Monthly Archives: March, 2010

  • April 2010

    April has a great deal of movement with various shifts and changes going on. The changes, however, may be more like the camel squeezing through the eye of the needle than the smooth slide of greased wheels. Although we might want to get on with things, start new projects and put past concerns behind us,…

  • March 29th – April 4th

    Our imagination is strong and our intuitive sense heightened as we close out March. We may be looking at the ideal, the perfect picture of what could be.

  • March 22nd – 28th

    We might feel like our life right now is a mixture of starts and stops. On the one hand, we want to proceed with our springtime plans and begin new projects. On the other hand, delays and situations beyond our control could get in our way and put the brakes on our forward movement.

  • Spring 2010

    This Spring can be an exciting, energetic time of new plans, new directions, but with possible delays, obstacles and impediments hampering our way. Change is upon us. We may feel as though our future is far better than our past, and we might seek change even for the sake of change.

  • March 15th – 21st

    This week is the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. Change is in the air, and we are likely to want to explore, experiment and try something new and different. And we might ask ourselves: why not?

  • March 8th – 14th

    If we got carried away this past week and moved into la-la land where we were primarily concerned with our own self-interests and disregarded other people’s concerns, then this week could be payback time.