November 2nd – 8th

The week begins with people slightly on edge. Concerns about finances and a sense of insecurity can make people a little short with one another. Discussions could turn into arguments. Although there might be the tendency to see the half glass of water as half empty, it would be good for us to focus on all the wonderful things in our life, especially the beauty of our relationships. More so than ever before, it is essential that we look for the positive, uplifting things about our life.

Mid-week allows us to come up with the solutions to any problems that have been vexing us. Other people may prove important sounding boards and strong support systems, encouraging us to try new methods and consider different options. Getting together with friends, quality time with those special people in our life can give us an added boost and a realization of the truth to the wise saying that we never get more than we can handle.

The latter part of the week could have us in gear for a good clean-out, clearing away the clutter and getting our home and our affairs in order. We may find that we are looking at cutting to the bone, getting down to the core and concentrating on the essentials by getting rid of the superfluous.

The week ends with us looking for some fun event, whether taking in a movie, going to a concert or enjoying a social gathering with friends.

Monday, November 2nd – Blinded by the Light – Venus, Neptune, Taurus Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Mercury, Sun. Monday starts the week with Venus trine Neptune. What a lovely configuration and we could be feeling our relationships as being close to idyllic. There is an appreciation for the special qualities we see in other people, a sense that our interactions are with those people who light up our lives and give sparkle to our daily existence. We might even feel as though our connections with other people are what make our lives worth living, and especially during these times. Monday also has the Taurus Moon Full Moon creating a T-Square as the Taurus Moon squares Mars in Leo and opposes both Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio. We may be concerned about our resources, feeling our wings clipped with a sense that we cannot do what we want to really do as a result of a lack of monies, time or energy. Even if we feel blocked and constricted by our financial anxieties, we always can fall back on the nurture provided by our special relationships. This Monday is a good day to seek out counsel, to find those significant people who can provide a solid sounding board regarding our plans and our ambitions. We may have to postpone or delay some of our intended plans but someone could provide a detached and objective read regarding how we can best prioritize our goals, all the while that they are encouraging our talents. Although we may all have suffered periods of irrational exuberance over the past few years, a realistic approach does not necessitate scotching our hopes and wishes. On the contrary, we may just have to work smarter and consider alternatives we might not have considered before. Other people can provide that fresh perspective and help us not to feel stuck.

Tuesday, November 3rd – Beyond the Norm – Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday continues with the Taurus Moon to begin the day, and today the Moon squares Jupiter, sextiles Uranus and squares Neptune. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost twelve hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini. One key way for us to be productive and successful is to think outside the box, consider alternatives by which we can streamline our activities and maintain flexibility whereby we try things out and if we get blocked we try something else. We may feel today as though some of our plans are just not going to be realized. We might have the sense that we just cannot pull off certain things — whether due to the conditions, the changing circumstances, our resources or even the confidence in ourselves and our ability to successfully realize our goals. Today is one of those days when we might just have to relegate to the back burner some of our most cherished wishes. We do not have to totally discard our hopes and dreams. We should take into account other ways of doing things, thinking outside the box and realizing that we are living during a magical and mysterious time when things can virtually come out of the blue. Things can change drastically and immediately, without a moment’s notice. It is important that we maintain an attitude of awe and wonder regarding the possibilities, and even those that seem impossible. Conversations with other people today could be a little disconcerting, especially if their perspective is one of trying to get back to the ‘normalcy’ of previous times. It’s not going to happen. We have already crossed a threshold and re-creating the past is no longer an option. The less entangled by our experiences and the more adventuresome we can become, the better able we shall be to cope with our new realities and even realize, by whatever means available, our most cherished dreams.

Wednesday, November 4th – Presenting our Point – Saturn, Mars, Neptune direct. Wednesday has the Gemini Moon trine Saturn and sextile Mars. Neptune ends its five-month plus retrograde cycle and turns direct. This Wednesday allows us to put across our point of view in a strategic, well thought out and impressive manner. If we have something to say, today is the day to do so. Our presentation can be strong, non-threatening but with arguments that are solid and focused on situations that create win-win scenarios. This day is a good time for us to line up our ducks in a row. We are far less nebulous, more focused on the realistic and still feeling that we can take the world by storm. Let’s plan strategically, consider the steps necessary to reach our goal and then move forward with presence of mind, an impelling argument, and a passionate and confident presentation. We can talk on any number of subjects today in a detailed and fun-loving manner.

Thursday, November 5th – The Sunny Side of the Street – Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus. Thursday builds upon yesterday’s plans or initial presentations. This day is a primo day as long as we do not get carried away by our own hype and self-appreciation. Today has the Sun conjunct Mercury. The Gemini Moon squares Uranus but creates an Air Grand Trine with the Gemini Moon trine both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius and trine Venus in Libra. If we maintain flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions, then we can charm the birds out of their trees. Our conversations can be light and scintillating, promising possibilities and addressing the interest of the person with whom we are conversing. We have the ability to concentrate on the essentials, cutting to the core, and being concise and specific regarding the substance of our discussions. We may feel as though we’re walking on the sunny side of the street today, feeling confident, exuberant, and enthusiastic with the sense of doing no wrong. The only caveat to this day is putting on blinders, assuming that we have the world by the tail and not keeping aware for any unexpected situations or unanticipated variables that might arise along our pathway. If we can shift and change as needs dictate, then this day can be one of those with everything going our way.

Friday, November 6th – Coming Unglued – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Pluto. Into every life a little rain must fall. Rain provides the means to water the soil and nurture the seedlings. While it might create a sense of discomfort, rain can also allow for a tempering process, forcing us to see things in a different light. Today could be a rainy day metaphorically. While the last two days may have seemed heaven sent with everything going our way and everything developing easily and relatively smoothly, Friday might prove a horse of a different color. Friday has the Moon in Cancer creating a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Saturn and opposes Pluto. We may feel as though we are hitting a wall, as if things are blocking our way and impeding our progress. Things happening in the world at large could create concerns. Whatever is going on today, in our personal lives and in the world, would be wise for us to notate since the Saturn Pluto square, along with the T-Square with Uranus opposed Saturn and square Pluto, will be impactful into 2012. We may get a good heads-up regarding some of the further ‘crashing and burning’ that could go on with various societal institutions. We might feel as though we are rolling a boulder up a mountain today, but let’s keep in mind that forewarned is forearmed. We are in a conditioning program, a process whereby we shall get to understand, develop the necessary talents, to deal with the changing variables operating in our personal world and the world at large. We might want to make some changes in our homes or in the format of our work lives. Now is a time for us to do an inventory taking and get rid of those things that are no longer functional in our lives, only taking up space. We may feel a rush to do something, anything, but whatever we do, the most important aspect of this day is to recognize the areas that are being highlighted and demanding attention. If we can de-clutter and get rid of the extraneous, then we have gone a long way of preparing for the new days ahead.

Saturday, November 7th – Nothing Could be Finer – Lunar Grand Trine, Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Venus Scorpio. Saturday could be a fun day, a day when we might want to hang around our home base or else go shopping for those accessories for our home that will brighten our days. The Cancer Moon today creates a Grand Trine in the Water Element as the Cancer Moon trines both the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio and trines Uranus in Pisces. Whether it’s yard sales, tag sales, garage sales, call them what you will; we may be interested in looking for something to spruce up our home. A personal makeover, whether it be our living environment or our personal selves, could be in order today. We may discover some great bargains and even decide to have a pot luck in our home. This can be an especially pleasant day, a day for us to relax, recharge our batteries and enjoy the comforts of home. Venus exits its own Sign of Libra today and enters Scorpio, a Sign of its Detriment where Venus is not too comfortable. Our relationships can increase in intensity and we have to be careful not to be overly judgmental with a tendency towards cutting people off at the knees. With Venus moving into Scorpio, we now have a Stellium of three or more planets in Scorpio as Venus joins Mercury and the Sun in the Fixed Water Sign. And with Saturn moving towards an exact square with Pluto, exact on the 15th, we have to be especially careful and diplomatic regarding our relationships. Otherwise, certain relationships could reach a breaking point and even beyond.

Sunday, November 8th – No Stopping Us – Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars. Sunday has Mercury square Jupiter. The Moon moves into Leo where it squares Venus, sextiles Saturn and conjuncts Mars. This is one of those days when we have to be careful that we don’t go into excess or indulgence. We want to have fun and may spare no expense in doing so. We may feel somewhat restricted and blocked, and in reaction we might push the envelope. People could be a legend in their own mind’s today with an assumption that they can force things to their will and get whatever they want. It would be wise to keep in mind today the saying of moderation in all things and to act accordingly. We might not want to restrain our impulses and certainly we are interested in engaging some fun activity, but it would be wise to keep a budget in mind and be certain that we’re not being extravagant or going overboard. We may feel that there is no stopping us now but that’s why finding some fun diversion could temper our tendency to emphasize our personal needs and wants with little consideration of the costs involved. Let’s be mindful and keep aware of a proper balance between our expenses and our desires.