January 18th – 24th

This week could prove to be a breakout week when we are looking at pushing the envelope, experimenting with new interests, making new connections, and focusing more on the diverse, quirky and unique rather than the staid, conventional and traditional. We are more interested in standing out rather than fitting in.

This is a week when we might cry out to the world: ‘I gotta be me’. We don’t want to be restricted but would prefer to be free to do what we want and with whom we want to do it. Social get-togethers could highlight our week as we explore new territory and discover new aspects of ourselves. This quest for self-discovery could have us doing a personal makeover, trying a new hairstyle, buying stylish clothing and investigating ways to highlight our individuality. The keyword is experiment, so let’s not feel that we have to commit ourselves to any changes we might try. Now is a time for us to test the waters of a new sense of whom we are without having to dive into the deep end.

Mid-week, our desire to do our own thing and be our own person could run into some bumpy interchanges with other people. Someone may feel that we are not living up to our obligations, their expectations. It would be wise to skirt adversarial situations and avoid confrontations.

Events this past week have been tragic and reinforce both a sense of having to deal with situations that are not of our making and also a recognition that things can change without a moment’s notice. People may be on edge with a liability towards lashing out due to a sense of frustration, the feeling of being only able to react to situations rather than to take a proactive approach.

We have lived during relatively quiescent times. Those times of relative calm are past. The times they are a’changing, and we are moving ever more into volatile times whereby our sense of safety and security must lie within ourselves and not on a semblance of outward stability that is rocky at best.

Volatility also allows for rapid changes, dramatic transformations and the ability to shapeshift quickly, perhaps even immediately. We can choose to see these times as threatening and as the worst of times. Or we can choose to see these times as incredibly dynamic, times when we can make dramatic and radical changes to our lives and commit to the best of our times. How we perceive and see things is based upon our attitude, our perspective, and our choice — always our choice.

The weekend can ease any personal tensions and allows for some fun interchanges with other people. Extreme behavior seems lessened and everyone seems to be cutting each other some slack.

Monday, January 18th – Compassion Embraced – Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Venus Aquarius. Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day in the United States, a holiday that commemorates and celebrates the slain civil rights leader, a man who embraced the non-violence of peaceful demonstration to bring about change though the power of right action and loving understanding. And this Monday could prove a very emotional day, a day when our compassion is engaged and we seek to express ourselves by means of spirit in action. Today the Moon is in Pisces where it conjuncts Jupiter which has just moved into Pisces. The Moon also sextiles Pluto and Mercury. Whatever might trigger our compassion and increased sensitivity, today is a day when we can reflect on things bigger than ourselves, larger than our personal worlds. We have the ability to see what really works in our lives and what is merely the fluff or the extraneous. We might choose this day to streamline our affairs, rid ourselves of the superfluous and give priority to the truly meaningful in our lives. We could also be drawn to some form of helping others less fortunate than ourselves. No matter where we are in our life circumstances, there are always people better off than ourselves and people worse off than ourselves. This Monday can be used for a spiritual inventory-taking of our lives. We might consider what’s real and what isn’t real in our lives. We might reflect on whether we are truly moving forward on our individual journey or merely following some prescribed and conditioned roadmap for ourselves, a roadmap that might not truly speak to us. Just as in nature with winter hibernation going inward, we too have the opportunity of turning inward and considering the true essence of our being and whether we are fully expressing ourselves. The energy today can impel us towards a major evaluation of our lives, if we do not give into maudlin sentimentality or feel victim to the world around us. Venus exits Capricorn and enters Aquarius. Our interest in other people will be with those people who are expressing their uniqueness, their individual talents and willing to take the path less traveled.

Tuesday, January 19th – Reflections – Sun Aquarius. Tuesday continues with the Pisces Moon, which makes no aspects to the planets today. The major energy configuration for this day is the Sun exiting Capricorn and moving into Aquarius thereby creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Air Sign as the Sun joins Venus and Neptune in Aquarius. Our thoughts may turn to the future, our possibilities, our prospects and our potentialities. We are looking beyond ourselves and considering how we fit in to the larger scope of things. In so doing, we can also consider how best to express our own individuality, our talents and our abilities. We may be looking at how we can be more independent, more autonomous in our lives. While many people may concentrate on the consolidation of multi-national corporations, large-scale enterprises and big government; these times also allow for increased expression of the individual. This technological age has gifted each and every one of us to both explore and express our talents. We can do so through our personal commentaries by means of blogs, emails and other Internet formats. We can write our books and publish them through the electronic vehicles of print on demand. We can express our creativity through the visual of photography with digital cameras, cell phone cameras and software programs such as photoshop. We can film and produce through the video means and posting on youtube and other internet video formats. The power of the person is enhanced today and is the way, as indicated in Christian teachings with the true suggestion of the master teacher Jesus the Christ and the statement “I am IS the way”. We do not have to assume that our privacy is breached, our security compromised, our lives limited and controlled by large-scale entities. And today we can reflect on what and how we wish to express our talents and our abilities. We can use this day to reflect on where we want to go and how we want to get there.

Wednesday, January 20th – Here We Go Again – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Venus, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Saturn. Tuesday late, early Wednesday has the Pisces Moon conjunct Uranus. One of the beauties of these times is the fact that we do not have to make it all happen. The paradigm shift that is occurring is moving us from a sense of humankind mastering the world, and even our personal worlds. The paradigm shift is moving us towards asequential reality, a phase whereby we can be co-creators of our destiny, working with the energies and being flexible and adaptable to changing conditions. There is magic in the air, the sense of synchronicity and serendipity whereby things can fall into place without our having to try and fit them in, or mold them to our perceived desires. We may feel inspired in our sleep state or possibly in our waking during the night. One of those ‘ah-ha’ moments could come up with a startling revelation and a remarkable insight. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over twelve hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries where it sextiles both the Sun and Venus in Aquarius. From our flashes of genius we might feel invigorated to move in new directions, to put our mark on new projects and to initiate new beginnings. Great in concept but where a problem could arise is from the Cardinal T-Square the Aries Moon creates by squaring Pluto and opposing Saturn, the Pluto Saturn square that is engaged each Wednesday of this month by the Moon’s transit. Our desires to launch ahead could be met by resistance, either by someone close to us feeling threatened regarding the changes we wish to implement or by circumstance, our obligations and responsibilities and our resources, how we choose to spend our times, our monies and our energy. If we can see any delays or impediments as a tempering process whereby we have to evaluate, reconsider and possibly reformat before moving ahead, then we don’t have to feel as though our desired changes have to be put aside. Rather, we can figure how we can juggle our past with our future. Like a suspension bridge, we can develop the slats for the bridge that will take us into the future, all with the recognition that we may have to go back and forth from developing our future interests all the while that we are dealing with our past commitments and daily responsibilities. Eventually, we can get to the other side, into our future, and cut the ties that bind us to the bridge and to our past. If we so choose, we can move into our own promised land.

Thursday, January 21st – Putting the Spin on Things – Mercury, Mars. Thursday has the Aries Moon square Mercury and trine Mars. This is one of those days when we need to be certain that our brain and our brawn are working together, for they may not. Although we might want to start things up and initiate new activities, we could easily come up with all the reasons why we can’t really do so. We need to be certain not to fall into the trap of seeing the half glass of water as half empty rather than half full. At the same time, we might be champing at the bit to get on with things and if our passion gets the better of us, then we could leap before we look. The best case scenario for us today is not to feel deflated by any impediments in our way nor to assume that we can just bulldoze through any hurdles. If we take the time to strategize, plan and consider a best practices approach, then we can harness our ability to structure and format with our determination and passion. This is a day when it is important for us not to take things at first impression. Nor would it be wise to accept things at face value. Today demands due diligence, and a willingness to wait for the appropriate moment to make our move. Otherwise, we could hem and haw about whether to proceed. Or, at the other extreme, we could launch forward without fully considering the implications and ramifications. Let’s read between the lines today, for the spinmeisters may be out painting things with a rosy picture and negating some of the significant details.

Friday, January 22nd – Significant Connections – Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Friday has Venus trine Saturn and the Aries Moon sextile Neptune before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for close to nine hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus. Friday is a good day to seek out those people that might be able to assist us in advancing our plans. Those people that have been there for us in times past and that are able to see who we really are and not merely a definition of whom we have been are the ones that could prove good sounding boards in regard to our projects and our ambitions. These people, being more detached than we could be, might see things that we haven’t taken into account or might provide some worthwhile information regarding how we could best proceed. This Friday is a day of significant connections, whether we get together with a group of friends or single out that special someone that we trust and recognize to be a good support system for our interests. Today is a day to reach out and touch those people with whom we have not been in contact for a while. We can reconnect with old friends. The number 22 is a master number in numerology, a number that speaks to the master builder, the ability to establish solid foundations for that which we wish to achieve. We can move forward with our projects today, but it would be wise to seek counsel as we go along. We have the vision and the foresight but we might just need a little finetuning regarding the specifics and the particulars.

Saturday, January 23rd – What We Would If We Could But Maybe We Can’t – Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Venus, Mars. We could start this Saturday with a full head of steam, rearing to go, wanting to get on with it. We might have our ‘to do’ list regarding what we need to get or purchase in order to take our projects from concept into manifestation. This Saturday is a mixed bag. The Taurus Moon sextiles Jupiter, trines Pluto and trines Mercury. We have our ideas in mind, have probably developed a best practices approach and are willing to go step-by-step to advance our interests. We are enthused and ready to incorporate the necessary changes to establish a good foundation from which to develop our new set of goals. Where a problem arises is the fact that the Taurus Moon also creates a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square both the Sun and Venus in Aquarius and square Mars in Leo. We might experience delays or even some of the ingredients not being readily available. While we might be gung-ho to get going on certain new activities, we might be frustrated by the fact that things are either taking longer than we like or that we just do not have the resources at hand to move ahead. It is important that we not feel overly daunted by any delays or frustrations today. Let’s remember that these times demand that we be flexible and adaptable. If certain things are not running smoothly, then let’s shift to something else. We do not have to roll the boulder up the mountain. On the contrary, we can always work smarter rather than harder and focus on those things that run smoothly and come back later to those things that have been earlier problematic.

Sunday, January 24th – Getting it Together – Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Sunday has the Sun trine Saturn and the Taurus Moon sextile Uranus and square Neptune. Sunday could give proof to Dinah Washington’s classic song ‘What a Difference a Day Makes’. And in deed we can see that any frustrations yesterday might be more easily resolved today. That flexibility and adaptability thing can really work for us. We can figure out ways to expedite our activities and we might discover better ways of doing things. What we do have to be careful about is not getting too attached by what we want and how we want it. As a reminder, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde, the two great tragedies in life are [1] not getting what we want and [2] getting what we want. Sometimes our disappointments open the door to some of our greatest opportunities and triumphs. The major characteristics for these times ask us to engage flexibility and adaptability. Not that we have to be disappointed, throw up our hands and walk away from things when they go awry. But it is important for us to appreciate that everything has its own process, its own rhythm and once we synch in with that rhythm and pace we can co-create with the energies rather than trying to manipulate and control. On this Sunday, we can figure how best to play the hand dealt to us. We might also want to make purchases that could help us streamline our activities and expedite our projects. A get-together with someone special could be fun and also instructive as we garner support for our goals and learn about possibilities that we might not even be aware of.