October 19th – 25th

If we started clearing the decks over the past weekend, then this week could continue in this vein but with a cautionary note for us not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Although we may want to do an inventory taking and pare down our schedule and the stuff around us, after the first couple of days this week, we move into a far more expansive and exuberant mood.

Mid-week can have us making contacts far and wide. We’re not especially interested in our corner of the world as much as the whole world at large. We may be making plans for visits to friends and even planning holiday getaways. We do need to watch for the volatility with wild swings this week, for we could go from one ascetic extreme to a far more indulgent theme. Let’s keep in mind the wise saying: moderation in all things.

Towards the end of the week and over the weekend, we may decide to take time to look at our financial situation, hone our budget, and see how we can put some monies aside for a rainy day and or future plans.

This week can be a roller coaster with wide swings in emotions. No matter how extreme people’s actions might appear; as the week progresses, we’re looking to be more resourceful and able to stretch our resources — our time, our money, our energy — so that we are concentrating on the truly meaningful.

Monday, October 19th – Financial Tug of War – Jupiter. Monday starts the week with the Scorpio Moon square Jupiter. The key today is to be resourceful — effective and focused regarding our time, money and energy. We might need to cut back on some of our plans. Cutting back means postponing and not necessarily eliminating. While we might want it ‘all’, we may have to take things in pieces rather than all at once. Today is a good day for us to hone, temper and emphasize the truly important activities and projects. We do have to avoid possible resentment as a result of such concentration. If we feel we are doing without then our interactions with other people could be edgy, defensive and at the extreme belligerent. While some bills may be coming due, it would be wise for us to budget, see what we can pay and what me might have to defer and recognize that in so doing we are exercising restraint and shrewd financial management. The days of excess may be more behind us and we may have to be more astute regarding our financial affairs. Let’s be certain that we have some monies put aside for a rainy day and see how we can reduce the pain of high credit card interest rates. Increasingly, we are being asked to work smarter rather than harder. Financial management is one major area to develop our skill set. We can reduce our expenses by seeing where our disposable income goes and those areas of expense that are needless or downright wasteful. We may want what we want, but some things may have to wait until a more appropriate time. Other things may merely be impetuous purchases, brief diversions or short-term alleviations of frustrations. Today is a day to consider what we really need and want and discard the superfluous and extraneous. Planning and budgeting go a long way towards financial stability and security.

Tuesday, October 20th – Everything is Beautiful – Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Mars. Tuesday can be an especially pleasant day. Mercury trines Jupiter and we’re likely to feel upbeat, confident and inspired. Even if we felt blocked in our intended plans yesterday, today gives us an optimistic outlook and the support and encouragement of friends. We continue with the Scorpio Moon which today trines Uranus, squares Neptune and sextiles Saturn before the Moon moves into Sagittarius where it trines Mars. We all have heard the saying that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, and this Tuesday could prove the truth to the statement. We can come up with some interesting insights regarding a best practices approach and then implement them. The more we think outside the box, consider options and alternatives that we have not taken into account, the more we can come up with a streamlined, highly effective way of accomplishing our goals. Not everyone may applaud our new approach. No matter, for we are looking to operate at our optimum and to use the fastest and easiest means to get to where we want to go. Later in the day, our optimism is reinforced. We’re looking to expand our realm, broaden our reach and we have the passion and determination to present ourselves in an upbeat, take-charge kind of style.

Wednesday, October 21st – Up, Up and Away – Venus. The Sagittarius Moon sextiles Venus on this Wednesday. We may feel like a ray of sunshine spreading good cheer on friends far and near. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week seem like some real ‘feelgood’ days, days when we’re walking on the sunny side of the street, optimistic, confident and enthusiastic. Life is good, no matter what seems to be happening in the world around us. Not that we’re being Pollyannas. We’re just not letting the vagaries of world circumstance have too great an impact on us. Can we say that we’re accepting greater responsibility for our attitude and disposition and that we are acknowledging greater accountability for our actions and our behavior? I should say so. One of the beauties of these times is the power of the individual all the while that old institutions, old structures and past conditions try to impose greater control. This Wednesday allows us to spread our wings. Conversations with other people can be uplifting and enlightening. We have greater appreciation for those people in our lives and strong enough within ourselves to tell them so. This Wednesday is a day to reach for the stars, to spread our wings, reach out to other people and broaden our expanse.

Thursday, October 22nd – Manifest Destiny – Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune. Thursday is the 22nd, a Master Number in Numerology that relates to the Master Builder. And this Thursday has the Sagittarius Moon sextile Jupiter, sextile Mercury, square Uranus and sextile Neptune. Our confidence and optimism ignited on Tuesday continues on through much of Thursday. We may feel that there is a path determined for us, as though destiny is calling and that we have no alternative but to ‘follow our bliss’ as Joseph Campbell would suggest. Sharing with others our thoughts and our feelings can provide encouragement and support for our plans and intended itinerary. We may feel as though we are being compelled to do certain things, as though the script for our individual journey has been written. Let’s follow our ‘bliss’. Let’s acknowledge the fact that we have an innate, inner understanding that can supersede what we have been conditioned to do, what we are expected to do. Although unexpected situations could arise that force us to question our plans or our intentions, let’s see any unanticipated variables as but a tap on the shoulder to maintain humility, flexibility and adaptability. Although we were taught to master our universe and make things happen, by letting go of control we open to the wonder of it all. We become co-creators of our personal world with the universal energies contributing to the unfolding. Yes, what a wonderful world in which we live and what wonderful lives we can envision — our manifest destiny.

Friday, October 23rd – Bumping Along – Saturn, Sun, Pluto, Sun Scorpio. Late Thursday, early Friday has the Sagittarius Moon square Saturn and sextile the Sun just before the Sun exits Libra to enter Scorpio. The Moon then moves into Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto. The last three days may have seemed like a walk in the park, or a romp through the fluffy clouds. Possibilities, prospects and potentials may have captivated our attention and given us much-needed respite from the mundane world. It may have served as an important tonic, allowing us to recapture an exuberance and enthusiasm for life and how we would choose to live our lives… if only we could. And we can. The abstract, the conceptual are both very important for they are truly the seeds of our future. What we think, we manifest. We are truly powerful creatures, and our minds significant tools to mould and fashion possibilities into realities. In recent times, we have misused our gifts and capabilities and consequently sought to control everything and bend our world to our will. Now we are having the opportunity to get right with the universe and instead of trying to master the universe and being out of snych with true reality, we have the opportunity of getting back into harmony with the universal energies. Either we choose to do so, or the universe will assist us in doing so or even compel us to do so. From the past three days of wonderful mental meanderings, and even getting off the track of our daily routine, Friday allows us to focus on what we need to do. We may have gotten some ideas as to where we want to get to, what we want to do and how we want to do it. But now on this Friday and over the weekend, we have the opportunity of putting spirit into action. Friday is a day for us to do some serious inventory taking, to see what is truly important in our lives and those things that are merely distractions and wastes of time. We are looking at a good autumnal cleanse, similar to nature in the northern hemisphere where the leaves fall from the trees and the trees are revealed in their bare bone structure of limbs, branches and trunk. So too for ourselves. Friday and some of this weekend is a good time for us to focus on the bare bones, the truly essential, and the meaningful. We are looking at getting to the substance of things, cutting to the core and getting to the heart of the matter. Now is a time for us to restructure our lives, looking at our involvements and seeing what works for us and those situations that are wasting our time. We may prefer to have our head in the clouds but from that expansive viewpoint we can now place our feet on the ground and put our plans into action.

Saturday, October 24th – Clear Up, Clean Out, for Better Days Tomorrow – Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Neptune, Venus. Saturday has the Scorpio Sun sextile Pluto and Mercury trine Neptune. The Capricorn Moon squares Venus. Have you ever noticed how much stuff gets in our way? We all do it. We all have either too much stuff or too many activities or too…. Saturday allows us an opportunity to pare down, get rid of, and eliminate much of the extraneous stuff that trips us up or keeps us from doing other things. This Saturday is a good one to do a serious clear up and clean out. Not everyone may be appreciative of this autumnal cleanse so there could be some naysayers or holders-on that just don’t want to let go. Yet today is a good day to go through our closets, our cabinets, our contacts and see what is presently of use and what we haven’t used or been involved with for awhile. Let’s keep in mind the wise saying that the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled. Not that we have to throw baby out with bath water, but a good inventory taking and then clearing up and cleaning out will make room for items, activities and projects that are far more useful and in tune with where we are and where we want to go as opposed to clinging on to the memorabilia of where we have been.

Sunday, October 25th – Personal Tugs of War – Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Sun. Sunday could be a day when personal relationships could prove a little frosty. The Capricorn Moon sextiles Uranus, squares Mercury and trines Saturn, before the Moon moves into Aquarius where it squares the Sun. If the changes we have been going through are evident to other people, not everyone may be supportive of our metamorphosis. While we can be productive today, we have to be careful that we are not carrying the weight of the world, or the individual weight of some particular person, on our shoulders. We want to do things spontaneously today, and do things that both enliven us and can help us reach our goals. Someone might take offense. If that proves to be the case, we may have to question how good a friend or relationship we have with that person. We are not looking to be limited by other people’s expectations or their definition of us based upon past experiences. We want to be free. We have to be the evolving, unfolding new sense of self. Today is a day to march to our own drummer, even if people are assuming that our rhythm is cacophony and dissonance, and that we are being too self-absorbed. Today is a day for us to experiment, try new things and allow ourselves to do what we want on the whim of the moment. We become more aware of whom we are becoming by trying the unfamiliar and breaking free of old patterns.