January 4th – 10th

If we haven’t resolved matters from this past year, addressed people we need to be in contact with, then this week is a time to do so. We may need to go back in order to advance forward. It is far better to go back over things and bring them to completion rather than to try and rush headlong into the future leaving behind loose ends that eventually will have to be tied up.

Mid-week allows us to be highly effective and productive. We can prioritize our tasks and focus on our truly important ambitions. Let’s take things step by step, be certain that we are clear in our communications and be aware of possible misunderstandings. It would be wise to keep our cards close to our chest and maintain our own counsel. Some people may not understand what we are doing and might not agree with our long-term intentions.

If we take care of what needs to be done during the week, then the weekend would be a time to get out and about, explore new realms, and expand into new interests.

Monday, January 4th – Get it Done – Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Venus. Monday starts the week with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Capricorn and a Virgo Moon trine the four planets in Capricorn: Pluto, Venus, Mercury and the Sun. The holidays are behind us and we may feel that it is time to knuckle down and focus on what we need to get done. And this Monday is a good day to do so. We may be looking at getting organized, enlisting our New Year Resolutions, those resolutions that aim at being far more effective, productive and successful than we have been the year before. The energies today are suited to our looking at the structure of our lives and considering the detailed means to accomplish our goals. We can advance our ambitions with a step-by-step approach. Let’s blueprint, strategize and focus on what we intend for our year ahead, all with a niggling realization that in making our plans there are certain unforeseeable events and unanticipated variables that might force us to be flexible and adapt to changing conditions. Writing our plans of action in pencil will allow us to focus on those things we wish to bring to their fruition, all with the consciousness that a big eraser may be necessary to change our course of action as we go along. The importance of these times is to keep a sharp eye on the process, all with an appreciation that we may have to adapt and change our itinerary and perhaps even our destination. No matter what occurs, we are moving ever increasingly towards getting out of our own way and being co-creators of our destiny rather than assuming ourselves to be masters of the universe, bending things solely to our will.

Tuesday, January 5th – Proper Presentations – Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Early Tuesday continues with the Virgo Moon, which today opposes Uranus. Mercury conjuncts Venus. Our communications and presentations can be ingratiating and able to win people to our side. We have the gift of gab but are also focused on what needs to be said and how best to say it. At the same time, our adaptability may be called into question, as unexpected situations could arise that force us to shift and change. If we can surf the waves without losing our balance and adapt to the changing variables, then we can maintain a very fine approach to matters with the ability to utilize some of the shifts within our framework. We don’t have to be knocked off center, but rather can show our ability to deal effectively with the unexpected. We might look to streamline our operations. Unanticipated variables might allow us to see how we can be more effective and expeditious by changing our modus operandi or by incorporating new techniques that effectively deal with any new input. We might have a strong visionary sense today whereby we can see the larger picture, and a picture constantly adjusting based upon new information, and still be able to create the specifics and details to bring our intentions into reality. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over eleven and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra. The more we can accomplish earlier in the day, the more productive we can be.

Wednesday, January 6th – Rock and a Hard Place – Pluto, Saturn, Mercury. Each Wednesday of this month of January has the Saturn Pluto square engaged. Today, the Libra Moon conjuncts Saturn in Libra and squares both Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. This Wednesday could have us in potential conflict with other people. There can be a sense of delays and frustrations, especially if we are dependent upon other people to assist or do something on our behalf. We might also connect with people from our past, or deal with obligations and issues that are not of our making but rather related to other people’s needs and desires. There can be an explosive quality to this day, so it will be important that we do not lose our cool. We might feel like Sisyphus rolling a boulder up the hill, but in our case, feeling as if the boulder is other people’s dysfunctionalities or neediness and feeling at times as though the boulder is rolling back on top of us. Let’s keep in mind that there are times when we need to go back, deal with past issues, even those we thought resolved and completed, before we can truly move ahead. This Wednesday could be one of those days, when our forward advance is blocked or delayed. Let’s count to ten, recognize that we have moved away from sequential reality of things progressing in a constant straight line [a belief that was never really the truth of the matter] and appreciate the collapse of space – time whereby we are moving into a phase where past, present and future are all now. We might have to deal with our past today but it is part of our present and of our future, unless we can effectively address it today.

Thursday, January 7th – Breaking Free – Venus, Sun, Mars, Neptune. Thursday has the Libra Moon square both Venus and the Sun, sextile Mars, and trine Neptune. We may be champing at the bit today to break free of our responsibilities. We might be suffering a hangover from yesterday’s hump day that might have had issues popping up for us to address and matters once thought completed still needing to be resolved. We would far prefer getting together with a friend and chatting over the possibilities rather than dealing with our obligations on this Thursday. We want to enjoy the pleasures of life, the fun events, and converse about the prospects for our future. We are far less interested in being limited or restricted by the yoke of our mundane, daily obligations. And there could lie the rub. If we feel constricted by life, then we could feel ourselves banging against what needs to be done and possibly going to the other extreme of neglecting our schedule and doing things on a whim. We can have both today but it may seem like we’re walking the balance beam between what we need to do and what we want to do. Let’s address the tasks at hand with the idea that we shall have time later to do our own thing, whatever grabs our fancy at that time. Breaking free doesn’t necessitate burning down the house.

Friday, January 8th – Sorting Through, Clearing the Way – Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury. Late Thursday, early Friday, the Libra Moon trines Jupiter. We may feel as though we have gotten a second wind and we could do so by being certain to do some fun activity Thursday night. As the day progresses, the Moon slips into Scorpio where it sextiles both Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. We may be looking at Friday and into the weekend as a time to clear away some of the ‘stuff’ that often gets in our way, hampers our forward progress and keeps us from operating at our prime. Today is a good day to organize, straighten up, throw things out and file the superfluous and extraneous into the rubbish bin. If we didn’t use the latter part of December as a time to go through and clear out, today and into the weekend is a good time to play catch-up and do so. We could also take time to figure the quickest and most expedient way of dealing with our schedule and activity list. We may consider some pruning today and we might give thought as to how we can be most effective with the least expenditure of energy. The funny thing is that once we get going on our sorting through and clearing the way, we could find ourselves like a snowball going down a mountain, gaining momentum and eventually creating an avalanche. We can pare, cut down and strip to the bare bones and the fundamentals of our projects, our routine and our involvements.

Saturday, January 9th – Concentrating on the Truly Important – Mars, Venus, Sun. Saturday can continue Friday’s initiation of straightening up and clearing out. We might prefer to have some fun times today but no matter. We are geared up to get the year off to a functional and good start. The Scorpio Moon today squares Mars in Leo and sextiles both Venus and the Sun in Capricorn. Although we might be reticent about letting go of certain items or some of our activities, we might also find that with surgical scalpel in hand we are cutting to the core. We may begin to realize the backdrop of our lives is not the way it was several years ago and that there may be no going back to those times. We could find ourselves being highly resourceful today, focused on that which is truly meaningful and represents real purpose for us. Let’s keep in mind the wise saying that the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled. We may be doing some emptying today in order to create room for new and more exciting things in line with where we are going rather than where we have been.

Sunday, January 10th – Picking and Choosing – Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn. Sunday begins the day with the Scorpio Moon which today trines Uranus and squares both Neptune and Jupiter. Opportunities might come up that force us to alter our plans. That may not jibe with friends or other people with whom we may have already made plans. But it could be a good lesson in regard to flexibility and adaptability. In other words, increasingly we shall have to see everything as conditional, plans made based upon the parameters at the time having to shift or change based upon changing parameters. Sunday is a day when we might feel that we can do it all, but instead of doing it all we might have to learn that we need to pick and choose where we shall expend our resources — whether those resources be our time, energy or monies. An exciting characteristic of these times is the instant changeability of situations — things might be one way one moment and completely different the next moment all without notice or even the hint of a change impending. As the day progresses, the Moon moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius where it sextiles Saturn. Let’s be aware that even if plans change, that doesn’t necessitate cancellations but rather postponements. Time has become an ever-increasing variable, and the idea of sequential progression is being thrown out the window. Like the nursery rhyme about Jack, we too need to learn to be nimble and quick. We end the week on a high note, able to inspire other people, making sure that they have removed the blinders and are now able to see all around.