March 1st – 7th

Our emotions are heightened this week. We could go through sharp mood swings but we should avoid feeling victim to circumstance. Our empathy is strong and we are likely to feel the joy and the sorrow of those around us. We may be called upon to assist someone and even take on the role of counselor and advisor. Our spiritual nature is fully engaged. Let’s draw upon our faith and the power of prayer and our good intentions. Our intuition can be spot-on and we can devise a best practices approach to achieve our goals and help others achieve theirs.

Interesting connections made now seem fated, and we might fully realize that miracles can be everyday occurrences, as situations come out of the blue and surprising opportunities arise unexpectedly.

This is a week when our head can be in the clouds but it is essential to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. It would be easy to get carried away by the wondrous occurrences we are likely to witness and experience. Let’s use them to our benefit by being pragmatic and working with the energies rather than just assuming that everything will go our way.

Things can fall easily into place if we will accept the role of co-creator and not believe that we either have to force things to happen or are merely reactive to the conditions around us. This is a week for us to be open to possibilities and open to receive, for magic is in the air, serendipity evident.

Monday, March 1st – Like a Tethered Falcon – Venus, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Mercury Pisces. Monday could have us wanting to fly but feeling as though we are being held back by our responsibilities, the things we have to do. The day begins with the Virgo Moon opposed both Venus and Uranus in Pisces. Mercury exits Aquarius and enters Pisces reinforcing the Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Water Sign as Mercury joins the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. We may be doing a great deal of sighing today, wanting to accomplish much but feeling as though the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. Our emotions are turned up severalfold and from recent world events we could have a sense that we’re at the end of the world as we know it…. And we are. The main thing during these transformational times is to embrace the words of the musical group R.E.M. and feel fine during these end times, which are truly not the end, merely a drastic shift from the way things have been. If we don’t get caught up in our sensibilities and our emotions, then we could actually use this day to brainstorm and devise a best practices approach that takes into account both the big picture and the slightest of details. We can be effective, but it would be important not to go pining, whining or feeling like we’re behind the eight ball, only reactive to situations beyond our control. Our compassion can be engaged and we may feel the pain of other people. If we go there, let’s be clear-headed and see how much those people with issues are wiling to do to pull themselves out of their self-inflicted muck and mire, their attitude and disposition regarding how they see things. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost seven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra where it sextiles Mars. Even if we have been mooning around for much of the day, feeling sorry for ourselves or entangled in other people’s emotional dramas, the latter part of the day can find us with those special people who are appreciative of our talents, provide a good support system for our goals and help us see the sunny side of the street. Even if we feel tethered like a falcon to the wrist of real-life problems and unable to soar as high and as wide as we might like, the later part of the day allows us to enjoy recreational activities, engage in lively conversations and have a good time no matter who may be fiddling while the world burns. As Billy Joel would remind us: ‘We didn’t start the fire.’

Tuesday, March 2nd – Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go Again – Saturn, Pluto. If we didn’t catch a break yesterday, take some uptime to have fun and enjoy ourselves, then we might have lost a brief, healthy and enjoyable respite from the craziness of these times. Tuesday has us smacked down with the Saturn Pluto square as the Libra Moon conjuncts Saturn and squares Pluto. Even if we did enjoy some fun times last evening, Tuesday could be a little more somber. We may find that issues we thought once resolved spring up for us to deal with one more time. Let’s keep in mind that this time of year is the last remnants of the astrological year. In astrology, the new year begins with the Vernal Equinox, the beginning of Spring, now less than three weeks away. The more we can complete and bring to conclusion, the less baggage we are likely to be carrying that could impede our Springtime projects and new activities. People from our past could surface today and we might even find ourselves having to deal with other people’s problems. If we are asked to do so, let’s remember the wise aphorism that if we give someone a fish, then we feed them for a meal. But if we teach someone to fish, then we feed them for a lifetime. These times demand a US Marines-like basic training. Each of us is being asked to get real with our lives, strip away the superfluous and extraneous and focus on the truly meaningful, those involvements that serve a real purpose for us. Some people could be stuck in old patterns and the old ways of doing things and even expect us to comply with the so-called ‘tried and true’. Today is not a day to engage conversations that could ratchet into arguments. On the contrary, let’s maintain decorum, cut each other some slack and not take things said or done too personally. Things today could take longer than we like and we might find ourselves in various forms of red tape bureaucracy. We need to remember that there are times when we need to go back in order to move forward. This Tuesday could be one of those days for inventory taking, addressing obligations and getting things out of the way in order to have a fresh start at the appropriate time of new beginnings.

Wednesday, March 3rd – Magic – Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars. To borrow the lyric from The Lovin’ Spoonful [hmmm, it does seem as though various songs are rattling through my mind as I write this week’s energy patterns]: ‘Do you believe in magic?’ Magic could be evident on this Wednesday. We might discover it with our interactions with other people. A sense of synchronicity, serendipity, being in the right place at the right time, could be right in front of us today. Venus conjuncts Uranus and we might become infatuated with someone or some thing that seems to highlight individuality, uniqueness and out of the ordinary. The Libra Moon trines Neptune and we might be seeing the possibilities and potentials in other people today. Characteristics we have not been aware of might allow us to see things in a different light. This is a day for relationships, bumping into people and seeing our friends with different qualities. We are not looking to cookie cut anyone. On the contrary, we are savoring the ‘different strokes for different folks’ to borrow from Sly and The Family Stone [yet another musical reference]. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for just under five and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio where it squares Mars. Although we may have felt light and airy during the early part of the day, perhaps even assuming that nothing could go wrong and that things were going our way, the latter part of the day could have us fretting about our resources, whether time, energy or monies, or a combination of the three. We might find that we are being far more cost conscious, unwilling to rely upon our good luck, and looking instead at cutting back and seeing how we can be most resourceful with the least expenditure. While conservation of our resources is encouraged for these times, we also have to be wary of falling into self-abnegation, suppressing our creative impulses based upon concern for overload or taking on too much.

Thursday, March 4th – Getting it Done in the Most Expeditious Ways – Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Sun. Thursday is a primo day for us to brainstorm, budget, strategize and cut to the core. Even if we feel we are limited by what we have available to us, today is a day when we can be extremely resourceful. Mercury sextiles Pluto. Our intuitive sense can be spot-on, and we could find our mind to be laser-like with the ability of getting to the heart of any matter. We can also present our ideas in both a visionary and pragmatic manner. We can see the larger picture and the most effective ways of realizing our goals. Structuring our activities, making our plans and devising the means to achieve our goals might be easily done today. Contributing to the no nonsense, cut to the bone quality of this day is the Moon transiting Scorpio and today sextiling Pluto and trining Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun. We may feel we have a manifest destiny for our lives and that we are progressing in our journey without being enticed by diversions and distractions. A highly productive day this Thursday seems to be, and we can use the energies for inventory taking, getting rid of the non-productive and focusing on our top priorities. More can go on than meets the eye today, but we’re sharp, resourceful and able to penetrate any smokescreens to see what is really going on. Discussions can be important conversations that allow us to voice our ideas about restructuring our lives and to affirm our goals with some tweaking regarding how we achieve our greatest desires.

Friday, March 5th – Keeping it Real – Uranus, Neptune, Venus. Friday could have us being pushed and pulled in different directions. The Scorpio Moon today trines both Uranus and Venus and squares Neptune. While we may be looking at getting disentangled and freeing up our time, we could also be seduced by promises or potentialities that seem good, perhaps too good to be true. It would be wise to listen to our inner voice today and take anything anyone says with a grain of salt. As I often suggest to people, we need to check the source and check their agenda regarding anything being presented to us today. People may have their own agenda today so let’s maintain focus on our agenda — creating more free time for ourselves. We can use today’s energies to clear away a great deal of debris that no longer works for us. We can also be highly productive utilizing streamlined methods to easily deal with some of our responsibilities. What we do have to be careful about is filling up any free time with situations that might prove never-ending or a no-win scenario. Now is a time for us to cut through the garbage and focus on the most important. We do not need to be saddled with situations that would hold us back or keep us from advancing quickly ahead. Let’s be expeditious, work in spurts of energy today and look at playing the xylophone rather than concentrating on a one-note samba. We want to be freed up, not limited or restrained. We may have a high level of energy today, be fairly intense, so let’s not waste it on busy work, the superficial or other people’s emotional dramas.

Saturday, March 6th – Pedal to the Metal or a Case of Overdrive – Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter. Saturday gives us the Sagittarius Moon which trines Mars and sextiles Saturn. We are likely to be feeling like we’ve been pumped up with incredible energy, able to put our mark upon the world and interested in helping someone out. The Moon also squares Mercury and Jupiter today. While we may be feeling confident, optimistic and enthusiastic, we have to be careful not to go into overdrive, take on too much or be overly generous today. We might want to impress other people with our natural born talents and sparkling personality, but we should avoid excess today. But excess there can be. We could eat too much, talk too much, take on too much… Yes, the too muches could be in high gear today. This Saturday is a day for us to get off the track, get out of Dodge and widen our perspective, broaden our terrain. Travel could be great fun today. We may not be content being in our familiar locale, doing same old, same old. If we do not expand our horizons today, then the desire for expansion could be channeled into the too muches. It is far better for us to have places to go to and things to do rather than sitting back and sucking down beer after beer. Even if we cannot get out of Dodge today, we might consider formulating future travel plans. Whatever we do, let’s monitor our activity level and seek the middle path.

Sunday, March 7th – All About Me – Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Venus Aries. Sunday has Venus moving out of Pisces and entering Aries, a Sign of its Detriment where Venus is not comfortable. As Venus enters Aries, it trines Mars in Leo. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter today and the Sagittarius Moon squares the Sun in Pisces. By Sign, we have a Grand Trine in the Fire Element, thanks to Venus in Aries, Mars in Leo and the Moon in Sagittarius. Even if we have been feeling lethargic, suffering the winter doldrums and wondering whether we shall ever regain our mojo, this Sunday gives us a good thrust into doing our thing, expressing ourselves and looking for what works for us. Even though we still have a Stellium of three or more planets in Pisces, we are becoming less interested in our emotional being and more interested in doing our thing. We do need to be careful not to step on other people’s toes. Our consideration of other people’s needs might take a back seat to what we want to do. We also have to avoid excess and indulgence today. Our mind may be like a smorgasbord and we might find ourselves discoursing on every facet of life. It could be a case of being not especially interested in our audience as much as enjoying hearing our own voice. Even if it seems self-absorbed or even selfish, this Sunday we might feel like blurting out: ‘I wanna talk about me.’ [one more, and final for this week, tangential music reference, this one to Toby Keith].