September 14th – 20th

We may be juggling our daily responsibilities with new interests this week.  While we are looking for adventure, let’s be careful not to involve ourselves in situations that seem good at first glance but could prove no-win entanglements once we get involved.  Commitments made this week should be tentative and open to reconsideration as changing circumstances warrant.

This week is one of those weeks when we may be constantly on the run.  Unexpected incidents could arise that demand our time and attention.  We have to be careful not to drop the ball of our usual obligations.  We might feel on overwhelm and it would be wise to plan for a restful, relaxing weekend.  The week itself certainly won’t be, and we’ll need some quiet time and re-creation over the weekend to make up for the craziness of this week.

Nervous anxiety could be strong this week.  We might feel as though we haven’t a clue regarding what’s going on and what we should be doing.  It’s important not to judge ourselves, but instead to keep up the pace, be nimble and quick, and able to adapt to suddenly changing conditions.

Although we may feel stressed, it would be wise for us not to vent our frustrations on our loved ones.  People may have high expectations for other people, and this attitude could trigger frictions in our interactions.  We might even get to the point of weighing our friendships as truly worthy or good only under fair weather conditions.


Monday, September 14th – Paved with Good Intentions – Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury.  The week starts off pleasantly enough with the Cancer Moon sextile the Sun, sextile Saturn and trine Uranus.  We may feel energized, ready to take on the small details of our lives, all the while attending to business in order to make room for new interests and new activities.  Today can have us expediting our tasks, streamlining our operations and clearing up outstanding matters that may have been hanging over us.  This Monday can be a highly productive day as long as we focus on micromanaging all the while that we look up now and again to consider where we are and where we are going.  Things can fall neatly into place today.  It’s as if we’re in the right place at the right time and things are coming our way.  Where a problem would arise is either feeling supremely confident that the worst is behind us with clear-sailing straight ahead or being so distracted with possibilities that we lose sight of the specifics and entranced only by the big picture.  It is essential we keep in mind that during these times of ratcheted-up volatility, things can turn on a dime, immediately, instantly, often with no forewarning.  Flexibility and adaptability are keys for both our survival and our thriving during these transformational times.  While we can straighten things around our environment, we can also add some interesting new touches that provide a means to be more effective with less expenditure of energy and offer a symbol of our embracing the shapeshifting that we, as individuals and as a society, are going through.  As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over eight and a half hours making no further connections as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo.  The energy dies down.  We start the day in a highly focused and productive manner but then the energy moves into a lull.  In these volatile times, times when we need to keep a watchful eye on conditions changing abruptly and unanticipated circumstances occurring, it is essential for us to recognize that there are times of intense, speeded-up energy and other times when things slow down to almost a halt.  This Monday provides an opportunity to see the speed-up and then slow down.  Later in the day, as the Moon enters Leo and sextiles Mercury, we may find that we are interested in special moments with those significant people in our lives.  Whether we choose to have a social occasion or just chat up our friends, the evening would be a good time to consider plans for fun times and entertaining events.

Tuesday, September 15th – Monkeywrenches and Irritations – Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Neptune.  If we don’t believe that things can turn quickly from one attitude or disposition to another, a sense of schizophrenia today could make us aware of the volatility of these times. On this Tuesday, we have our recent nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition, which has haunted us since last Autumn, back in the picture and exact today.  Our battle between old and new is again engaged and highlighted.  The question as to whether to draw upon past experience or to chuck it all in a free flow of self-expression is back in the picture and full focused.  Although we may feel the dialectic of either – or as the way to approach this conundrum of past and future, perhaps a better approach than confrontation would be synthesis, drawing upon that which has been effective, useful and essential in the past and retune, refine or rework it for present and future parameters.  There is no need for us to throw the baby out with the bath water, for it is important for us not to assume that we have to throw over everything we have drawn upon in the past in order to have a blank canvas on which to draw for our present and our future.  On the contrary, if we can keep in mind the suspension bridge and lay down slats in order to get from our past into our future, then we can draw upon the truly productive elements of our past in order to get us into a new future.  In Taoism there is the recognition of yin and yang energies and that within yang energy is the apparent seed of its opposite yin energy and within yin energy is the apparent seed of its opposite yang energy.  Both make up the dynamic of the Tao and so too is it for us.  Even if we are pushed and pulled between old and new, we can distill the essence from both and create for ourselves a balanced, centered life.  This Tuesday also has Venus in Leo opposed Neptune in Aquarius and the Moon still transiting through Leo.  We have to be careful that during this tug-of-war between the predictable and unpredictable we don’t buy into our opinions, or other people’s judgments and lose our flexibility, adaptability and willingness to shift and change according to the changing parameters.  People could become belligerent, fixed in their opinions and put on blinders to any countervailing indications.  There may be monkeywrenches and irritations today but a little humility and getting out of our own way would go a long way to making the crossing along the balance beam far more successful and productive.

Wednesday, September 16th – First, the Spotlight, then, the Focus – Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto.  Wednesday continues with the Leo Moon, which today opposes both Jupiter and Neptune and conjuncts Venus.  Following on yesterday’s self-adoration, this Wednesday raises a cautionary red flag for us not to get swayed or seduced by those presentations, feelings or self-absorptions that appeal to our sense of the way we want things to be.  We could easily fall prey to images and illusions that have little basis in reality but rather emphasize wish fulfillment.  Nice concept and certainly plays into the law of attraction whereby like little children we can assume that we can draw to ourselves everything we want and avoid the less pleasant aspects of doing life.  It does call to mind the admonition: ‘be careful what you wish for.’  Wednesday can be a day when we can feel ourselves in the spotlight, considering all sorts of possibilities without an inner editor, monitor and critique.  That is fine and certainly an uplifting aspect for a mental health day.  But in our thoughts and ideas of the way things could be, should be, we also need to keep in mind the vagaries of these times and not get fixed or rigid in our plans or intentions.  While the day begins with us on a ‘high’ and open to all sorts of prospects for our future, let’s keep it in the mental meanderings phase.  As the day progresses the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over seven and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo where it trines Pluto.  If we have not gotten carried by our enthusiasm and the encouragement of our ardent supporters and moved ahead from planning and considering all possibilities into executing and manifesting our most cherished notions, then the latter part of the day allows us to focus on the truly important and meaningful.  We can then take our greatest idea, test its validity and utilize a best practices approach to lay the groundwork for the realization of our dreams. 

Thursday, September 17th – Rocks and Hard Places – Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Mercury Virgo.  Today reminds us of the roller coaster ride on which we have bought a ticket.  Of course some of us might consider this roller coaster more like Mr. Toad’s Wild Rice screeching along, bumping along, weaving wildly back and forth… or are we going up and down?  Certainly emotionally, we’re likely to be doing the ups and downs.  This Thursday has the Sun opposed Uranus, the Sun conjunct Saturn and Mercury square Pluto.  We may wonder whether we are coming and going.  The Sun triggers our recent and long continuing nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition with the Sun opposed Uranus and Sun conjunct Saturn today.  Mercury in Libra squares Pluto before Mercury retrogrades back into its own Sign of Virgo.  The one respite from a particularly intense day is the Virgo Moon sextile Mars.  Today is a day to have our plans on paper, although written in pencil with a large eraser at the ready.  And it is a day to keep in mind, almost mantram-like, the importance of being flexible and adaptable.  We may have a great deal to attend to on this Thursday, and instead of dealing with it we might prefer to take a ‘mental health’ day, get out of Dodge or just pull the covers over our head.  Whatever we have planned for this day and it would be wise to have some clear intention for the day, things may not go according to plan.  We have to be wary that we don’t fall into a victim role, feel overwhelmed by the vagaries of life circumstance nowadays or that we play the blame game, looking for someone or some thing to fixate on as the cause of our problems and frustrations.  We all need to buck up and accept accountability and responsibility.  Once we do so, then we can play the hand we’re dealt.  While our insights can be to the point today, so too can our discussions be sharp and prickly, with our conversations liable to ratchet up to snide comments and stinging rebukes.  People could be feeling on edge today so let’s be aware, vigilant, mindful and non-reactive to the crazies in the world around us.

Friday, September 18th – Critical Times with an Ever-Changing Landscape – Virgo Lunation, Uranus, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Pluto.  Friday gives us the Virgo New Moon with a stellium of three or more planets in Virgo.  This powerpack of four planets in Virgo — the Moon, Sun, Saturn and Mercury — all in a tight conjunction gives an imprint for the next fortnight.  The lunation opposes Uranus.  This day can be a critical day that brings many issues to a head or a precipitous point.  The battle of old and new is well engaged, and the only winner could prove to be exhaustion, frustration and discontent.  Issues not dealt with, irrational exuberance once again being revealed as a seductive fantasy, and a general malaise could generate widespread discontent.  Although we might be fully aware of problems we face, we have to keep our wits about us in order to come up with a viable solution and not merely feel either reactive to situations or wanting to flee the scene and start from a blank canvas somewhere else.  A tendency towards escapism could prove strong today, especially if we feel that we have been backed into a corner and backed in not by our actions but rather by the ever-changing landscape in which we find ourselves.  Anxiety may be on the rise and certainly there are various areas that can contribute to such fearfulness — relationships, discontent, financial, economic, work, jobs, health, illness, geopolitical, governmental, weather, nature, and on and on.  We might assume that there is a perfect storm brewing with various problem areas escalating into a tsunami-like wave and generating fear of being swept away.  While we cannot change some of the landscape, we can determine our attitude and our disposition towards the things operating in the world at large and minimize their impact on our personal lives.  Changes may be extreme and there will be some that cling to the past, to the ‘tried and true’, once tried no longer true.  Others may embrace change but in so doing embracing change for the sake of change without clear focus, determined plans or detailed specifics as to how to get from here to there.  Once again, the battle of old and new is engaged.  Rather than an either – or scenario whereby there has to be a win – lose in the dualistic engagement, it would be wise for us to create a synthesis taking the best from each to create something grander without denying the past or fearing the future.  We may not have the road map but let’s keep in mind that every journey begins with a first step.  As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Virgo and enters Libra where it squares Pluto.  During these times of volatility, it is essential to keep in mind that in any transformational phase there is a process of refining, reworking and retuning.  Even as we explore possibilities for ourselves, we can keep and develop that which truly works for us and discard that which proves dysfunctional or non-productive.  Without the leavening process, we could fall back on the blame game, give people or situations greater control over ourselves than life would warrant, and then be passive, albeit highly critical, observers of our lives.

Saturday, September 19th – Seeking Solace – Mars.  If the week wasn’t wild and wooly enough for us, then we’re likely to be fanatics for extreme sports and even extreme life.  This week would seem to have had all the ingredients for a turbulent and tumultuous time whereby the sense of stability and security would have been something hoped for but always beyond our grasp.  Saturday quiets down to some extent as the Libra Moon squares Mars.  We might use this day to run errands, concentrate on an autumnal cleaning and look at fix-up projects around our home.  We might seek solace in the comfort of our home and family.  As though the world has recently shown itself to be a topsy-turvy, even unfriendly, environment at times, we might want to withdraw into the comfort zone of our familiar and our supportive. Today and tomorrow are good days to give emphasis to our own sanctuary, to accepting ourselves as co-creators of both our present and our future, and find that space internally and externally whereby we not only survive but truly thrive.  Increasingly, we will come to the realization of life as cycles with its various phases, even if those phases seem more extreme than in times past.  We need to ‘go with the flow’ but we also need to find the most effective means by which to deal with the world around us and grow into a life self-fulfilling and truly expressive of ourselves.  It is important that during these times we embrace the idea of ‘bloom where you are planted’.

Sunday, September 20th – In a World of Our Own – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune.  Just as this past week might have presented us with severe challenges, the weekend and especially this Sunday could offer us some truly pleasant interactions with the significant people in our lives.  Sunday has the Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus exiting Leo to enter Virgo where it trines Pluto.  The Libra Moon trines Jupiter and trines Neptune.  This day is a good day to catch our breath, give thought to what is truly going on in our lives, to reflect on where we have been and offer encouragement to the possibilities for our future.  Getting together with friends and loved ones today can provide both nurturing comfort and a good sounding board.  We might feel as though we are in the eye of a storm, but now with the storm swirling around us, rather than consuming us or sweeping us away.  Today is a day to see the backdrop of our lives and to discuss how we can best develop our interests, improve our lives and flourish during these volatile times.  Getting off the track, going into nature and taking time to see the natural procession in the real world of nature can provide sustenance and a calming that can counteract any upsets we have witnessed or experienced during these recent times.  Too often we get caught up in what is going on around us without considering and evaluating the true impact of such events, which in deep consideration may seem truly extraneous to our day-in, day-out lives.  Sunday offers us the ability to be far more discerning, to focus on the truly important and to clear away some of the distractions and diversions that have kept us numb and on overwhelm.  The simple things in life can be attractive and soul-satisfying to us on this Sunday.  As the day winds down, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for ten hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio.  Sunday is a day for us to rest, relax and enjoy the company and uplift of family and friends.  Life is good.