October 5th – 11th

The early part of the week could have us shopping, doing a personal makeover and fixing up our image and home space. “Everything in its place and a place for everything” could be our motto this week. Once we have laid the groundwork, then the latter part of the week can be used to add more to our plate and deal with things in a quick and cursory manner.

Phone calls and interactions with others can highlight the latter part of the week. Our mind is clear and our thoughts are rapid. We have the ability of being very focused but we have to be careful not to put on blinders and be too micro-focused in our view of things. It’s important to keep in mind our long-range plans and not to become overly concerned by delays or any momentary frustrations. Criticism can be harsh and we do need to avoid being critical of our own efforts or buying into someone else’s critique.

People may have high expectations at the end of the week and this could create some unexpected difficulties in our relationships. New and exciting contacts can be serendipitous and enticing. Let’s just remember that the grass isn’t always greener somewhere other than under our own two feet.

The weekend can be pleasant, especially for getting off the track and doing something different, something unique, something out of the ordinary. Whether we stay around home or hit the trails, we want to enjoy ourselves and engage in some fun get-togethers.

Monday, October 5th – Buying the Essentials – Neptune, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. Monday begins the week with us full of prospects and possibilities. We may be far more concerned with what can be rather than the day-in- day-out of our life’s existence. A certain escapism could creep into our thoughts as we see things in the abstract as far more enticing and positive than our present reality, our daily routine. While the conceptual can inspire us and give us a boost of energy, we do need to be realistic regarding what we can do and what we may have to postpone. Let’s not exhaust ourselves by our mental meanderings into arenas of potentialities. Let’s consider our future plans but all with a recognition that we might have to do some finetuning later on. Writing down our thoughts, taking note of our intentions, and flushing out our plans would be good ways to start the day. We do not have to implement or execute our plans immediately. Let’s keep in mind the importance of working with the energies and not merely assuming that we can force things to our will. So let’s plan our course of action and then give ourselves time for such plans to gestate. Monday begins with the Aries Moon sextile Neptune and square Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost eleven hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus where it trines Pluto. The latter part of the day gives us the energy and the wherewithal to put our plans into action, to utilize a best practices approach and to execute our intentions in a resourceful and focused manner.

Tuesday, October 6th – Indulgence, Excess – Jupiter. We have probably gotten used to the whipsaw of emotions, actions and attitudes over the past recent times. Life often seems like a roller coaster with its ups and downs and swings around curves. While yesterday was filled with all sorts of possibilities early in the day, later whittled down to a precious few, today excess could reign, for today the Taurus Moon squares Jupiter. Whether we are operating out of frustration or just acquisitiveness, we may be indulgent and generous to a fault today. Our expenses could ratchet up as we look to get more, buy more, spend more. Today is a good day to keep to our budget, make a shopping list if we intend to go shopping, and be certain where our monies are going. We may invest in a future goal without considering how realistic that goal might be. If need be, it would be suggested that we take some ‘mad’ money, money that we can play with and go out and have a good time without breaking the bank. We also have to watch the counsel we seek. If we ask other people for advice, it would be wise to evaluate their ideas and opinions and be wary that we are not being told merely what we want to hear. Any purchases made could be excessive and impulsive and might be items we choose to return on better consideration.

Wednesday, October 7th – Looking Good – Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Mars, Mercury, Saturn. Although Wednesday is often considered ‘hump’ day, being the mid-part of the work week, this Wednesday could be a primo day, especially if we didn’t go whole hog yesterday and spent too much or exhausted our financial budget. Today has the Taurus Moon trine Venus, sextile Uranus, square Neptune, sextile Mars, trine Mercury and trine Saturn. This is a day when we can put it all together. We’re looking good, feeling good and interested in how we can put our best foot forward and sill emphasize our individuality. If we are looking to do clothes shopping or adding some decorative touches to our home or work place, this day is a great day to do so. Not only do we have our image down with a splash of panache, but we also have the ability of looking at both the big picture or the appearance and the specifics or the details that fit neatly together. Today is a great day for a makeover. We’ve got it going on and are likely to be operating at the top of our game. One cautionary note is to be careful of anyone who might be a little envious or jealous of how we’re looking or how we’re feeling. Yes, there could be a parade rainer but we don’t have to buy into their attitude, not when we’re feeling like the grand marshal of our own parade. Let’s enjoy the day, stretch a bit and be willing to experiment with a new sense of self.

Thursday, October 8th – Fine Tuning – Mercury, Saturn, Lunar Grand Trine, Sun, Jupiter. Thursday can continue the feelgood attitude of Tuesday. Our disposition will be a matter of choice. There are two possibly conflicting energy patterns today. Mercury conjuncts Saturn and the Moon in Gemini creates a Grand Trine by the Moon trining the Sun in Libra and trining Jupiter in Aquarius. We could fall into a slight depression if we feel overwhelmed by our responsibilities or question our ability to do anything other than react to situations. We might have a great deal to do today but we can also be very focused on how we can expedite our tasks. Today is a day to take off the blinders, not be focused solely on the minutiae of our lives but to look up, broaden our scope and take a wider perspective of life. Communications and get-togethers with other people can be both fun and instrumental in getting ideas as to how we can do things differently and more efficiently. Blending these two energy configurations allows us to fine tune things whereby we present ourselves and express our ideas in an upbeat, enthusiastic manner, all the while that we have incorporated the particulars and details to make our case airtight. This Thursday can be a great day. Wednesday and Thursday together allow us to be at the top of our game, changing our appearance and our presentation to be more au courant, making our ideas and our style more intriguing, and providing us ways to shift our identity both in how we see our selves and in how people will define us.

Friday, October 9th – Here, There and Everywhere – Venus, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Mercury Libra. After two days that could have had us dancing on the stars, Friday could have us back on overwhelm or, at least, juggling more than we might like. This is a highly active day, so we might want to kick up the pace. Today has Venus opposed Uranus. While any shift in our appearance or our attitude can prove enticing and appealing to some, even opening the door to some new interesting connections; we might also find that other people have difficulty with our new found sense of self. Someone could express their jealousy in a back-handed compliment, questioning some of the little changes we have incorporated into our lives, appearance or environment. No matter. Most people don’t like change for the simple reason that if someone makes changes, it forces them to look at their lives and do an inventory taking as to whether they need to make changes themselves. Interactions with other people today could border on the critical. Let’s remember to always check the source, and check the agenda. If people are critical, are they really addressing the issue or merely using us as a format by which to vent other frustrations? This Friday could also prove somewhat convoluted. Plans may not come together the way we might want. Unexpected situations could crop up and we might find that plans made with other people don’t fully come together due to so much going on. For this Friday also has the Gemini Moon all over the place. The Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square both Uranus in Pisces and square the three planets transiting Virgo — Venus, Saturn and Mercury. We may find ourselves all other the place. The key factor today is to keep moving. We may feel that we don’t have time to sit down, that we are champing at the bit to get out of Dodge and that details are lost to the sense of overwhelm of so much going on. If we can pick up the pace, and maintain the pace at a high level, then we may have no problem. But we are likely to find ourselves here, there and everywhere. The Moon also trines Neptune, so let’s be certain that we don’t become so focused on what’s happening in the moment that we lose sight of where we want to go and what we want to do. If we don’t juggle all the different elements today, then we could feel bogged down and like being in quicksand, our grip on reality slipping away with us sinking below the overload. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Cancer where it opposes Pluto. After a whirlwind day, when we may have felt like Alice’s Mad Hatter, the latter part of the day could have us seeking refuge in the comfort of our own home. In doing so, it might conflict with plans made. If we have social engagements for the evening, we might not feel up to them. It is our choice as to whether we go ahead with our plans or beg off by choosing to stay at home. This Friday also has Mercury entering Libra. With Venus in Mercury-ruled Virgo and Mercury now in Venus-ruled Libra, we have a Mutual Reception. Our interactions with other people can be less exacting with everyone cutting each other a little bit of slack. We are not so self-involved that we cannot see the other person’s point of view. On the contrary, we are likely to be more accommodating and conciliatory, more willing to be accepting of other people and how they are dealing with these transitory times.

Saturday, October 10th – Get off of my Cloud – Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto. Saturday gets back to those paradoxical energies. On the one hand, we have the Sun trine Jupiter. We are likely to feel very upbeat, enjoying our times with good friends, and enthusiastically considering the possibilities for our future. On the other hand, Mercury squares Pluto. Our mind can be incisive, virtually laser-like. This concentrated focus can be great for getting to the heart of any matter, seeing what is really going on and understanding the core issues. Such a focus may not be quite as good for conversations with other people. Someone could become quite belligerent in regard to their opinion, and discussions could become heated and ratchet up into arguments. With a strong dose of optimism and self-confidence, we have to be careful today not to plow ahead and force our will upon situations or conditions or other people. What happened to cutting other people some slack? Let’s keep in mind that consensus is built upon receptive listening and taking into account other people’s ideas. Even if we know what we want to do today, it would be wise to be certain that we are also doing what other people might want to do as well. It is important for us to hew to the idea of creating win-win situations, since in win-lose scenarios there is a tendency for everyone to lose.

Sunday, October 11th – Wonderful Surprises – Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Saturn. Sunday has the Cancer Moon square the Sun, trine Uranus, sextile Venus and sextile Saturn and conjunct Mars. The idea of a personal makeover that we might have engaged earlier in the week can continue today. Whether we are doing an autumnal cleaning around our home, putting up autumnal decorations in celebration of the harvest period, or choosing this day as a scavenger hunt of spontaneous events, this Sunday can be a fun day with some wonderful surprises. Like a snowball going down a mountain, gathering momentum and creating the avalanche, any changes that we have incorporated into our lives recently can become amplified and increased. The 11th is a Master Number in a Master Number Year, the day and year of the Visionary. Today is a day for us to see where we want to go in our days ahead and, whether symbolically or by little methods, start to affirm the changes that we wish to occur in our lives. Let’s remember that we are at a time of magic and miracles, days of serendipity and synchronicity, an epoch in life when we don’t have to do it all but we do need to be receptive to the unexpected opportunities and wonderful surprises of life’s unfolding.