November 9th – 15th

This week starts with delays and frustrations. It may prove a good tempering process, for otherwise we might push forward without checking the conditions.

Although we may have the passion and determination to force things to our will, this is a week for us to think outside the box, try things differently and consider alternatives. One of the beauties of these times, although a challenge, is the fact that things can turn on a dime, that significant changes can occur dramatically and quickly and often without our having to do anything.

This is a week for us to see the universe at work. We may get some startling insights. We might have serendipitous meetings, bumping unexpectedly into people that may provide some remarkable clue for our next step. We might recognize that what we want and who we are radically differ from even a few months ago.

Change is in the air and the more we can incorporate change into our lives, the happier we shall be. Mid-week through the weekend is a time for us to explore, discover new aspects of ourselves and test the waters of new interests and new connections.

The week comes to an end with a crashing crescendo. Can we all say: ka-boom, ka-boom? While we have had major disruptions in our personal lives and in the world-at-large thanks to Pluto entering Capricorn as of early 2008, the Saturn Uranus opposition that began in the Autumn of 2008, we now are feeling the influence of the Saturn Pluto square, first exact on this Sunday, the 15th. We are entering the Twilight Zone, or at least a major transformative time [Is there more? You bet there is.], with the Cardinal Sign T-Square of the Saturn Uranus opposition both square to Pluto, a daunting energy configuration that lasts well into 2012.

Our structures, formats and ways of doing life are changing dramatically and will continue to transform into 2012. Part of our structural change can trigger issues with our back, our skeletal structure, our teeth and our skin. The more we can be malleable and flexible, the better it would be. We might consider taking up or developing our practice of yoga, pilates, t’ai chi and qi gong.

On the short term, the latter part of this weekend, we might experience opposition to our ideas and plans, so the best course of action would be to get off the track on Sunday and not put ourselves in the line of fire of other people’s expectations.

Monday, November 9th – Beyond the Limit – Venus, Pluto, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune. Monday begins the week with Venus sextile Pluto. The Moon in Leo creates a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square both the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio and opposed both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. This Monday is a day when we might be very discerning regarding our interactions with other people. If our contacts don’t work for us and provide us, at least, a give and take in the relationship, then we could easily consider pulling names from our contact list. While a certain pruning of our activities and involvements might be called for, we need to avoid throwing baby out with the bath water, eliminating certain things or people from our lives due to some slight misunderstanding or a certain self-involvement on our part. We have to be careful not to get carried away with our hopes and wishes. We could easily invest our time, monies and energies into things that seem great in first impression but situations whereby we don’t have the necessary resources to carry them off. This is one of those days when our appetites may not be satiated and we could find ourselves being a little grandiose in what we want. Today could prove a day of extremes — getting rid of too much or taking on too much. Moderation in all things is advised for this day and due deliberations before acting on or reacting to situations.

Tuesday, November 10th – Narrow the Parameters – Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus. The culprits of yesterday continue on into this Tuesday, although today we have the Sun square Jupiter and the Moon moving into Virgo where it trines Pluto and sextiles Venus. While we might have gone whole hog yesterday in satiating our appetites, today is a day when we might still want it all but with a greater appreciation of what we can do and what we have to do without according to the resources available to us. We may feel exuberant wanting to advance our future plans but today we are not launching ahead without considering the details or our daily responsibilities. We can be especially effective in strategizing our moves and be exceedingly resourceful in regard to stretching our monies, our time and our energies. We can streamline our operations, take care of what needs to be done in an expeditious manner, even though we might want to take on ever more. Irrational exuberance could creep in, as it might have done yesterday, but today we are not as likely to get carried away by our enthusiasm, our hopes and our wishes. There could still be an element of considering de-cluttering and clearing away the excesses and the outdated.

Wednesday, November 11th – No Longer the Norm – Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Sun. Wednesday has Mercury trine Uranus and Mercury square Neptune. The Virgo Moon sextiles the Sun and opposes Uranus. This Wednesday is a day to think outside the box, allow insights to flow forth and consider alternatives that we might not have otherwise taken into account. We do need to maintain due diligence, for it would be too easy to get carried away and assume that any startling revelations are divinely inspired. They might not truly be spot-on but might be only a grabbing at straws from our desire to incorporate changes, explore different attitudes and feel that we’re not locked into same old, same old. We could hear from people today that we haven’t been in contact with for a while, or we could initiate such calls. Serendipity is in the air and we might bump into someone we haven’t seen for a while. There are magic and miracles afoot but we have to be careful not to make assumptions or jump to conclusions based upon some extraordinary events taking place. If we do not get caught up in making changes for the sake of change, then this day could be highly productive whereby we see options that we haven’t seen before and are able to streamline our operations and expedite any number of things. We are not looking at merely doing the same thing today that we do every other day. We want things to be different, unique, spicy, and they well could be. If we blend our visionary quality of possibilities without limits with a focus on the specifics and the particulars, this Wednesday could prove a fascinating and productive day.

Thursday, November 12th – Heads Up – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn, Pluto. Thursday has the Virgo Moon sextile Mercury. The early part of the day is a good time to prioritize, consider what is truly important and meaningful, meanwhile discarding those situations that are just too high maintenance with such little return. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over ten hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra where it conjuncts Saturn and squares Pluto. This configuration offers us a good heads-up regarding areas that could prove challenging over the next three years, as Saturn squares Pluto, first exact on Sunday the 15th, and is part of the Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Saturn Uranus opposition both opposed by Pluto. Certainly the question as to whether we have built upon rock or built upon sand will be a major issue, with those flimsy structures and situations and relationships being washed away. Not only are the structures of our lives up for question regarding their resiliency, their adaptability and their effectiveness for our future. We also have to watch our physical structure — our bony, skeletal structure — and be certain to maintain flexibility and malleability through various means of stretching without breaking, e.g. yoga, pilates, qi gong, t’ai chi and the like. This Thursday could also have an impact on our relationships so it would be important that we cut other people, and ourselves, some slack in regard to our interactions with them. Governmental statutes or plans could seem more controlling, even restrictive, of our individual ways of creative self-expression.

Friday, November 13th – Up, Up, and Away – Mars, Jupiter. Friday seems an especially pleasant day. The Libra Moon sextiles Mars in Leo and trines Jupiter in Aquarius. We are looking for fun events to share with our friends and loved ones. Other people could prove supportive sounding boards for some of our future plans. We’re not as interested in the daily, drudge work as we are spreading our wings, soaring to the heights and considering the wide realm of endless possibilities. We may not have our feet firmly planted on the ground today, but we are likely to have our head in the clouds. This is a good day to enjoy ourselves, whether that be a leisurely lunch, a stroll in the park, meandering through the shopping malls, taking in a concert, lecture or flick, or all of the above. We want something out of the ordinary, something that will put a smile on our face. We are feeling good about ourselves and appreciative of our support system, especially as they nod in agreement with our thoughts and ideas.

Saturday, November 14th – Free To Be – Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. Saturday continues with the ‘feel good’ disposition that we may have engaged yesterday. Today the Sun trines Uranus. The day begins with the Libra Moon trine Neptune and then the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over eleven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto. Whatever we have planned today, we certainly want enough space and time to do whatever we want to do spontaneously on impulse. We might enjoy the company of others, use the day to laze around and just hang out. We may find new encounters or ways of expressing a new sense of ourselves. Friday and Saturday can be some fun days, days when we might want to consider alternatives. But let’s also recognize that we’re feeling the influence of the Saturn Pluto square, exact tomorrow, and so some things that have been important to us may have to be gotten rid of, released or let go. Let’s use Friday and Saturday as ‘mental health’ days, days when we catch our breath, consider our possibilities and realize that we are crossing a threshold from elements of our past and moving into new ingredients for our future.

Sunday, November 15th – Ka-Boom – Saturn, Pluto, Sun, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Mercury Sagittarius. Whether it’s a blast from our past or just an explosive time, Sunday resounds with the Saturn square Pluto and Sun square Neptune. In addition, the Scorpio Moon conjuncts Venus and squares Mars. Mercury exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. People may be on edge, intense and confused about things going on. We have to be especially careful not to take out our frustrations or anxieties on other people. Relationships could be used as a safe harbor for people to vent their anger and fears. Cutting ourselves and other people slack today would be well advised. We also have to be aware regarding what we own as our own situation and what seems beyond our control, although impacting us nonetheless. This is a day to count to ten before reacting to situations and then only reacting with the recognition that we might not have full disclosure or a complete understanding of what is truly going on. We need to read between the lines and consider the theme more so than any particular incident. Our lives can be shaken up today, when it might feel as though the earth, our personal world, is moving under our feet. But no matter what occurs, it would be wise to note the areas of stress highlighted today, since the process may not be a one hit wonder but rather prevailing conditions for the next two-three years. If we could have some alone time, focus on creating our own sanctuary and not feel overly influenced by the external environment, then this day could validate our ability to handle whatever comes our way. Let’s always keep in mind the wisdom saying that we never get more than we can handle.