December 14th – 20th

This week is a week of change, excitement and spontaneity. With the holidays upon us, we may want all the goodies that holiday events promise. We may be in an exuberant, enthusiastic mood, enjoying the social gatherings of this time of year, looking to expand into new and different encounters. Doing our own thing, broadening our scope and expressing our individuality could have us doing a personal makeover. There is a certain fantasy that we want to embrace during this week, and this time of year seems to give license to freeing the bounds of acceptable behavior.

Nothing is too much for us this week. There can be a whirlwind of activity, a devil-may-care attitude that we engage early in the week. Excesses and indulgences can be rectified during the latter part of the week when greater practicality comes to the fore. Social decorum becomes paramount, and we now consider the ramifications of our actions.

With the end of the year approaching, we may decide to address outstanding issues that we wish to resolve and complete before the year’s end. We can be highly effective, streamlining our methods to tie up various loose ends.

The weekend allows for gatherings, some of which may be far more obligatory than fun. Just as the week began with a high energy blow-out, we end the weekend somewhat exhausted and out of breath. It may be time for a breather to recharge our batteries.

Monday, December 14th – Spreading the Wealth – Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn. Monday starts the week on something of a high note. It could be a little shrill but any shrillness would be from an over-expansive cry of ‘I gotta be me’. Today has the Sun square Uranus and the Sun sextile Jupiter. The Moon moves into the Jupiter-ruled Sign of Sagittarius and sextiles Saturn. If we don’t get carried away by our generosity or by our need to march to our own drummer, then we could effectively make changes that truly speak to us but in ways that are well considered and well thought-out. Such a disposition would be the best case scenario: broadening our scope, emphasizing our individuality and our autonomy and all in a well-structured manner. Other people could prove important support systems today, although we might feel reined in by their good intentions. This is one of those days when we could run rampant, doing our own thing with a devil-may-care attitude but without considering the implications or long-term consequences of our actions. We may want to do something different today and we might be willing to do so without fully considering the cost. Let’s enjoy our enthusiasm and exuberance but maintain a balance between doing things on impulse and still attending to our responsibilities.

Tuesday, December 15th – Lost in an Idyllic Paradise of What Could Be – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Mars. This Tuesday can be one of those days when we’re feeling in seventh heaven. Of course, by projecting ourselves into such an idyllic realm we might not have our feet anywhere near the ground, much less our mind wrapped around practical reality. The Sun sextiles Neptune and the Sagittarius Moon today conjuncts Venus and trines Mars. We can be in an ideal space of what could be, all the while assuming that if we wish it to be, so shall it be. Lovely concept, and I would not want to dispel the loveliness of this day. Are we being realistic? Possibly not, but we don’t always have to have our feet firmly planted on the ground and our eyes looking at only what is right in front of us. Today is a day of reveries, of good cheer, of enjoying ourselves and allowing ourselves to wander through the mind streams or mine fields, depending upon the force of our footprint, of possibilities. There is nothing wrong with that so long as we recognize that that is where we are and what we are doing. Consequently, this day is one when we need to be certain that we don’t take everything too seriously or make definitive or long-term commitments based upon our feel good nature today. Social gatherings can be great fun and we are likely to be filled with the holiday spirit. It’s that time of year and let’s keep in mind the wise and true saying of Napoleon Hill: ‘what the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ Magic is in the air and today is a good day for us to make our wish list of those things we wish to be part of our lives. Or we can create a treasure map with ourselves in the middle and all the images and pictures of what we wish to have in our live around us. We live in a world of limitless possibilities, and this Tuesday allows us to revel in the potentials. Let’s revel.

Wednesday, December 16th – The Power of the Creative Spark – Sagittarius Lunation, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. Wednesday has the Sagittarius New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction sextile both Jupiter and Neptune and square Uranus. This New Moon, which impacts the following fortnight and culminates with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 31st, speaks of the holiday spirit, gatherings with good friends and celebrations of the prospects ahead. There can be a strong measure of irrational exuberance at play and the news commentaries may echo a sense of everything having righted itself in our world. While we may feel energized by this time of year, and we might have a sense of renewed vitality and believe we have increased outlets for our own self-expression, a tad of humility is called for and can present itself by unexpected events and situations that could now and again throw a monkey wrench in the spokes of our wheels. The beauty of these times is that we can come to realize the power of our intention, but the challenge of these times is to accept our role as co-creators of our lives rather than masters of our universe. For unexpected incidents can arise that force us to be both adaptable and flexible but may also provide us with a necessary comeuppance if we get a little full of ourselves. Nonetheless, this Wednesday and this fortnight seem to be largely a time of good fun, holiday gatherings, and enjoyable pursuits. We are looking to engage the pleasure of our lives, even if we see it as but a momentary time during a holiday period. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for ten and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto. The buoyancy of the past two and a half days drops off and then takes a more practical turn. Suddenly, instead of wanting to have it all, we might become far more discerning regarding our plans and with whom we choose to spend time. Practicality gets the better of us and we give thought to what is really important to us and those engagements that now seem in a more pragmatic light to be mere dalliances and even excessive.

Thursday, December 17th – Reaching Out but with a Modicum of our Best Self-Interests. Thursday has Venus trine Mars. Our interactions with other people can be great fun. We may write notes, send emails or make calls to people far and near as we reach out to embrace those people that have added sparkle to our lives. We are looking to put our best foot forward and we are expressing ourselves with confidence and panache. Interactions with other people can be good fun and impressive. The Capricorn Moon squares Saturn, so it is likely that some of our contacts are obligatory connections. We may be doing the ‘right thing’, the socially appropriate interchanges. But we might also be conscious of connecting with those people who can assist us in achieving our goals and our ambitions. This is a day when there can be holiday parties, social gatherings and if we have a choice of more than one, we are likely to chose those that can help us in our long-range ambitions along with those that we feel we just have to attend. While our responsibilities might dictate our choices today, it would be wise for us to keep in mind that we are making the choice and not to resent the fact that we could be compromising ourselves by falling prey to our best self-interests.

Friday, December 18th – Early Expediting and the Get Away – Mercury, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Friday begins with us attentive to dealing with what needs to be taken care of before the weekend and before next week’s Christmas celebrations. The Capricorn Moon today conjuncts Mercury and sextiles Uranus. Our mind is sharp, practical and geared to taking care of the details and specifics that we feel need to be addressed. We can think of ways to streamline our operations, expedite our process. We’re looking to tie up loose ends in order to clear the decks and have space to consider alternatives and options that we can’t fully consider when things are hanging over us that need to be dealt with. The more we can get done early in the day, the better, for the Moon goes Void-of-Course for fourteen and half hours into Saturday morning as the Moon makes no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius tomorrow.

Saturday, December 19th – Get-Togethers with an Edge or a Fascination – Venus, Uranus, Saturn. Saturday has Venus square Uranus and the Moon moving into Aquarius where it trines Saturn. This is one of those days when there could be various social interactions going on. Some of our interactions may be bumping into people unexpectedly, connecting with someone serendipitously, whether someone from our past or someone new who stirs something within us. Relationships could be somewhat intense today, both in positive ways and also in ways that force us to look at ourselves and question how content we truly are in the present make-up of our lives. We might want to do something on impulse today, but we may also have our day fairly well planned-out. It would be best if we had a little space in case of eventful encounters that we would like to pursue a little longer than a momentary exchange. This Saturday could be filled with some interesting surprises but the interesting may be similar to the Chinese proverb, which some would call a curse: ‘may you live in interesting times.’

Sunday, December 20th – Nothing too Good for My Baby – Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mars retrograde. Sunday continues the sense of enjoyment in holiday gatherings or social interactions with those special people, or person, in our lives. Venus sextiles Jupiter and the Aquarius Moon opposes Mars after Mars turns retrograde to begin its almost three month retrograde cycle. On the one hand, we may seek to impress other people by our generosity that could border on excess or indulgence. On the other hand, we might feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails, as though our energy has been drained and we just don’t have the same level of vitality that we’ve felt over recent days. Perhaps we’ve been having too much of a good time. While we want to let the good times roll, we might have to be far more selective and a little less indulgent in how and where we put ourselves during these holiday celebrations. We aren’t looking to put a damper on our good times, just looking to make the most of our time and our energy and consequently being far more judicious with our time and our commitments.