March 15th – 21st

This week is the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. Change is in the air, and we are likely to want to explore, experiment and try something new and different. And we might ask ourselves: why not? We should probably go for it!

Part of the change that could be prodding us is an effort to streamline situations, to be more effective with less expenditure of energy and to be more productive through the best use of time. We may get some incredible insights this week. It’s as though a light bulb were going on in our head, revealing startling thoughts, innovative ideas and new ways of doing things.

We may feel as if we are getting a second wind. Our physical energy may pick up. We could be less lethargic and more willing and able to put our mark on our personal world. Similar to nature itself with the beginning of Spring, we might feel like we’re going through a rebirth, a renaissance and looking at areas of our life that call for new beginnings.

While we might be looking to launch new projects now, it would be wise not to rush forward without doing the necessary preparation work. We might be so enthused about our plans that we gloss over particulars and neglect specifics. There could be computer glitches and possible problems with cell phones and other forms of communication. Our technological advances are far quicker than the infrastructure designed to deliver information allows for. It is important for us to back up our information and be certain that messages we’ve sent have been received.

This week begins with a powerful Pisces New Moon, which imprints the next two weeks ahead. Startling revelations can provide unexpected information. Things may certainly not be as they seem or appear. Computer problems could prove persistent with possible breakdowns in communications. Storm systems could prove fierce both in the amount of precipitation with a liability to flash floods and in the intensity of winds with strings of tornadoes or other cyclonic storm systems.

We can think outside the box, consider alternatives but it is essential that we be vigilant, aware and mindful. The times they are a’changing, and we need to be flexible and adaptable to unexpected situations and unanticipated variables.

Monday, March 15th – A Brand New Day – Pisces New Moon, Sun, Uranus, Mercury. Monday begins the week with an altered reality. We may feel as though we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and entered Alice’s surrealistic Wonderland. And coincidentally, if you believe in coincidence, one of the top grossing movies right now is Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter. This Monday has the Pisces Lunation, the Pisces New Moon with a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Water Sign as the Sun Moon conjunction also conjunct the Mercury Uranus conjunction. Wahoo! Let’s fasten our seat belts, boys and girls, for the next two weeks may be quite a wild ride. At times, we may feel as though we have stepped aboard the magical mystery tour whereby things happen in a serendipitous, miraculous and magical manner. Other times, we may feel as if we have fallen into a Bosch – Bruegel nightmarish fantasy world where it feels as though the floor on which we’re standing continually opens up beneath us. However we approach this day and the next two weeks, one thing is quite likely — dramatic, unexpected changes. As we are coming to the end of the astrological year and about to enter the new year over the weekend with the Vernal Equinox and the entry of the Sun into Aries, now is good time for a late winter cleaning, getting rid of the old, tying up loose ends and bringing closure to issues that have been hanging over us. Of course, even if we choose not to do a clean up and clear out, we might discover that the universe does it for us as the universe clears away debris from our lives, even debris to which we have been most attached. Communications, travel, computers can all be impacted by the high energy thrust of this New Moon. Some people may have an epiphany and come to a sudden realization, while other people could go off the deep end seeking solace in drink, drugs, or great illusions. Whatever is going on, it would be important for us not to jump to conclusions or rush into action with constant re-evaluations and continual re-considerations along the way. We may feel like we’re in Heaven or Hell, a combination of the two, or a caroming between the two. Yes, the games begin.

Tuesday, March 16th – Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Mars, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Pluto. Tuesday has the Moon moving into Aries where it trines Mars but also triggers our square between Saturn and Pluto and creates the T-Square with which we shall become most familiar over the next two years when Uranus enters Aries and maintains a constant T-Square by opposing Saturn and squaring Pluto. We may have the zest and determination to focus our energies on creative outlets today. We want to put our mark on the world, express ourselves and display our talents. Lovely concept, no doubt, but a wrinkle comes in by way of the T-Square with the Aries Moon opposed Saturn and square Pluto. We should be getting used to this T-Square, especially seeing how our familiarity with this T-Square will build up ever more so later this year and next year. Have you noticed that, whether we choose to do so or not, each one of us is taking a walk down Memory Lane? Our past is popping up, coming out of nowhere and reminding us of where we have been. I find it fascinating how people from our past are resurfacing. For myself, I have heard from people I knew my first year in college and with no subsequent contact until now, a considerable time later of decades and decades. These reconnections of long forgotten contacts have occurred for other people I know too, and I would venture possibly for you as well. The collapse of time and space whereby past, present and future are all NOW is happening in an accelerating manner. Even if we enjoy the reunions with people long forgotten, it also forces us to look at where we were at different times, whom we were and possibly even to evaluate where we have come. Although we may find past matters to pop up in our present, we also have to recognize a contracting phase, a recognition that the expanding enthusiasm of the past two decades has given way to a time of enforced security, concentrated power and a greater divide between the powers-that-be and the individual expression. We might witness greater episodes of David and Goliath scenarios as the emphasis upon individual self-expression freely engaged conflicts with the contracting structured format of authority.

Wednesday, March 17th – A Little Levity, if You Will – Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Mercury Aries. This Wednesday is Saint Patrick’s Day, a day of celebration when every one of us is Irish, wearing green, perhaps eating corn beef and cabbage and downing a Guinness or a Harp lager or two, and enjoying a little levity. Today, the Sun conjuncts Uranus, Mercury moves into Aries with Mercury trining Mars and the Aries Moon conjunct Venus. This day can be a fun day, a day when we might want to act in a spontaneous manner, not be constricted by our ordinary daily existence or confined by our routine, but rather enjoy ourselves and have a good time. We may indulge ourselves, all with the idea of doing what we want and having a good time. There are enough times when we have to get serious, possibly even fret over life’s mundane concerns, but this Wednesday is St. Paddy’s Day and gives us all license to get off the track, celebrate, and be of good cheer. There’s an impetus today for us to assert our individuality, do something different and focus on our personal projects. We may also be feeling a good dose of Spring fever today. We shouldn’t expect too much of ourselves in regard to getting much work done. We are far more interested in new projects, start-up situations and putting much of the year behind us and bask in the feel of a renaissance, our rebirth.

Thursday, March 18th – Grinding Gears – Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Pluto. If you ever learned to drive a stick shift in a manual transmission car, then you might appreciate the learning curve complete with kangaroo hops and the grinding of gears as you jammed the stick shift through the gears with the clutch hardly in or all the way out. Quite a screeching noise, you might recall. Not that this Thursday has to be replete with screeching noises, but there could be some squeals of annoyance. We may wake up full of beans, thinking of all the wonderful escapades we might have. They might even include slaying a dragon or two. For we start this Thursday with the Aries Moon sextile Neptune. Yes, we may marvel at our world of possibilities that awaits us. Of course, such a world is far easier to manifest and cope with in our mind’s eye, than in reality. And that could be where the rub comes in: reality. Or is it a grinding of gears? The Moon goes Void-of-Course for five hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus where it squares Mars before making a trine to Pluto. Meanwhile, we have Mercury opposing Saturn. In a perfect world, we can make everything we want happen, the way we want it to happen and without any friction or disappointment. And that is why we can consider it a perfect world. But in reality, there are times where our plans can come to naught, times when other people may not always agree with us, support us and encourage us. This Thursday might prove to be one of those days. Whether other people stand in our way or situations arise that daunt us, things may not run smoothly. We might not be able to glide quickly down the autobahn but rather could encounter potholes, bumps in the road and a grinding of the gears. We have to be careful that frustrations don’t lead to depressions or conflicts with other people. Instead of grinding gears and getting nowhere, today is a day to enlist tai chi moves, recognize there can be times of movements, times of delays and stoppages. Let’s work with the energy, rather than fight against it. Let’s do what we can do when we can do it and avoid confrontations with other people. Everybody may want their way and in so doing create a win lose scenario. The best approach today is for us to determine how we can create a win win scenario, whereby everybody gets their way and no one loses face.

Friday, March 19th – Easy Does It – Jupiter. Friday may prove to be the least frenetic day of this week. The Taurus Moon sextiles Jupiter. If we take things one step at a time, then we can move things along. For much of this week, and during their phase, everyone may seem to be amping, wanting to get on with it, immersed in their own self-interests and overly focused on their personal world. Receptivity may be lacking in general. Today is a day for us to seek nurture and comfort, whether we find it in the sanctity of our home, out shopping for something that contributes to our personal makeover or getting out into nature and becoming one with the rhythmic cycles of natural life. This day is not one to focus on heavy accomplishments or assume that we can achieve a great deal. Today is far better for us to catch our breath, realign ourselves and reconnect with our goals and our dreams. Today is the last day of the Sun in Pisces, the last day of the astrological year. We might want to do a symbolic representation of leaving the year behind. Meditating, burning a candle, soaking in a tub with bath salts can all give momentary pause as we consider the passing of the old year and the advent of the new year. The more we can release this past year and let go, the less baggage we shall bring into our new astrological year.

Saturday, March 20th – Good Day, Starshine – Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Sun Aries. Today brings closure to the Winter and the beginning of the new astrological year as the Sun exits Pisces and enters Aries. Welcome to Spring, even though we may not have finished our winter of discontent, the labor pains and growing pains of the shapeshifting that we as individuals and as a society are going through. The day begins with the Taurus Moon sextile Uranus and square Neptune. We might need to let go of our expectations and instead be open to the magic of the moment. These times will whittle away at our sense of control over situations and allow us to embrace an appreciation for the mini-miracles and serendipity of life in the 2010’s. ‘Same old, same old’ just is not going to cut it. The letting go may be difficult, but the more we embrace our flexibility and our adaptability, the more we can successfully navigate these uncharted waters. Moving into Aries, the Sun gives us a renewed sense of self-declaration, a desire to do our thing and may energize us and prod us to experiment with our lives. We now have a Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Fire Sign as the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in Aries. By Sign, these Aries planets are trining Mars in Leo. We may feel more energized, seeking outlets for our creative self-expression and desiring ways to find the joy and exuberance in our daily activities. By Sign, these Aries planets are contributing to the T-Square of the next two years as the Aries planets oppose Saturn in Libra and square Pluto in Capricorn. This Saturday has Mercury square Pluto. People may be asserting their ideas and affirming their opinions, some of which may be contrary to widely held beliefs and others possibly just off the wall rants. Conversations could ratchet up into arguments with the idea that the louder one speaks or shouts, the more convincing the person’s rationale. If people are feeling confronted by someone else, they may fall into the old pattern that a strong offense is a good defense. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for close to five hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini where the Moon sextiles the Sun, sextiles Mars and trines Saturn. No matter how explosive the day might have been, issues can be resolved and hard feelings smoothed over later in the day. It is important for us to note some of the characteristics and areas that come up during this T-Square since we shall be doing this T-Square dance at different intervals over the next two years.

Sunday, March 21st – Don’t Bring Me Down – Sun, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter. Sunday has the paradox of the Mars trine and the T-Square Saturn opposition. Today the Sun trines Mars and opposes Saturn. The Gemini Moon sextiles Mercury and squares Jupiter. We may be feeling on top of the world but our world could collide with other worlds to hit us with a sucker punch. On one hand, we’re energized, ready to go, looking for fun times and wanting to enjoy re-creational pursuits. Where a problem arises is that we are not operating as an island unto ourselves. On the contrary, we could find ourselves engaged in a battle of wills with someone else. People from our past could crop up and force us to take a moment from our optimistic euphoria and look back over our shoulder to see where we have come from. We might not be particularly interested in doing a walk down Memory Lane but someone could press their demands or their needs on us and we might question whether we are being too self-absorbed and not considerate enough of the people in our lives. And thus, the tug-of-war begins and without much resolution or much fulfillment. We might feel our energy suddenly dropping like a deflated balloon, pulled in the direction of what we want to do and pushed by the demands or the guilt we embrace from other people. If we need to address past situations or the needs of other people, let’s do so without getting fully entangled. And let’s be sure we have some ‘me’ time to do what we want to do without feeling guilty that we’ve let someone down.