November 16th – 22nd

This week is a contrast between letting go and a renewed sense of expansion. Let’s look at our goals and give careful consideration regarding those goals we wish to pursue and those goals that it’s time to let go. Like the old saying, now is a time for ‘out with the old, in with the new’. Wrapping up outstanding matters and making room for new interests can help motivate us to be more effective with less expenditure of energy.

Moving things around in our home, sprucing things up and streamlining our operations can create the foundation stones from which to stretch, soar and broaden our horizons. The more we eliminate things that waste our time and the more solid the roots we put down this week, the stronger our hopes and dreams can take shape.

While conflicts could arise in our relationships mid-week, any problems can be easily smoothed over. We’re not interested in doing battle with other people, so we need to avoid a tug-of-war. With the holidays fast approaching, we might want to make a list of those people we wish to reconnect with through social occasions or holiday greetings, people from our past or those people we have been too busy to contact. Now is a time to make our plans to get together with family and friends over the upcoming holiday period.

Mid-week through the weekend, we get a second wind. We may feel more confident, more on top of things, better able to deal with the vagaries of these times.

Monday, November 16th – Is it Real or Just Make Believe? – Scorpio Lunation, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday begins the week with the Scorpio New Moon, which will influence the next fortnight through the end of the month. The New Moon has the Moon conjunct the Sun and trine Uranus and square both Jupiter and Neptune. It is important that we read between the lines, not jump to conclusions but consider variables that we might not otherwise take into account. Although in the West we have a tendency to do and push our agenda ahead, now is a time for us to embrace the eastern acknowledgment of non-action, allowing things to gestate and unfold until we have a clearer indication regarding what is truly going on. It is important that we read between the lines, consider possible double entendres and recognize that we might not be getting all the facts or even the truth of situations but instead being fed the hype of perfected presentation regarding how people want to make things seem to appear. Reality or make believe?, that is the question for these next two weeks. The beauty of these times is that truth will be revealed. We just have to be certain not to jump to conclusions or feel the need to do something, anything, immediately. No knee-jerk reactions now. Increasingly, each of us is gaining greater insights. Daily, we are seeing people and situations like the emperor with no clothes, down to the bare bones, transparency evident and our own inner knowing being able to determine reality from fantasy. Of course, we have to be willing to see the truth and not merely what we would like to see. It is time to take off the rose-colored glasses, be open to the realm of possibilities and make our plans, devise our strategies in pencil with a large eraser so that we can adapt and change according to the unfolding which may take interesting twists and turns. We do not have to put a dampener on our goals, our hopes and our wishes. We do not have to crimp the possibilities of the so-called impossible. We are living in magic times, entering uncharted waters and in so doing, it is essential that we be humble and flexible to shift and change according to the natural unfolding. No longer masters of the universe, we can be co-creators with the universal energies and be far more productive and effective in moving ahead so long as we appreciate the reality that the itinerary, direction and even destination may all change without a moment’s notice. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over ten hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius. Monday is a good day to evaluate what we might want to be rid of and consider all possibilities with non-attachment regarding whether those possibilities are truly realistic or just make believe.

Tuesday, November 17th – Reach out of the Darkness – Mercury, Saturn. Tuesday has Mercury sextile Saturn and the Sagittarius Moon conjunct Mercury and sextile Saturn. Our thoughts are expansive, our mood upbeat. We might wish to contact people who are outside of our daily circle and use them as sounding boards regarding some of our plans. We might also consider travel plans, places where we might want to go in order to get out of Dodge. However we choose to work with the energies today, we are looking beyond our normal parameters. We want more. We want to expand our scope, broaden our realm and widen our interests and our involvements. While we are not looking for ‘yes’ people to merely agree with our thoughts and ideas, we are interested in discussing a wide range of topics and embracing a philosophical viewpoint. We might give thought to holiday plans, get-togethers with friends and relatives far and wide. We do have to avoid getting carried away by enthusiasm. If we would engage due diligence regarding our plans, then our desires can be well considered, the steps necessary to realize them well thought out, and our ability to scrutinize a best practices approach spot-on. This Tuesday is a good day for planning, structuring, blueprinting and brainstorming.

Wednesday, November 18th – Fast Forwarding – Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune. If we did our due diligence yesterday, then today could have us moving quickly ahead. Wednesday continues with the Sagittarius Moon which today trines Mars, sextiles both Jupiter and Neptune and squares Uranus. We can get a great deal done today. We have the energy and enthusiasm to virtually move mountains. What we do have to watch out for is either glossing over details or not taking into account unexpected variables that might arise. We can easily expedite our projects today, but it would be wise not to over-schedule ourselves since we may have to deal with things on the fly. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves today. We have the confidence, optimism and energy to get a lot done but we also have to be wary of becoming distracted or tripped up by our own sense of infallibility. We have a creative streak today, can enjoy good repartee with friends and may be very ingenious regarding our prospects. Let’s just be certain that we have taken all the particulars into account and that we aren’t skipping over important factors.

Thursday, November 19th – Banging Our Head – Venus, Mars, Pluto, Saturn. Tuesday and Wednesday could have been easy sledding, but Thursday might have us hitting the wall or banging our head against insurmountable odds. Venus squares Mars and the Moon moves into Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto and squares Saturn. We may be feeling frustrated today. Our interactions with other people can be edgy with everyone’s fuse being rather short. Yes, this day could prove explosive and it would be wise for us to try and maintain a sense of diplomacy and decorum. Such a disposition could prove hard, for we might want to vent our feelings in anger and outrage. The volatility of these times is like that old nursery rhyme paraphrased whereby when it’s good, it’s very good and when it’s bad, it’s very bad. Tuesday and Wednesday could have been quite good, but Thursday can be bad and potentially lethal. This day is one of those times when we have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water, when our actions could become quite extreme and we might act or react to situations based more upon the passion of the moment rather than taking well-considered action. Let’s use any delays or restrictions as a tempering process and evaluate what works and what doesn’t work for us. Then, instead of banging our head against the wall, we can take appropriate action, cutting back on those things that are less productive and focusing on the truly important aspects of our lives.

Friday, November 20th – Clearing a Way – Venus. If we didn’t lose it yesterday and throw a tantrum or create other difficulties for ourselves, then today allows us to begin a cleaning out process, getting rid of situations that no longer assist us but rather stand in our way. If we did overreact yesterday, then today could be a day of penance, a time when we make amends to those people whose toes we might have stepped on or address situations where we created more turmoil than necessary. The Capricorn Moon sextiles Venus in Scorpio today. We have the ability of presenting things in a functional, minimalist manner. We are unlikely to go overboard with effusive sentiment or by overdoing things. On the contrary, we are more likely to see what we can get rid of, streamline and cut to the core. Our focus is primarily on what we need and how we can achieve. There can be an opportunistic streak in our dealings with other people today. We, or they, may have an agenda regarding contacting those people who can assist in realizing personal ambitions. Some of our interactions today are based more on what we need and want rather than a more ebullient or generous interaction. We do need to be careful of people who could be scheming and looking to use us for their own personal purposes and interests. This Friday is a good time to do an inventory-taking, de-clutter and clear the way so that we can move ahead unhindered by time-consuming situations or people.

Saturday, November 21st – Streamlining, Expediting – Uranus, Sun, Sun Sagittarius. Friday and Saturday are good days for a clean up and clear out. Now is a good time for a strong Autumn cleaning, getting rid of those items, situations and even connections that may have been important in the past but only get in the way in the present and could prove major hindrances in the future. For much of the day, the Moon is in Capricorn where it sextiles both Uranus in Pisces and the Sun in Scorpio. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Aquarius and the Sun exits Scorpio to move into Sagittarius. We are looking for a best practices approach to our life. We want to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. We might want to unclog ourselves from some of our commitments and either bow out from them or else find ways of dealing with them that are faster and easier. We may want to add more time to our lives, time for us to do things spontaneously, free time that we can use to do things on an impulse or on the whim of the moment. We do not want to be tied down to an overload of responsibilities and obligations. And so Friday and Saturday are good days to either eliminate things from our lives or to consider how we can do things differently. Time management is a key factor for us to deal effectively with all the things going on in our lives. By streamlining and expediting, we can create more time for ourselves and provide the space for new and more exciting opportunities to come forward.

Sunday, November 22nd – Circle of Friends – Saturn, Mercury. Sunday has the Aquarius Moon trine Saturn and sextile Mercury. Sunday is a good day for us to get together with friends, enjoy re-creational pursuits and do something that we might never have done before. We want to stretch our wings, explore new possibilities and feel the freedom of a broader reach. Whether traveling out of town, going to a restaurant we haven’t tried before or just getting into unfamiliar terrain, this Sunday is a good time for us to widen our scope and feel free to do whatever we please. We may also come to a realization of who our friends truly are. We are less likely to confuse acquaintanceship with friendship, but we also want to engage with people who are marching to their own drummer, doing their own thing and emphasizing their individual uniqueness. This Sunday can be a time of self-discovery but we’re not looking at doing it alone. Instead we want the sounding board and perspective of other people’s thoughts and ideas. We may gain a greater appreciation of the breadth of our connections with other people today.