December 7th – 13th

The early part of this week could prove a little dicey. Like walking through minefields, communications could turn from pleasant conversations into explosive discussions with everyone wanting to win their point. We need to watch out for parade rainers, those people that want to dampen our enthusiasm or read us the riot act regarding what we should be doing and how we should be doing it.

Let’s take everything this week with a grain of salt, count to ten and let the intensity level off before responding or reacting to the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. Things will straighten out, but we may have to get over the hump day of Wednesday before seeing the silver lining to the storm clouds.

While the first few days of this week could seem to have no winning at all no matter what we do, Thursday on seems far more pleasant. We have the ability to resolve any personal issues with other people and can clarify misunderstandings.

The weekend is a good time to cull some of our intended plans. We should look for those events that truly have meaning for us. In a frenzy of more, more, more, we might have agreed to situations last week that in closer scrutiny seem just a waste of our time. We might want to cut back on those events that were more obligatory than things we truly wanted to do. Now is a time for us to concentrate on the important and the essential, situations that add to our life rather than deplete us.

Monday, December 7th – Rug Pulled Out From Under – Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. After a pleasant weekend, a time that would have us feel as though everything were coming up roses, Monday could be a nasty slap in the face. We could feel like the rug has been pulled out from under us. The Saturn Pluto square is engaged thanks to Mercury conjunct Pluto and Mercury square Saturn. While our thoughts can be incisive and laser-like, we might not like what we see. Talk about transparency. We have the ability to see things clearly and without the hype of tinsel that present situations in a glowing and radiant manner. On the contrary, it is unlikely that anyone or anything can pull the wool over our eyes today. We do have to be careful that our discussions and conversations aren’t piercing and cutting. We can be incredibly sharp with our words and stinging in our rebukes. If we go that route or other people engage in such verbal barrage, we or they are doing so from frustration and / or a sense of being played the fool. This day also begins with the Leo Moon opposed both Jupiter and Neptune. The way things have been presented may now be seen as a charade without little substance or integrity. It might be like the Wizard of Oz screen, powerful image yet with a little guy pulling the strings behind the curtain. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for over ten hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo. We could be stewing in our own juices, possibly wondering how to act or react to situations or letting off steam with our biting retorts. If we would take our time, we could let things settle a bit and then approach them in a more structured and focused way. The Moon moves into Virgo where its trines both Pluto and Mercury and provides the ability to both prioritize and consider a best practices approach to achieve our goals and deal with the necessary details to make our dreams realizable.

Tuesday, December 8th – Reining In – Venus, Sun. Tuesday has the Virgo Moon square both Venus and the Sun. Better judgment could take hold, and we might find ourselves dealing with what is staring us straight in the face and having to put on hold other plans that seem far more fun and adventurous. We do need to avoid being overly scrutinizing, even penny-pinching, for otherwise we could get a little grumpy with our vow of self-abnegation. Today is a day for us to consider far-reaching plans and in doing so to consider the specifics and particulars that make up the bigger picture. If we were stewing yesterday with every now and then a shot across the broadside of someone else’s aspirations or opinions, then today might be a day for penance and to make amends. The beauty of this day is that we can consider the far horizon all the while that we’re not losing sight of the steps necessary to get there. We may be a little anxious wanting to achieve more than is practically realistic. Time management skills and prioritization would go a long way to being effective and productive without leaping ahead before looking or planning our way.

Wednesday, December 9th – Rock and a Hard Place – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. Wednesday and Thursday give us another chance of a good heads-up regarding the energies influential from now into 2012. Yes, the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto conundrum is engaged first today with the Virgo Moon initially opposing Uranus. No matter how fine our due diligence has been; we might come to realize that we have been unable to account for all the variables involved. Besides that liability, we may also realize that unexpected events have arisen that have made a mess of our plans or, at least, forced us to alter them. We could awaken on this Wednesday feeling a little out of sorts, sensing that there are things that have fallen between the cracks or that we have not taken into account. While we mull our situation over, the Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over twelve hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra. Today is one of those days when we could be inspired but our inspiration could be anxiety-driven or our anxiety based upon waiting for some shoe to drop, thereby wreaking havoc with our good intentions. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Libra where it squares Pluto. Although we can be interested in what is going on with other people and wanting to make nice, our overtures could meet with a cold reception or downright belligerence. But that’s why we have to watch our tongue on Monday for if indeed we lost it on Monday, we could be reaping today what we had sown earlier. If difficulties do arise in our interpersonal connections, then it would be best to swallow our bile and look to create win-win situations. Remember that quaint old saying that we get more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Thursday, December 10th – Bull By the Horns – Sun, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Venus. Thursday continues with the Libra Moon which today conjuncts Saturn, squares Mercury and sextiles Venus. Today may be a catch-up day with people to whom we owe a note or a conversation. Past issues, outstanding matters, old incidents could come up for us to deal with. It might prove exhausting and we would probably not have to deal with such situations. But deal with them we do. As long as we’re seeking a balance and level-playing field in our social interactions, then we can easily smooth things over. We do need to be sure that we’re not harping, or allowing other people to harp, on long forgotten incidents that have been needling us, or them. Some things are best forgotten and not regurgitated. Today is too good a day to waste on carpings and narrow-mindedness. The Sun trines Mars and we are feeling energized, ready to take the bull by the horns, and make things happen. Our enthusiasm could prove contagious and we are certainly likely to put our best foot forward, even if we present ourselves in a more traditional, buttoned-up style today. The Moon also sextiles Venus, so we could find ourselves clearing the decks of old situations in the early hours and then once dealt with broadening our scope and expanding our realm. New contacts could prove quite exciting and even more appreciative of our talents than those people who know us by experience and have cast us in a particular definition. Let’s attend to our responsibilities early in the day then spread our wings and broaden our horizons later in the day.

Friday, December 11th – Future Reflections – Mars, Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. With the second wind we may have gained yesterday, Friday continues our feel good attitude thanks to the Libra Moon which today begins with a sextile to both Mars and to the Sun and a trine to both Jupiter and to Neptune. This is a day when getting together with friends and contacting people at a distance may be high on our list. Not only do we want the camaraderie and witty repartee with those people we feel comfortable with, we are also interested in utilizing the people we trust as solid sounding boards for some of our future goals and plans. The early part of day is ripe with discussions, conversations, thoughts, ideas and plans. As the day progresses the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost eleven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio.
From the wealth of ideas and possibilities earlier today and yesterday, we might utilize the latter part of this Friday to give serious consideration and evaluation to those ideas we wish to pursue and those we wish to discard. The eleventh is a Master Number in numerology representative of the Visionary and today’s astrological energies neatly engender the ruminations of a visionary.

Saturday, December 12th – Making it Real – Pluto, Mercury. Saturday has the Scorpio Moon sextile both Pluto and Mercury. Today is a day when we can put into action our best practices approach. We can expedite situations, clear the decks of extraneous matters and concentrate on what is truly important for us and meaningful. We may use some of this day to get rid of the old and outworn, do a good end of year clean-up and consider the holiday plans that are truly necessary and those that we shall engage if we choose to do so at that time. We can strategize and be very effective today. If we’re doing holiday shopping, we can stretch our monies, find the deals and focus on practical gifts that suit those we intend to give them to. There’s not much indulgence or excess today. We want to cut to the bone, use our time effectively and not waste precious resources. If we have social engagements planned for today, we might keep them short and sweet. Today would also be a good day to budget and make sure that we’re not overspending during this holiday period. We can organize, straighten up and clean out the clutter. We might be listing those things we have to finish up before the year ends. This day is a highly productive day, although it may tend more to responsibilities rather than letting our hair down and just letting go with little regard for the consequences.

Sunday, December 13th – Outside the Norm – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus. Sunday continues the Scorpio Moon, which today creates a Fixed Sign T-Square by squaring Mars in Leo and squaring both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. We may feel stymied at every turn, but only if we are pushing too hard or attached too strongly to our goals with a desire to do them our way and without any resistance. The Moon also trines Uranus. The solution to any blockages, limitations or restrictions is to consider how we can do it differently. Same old, same old may not cut it. We might have to add a creative flair both to the means of our actions and also to our plans themselves. If we would consider options and alternatives, we could both streamline our operations and possibly come up with an easier and more effective way of getting things done. This is one of those days when we can work smarter rather than harder, when we can accomplish more with less expenditure of energy. We just have to be sure not to get pig-headed or operate from tunnel vision whereby we see what we want to see. Let’s remember that the magic of these times is thinking outside the box and being co-creators with the universal energies rather than trying to plow ahead from our egocentric focus of wanting what we want the way we want it. We don’t have to make it hard on ourselves. Instead, we can be aware of the shifting tides and the different rhythmic paces and move in accord with the energies rather than trying to force them to our will. Today is a day for thinking and doing outside the norm.