February 8th – 14th

We may be more interested in making plans and considering future possibilities at the beginning of the week than in dealing with what is right in front of us and with our responsibilities. A ‘mental health’ day could be in order but postponements of routine obligations need to be brief respites. Otherwise, we might find someone reading us the riot act and coming down hard on us for perceived failings on our part.

This is a week to take things with a grain of salt. Not everyone is likely to be feeling upbeat and devil-may-care. Comparing prospects with routine matters is an important function now, for we may be preparing ourselves to start new projects and engage in new activities. It would be wise for us to tie up loose ends this week, for we don’t need our new interests to be hindered by outstanding issues.

The latter part of the week can see our idealism and compassion heightened. Both are great qualities but it would be important for us not to get entangled in other people’s issues. Some people are so attached to their emotional dramas that they become a bottomless pit where no matter how much we do they expect us to do more. Let’s not go there.

The weekend has the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger and also Valentine’s Day. Now is a time for us to channel our energies into starting something new and touching base with those special people in our lives. We can go for the gold of some project that truly appeals to us and sprinkle our love on those around us.

Monday, February 8th – The Beauty of it All – Venus, Neptune, Sun, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday can have us feeling like we’re walking on clouds. Venus conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius and the Sagittarius Moon sextiles the Sun, Neptune and Venus, all in Aquarius. Our thoughts may focus on the good, the beautiful and the idyllic. What a lovely day this could be. We may enjoy our interactions with other people, sharing laughter and stories and offering each other encouraging words regarding our individual plans, hopes and wishes. Nothing seems amiss, at least as long as we’re walking on the sunny side of the street, or in the clouds, and without concern about mundane matters. Yes, this Monday is not a blue Monday unless we’re dealing with chronic depression. We can see the bright things in life and paint a rosy picture, especially in regard to our relationships. We might only see the perfect beauty of our loved one[s]. That’s certainly not a bad thing, but it would also be wise to be cautious regarding decision-making today. The Sagittarius Moon also squares Uranus and we might negate certain variables that could arise unexpectedly. We could have on our rose-colored glasses, see things from our blissed-out perspective, and consequently avoid any issues that could paint the situation in darker colors. Due diligence might be lacking today, so it would be far better for us to enjoy the day, use it as a ‘mental health’ day and not take important actions or make significant decisions. Everything is beautiful in its own way today. En joy. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for close to eighteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Sagittarius. We may stay on our mental Mount Olympus cavorting with the gods and goddesses for a time without accomplishing much more than nurturing and replenishing ourselves.

Tuesday, February 9th – Double Time – Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter. There is a clichéd saying that states the higher we climb, the harder the fall. Not that we have to take a fall on this Tuesday, but it does seem as though early in the day some of our wondrous balloons of yesterday could be popped. Tuesday has the Moon in Capricorn, which today squares Saturn and conjuncts Pluto, reinforcing our present nemesis of the Saturn Pluto square. After walking in sunshine or on the tops of fluffy clouds yesterday, we may come down to earth with a sharp bump. Our tasks and obligations could catch up with us today. We might have to address issues we thought once resolved and contend with outstanding matters. Tuesday allows a wake-up call whereby we see our resources more limited than we had imagined yesterday. While Monday might have had us pleasantly meandering through the day, Tuesday could have us stepping up the pace and dealing with more than we planned for. We might have to go double time today, but it is also a day when we can sort through our affairs and prioritize the truly important, all the while discarding the non-essential and superfluous. While we start the day with the Saturn Pluto square, we get a breather as the day goes on. The Moon sextiles Jupiter and we could feel greater passion for what we are doing and receive appreciation for good deeds that we have done. Although Saturn is considered the ‘watcher on the threshold’ and asks that we learn through dogged experience with Pluto cutting to the core and ridding us of the extraneous, the Saturn Pluto square has its purpose during these transformational times. We have the opportunity of looking back at the past, doing an inventory taking and concentrating on the meaningful, getting rid of the useless and restructuring the format of our lives. Getting weight off of our shoulders then allows us to focus on the truly meaningful and get on with the true purpose of our lives.

Wednesday, February 10th – Taking Care of Business – Mercury Aquarius. The first two days of this week could have seemed like a real whipsaw, somewhat akin to the idea of from the sublime to the ridiculous. Monday may have had us feeling at the peak of our feeling good about ourselves, while Tuesday possibly could have brought us down on our knees. Wednesday does not have a great deal of energy configurations. The Moon continues in Capricorn but makes no connections to the planets. The primary energy shift today has Mercury exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius where it reinforces the Aquarius Stellium by joining the Sun, Neptune and Venus in the Fixed Air Sign. Our thoughts may turn to the future but we are also considering a best practices approach regarding how to get there. This Wednesday we can take care of what needs to be done, yet look up now and again from our daily routine to see the horizon of future possibilities, our goals and our ambitions. Wednesday is a day to keep in mind the image of the suspension bridge. By creating the slats and ingredients of our future, we can create a bridge that takes us from our past into our future. Before the bridge is completed and before we can cut the ties to our past, we have to go back and deal with our present responsibilities, tie up loose ends to complete certain matters but still develop new interests and consider new possibilities for future endeavors. This Wednesday allows us to take care of business and to consider our future possibilities. Time spent chatting up friends and mentors would provide solid sounding boards for some of our concepts, some of our notions.

Thursday, February 11th – Re-Working, Re-Thinking –Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Venus Pisces. Thursday begins with the Capricorn Moon sextile Uranus. Today is one of those days when we can shift things around, make things work more easily by expediting and streamlining, and can accomplish more in shorter periods of time than it would normally take us. We can get a great deal done in the early morning hours. We might have to change our plans but, if so, let’s see it as an exercise in flexibility and adaptability. We could blend old formats with new techniques. This is one of those days when we can work smarter rather than harder. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for close to eleven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before moving into Aquarius where it conjuncts Mercury. From having our nose to the grindstone or on the button of our technological tools to be highly productive early in the day, we can use the evening hours for some fun get-togethers with friends and loved ones. Thursday also has Venus moving out Aquarius and moving into Pisces where it creates a Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign as Venus joins Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. With Mercury having moved into Aquarius yesterday, we do not lose the Aquarian Stellium as Venus exits but now have Mercury, the Sun and Neptune in the Fixed Air Sign. Our passion is engaged and we are far more connected to the big picture of our lives rather than focused on the intricate mundane details and specifics. Our sensitivity is turned up and we might feel ourselves focusing on where we want to go more than where we are.

Friday, February 12th – For the Good of Others – Mercury, Saturn, Mars. Friday has Mercury trine Saturn and the Aquarius Moon trine Saturn and opposed Mars. Our interactions with other people can be strong today. We can negotiate and come to terms with any matters that have been unresolved with other people. Our discussions can be serious but also take into account other people’s interests and needs. This Friday is a good day to brainstorm plans and strategies and especially with an emphasis upon cooperative team work. A problem could arise if people are too egocentric, looking out for what is best for them without taking into account what is best for the greater good and for other people involved. We are at the dark side of the Moon, so today may be better for discussions and thrashing ideas out rather than implementing actions. Nonetheless, this Friday can be highly effective in evaluating and determining best-case scenarios for win-win solutions.

Saturday, February 13th – Eye of the Tiger – Mercury, Mars, Aquarius Lunation, Sun, Neptune. Saturday has Mercury opposed Mars, the Aquarius New Moon with the Moon conjunct the Sun and Neptune, and the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the year of the metal tiger. With this lunation, there are seven planets in the two universal Signs of Aquarius and Pisces. While we may be interested in how we fit into the cosmic connection, our place in the bigger picture of the world around us; it is important for us to maintain a balance between our own personal needs and the needs of other people or the collective society. We are entering a Chinese new year that can be as adroit and astute as the tiger, evaluating and taking note before pouncing on its prey. A sense of aggression and self-assertiveness can be strong but there can also be the tendency to prove our love and worth to others by dogged persistence and hard work. As New Moons are good times to focus our intentions and to write down our goals for the fortnight ahead, and in this case the year ahead, it would be wise for us to give considerable contemplation today regarding where we want to go, with whom we want to go, and the most competent means to get there, all the while that we are being completely honest and coming from the strength of our integrity. Today is a good day for celebration, a day to be thankful for what we have and a day to engage our hoped-for desires. This Saturday would be well spent with friends and loved ones, enjoying each other’s company and also incorporating some thing new and different as an addition to our lives, even if only a brief taste of something out of our ordinary habits and patterns. We may feel a calling, even a sense of our own individual manifest destiny. Let’s keep in mind that none of us are islands unto ourselves but like a pebble in a pond our thoughts, actions and character have ripple effects.

Sunday, February 14th – Love One Another – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter. Yesterday’s New Moon, which impacts the next two weeks, is heightened on this Sunday. It is Valentine’s Day, a day in which we can fully express our love, appreciation and regard for those special people in our lives. The Sun conjuncts Neptune today and the Moon’s move into Pisces has the Moon conjunct both Venus and Jupiter and sextile Pluto. Our compassion, emotions and love can all be strongly percolating today. We may seek to put our spirit into action and one way to do so, apart from flowers and our expressing of loving sentiments, are those random acts of kindness that like seeds in the fields gestate, germinate and eventually flower. This Sunday can be a special day. Whether we are with that special person or those special people in our lives today or not, we can spread a little love and in deed love one another.