February 15th – 21st

A large part of this week could be catching up with old friends, enjoying fun events and allowing ourselves some small indulgences. We may feel dreamy and moody and not the least bit interested in the real world or our personal responsibilities. We could be more taken by the fantasy world and we might offer our imaginations free rein to engage in emotional extremes. We can be up, down and spinning all around. A sense of groundedness may be lacking so it is important we be careful with what we get involved.

Spirit in action could have us engaging in social causes, seeking to aid and comfort those less fortunate. It would be wise to be discerning regarding whom we help and how we help. Otherwise, we could be a sponge for other people’s problems, soaking up their misery without any truly effective action to remedy the problem.

Although this week may not be the most successful for accomplishing our tasks and realizing our goals, it is a good time to allow our minds to wander and consider a wide range of possibilities. This is a week to trust our intuition and recognize that we may have an inner knowing which can be spot on.

The end of the week and the weekend may have us dealing with errands and routine matters we might have neglected earlier in the week. We could end the week by making our ‘to do’ list and checking it twice to be certain that we are prepared to be more productive in the coming week.

Monday, February 15th – Engaging in Depth – Venus, Pluto, Mars, Saturn. Monday is a pleasant day to start off this week. With the Pisces Moon and the strong influence of Neptune thanks to Saturday-Sunday’s New Moon with the Sun, Moon, Neptune conjunction we could be a little spacey but certainly not shallow. Venus sextiles Pluto and Mars sextiles Saturn today. We’re looking at scratching below the surface and getting to the heart of all matters. Our relationships can be close to idyllic, although we have to be wary that we are not solely focused on the superlative qualities of other people and neglecting their flaws or potential frailties. We may feel driven, wanting to put our mark on situations, desirous of plumbing the depths of our interactions with other people. If we would be discerning regarding our investigative tendencies today, then we could get to the essence of those important people in our lives. We’re looking for support systems, those people with whom we can let down our hair and reveal the totality of ourselves. Even those who are commitment-phobes may finally get off square one and look to make their relationships more solid. Today is a wonderful day for those heart-to-heart talks and for finding avenues in which to express our creativity and the depths of our being.

Tuesday, February 16th – Slight Indulgences – Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. We have all heard the idea of too much of a good thing, and this Tuesday could certainly bring that sentiment home. The two good guys of the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, are conjunct today. They are both in Pisces and the day begins with the Pisces Moon conjunct Uranus. This Tuesday is one of those days when we don’t feel pressured to accomplish, to compete, but looking to luxuriate and embrace our personal best, especially if that best includes the best chocolate, the best savories, the best wine, the best of times. Yes, Tuesday could allow for indulgence and perhaps not slight indulgences as much as indulging the whole enchilada. Excess is a strong liability and, once engaged, there could be no stopping us until we roll over on our backside stuffed to the gills, fall down from drink, or just get to a point where we just can’t do anything anymore. Our tendency today is to do our own thing, not feel restricted by our obligations or responsibilities, and focus instead on bacchanalian revelries. We do have to avoid being overly generous today or making decisions that would seem ill-advised once we regain an element of clear-headedness. Such clarity is unlikely today, for we may be far more interested in what we want rather than the costs involved or the consequences of our actions. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost ten hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries. Our motto for the day may in deed be ‘let’s live for today’, but the aftereffects could linger on unless we can maintain self-discipline and hew to the line of moderation in all things.

Wednesday, February 17th – Come Hell or High Water – Mars, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Pluto. Wednesday could be one of those paradoxical days, for we have two conflicting energy patterns today. We have the Aries Moon trine Mars and sextile Mercury, but we also have the Aries Moon creating a T-Square with our nemesis of the Saturn Pluto square as the Moon opposes Saturn and squares Pluto. We may be gung-ho looking to initiate our projects and focused on our own personal self-interests. Even though we may feel as if we could move mountains, we might find that there are significant boulders and other impediments in our way. We can certainly present our plans and proposals in a compelling and passionate manner, but the question as to whether our audience is receptive, or even listening to what we have to say, might be the key to our gaining approval for our intentions. It is important that we keep in mind that many things, even the most established and apparently solid situations, are tentative and liable to come crashing down around us. Some people may be operating out of fear and consequently catatonic whereby they are unwilling to make any move in any direction. Such a disposition on their part could be a dampener to our plans. The best use of today’s energy is neither to rush headlong forward with the concept of making things happen come hell or high water nor to be totally blocked by old patterns or outstanding matters, but rather to find the fine line, the tempering process, between moving aggressively ahead and feeling frustrated or defeated by delays and other people’s unwillingness to blithely accept our plans. The beauty of this day is the opportunity of constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the conditions and circumstances as we progress along. By so doing, we have the ability to continually fine tune our methodology and eventually come up with a best practices approach that is effective and speaks directly to the ever-changing parameters.

Thursday, February 18th – Make Believe – Neptune, Sun Pisces. Thursday is one of those days that could have us traipsing through la-la land, a magical world of make believe where our ideas and concepts are reality but may have no true connection with what is actually going on. Thursday has the Aries Moon sextile Neptune and the Sun exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces. The Neptunian energies are highlighted as the Sun’s entrance into Pisces reinforces the Pisces Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Water Sign as the Sun joins Jupiter, Venus and Uranus in Neptune-ruled Pisces. During these times of increased volatility, it is far easier for us to cope by creating our own sanctuary, by devising our make believe world of what could be. A lovely concept it is to live in our own magical world, but in the duality of nature there is always the flip side. In this case, our heightened imagination can either soar into the idyllic and limitless possibilities or plummet to depths of despair, the sense of victimization and nightmarish panic attacks. Our choice — our perspective, our attitudes and our dispositions are always our choice. This day is a good day for us to allow our minds to wander but with reins on the topics or subjects we wish to consider. This Thursday could be a wonderful day to contemplate our possibilities, to seek out a sense of serenity and appreciation for the wonder-filled potentialities in which we live. Our lives may be changing dramatically, but we can always look for the silver lining to any of the dark storm clouds. Our spirituality and our sense of connection to something beyond our mundane realities can be enhanced now. We gotta believe in the realization that the universe and the natural unfolding, no matter how chaotic it might seem at times, have a better plan for us than anything we could ever imagine for ourselves.

Friday, February 19th – Persistence, Passion, Determination – Sun, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter. Friday has the Moon moving from Aries and entering Taurus where the Moon sextiles the Sun, squares Mars, trines Pluto and sextiles Jupiter. This Friday is a day when we can accomplish a great deal. If we are not overly ego-driven and want things only the way we want them and feel we need them, then we could achieve quite a bit. Harnessing our passion and our drive today could have us taking things step by step but also highly effective and most productive in all of our dealings. Today is a good day for us to consider how best to present ourselves — whether that includes a personal makeover, purchases to increase the sanctuary of our living and work spaces, or addressing outstanding debts or unresolved matters. Let’s keep in mind that we are moving towards the end of the Winter season, also the end of the astrological year. Consequently, the more we can address any situations that need to be completed or concluded, now is a good time to do so in order that we have a clean slate and not be bogged down by old situations as we enter the Spring season next month, the new astrological year, and a time of new beginnings, the renaissance of our lives. By means of persistence, passion and determination today we can focus on a best practices approach to get things done and to tie up loose ends, all the while that we are considering where we want to go in the year ahead.

Saturday, February 20th – Cautious Overtures – Venus, Mercury. Saturday continues with the Taurus Moon, which today sextiles Venus and squares Mercury. Our interactions with other people today can be pleasant as long as we are willing to see where they are coming from. If we will check the source and check their agenda, than we could enjoy times spent together with friends and family. We may be feeling very empathic today, willing to go out of our way for someone. While we can help other people, it is also important that we not go overboard and try to do too much. We might want to go shopping and find the right accessory or accoutrement that will brighten our home. Our purchases can be tasteful and could provide a sense of satisfaction as we find the right thing at the right price. We do have to be certain that we are on the same page as other people. If we can look at win-win situations, then we can avoid a tug of war between our own personal desires and the wishes of others. People could be a little fixed, somewhat rigid and focused on the way things should be. Let’s keep in mind that the key characteristics called for in these times are flexibility and adaptability. We may want things a certain way but if we get stuck in that mindset not only could we become frustrated but we might also close ourselves off to greater opportunities. Today is a day to step forward gracefully with a willingness to shift plans if conditions warrant.

Sunday, February 21st – Miscues, Missteps – Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Sun, Saturn. The day begins with the Moon in Taurus and sextile Uranus and square Neptune. We might start the day a little out of sorts, especially if we have scheduled plans that upon awakening we just might not want to deal with. An element of back and forth could begin this Sunday. Someone could get on our nerves, or us on theirs, but we do have to watch for emotional tantrums and a tendency to do whatever we damn well please without consideration of how our intentions could impact other people. While the day might begin with us spinning our wheels or just putting on the brakes, the latter part of the day does seem more enjoyable. After the early part of the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for six and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes it’s transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini where it sextiles Mars, squares the Sun and trines Saturn. The early part of the day might be better spent canceling our early day plans, doing whatever we want to do, from reading the paper over a long cup of coffee or tea to just doing something out of the ordinary. Later in the day, we might feel as though we had gained a second wind. Pleasurable activities, enjoyable events could grab our attention and we might seek out someone with whom to catch a movie, take in a show or just get together for long and fun discourses on the ways of the world.