November 23rd – 29th

With so much to do, we might start the week feeling like Alice’s Mad Hatter late for a very important date. It is important that we prioritize or we could feel on overwhelm. As the week progresses, we are more on top of things, better able to structure our ‘to do’ list. We may be surprised by how effective we can be.

There are some intriguing meetings this week so we should be open to unexpected social invitations. Let’s enjoy the moment, the serendipity of life, but not read too much into chance encounters. Things may not be as they seem, so it would be wise to take time before making judgments and not rely solely on first impressions.

The latter part of the week and the weekend can be great fun. We have the desire to go places where we haven’t been before. We have a heightened sense of adventure, look to widen our experiences and we feel upbeat and energetic. While the weekend can be great fun, if we’re making plans to get together with other people, we need to be clear regarding the plans and to be certain that everyone is on the same page. The weekend offers major ‘good’ — good food, good wine, good friends.

Monday, November 23rd – A World of Possibilities, Difficulty Getting There – Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Mars. Monday starts the week on something of a high note, but close to a high-pitched scream. Excess and indulgence are likely consequences of the energies on this Monday. Today has the two ‘good guys’ of the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, square each other. This energy configuration is reinforced by the Moon which today is in Aquarius and conjunct both Jupiter and Neptune and creating a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Aquarius Moon opposes Mars and squares Venus. The world may be our oyster today with all sorts of possibilities, invitations and a wide palette from which to draw upon. We could easily be intrigued by various events and different activities. Although we might want to savor each and every one of them, today might be more appropriate for a sampling of each. This is one of those days when our eyes could be bigger than our stomach, a world of possibilities larger than what we can actually engage. Prioritizing is essential in order to keep the day from descending into a mish mash of all sorts of experiences that meld into a chaotic and confusing montage. We have to be careful not to do too much — too much spending, too much eating, too much running around. We may want to take it all in today, but let’s be certain that we concentrate on those situations that we can easily embrace and avoid those involvements that are far too difficult to readily accomplish. Since there could be delays, let’s add on extra time to achieve the proper results and avoid over-scheduling or planning on doing too much.

Tuesday, November 24th – Foreign Intrigue – Sun, Saturn, Pluto. After a whirlwind day yesterday when we might have been moving to a fast forward tempo only to be held up now and again along the way, Tuesday offers a far more structured and focused day. The Sun sextiles Saturn today and the Moon moving into Pisces sextiles Pluto and squares the Sun. Our interests may lie more beyond our daily routine than our normal habit patterns. Although we want to stretch and broaden our perspective, we are likely to do so in a focused and structured manner. We are concentrating on the most important and most significant characteristics that appeal to us. We don’t want to fritter away our time, but we are looking instead at the truly meaningful and those projects that have some substantial purpose to them. Today is a good day to make plans and to involve ourselves in activities that we can accomplish readily and that will contribute to widening our understanding and prove helpful in determining our future course of action. We need to be certain to remove blinders from our viewpoint, work with peripheral vision and focus on the format, the structure and the methodology of possible future pursuits. In these times of radical transformations, glimmers of understanding and realistic possibilities go a long way towards creating the slats of the suspension bridge that get us from where we have been to where we are going.

Wednesday, November 25th – Fancy Meeting You – Venus, Uranus, Mercury. Wednesday can prove to be one of those magical days, a day of serendipity when things occur not so much from our making them happen as from things virtually coming out of the blue. This day could be a day of wonderful surprises, chance meetings and unexpected situations arising. Venus trines Uranus and the Pisces Moon squares Mercury. We might find ourselves infatuated by someone or some thing. A spark could go off in our hearts and minds as we experience with awe and wonder one of those mini-miracles that life is offering us during these transitional times. Things can easily fall into place. We may feel as though we are being blessed by one of those circumstances whereby we are in the right place at the right time. What we have to be cautious about is not jumping to any conclusions. We might want to evaluate and determine what synchronistic happenings are all about. Let’s not go there. It is far more important to relish the unanticipated variables occurring rather than try to figure out their larger meaning to our lives. This is a day when it would be far better not to overly plan or overly schedule. Today is a day to embrace spontaneity, engage our impulses and be open and free to do whatever comes our way. We have the opportunity of seeing how the universe works for our benefit, opening doors to experiences that we might feel we could never have conjured up. Let’s enjoy the magic and mystery of life on the earth plane.

Thursday, November 26th – Off Like a Shot, then Simmering Down Low – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the US, a day intended to embrace an attitude of gratitude for the bounty of our lives. More often than not, it is a day of getting together with friends, relatives and sundry other folk, gorging ourselves on food and drink and being mesmerized by an eyeful and dayfull of television football. Of course elsewhere in the world, This Thursday is not a celebration of indulgence and excess. The energies for this day could aspire to some of the magic and mini-miracles of yesterday but could also fall far short. Today, Mercury trines Mars and Venus squares Neptune. Early in the day, the Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus and trines Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for close to thirteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries late in the day. People may be pontificating today, emphasizing their perspective as being infallibly right, and it could create some uneasiness in the interactions with other people. This day can be a little foggy. While there is a great deal of tooting one’s own horn, consideration of and true engagement with other people may be lacking. It would be very easy for everyone to withdraw into their own inner space. This is a day whereby the energy starts off strong with good intentions and with a hope for the best. Great expectations can be set-up for severe disappointment and that would be a case we have to watch for today. Misunderstands and miscommunications and some people being a little too bellicose can provide some stumbling blocks, even to the point of rupture regarding relationships. Let’s realize that we are living in volatile times. Even when magic happens, that doesn’t mean it will now happen every time and indefinitely. Thursday asks us to be diplomatic, not overly self-centered and vigilant regarding the shifting tides of the energies impacting us.

Friday, November 27th – Doing My Thing – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Saturn, Sun. Friday is one of those heads-up kind of days, for the energy configurations today will provide some clues regarding some of the areas of our lives highlighted over the next three years. The Aries Moon today creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Pluto and opposes Saturn. Over the next two-three years, we shall have this T-Square with the Moon being replaced by Uranus in Aries square Pluto and opposed Saturn. Today is one of those days when we might want to concentrate on doing our own thing. That’s all well and good if we were living in a world of our own, and many of us may act today as if we were doing so. This energy configuration could prove akin to being a law unto ourselves, doing our own thing with little regard to its impact upon other people or even the long-term influence to our future ambitions. We may be impulsive, acting spontaneously, being very much in the moment. We do not want to be blocked or restricted by either people’s needs or by the concerns of what might be considered socially appropriate. Impetuous actions could be our modus operandi today. Like a kid in a candy shop, we could go from one thing to another and be entranced by whatever grabs our attention. This is not a day where we are overly focused or attentive to a methodical approach. On the contrary, we may just act based upon our impulse rather than rational, well-considered action. As the day progresses, the Moon trines the Sun. Although we are still likely to be impulsive and impetuous, we are far more concerned about spreading our wings and presenting ourselves in a well-appointed manner. From a law unto ourselves we could segue into being a legend in our own minds. Humility, grace and decorum care called for today but may prove to be somewhat lacking.

Saturday, November 28th – Top of Our Game – Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Even if we stepped on toe’s Friday and did what might have seemed like irreparable harm to our relationships, late Friday and early Saturday allow us to not only make reparations for our self-absorbed actions but also show us at the top of our game. The Aries Moon creates a Grand Trine in the Fire Element with the Moon trine Mars in Leo and trine Mercury in Sagittarius. The Moon also sextiles both Jupiter and Neptune. This is the type of energy configuration that allows us to charm the birds out of the trees. We are still self-focused by presenting ourselves in a confident, optimistic manner and virtually the life of any party. A mutual admiration society can be in play as we not only fully appreciate ourselves but also enjoy the company of others. Perhaps we have widened our perspective and recognize that we can all be under the spotlight, highlighted and all enjoying a good time. Friday evening early Saturday are good times to be the life of any party, to get together with friends and share a spirited and fun-loving repartee. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost twenty-three hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus late on Saturday or early Sunday morning. No matter that the energy drops off, for we can ride the wave of good feelings that supplant any ill feelings, which might have arisen on Thursday or Friday. We’re looking good, feeling good and enjoying the company and uniqueness of our companions.

Sunday, November 29th – Social Gatherings – Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto. This weekend, from Friday night through Sunday, seems to be a time of social interactions and good fun. We enjoy the company of others. We’re not looking to set the world on fire. We just want to have fun. Sunday has Mercury sextile Jupiter and the Taurus Moon trine Pluto. We can reach out and contact friends far and wide. We want to share our exuberance and bask in the glow of other people’s good feelings, as well. Not only are we feeling upbeat and energized but we may want to put some of our energy into action. A call of spirit to action may have us shopping for the upcoming holidays, involved with home projects or just tidying up and de-cluttering. A combination of enthusiasm and focused intent allows us to get a great deal done today, even if much of what we get done is getting together with other people and sharing our good feelings. We could gain a great deal of insight regarding a best practices approach to address our daily matters, our future plans and our financial situation. People are likely to be very willing to help out today. We may feel like we’re all in the same situation and that other people can provide a more detached viewpoint and offer some effective remedies to better our lives. A great weekend this one so let’s enjoy our friends, our relatives and our neighbors, and even strangers we might meet.