Monthly Archives: January, 2010

  • February 1st – 7th

    We start the week focused on what needs to be done and how we can do it most effectively. While we might be looking at specifics and details, let’s not lose sight of the big picture, what our intended plans are…

  • February 2010

    February seems a far kinder and gentler month than the one that preceded it. Either the hellions are disguised or we may be looking more towards the possibilities, prospects and potentialities and less at hard, cold reality. No matter what our perspective might be, let’s keep in the forefront of our mind that we are in the midst of a major personal and societal transformation…

  • January 25th – 31st

    Some people may see us as flighty this week. It is not that we are being shallow or superficial but rather that brevity and cursory consideration are our best friends now. Our intuitive sense is turned up to peak performance, and we can evaluate people and situations very quickly.

  • January 18th – 24th

    This week could prove to be a breakout week when we are looking at pushing the envelope, experimenting with new interests, making new connections, and focusing more on the diverse, quirky and unique rather than the staid, conventional and traditional. We are more interested in standing out rather than fitting in.

  • January 11th – 17th

    If we have left things for the last minute or glossed over significant details, people are likely to tell us so this week. Diplomacy and decorum may go by the wayside as people speak their mind with no sugar coating.

  • January 4th – 10th

    If we haven’t resolved matters from this past year, addressed people we need to be in contact with, then this week is a time to do so. We may need to go back in order to advance forward.