Neptune. We may be a little confused as we start the day, and it might take some time to get going on this Saturday. Plans made in a more euphoric state may not hold the same attraction for us. The day does straighten out as we progress, for the Moon moves into Virgo where it trines Pluto. If we have put some of our tasks and obligations on the back burner during the week, we can play catch-up on this Saturday taking care of what needs to be done and addressing certain errands. We can be highly productive today, prioritizing our ‘to do’ list and focusing on the most important. We can also come up with a best practices approach, finding the right format and structure and dealing with things in a most expedited manner without anything falling between the cracks.

Sunday, March 28th – Guilty or Not – Jupiter. Sunday has the Virgo Moon opposed Jupiter. One of the major balancing acts for all of us nowadays is the balance between service and self-sacrifice. There is much that can be done to improve the state of the world, to be helpful to other people and to embrace spirit in action. And today we might feel that we want to assist other people in need. What we have to be careful of is doing the Statue of Liberty play, whereby we take on the issues and try to help the dysfunctional, the people attached to their emotional dramas, or those who are unwilling to help themselves. Co-dependency could crop up today. For many of us, our philosophical / religious upbringing and conditioning calls us to be not merely compassionate but to engage the problems of those less fortunate. The question of how we help others is the main issue. If we can assist someone and provide them the skill set by which they can deal with their own problems, then we are truly helping. If we choose to be the fix-it person and take on other people’s issues, then possibly we’re intruding upon their life pattern, taking on their karma and being more detrimental to them in the long run. Our emotions can be especially strong today. If we can keep a rein on our moods and not overstep the balance point between service and self-sacrifice, then we can be highly effective today. The greatest potential for this day is to see the big picture and then focus on the details necessary to make the big picture a greater reality. The pieces to the puzzle can fit neatly together today, if we will maintain detachment and allow our inner knowing to reveal the answer.