January 25th – 31st

Some people may see us as flighty this week. It is not that we are being shallow or superficial but rather that brevity and cursory consideration are our best friends now. Our intuitive sense is turned up to peak performance, and we can evaluate people and situations very quickly.

We want to sample all of life right now, going from one thing to another to yet another rather than getting bogged down into a singular focus. While this might create difficulty with people who want a long, incisive analysis of things, we get more in a short span of time than if we were to stew over them for a long while.

Interactions with people might be testy. Someone may be stuck in their opinions, wanting people to agree with their perspective rather than discuss differing ideas. Conversations could turn argumentative as someone tries to win their point by ratcheting up their belligerence. Although we could offer a broader vision and provide interesting insights to conversations, we need to recognize that our audience might not be receptive unless we make it seem to be in accord with their point of view.

Let’s trust our instincts this week. We could come up with innovative and streamlined ways of doing things. It would be wise to take some time to listen to our muse, for the answers lie not so much in the ‘tried and true’ or book learning but rather our own feeling sense of the way things could be.

Monday, January 25th – No Blues on Monday – Jupiter, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Sun, Venus. This Monday could be the primo day of the week. The Moon moves into Gemini where it squares Jupiter and then creates a Lunar Grand Trine in the Air Element as the Moon trines Saturn in Libra and trines both the Sun and Venus in Aquarius. Although the volatility of these times could have us waking to a bit of anxiety according to whatever is going on in the outer world, we really don’t have to stay in a reactive mode or victim mindset. Sure, things are crazy during these times. We all have felt it, witnessed it and possibly even experienced it. But we’re also getting used to it. No blues on this Monday. Some people may chalk it up to the old idea that ‘misery loves company’. But why go there? Instead, after a mini-panic attack or feeling a little queasy in the early morning hours, we can get a grip, change our attitude and focus on the good things in our lives. And some of the really good things in our lives are the people who sparkle it. Today is a good day to make contact with friends, loved ones, those people we enjoy just sitting back and chatting up with. Friends and colleagues can prove good sounding boards today, lifting our spirits as we lift their spirits. Yup, today can be a pleasant day. We might not get a great deal done, but we are likely to touch base with a number of different activities that help stir the pot of our thoughts and ideas to consider future plans, options and alternatives for ourselves. This Monday is a nice day and one to walk on the sunny side of the street. If you thinking I’m only trying to portray Doctor Feelgood, I’d have to suggest enjoying the day with the recognition that this day may be the best day of the week.

Tuesday, January 26th – Making the Case – Mars, Uranus. Tuesday continues with the Gemini Moon and today the Moon sextiles Mars and squares Uranus. We can present ourselves in an engaging, creative and energetic manner. We’ve got passion and determination to put our best foot forward and to make our case in a dynamic and scintillating manner. Where a problem might arise is the fact that we might not be able to take into account all the factors at play. Unexpected situations could force us to adapt and be flexible, to be extemporaneous and deal with things on the fly. If we don’t get fixated or rigid in the way that we want things to go, then we can make the necessary adjustments. If not, then there could be a series of problems especially with communications equipment such as cell phones, emails and Internet glitches. If we are nimble and quick, then we can make the necessary shifts and changes. We certainly have the energy to do so. We just need to be aware, mindful and vigilant.

Wednesday, January 27th – Possibilities or Realities – Venus, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Saturn. Wednesday has Venus opposed Mars. We have to be wary of any adversarial situations that could arise in our interactions with other people. The day starts with the Gemini Moon trine Neptune and as the Moon moves into Cancer, the Moon then trines Jupiter. We may start the day in a la-de-da manner, assuming that all is right in our world. And perhaps it is, at least before we step out the door and interact with the world at large. We can be intoxicated with possibilities, loving the life and safe space we have created for ourselves. Our mind can be filled with the sugar plums of beautiful possibilities, magnificent potentialities and wonderful prospects. Ah, nirvana. Nirvana is a nice place to visit but such a state of being can sometimes bang up against hard, cold reality when going out into the mundane world. And hard, cold reality today there might be, since today is Wednesday in January and each Wednesday of this month has done the dance with the Saturn Pluto square. Today, the Moon moving into Cancer, and after trining Jupiter, opposes Pluto and squares Saturn. Once again, we might have to deal with the rug being pulled out from under. Reality may seem increasingly chaotic as the crash and burn of the old and outdated leave a heap to be reconstructed or newly built upon. We might have to deal with past issues or with people that have major issues. If we don’t get entangled in other people’s confusions, then we can proceed forward, although with the realization that things could get in our way and even trip us up. Let’s keep in mind the volatility of these times, with wide mood swings and a sense of having fallen down the rabbit hole into Alice’s surrealistic wonder land.

Thursday, January 28th – Outside the Box – Mercury, Uranus. Thursday has the Cancer Moon opposed Mercury and trine Uranus. Today is one of those days when we might feel our responsibilities falling heavy on our shoulders. We could feel reticent about expressing ourselves, especially if people are asking us to be the way they know us by definition. We don’t want to be limited or restricted by our past, or the identity of whom we have been. We want to be free, and we might even embrace a little quirkiness today in our dress, our mannerisms and even our schedule. Today is a day to think outside the box, and even step away from the box itself. We may feel that we are expected to do the ‘tried and true’, but we know we’ve tried it and it no longer holds true, much less works for us. If we could streamline our activities today, give ourselves some free time to do things on the whim of the moment, then we are less likely to get depressed by our obligations and that overloaded ‘to do’ list. If we can put nose to grindstone in the early part of the day, deal with the urgent priorities of this Thursday and get them out of the way, the latter part of the day would allow us to do what we want, the way we want to do it, even if that means merely being at home, putting our feet up and enjoying the meandering of our minds into considering future options for ourselves.

Friday, January 29th – Looking Before Leaping – Sun, Mars, Saturn. There are days when we just want to launch forward, cast our fate to the winds and go for it, even if we’re not truly clear about what the ‘it’ might be. This Friday is one of those days. The Sun opposes Mars and the Moon moving into Leo sextiles Saturn. We’re energized, jazzed, ready to thrust ourselves into high gear, wanting to get on with it. What we need to watch out for and to avoid would be putting the pedal to the metal all the while that we’re in neutral or heading off without considering our intended itinerary and the appropriate directions. We may want to put our imprint on things, focus on our creative self-expressions in whatever format that might take, and be a star of our world. Such an attitude could create conflict with other people. If we can take it down a notch, slow things down, and consider how best to proceed, then we can be far more effective in doing what we wish to do and without causing consternation with other people. This is a day to look before we leap, even though we may feel prodded to leap, leap, leap. We are also on the threshold of the weekend, a weekend that could be quite intense and even fretful. Spending time with that special someone on this Friday, taking in a movie, a show or some other fun event would be a good way of bracing for the weekend. Why not bolster ourselves for the possible intensity of the weekend by having some time on Friday just for enjoyment and re-creation.

Saturday, January 30th – Me or We – Leo Full Moon, Mars, Sun, Venus. Late Friday, early Saturday has the Leo Full Moon and possibly a tug of war between the Leo energies of our regal self and the Aquarius energies of our humanitarian being. Not only do we have the Sun Moon opposition today but the Moon conjuncts Mars and opposes Venus reinforcing the Mars Venus opposition that was exact on Wednesday. And in the corner, not really hiding but increasingly evident, is the Saturn Pluto square which is exact tomorrow. This Full Moon could prove intense. We have an internal battle going on — our focus on our personal self and our interest in how we fit into the larger world. People may be on edge, especially if anyone is feeling slighted or not fully appreciated. Let’s realize that these times are not easy times, and in recognizing that disposition it is important that we cut ourselves and other people some slack, a lot of slack. Even if such a suggestion is accepted, there can still be times when people’s anger can flare and erupt. It would be wise to count to ten before any reaction today. We may feel a tug of war between our own self interests and those of other people. Let’s find creative outlets by which we can explore and express ourselves. Like a Dutch steam kettle, we might need avenues in which to vent our frustrations and our anxieties. Creative outlets would seem far better than adversarial confrontations. Whether we participate or spectate, let’s use some of this Saturday for having some fun.

Sunday, January 31st – Kablooie… All Fall Down – Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter. Sunday starts with the Leo Moon opposed Neptune and then as the Moon moves into Virgo the Moon opposes Jupiter and trines Pluto. Sunday also have the Saturn Pluto square exact. Aaargh. Perhaps it’s not necessary to run and hide today, but it would be wise to assume that we are walking a minefield. Awareness and mindfulness, vigilance and careful actions, no knee-jerk reactions and no violent eruptions are all called for today. Even if things don’t go according to plan, and in these days flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions are demanded of us, let’s not lose it. People today could be prone to tantrums. If things aren’t going their way, if there is a high level of frustration, then people can let loose and vent their feeling of anger, frustration and victimization. A healthy way to use the energy today is a good straightening up and cleaning out. Today we can get rid of a lot of stuff that no longer serves us. We do have to watch that we don’t get so wrapped up in clearing our way that we throw the baby out with the bath water. If we would be systematic in our consideration of what goes and what stays, this day could prove an important rebuilding and restructuring day. The energies today are explosive. We may feel the earth move under our feet, as Carole King once wrote and sang about. But the moving earth may be less associated with our loving infatuations as much as the breakdown of old structures and old formats. Healing crises can be subtle and gentle or dramatic and explosive. Let’s choose the former and be leery of the latter.