January 11th – 17th

If we have left things for the last minute or glossed over significant details, people are likely to tell us so this week. Diplomacy and decorum may go by the wayside as people speak their mind with no sugar coating. Let’s try and keep a tight rein on what we say and how we say it. If something gets us upset, it would be wise for us to count to ten before reacting.

This week could prove intense. There is a great deal of movement but, like a volcano, much of it can be percolating below the surface. We can positively channel the energy by using our laser-like vision to focus on the specifics and to come up with a best practices approach. Inventory-taking of activities and relationships might be necessary for us to consider the essential ingredients of our lives but also see those involvements that we might just have to cut away.

Now is a time to get serious and practical regarding how we are doing life and what we want to achieve in the future. Brainstorming, blueprinting and putting our ideas to paper are the first steps to making our dreams come true. We might seek out people who provide a solid sounding board to hone and develop our goals.

The week has significant shifts in energy so we may feel pushed and pulled in different directions.

The Mercury retrograde cycle that has gone on for three weeks is ending with Mercury turning direct on Friday. We have certainly seen aspects of the Mercury retrograde in the world with miscues, misstatements and mistakes. There has been a tirade of concern in the US about security and security measures after the alleged bombing attempt on the Amsterdam to Detroit airline flight. The homeland security secretary was sharply criticized for her statement that the ‘system worked’, a statement which she quickly retracted. And to add insult to potential injury, travelers from Newark’s Liberty Airport were delayed in their travels by a lockdown on the terminal due to someone entering through a security exit while a TSA agent was briefly away. There were other glitches — communications, computer and Internet — and travel difficulties some of which were caused by winter weather systems, the last evidenced by Amtrak’s rail problems which included [1] the California Zephyr train from Sacramento to Chicago that arrived more than nineteen hours late due to the train hitting a pickup truck in Iowa and then snow drifts in Nebraska more than two stories tall, [2] a train bound from Denver to Chicago arriving twenty-three hours late, [3] a train from San Antonio to Chicago derailing, [4] suspension of rail service westbound past Minneapolis.

Another change in direction this week is Saturn turning retrograde on Wednesday. Saturn retrograde slows things down, tends to create delays and akin to the concept of winter hibernation, that time of the year when we turn inward, focuses more on our inner life while the external just takes longer than we might like.

A Sign change also occurs this week as Jupiter ends its year-long transit of Aquarius and enters Pisces on Sunday for a year-long transit with a brief step into Aries from late Spring into late Summer. The irrational exuberance exacerbated by the Jupiter Neptune conjunction since last March is over, and Jupiter enters a Sign it co-rules with Neptune. Our spiritual focus may become stronger with some people reinforcing their religious beliefs and religious traditions. Our sensitivity is likely to be turned up severalfold and we shall have to watch that we don’t give into feeling receptive to the world around us, a receptivity that on a negative level could move into victimization and feeling that life is working against us rather than for us. With the increase in Water, storm systems can come with increased precipitation, flash floods
and intense snowfalls. The intensity of storms could be especially strong during the late Spring, and tornado season this year could prove quite dramatic.

While this week seems to be a highly energetic week and a week when we might question, at times, whether we are coming or going, it might be useful to see the hurly-burly of these times as a tempering process, helping us get unstuck and open to new possibilities.

The week ends with us increasingly emotional, compassionate and spiritual.

Monday, January 11th – The Falcon Flies – Sun, Venus, Mars. Monday starts the week with the Sun conjunct Venus and the Sagittarius Moon trine Mars. Similar to a captive falcon tied by its talons to someone’s wrist, we might feel as though we want to fly, soar, explore and stretch beyond our usual responsibilities. But our ability to expand beyond our parameters could be limited by our mundane concerns, those things that we need to address and attend to. The 11th in numerology is a master number, a number of the visionary and today’s astrological energies tie in well with today’s numerological energies. We can be a visionary, can see to expand our worldview and feel buoyant and exuberant all with the idea of stretching beyond our normal routine. Our creativity can be enhanced and we may have the passion and enthusiasm to effectively and enticingly sell our intents. While we may be salespeople extraodinaire today, we also have the ability to present our ideas not only with dramatic confidence but also in a structured and detailed manner that would be close to impossible to argue with. This day can be a highly productive day, a day when we can do what needs to be done, advance our interests and still broaden our scope and expand our prospects. A primo day when we do not have to feel tied to our mundane concerns, but rather a day when we can have our head in the clouds and our feet firmly planted on the ground. Let’s put our best foot forward and not be self-effacing regarding our talents and abilities.

Tuesday, January 12th – Reaching Out Amidst the Turbulence – Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter. Tuesday has the Sagittarius Moon which today squares Uranus and sextiles both Neptune and Jupiter. While our plans may shift and change to begin the day, if we can be adaptable and open, we might experience some wonderful opportunities that arise as a result of things not going according to plan. Travel difficulties could arise and any upset to our schedule could be a result of situations beyond our control. We could easily get frustrated if things don’t go the way we want them to. At the same time, changes could also open the door to new opportunities. We might have the chance to catch up with friends. We could take any changes as an opportunity to consider our future prospects, give thought to what we want to do and how we plan to take get-away time during holidays and vacations. With the volatility of these times, it is important we maintain flexibility and adaptability. Besides, often the universe has far greater plans for us than those we planned for ourselves. Enjoy the magic of the moment and reach out to friends and future opportunities amidst the turbulence of these times.

Wednesday, January 13th – Into the Future with Braking Action – Venus, Uranus, Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Saturn retrograde. Wednesday is a tale of two mindsets. On the one hand we have a great deal of Uranian energy with Venus and the Sun both sextile Uranus. On the other hand, we have a strong Saturn influence by reason of the Sun and Venus being in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, the Moon being in Saturn-ruled Capricorn and triggering this month’s every Wednesday Pluto Saturn square with the Capricorn Moon today conjunct both Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn and square Saturn, and today’s other Saturn influence with Saturn turning retrograde until the end of May. We might want to break free of old patterns, embrace our free spirit energies and be aware of the serendipity of these times, when things can often neatly fall into place without our having made them do so. The magic of synchronicity could be evident today as we bump into interesting new people, learn about situations that mirror a different way of doing things and we seek time to do things on a whim, on the spur of the moment. But we may also feel constricted by what we need to do, our goal trajectory and the outer parameters of the world at large. With Saturn turning retrograde, we enter a sense of winter’s hibernation, when things in our external world take longer than we might like and our concentration tends to spotlight our inner world, a walk down Memory Lane of our past experiences and our past definitions of self and life as it should be lived. We might find ourselves today having to prioritize, focusing on those things that necessitate immediate attention or constant maintenance. We could be blocked by impediments in our way, our lack of resources or just the fact that things often take far longer to realize in earth plane reality than in our mind’s eye. As if running a race of jumping over hurdles, we need to be on constant vigilance, willing to change our rhythm, shift our pace and leap when it’s appropriate to leap, all the while that we are on guard for the obstacles and on lookout for opportunities to streamline our operations and to take advantage of new opportunities, synchronistic happenings coming out of the blue.

Thursday, January 14th – Steering a New Course Cautiously – Uranus. Thursday continues with the Capricorn Moon that today sextiles Uranus. We are also betwixt and between Saturn having turned retrograde yesterday and Mercury turning direct tomorrow. We may feel a little like helter skelter with things flying at us from all directions. Our plate may be full and our ability to effectively deal with things might not be at its optimum. The key characteristic to keep in mind today is to do it differently. While our experience could call for a particular course of action, taking such a course could lead to our banging our head against the wall. It would be far better for us to evaluate our direction and our itinerary, see if it stills holds up for our planned action and then either move in a different direction or continue our journey but with a different methodology. Today is a day to streamline our activities, all the while that we might sense ourselves walking through quicksand, trying to impede our way, trying to pull us down. Caution in whatever we do today is called for. The energy is shifting and changing quite dramatically right now and so we need to be on guard, maintain full awareness and operate with astute mindfulness. We could see some crazy things operating in the world today. Let’s just make sure that the crazies of the world do not overly impact our own course of action.

Friday, January 15th – Reinforcing the Past – Solar Eclipse, Capricorn Lunation, Sun, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn, Mercury direct. Friday is one of those days when we might feel that we’re hopping about, trying to get things done, forced to deal with outstanding issues and having the sense that maybe, in fact, we are only running in place. Late Thursday, early Friday has the Capricorn New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, with the Sun, Moon, Venus all conjunct in the third decanate of Capricorn. This Eclipse also has a Capricorn Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn. Today could be a day when certain edicts are handed down from the powers-that-be. Authority figures may make their intentions known, reinforcing certain structures, creating certain frameworks that might seem somewhat limiting all under the guise of a best practices approach and what is best for the greater good. No matter what the appearance or presentation might seem to show, this is a day when we could feel our lives being restricted or increasingly regulated. What we have to be wary of is any tendency to reinforce a house of cards, trying to strengthen structures or ways that are truly outmoded and may not serve us well in the future. Me thinks they do protest too much. With Mercury turning direct [can we get a shoutout for ending the year’s first Mercury retrograde?], our thoughts, ideas and communications can become a lot clearer and more understandable. That’s the unfolding that is likely to occur, but whenever Mercury is changing direction, whether from direct to retrograde or retrograde to direct motion, there is often a flurry of miscommunications, communications lost, delays and travel difficulties. And this Friday may be little different in regard to the continued lack of clarity and difficulty in moving forward. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over eight hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius where it trines Saturn. The latter part of the day might be a time for catch-up with good friends and the opportunity to get other people’s take on what is really going on in what increasingly seems like a vignette out of Alice’s Wonderland. If we don’t rush to judgment or feel merely reactive to the circumstances in the world at large, we can start to move into a period of shaping and reshaping the structures and formats of our lives.

Saturday, January 16th – Pushing the Envelope – Mars. Saturday has the Aquarius Moon opposed Mars. We might feel as though we want to fast forward our lives, complete as many projects as possible, find outlets for our creative self-expression. This is a day when our eyes may be bigger than our stomachs, when we want to accomplish more than humanly possible. It would be wise for us to prioritize our plans for today in order not to become frustrated if we run out of time or run out of steam in trying to get so much done. Our focus might be drawn to having a good time, getting together with a friend or friends and re-creating ourselves through some pleasant activities. If we are doing things with other people today, it would be important that we all be on the same page. Even though Mercury turned direct yesterday, the potential for miscommunications and misunderstandings can still be strong today, especially in light of the fact that today we might want what we want without full considerations of the conditions or circumstances in which we are operating. The main cautionary suggestion for today is for us to avoid a level of burnout. Let’s be flexible and adaptable, able to change our plans and also capable of taking advantage of any wonderful surprises that might come our way.

Sunday, January 17th – Apres Aquarius, le Deluge – Neptune, Jupiter Pisces. This week has seen two directional changes with Saturn turning retrograde and Mercury turning direct. We have experienced the Capricorn New Moon and Solar Eclipse. On this Sunday, we have a significant Sign change as Jupiter exits Aquarius to enter Pisces, a Sign it co-rules with Neptune. While the Jupiter Neptune conjunction that has spurred on irrational exuberance since last March is no longer in play, its influence lingers on. Today, the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Neptune. The energies today can make us quite moody, highly sensitive and possibly extremely emotional. Our compassion may be engaged and we might feel the pain of those less fortunate than ourselves. Increasingly, focus might be on spiritual direction with a throwback to religious institutions. While our imaginations can be fertile and our intentions being one to follow our personal destiny, we have to be careful not to fall into reactive modes or a sense of victimization. Today is a good day to allow our minds to wander but to maintain spiritual discipline in order to avoid falling into the pitfalls of maudlin sentimentality. Even if we do not understand the purposes or meanings of situations going on for us, it is important that we not rush to judgment or fall either into a victim response pattern or a desire to escape reality. The Jupiter Pisces transit may intensify precipitation in weather systems, thereby increasing rainfalls with possible flash floods and snowfalls with possible blizzard conditions. If we do not fall prey to our active imagination, then this time is a good period for us to harness our spirit and soul to a focused direction that truly speaks to us and gives us a sense of real purpose and meaning.