October 26th – November 1st

A major shift in energy occurs this week. We are likely to take our relationships issues far more seriously. If we have been having difficulty in our interactions with other people, we could be entering a make-or-break period. Now is a time for us to determine which connections are truly important to us and which are mere casual acquaintances. Relationships can either solidify or they can start to fall apart.

Much of this week may have us looking towards our future, wanting to be involved in various group activities, and enjoying the interchange of philosophical ideas and discussions on the meaning of life. There is a universal interest in our world this week. Our idealism and compassion are both engaged. Let’s put it to good use by helping others see alternatives that they cannot see for themselves. We don’t have to fix it for them, but we could provide a good sounding board for other people’s issues.

This is a time to embrace the attitude of gratitude, to reach out to those special people in our lives and tell them how much they mean to us. Heart-to-heart talks can get to the core of situations and relationships. Being honest and to the point will only make the important relationships in our lives even better.

The end of the month offers a crescendo and the impetus to put our best foot forward. Having been of service to others, we are now interested in doing something for ourselves, and enjoying some good times and fun parties in celebration of Halloween.

Out with the old, in with the new as we end October and begin November. The week ends with the beginning of the month of November and a liability towards some belligerence and even tongue lashing born of our frustrations.

Monday, October 26th – Mine, Yours, Ours – Mars, Venus. Monday starts the week with the Moon in Aquarius opposed Mars and trine Venus. We may begin the day wanting what we want. We want to be free to do what we want and yet to stand in the spotlight and be the center of attention. If we can balance our creative desire to stand out with an appreciation of the interests and needs of our audience, then all is right in our world. Where a problem could arise is with the liability for everyone to be vying for attention with the need that their personal issues come front and center to the neglect of other people’s concerns. Some people may feel like a law unto themselves, doing whatever they want with a sense of divine right that whatever they do is okay, even close to perfection, and should be accepted by everyone else. While we might feel as though we have to enforce our desires, our autonomy and our sense of self-determination, we can do so without creating a great deal of turbulence or turmoil. Even if we step on some toes early in the day, seem self-absorbed and narcissistic, as the day progresses we can smooth over any relationship bumps and enjoy some great moments with those special people in our lives. The important factor today is to feel that we are not tied down and restricted, that we can do things on the spur of the moment and that we have a freedom of movement to act spontaneously, impulsively and on our whims of the moment. It would be wise to cut everyone, including ourselves, a little slack today and then reconnoiter later in the day showering our appreciation on those important people in our lives.

Tuesday, October 27th – Happy Days are Here Again, or… – Jupiter, Neptune. Tuesday has the Aquarius Moon conjunct Jupiter and conjunct Neptune. This configuration and the Jupiter Neptune conjunction that has been in play since April, as those two planets have been doing a dance in Aquarius, is triggered on this Tuesday and can instill in us a ‘feelgood’ attitude whereby no matter what the situation we may have gone through we are looking ahead, feeling optimistic of our future and assuming that the worst is behind us. Can we all say ‘irrational exuberance’? The optimism, confidence and enthusiasm of this day could help us gloss over any problems, difficulties and pressing issues in our personal lives or in the world at large. While we may be feeling very upbeat on this day, we also have to be careful not to put blinders on, move into a fantasy world, and close our eyes to the problems and future liabilities that we might eventually have to face. Today is a good day to make plans, to consider our future and allow our minds to wander through the idyllic fields of all possibilities. We might choose to get together with friends, whether in person, on the phone or by email or texting. This Tuesday is a good ‘mental health’ day, but we also have to be careful that we don’t act on our exuberance to the point of indulgence, excess and over-commitment. Let’s enjoy the day, banter with friends our hopes and our dreams, but always maintain a rein on our actions until we have done due diligence and really taken a hard cold look at true reality. Fantasyland is quite wonderful but more as a respite than believing that it’s the real thing. Let’s enjoy the day without buying into the concept that all our problems or issues have been wiped clean and swept away.

Wednesday, October 28th – Everything’s Coming Up Roses – Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Mercury Scorpio. Tuesday and Wednesday could prove to be close to idyllic. On both these days, we may feel as if we were walking on sunshine. We may have on rose-colored glasses, seeing the opportunities in everything, seeing everything wonderful as not only possibilities but as our inevitable destiny. Wednesday begins with the Aquarius Moon trine Mercury. The Moon then moves into Pisces where it sextiles Pluto and trines the Sun. Wednesday also has Venus trine Jupiter and Mercury moving into Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto. From our upbeat attitude, today is a good time to blueprint, strategize and consider a best practices approach to realize our goals, achieve our ambitions. While we may be enthusiastic, optimistic and exuberant, we also have the ability of looking at things with laser-like vision, seeing not only the big picture but also the minutiae of specifics and details that make up the whole. We can use other people as sounding boards, not only to encourage us to pursue our dreams but also for us to bounce off ideas and develop a best practices approach. This Wednesday builds upon the self-confidence of Tuesday but we have a greater sense of the core and heart of any matter and not just the hopes and dreams of what we wish to achieve. This Wednesday is a primo day. We can prioritize our projects, focus on the truly meaningful, embrace the possibility of the conceptual becoming the actual, and plan the easiest and most effective ways to get things done. Yes, in deed, everything may be coming up roses.

Thursday, October 29th – Desires or Needs – Sun, Mars, Saturn Libra. The last two days have given us a turbothrust boost regarding the prospects of our lives. We have seen our promised land and are likely to accept the inevitable arrival at the true realization of our hopes and dreams. Thursday could prove a little different. There is a saying that the higher the climb, the harder the fall. Certainly over the past two days, we might have seen no wrong and everything as sublimely right. Thursday is a horse of a different color. We continue with the Pisces Moon but we also have the Sun square Mars. Our energy may not be able to sustain the euphoria of the past two days. Suddenly, we might take off our rose-colored glasses, but instead of being more realistic, our focus could swing past a balance point and go from extreme exuberance to extreme anxiety. We may look at the half glass of water as no longer half full and filling up but rather as half empty, diminishing and the water as even toxic. This is a day when we might feel that the wind has been knocked out of our sails. We need not go to such an extreme. On the contrary, we can use this Thursday to consider the difference between what we truly need and what things are only situations that we might desire. Like a kid in a candy store, we may have felt that we could have it all and even more over the past two days. This Thursday allows us to whittle down the excess and indulgence to what is manageable according to our resources — our time, our energy and our finances. If we have made impulse purchases over the past two days, this Thursday could be a day to return or rid ourselves of the indulgences and superfluous items. We may want to cut back on this Thursday, be far more resourceful and focused on what truly works for us and eliminate those things that are mere distractions, fun in the moment but without any lasting significance. While Tuesday and Wednesday could allow us wild euphoria, the higher we go, the sharper the fall. Thursday and Friday could prove anxiety provoking but also allow a more realistic viewpoint. What we do have to be careful of is not to go from one extreme to the other. Let’s not lose sight of our possibilities and fall into a negative perspective. Let’s take our optimism and self-confidence and put it into practical steps that fully account for the resources that are presently available to us. We have a major Sign change today, as Saturn having transited Virgo since the Autumn of 2007 leaves Virgo and enters Libra. Relationships may be tested during this Saturn transit of Libra and we have to be wary that our interactions with other people do not become the safe harbor in which we can vent and take out our frustrations.

Friday, October 30th – Devilish in Deed – Uranus, Saturn, Pluto. Friday could offer us a good prelude regarding some of the energies and areas of attention that might be in the forefront of our lives and of the world at large over the next three years. The day starts with the Moon in Pisces conjunct Uranus. The Moon then moves into Aries where it opposes Saturn and squares Pluto. Although we are familiar with our old nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition that has been daunting us since the Autumn of ’08, today gives us a sense of the T-Square influential from now into 2012. Saturn in Libra will be squaring Pluto, the first exact connection being on November 15th. But Uranus will also be tied in, both on the short term with a continuation of the Saturn Uranus opposition and with both of them square Pluto. Let’s see what areas are highlighted today. The more we can observe and maintain detachment, the better prepared we shall be for the dramatic changes occurring over the next few years. The worst may not be behind us. We may have seen only the tip of the iceberg. But forewarned is forearmed. The more we can be conscious, mindful, aware, adaptable and flexible; the better able we shall be to not only survive but to thrive during these dramatically changing times. Detachment is essential. It would be too easy to fall prey to anxieties and concerns raised as a result of unexpected situations arising and old securities no longer providing support or sustenance. This Friday could in deed be devilish. We may find that our choices and our actions are being constricted or limited by the conditions prevailing around us. Embracing tai chi moves whereby we take an honest and clear evaluation of the circumstances around us and then work with the energies to our benefit and not to our detriment are the means of not falling into despair or becoming disheartened. Let’s keep in mind the saying from the wisdom teachings that we never get more than we can handle. Before the handling, it would be wise for us to clearly see what is going on in our lives and then take a strategic approach by which we can deal with problems and continue to move towards our goals.

Saturday, October 31st – Treats after Trix – Mars, Jupiter. While Thursday and Friday might have created some speed bumps for us to deal with, Saturday offers a more placid and joy-filled day. As the US commercial for a sugary cereal used to affirm: ‘Trix aren’t just for kids ’. Life as we have known it is not the conditions of the present, much less the future. While all of us have to let go of old programs and old ways of doing things, letting go of old beliefs and old acceptances of the way things are; we also have the opportunity of being more self-actualizing, more independent in how we do life and better able to achieve our intentions through creative self-expressions. Saturday has the Aries Moon trine Mars and sextile Jupiter. One of the things we may come to understand is that no matter the significant changes occurring in the world at large, we have the opportunity of being ever more independent and self-realizing. The advances in technology allow a far greater expanse for the realization of creative self-expression. Every one of us can be an author, a film maker, a commentator thanks to the technology and, consequently, reduced costs of publishing through print on demand, producing our video or films through youtube, and commenting for the worldwide audience in virtual space through blogging. Yes, there can be conflict between old and new. There can be greater consolidation, conglomeration and control by the so-called powers-that-be. At the same time, there can be greater individual expression and greater democratization through the technological advances that are occurring. Today is a day for us to en joy ourselves, to involve ourselves in fun events, to explore outlets of our own creativity. There may be trix, even tricks, along the way but the treats come by taking back the accountability and responsibility for our own individual self-realization. Today we can spread our wings, join with kindred spirits and share good times and discuss the wide-ranging possibilities of brighter futures.

Sunday, November 1st – Sharp Tongues – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. Sunday is the beginning of November and this day starts with the Aries Moon opposed Venus and sextile Neptune. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over eleven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus where it trines Pluto. Sunday also has Mercury square Mars. If we buy into the idea that we are overly constricted by our resources or by other people or by the conditions of our lives, then we could be feeling hard-pressed and even wanting to vent our frustrations and express our anger. While it might be an important release, we have to be careful that we don’t burn ourselves out by needless exertions of energies that are far more counterproductive than beneficial. If we are feeling blocked or not heard, discussions could turn heated and ratchet up into arguments. Why go there? Sunday is a day when we can look at things in a microscopic way, strip away the nonessentials and focus on the truly important and self-affirming. Even if we feel limited by our conditions, we can use the tools we have, hone our skill set, temper our ambitions and then move ahead in planning the most expeditious ways to get things done. This Sunday is a day when it is important for us to embrace the idea of playing the hand we’re dealt. Pining over possibilities that are unrealistic or being envious of other people’s so-called advantages will only distract us and take us from what we can do and how we can best realize our own talents and embrace our own opportunities. Earlier in the day, it might be a good idea for us to get off the track of our normal routine and air out by getting into unfamiliar terrain or doing some thing outside of our usual patterns. Late in the day we could be incredibly resourceful, budgeting our time and our monies to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. We end the day and the week prepared to do our best with what is readily available to us.