October 12th – 18th

We may feel that a weight has been lifted from our shoulders this week. Our focus turns to friendly gatherings and future plans. We’re looking to find creative outlets for ourselves. We’ll have encouragement from some people but with others we might experience opposition, even to the point of serious rupture.

Reunions, reconnections this week can have us taking a walk down Memory Lane, reminiscing about past times and recalling forgotten incidents. While it might be important to remember the old days, let’s be sure not to get stuck there. And it’s important we not allow others to guilt us into doing something based upon some past, long forgotten obligation.

This week is one to engage in social gatherings and enjoy Autumnal festivals and fairs. Although we may find our ‘to do’ list long, it would be wise for us to do what needs to be done and put off for another day those things that can be easily postponed.

The weekend has some very pleasant energies. Let’s get out and about. Share special moments with those important friends. As we come towards the end of the weekend, we may decide upon a good Fall cleaning, getting rid of those things that have been lying around or that have only added to the clutter. We may be looking back at the old, but once done, it’s time to get rid of the outworn and move on into the future with our support system of good friends and loved ones encouraging us.

Monday, October 12th – Fun Times with Good Friends – Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter direct. Monday begins the week with Mars sextile Saturn and the Moon in Leo sextile Mercury. We can use this day to clean up, straighten out and attend to various details of our everyday lives. Is that all there is? Definitely not. Although we can deal with our responsibilities in an expeditious manner today, we’re also looking for some good times with friends. We want to enjoy ourselves, put a smile on our face and we want to do so with our significant other and/or our friends. Perhaps the most significant energy event of the day is Jupiter ending its four-month retrograde cycle. We may feel as though a weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We could feel far more upbeat, ready to put into operation our long-term plans. Our confidence could prove stronger now, and we could see ourselves walking on the sunny side of the street. No parade rainers for us today. We are far more interested in a ‘can do’ attitude. Our enthusiasm is not unrealistic since we seem capable of expanding our activities in a methodic, well-considered manner. We do feel more energetic, less lethargic and less at the mercy of the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. Today is an upbeat day and a good day for us to stop and smell the roses or at least embrace the fun aspects of living.

Tuesday, October 13th – Playing Catch-Up – Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Neptune. Tuesday might have us playing catch-up with affairs that we have neglected, outstanding matters that we need to resolve. Venus conjuncts Saturn and Venus sextiles Mars today. We also have the Leo Moon sextile the Sun and the Moon opposed both Jupiter and Neptune. We may feel responsible for someone else’s situation and we could easily get involved with other people’s issues today. We might feel that we can fix any problem, solve any difficulty and provide both emotional support and helpful assistance to other people. While we can certainly be a big help today, it is also important that we do not become overly distracted by other people’s needs. This day can be a highly productive day when we can virtually clear the decks and take on new projects or involve ourselves in new activities. We do have to avoid overload and the thought that we can master all things quickly and effectively. Let’s be selective, prioritizing our time according to the most important matters to address. Relationships could prove a little dicey today. We might feel that we are at the top of our game but other people might think we are a little bit full of ourselves. Balance today is truly essential. It would be easy for us to do too much or feel that we can master the world and do it better than anyone else. Such an attitude, especially if broadcast to the world, could generate resentment in other people. Let’s do what we can but spread the credit around for what we might have accomplished.

Wednesday, October 14th – Putting it Together – Pluto, Venus Libra. Wednesday has the Moon in Virgo trine Pluto. Today is one of those days when we neatly fit together the pieces to the puzzle. We can be highly effective and productive today. If we take care of the small details, the bigger picture is likely to get flushed out. This is one of those days when we can accomplish more than we might have thought possible. It would be wise to create a prioritized ‘to do’ list today. Let’s take care of our tasks at hand but then give some time to those projects and activities that are geared to our long-range goals. The beauty of this day is our ability to focus on the details and the specifics yet always keeping in mind the most expeditious ways by which to realize our ambitions. We are grounded, doing our due diligence and not likely to allow any small issues to fall between the cracks. Venus leaves Virgo and enters its own Sign of Libra where it creates a Stellium of three or more planets in Libra as Venus joins Mercury and the Sun in the Cardinal Air Sign. We are looking for balance, the complement to ourselves and are likely to be far more diplomatic, gracious and receptive to other people’s needs.

Thursday, October 15th – My Way Highway – Venus, Pluto, Uranus. The Virgo Moon opposes Uranus and Venus squares Pluto on this Thursday. If our emotions don’t get in our way, we could blend our attention to detail with a visionary, abstract sense that would allow us to come up with innovative, unique and creative ways to pursue our projects. That’s a big ‘if’, for people could be a little edgy today regarding their social interactions. We have to be wary that we’re not looking for the double entendres, imagining slights when there are none or being a little too hypercritical. We may be feeling slightly insecure, discontent with our personal situation and seeking some form of venting or even retribution for any misunderstandings or miscommunications. Everyone needs to lighten up on this Thursday or we might experience people drawing lines in the sand, setting the bar too high for social interactions and demanding that people conform to their viewpoint or not engage them at all. Today is one of those days when it is essential to maintain social decorum, not accept things on first impression or assume that we have fully understood the intentions of someone else’s statements. We could be hypercritical today and find flaws in other people without considering our own frailties. We might accept the attitude that a strong offense is a good defense, and critique situations with a hyper-demanding approach. It is important that we cut everyone, including ourselves, some slack today. A good tonic for the build-up of intensity today is to allow ourselves to do at least one thing spontaneously, feel that we are free to do what we want, even if it is but a momentary interlude from our normal schedule. We need to vent and getting out into nature or going to our happy safe place in our mind’s eye could prove a good way to ratchet down the intensity and keep our cool.

Friday, October 16th – Living for the Weekend – Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Venus, Mars Leo. Friday has the Sun trine Neptune, and we may be far more interested in our possibilities and plans rather than dealing with the tasks at hand. We are looking for the good life and not especially interested in the down and dirty of everyday living. Nice concept, but it could also be living in a fantasy world and not a world we can fully engage. For Friday also starts off with the Moon in Virgo conjunct Saturn and the Moon sextile Mars. With the weekend at our doorstep, we want to get as much done and clear the decks of matters needing our attention before coming into this weekend. We may feel on overwhelm, as if our ‘to do’ list never is accomplished but rather as we get one thing done several more things need to be done. We have to be careful not to feel behind the eight ball, merely reactive to situations and taking an attitude that we are but a cog in the wheel with little self-determination. Let’s put our nose to the grindstone and just do what we need to do without emotion, without resentment but solely as a function of our responsibilities. Concentrating our attention on tasks at hand, we can get a great deal accomplished. The key element is focus, paying attention to one thing at a time and checking each one off our list as we complete it and proceed with the next item on our list. The Moon then moves into Libra where it squares Pluto and conjuncts Venus. Although someone might impose upon us, let’s keep in mind that the energies shift quickly and dramatically during these times. Whatever needs to be done, whatever someone else might ask of us, let’s take care of outstanding matters, do what we can, all with the eye of taking a break from our normal routine and enjoying time with those special people in our lives as the day progresses and over the weekend. From an attitude of taking care of business, we launch into the weekend feeling energized and looking forward to some fun events. Social interactions late in the day can offer special moments with that significant someone. We can better appreciate the quality of our life by the blessings of those people who sprinkle our lives with love, affection and camaraderie. Mars moves out of Cancer and enters Leo today. We feel more energized, more interested in expressing our unique talents and looking to walk on the sunny side of the street.

Saturday, October 17th – Autumn Leaves – Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune. Saturday can be a fun day, a day to take in autumn fairs and festivals, a day to spend time with friends in uplifting social discourse, and a day to get off the track and enjoy the beauty of doing life. Today, the Libra Moon conjuncts Mercury and trines both Neptune and Jupiter. We are likely to feel good, and looking to enjoy ourselves. We aren’t interested in the sordid and difficult today. We could easily escape into a wonderland of possibilities, sharing prospects with friends, emphasizing all the good things about life. We might indulge our appetites today and we do have to avoid excess, eating too much, spending too much, drinking too much. If we maintain moderation in all things, then this day could be one when we sample a variety of events, a sprinkling of various contacts with friends and a kaleidoscope of memorable moments. This Saturday can be a primo day. We might not accomplish a great deal and we might be far more interested in putting our errands aside and just enjoying ourselves. And why not? During these times, it is essential that we give to ourselves, that we en joy ourselves and that we look at life with a positive and appreciative attitude. We could refer to this Saturday as a ‘mental health’ day, a day to embrace our possibilities, seek out those people that are fun and positive, and find those events that allow us to marvel at the wonders of it all.

Sunday, October 18th – From the Sublime… – Libra Lunation, Sun, Mars, Pluto. Sunday begins with the Libra New Moon as the Moon conjuncts the Sun. This Lunation trines Neptune and kicks off a fortnight when there can be a great deal of discussion regarding reforms, changes, possibilities and prospects. We may find ourselves focusing more on the ‘what if’ than present day reality. This day can be incredibly pleasant especially at the beginning of the day. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Libra and enters Scorpio where it squares Mars and then sextiles Pluto. We might feel as though someone, or our responsibilities, have rained on our parade. From a sense of enjoying the good life and not allowing reality to intrude upon our imaginative, fantasy world, we may suddenly feel as though we have to cut away the excess, rid ourselves of certain items or situations and focus instead on cleaning up and clearing out. Although we might resent having to attend to errands or tasks at hand, once we accept our need to do so, then we can expedite the process. Let’s keep in mind, almost mantram-like, the idea of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. As we get rid of the outmoded, extraneous and non-productive elements of our lives, we make room for more vital, enlivening situations to come forward. We may start the day in our wonderland of possibilities, but then we make room by eliminating stuff from our lives for new possibilities to come in.