August 24th – 30th

This week is a time of switching gears.  While the week begins pleasantly enough, the mid-week period could prove challenging with intense energies crashing down.  This is an explosive time, a time when people are likely to be going to extremes.  We need to be aware and watch that the intensity doesn’t overly impact us.  It would be wise for us to count to ten before any response and to take an objective detached perspective regarding what is going on.

The mid-week may have us feeling like we’re on a carousel that is speeding up and spinning out of control.  Reactions can be belligerent, discussions turning into arguments, actions turning into violent exchanges.  Tuesday and Wednesday could be the height of insanity.  Nothing should be said or done without considering the ramifications and possible consequences.  People might be on short fuses right now, so let’s walk gingerly and maintain constant vigilance for potential flare-ups.

It would be wise to note the news headlines this week, for they could give an indication of some problem areas we might have to address as a society over the next two-three years. 

Once over the mid-week hump, life settles down and seems far more pleasant.  Any blow-ups can be discussed and easily resolved.  People become far more interested in focusing on their creativity, seeing another person’s best side and are less likely to be defensive or feeling on edge.

The weekend would be a time to concentrate on what really speaks to us, clear away clutter and recognize that everyone doesn’t have to be on the same page regarding their opinions or actions.  Everyone just needs to be respectful of each other’s individuality.  A whipsaw week, this week is best handled by being detached and by not flying off the handle.


Monday, August 24th – Making Nice – Lunar Grand Trine, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Sun.  Monday starts the week off pleasantly enough.  We continue with the Libra Moon which today squares Libra-ruling Venus in Cancer and creates a Grand Trine in the Air Element with the Libra Moon trine Neptune in Aquarius and trine Mars in Gemini.  Everyone is making nice today which each other.  There is a greater degree of consideration and appreciation that we’re all going through ‘interesting times’.  Some of our conciliatory attitude towards others may be a characteristic of ‘misery loves company’ but no matter.  We are enjoying other people’s company and interested in touching base with those special people in our lives.  While we might want to stay at home and spend personal quality time by resting, relaxing, fixing up our home and catching our breath, and subconsciously preparing for the next couple of days, today is a day to focus on other people’s interests and to spend time with people.  We might become aware of options and alternatives that we have not previously considered.  We could find encouragement from other people’s support and enthusiasm for our intended plans.  As the day progresses, the Moon exits Libra and enters Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto and sextiles the Sun.  From a myriad of thoughts, ideas and discussions earlier in the day, we can move into pragmatic action and put our plans into motion with effective, concentrated steps that deal with the substance of the situation in a detailed, pragmatic manner.  This Monday can be a primo day of good times with good friends and concentrated efforts.  It would be wise to recognize that the next two days could prove very intense, so let’s enjoy Monday but not assume that the good feelings and high energy today lasts into tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 25th – Simmering, Spitting, Spewing – Mercury, Mars, Mercury Libra, Mars Cancer.  Tuesday is a different beast to Monday.  And a beast it could prove to be. Tuesday has two major Sign changes with Mercury exiting its own Sign of Virgo to enter Libra and Mars exiting Mercury-ruled Gemini to enter Cancer.  Just as they make their respective Sign changes, they square each other, which also serves as a prelude to tomorrow’s square of Mercury to Pluto and tomorrow’s opposition of Mars to Pluto.  Things could start percolating on this Tuesday with intensity added by the Moon transiting through Scorpio.  Tuesday is a day to watch our tongue, to count to ten before reacting to situations and to be wary of being either too belligerent and forceful or too accommodating and capitulating.  Sarcasm can be strong today.  People may not say exactly what they mean and there can be an undercurrent associated with backhanded compliments.  Today is one of those days when it is important to read between the lines, not take anything at face value and not react to perceived slights.  Although Monday is a very pleasant day, we could be rather disappointed if we have the same expectations for this Tuesday.  Since the energy will be ratcheting up through tomorrow, today is a day to be certain that we are not looking to win our point at someone else’s expense and to condition ourselves by striving for patience, detachment and a bemused attitude regarding life’s foibles.

Wednesday, August 26th – Volcanic Eruptions, Natural or Manmade – Mercury, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Leo.  Wednesday could be one of those over-the-top kind of days, a day when all hell could break loose and things run amok.  Life may be on hair trigger responses today, if we are not careful, vigilant, mindful and aware.  Yes, the keywords of these times — awareness and mindfulness — are fully called for on this Wednesday.  Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto.  We have a T-Square in Cardinal Signs and this day could trigger various initiations, launches and radical actions.  It would be wise for us to notate what is going on in the world now, for we are moving towards a two-three year T-Square during the 2010-2012 period as Pluto in Capricorn is squared by Saturn moving into Libra at the end of this October and Pluto is squared by Uranus moving into Aries during this next year.  We have already witnessed implications and the radical volatilities of the Saturn Uranus opposition operational since last Fall.  And now we’re about to ratchet the energies up even more as we come later into this year and especially during the 2010 into 2012 period.  This Wednesday could offer us a prelude regarding areas that might present issues for us to deal with.  This Wednesday also has the Moon in Scorpio square both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, sextile Saturn in Virgo and trine Uranus in Pisces.  If we have been going along, singing a song, thinking that life has returned to the abundant, good old days of relatively recent times, then we could be in for a rude awakening or even feeling like the floor is opening up beneath us.  Today is a day to focus on the essence, the substance, the core.  We can be incredibly insightful and ready to rid ourselves of the extraneous.  But we do need to be aware and mindful regarding the parameters of the conditions and also flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.  Now is a time for letting go of our preconceived notions, the way we wish things were, and accept the radically shifting sands of these times.  Like birthing pains, for some people this day could prove excruciating but especially to those trying to hold on to past programs, old habitual patterns.  It is important for us to be wary of knee-jerk reactions.  The energies today can be explosive, violent with verbal lashings a possibility and physical assaults a liability.  I don’t believe in barring the windows and locking the doors, but if I did, this day would be one of those days to consider doing so.  Keeping a low profile today might keep us out of harm’s way.  The Moon does go Void-of-Course for almost nine hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius.  While a Void-of-Course Moon would normally indicate a dying down of the energies and a somewhat stagnant period, today is far from being stagnant.  On the contrary, this day is far more explosive and bombastic.  Venus exits Cancer and moves into Leo.  With all this intensity circling around, we might find our passions fully engaged.  What we do with them will determine whether our passions are productive love interests or destructive hate engagements.  [notez bien, a.k.a. heads-up… This day begins a nine week roller coaster ride, or is it a runaway train?  Please check my Autumn Alert that is posted on my website and was in my Summer e-letter addressing some of my concerns].

Thursday, August 27th – After the Fury – Venus, Mercury, Sun.  Thursday seems like the calm after the storm, even if the winds are still howling and the waves still lashing the shore.  We may still be feeling the influence of yesterday’s Pluto interaction with both Mercury and Mars.  But this Thursday has the Sagittarius Moon trine Venus, sextile Mercury and square the Sun.  We may want to get out of Dodge, step off the track, take a mental health day and focus on having fun or, at least, a respite from the intensity of these times.  Taking a philosophical approach to life, engaging the bigger picture and not getting enmeshed in the minutiae would be important today.  Sharing our thoughts and our feelings with those close to us can provide a sense of support, comfort and nurture.  We might want to take in a movie, a concert, buy some songs on iTunes or just chill out.  Let’s concentrate on the good things in life, those activities that bring a smile to our face and enliven us.  Now is a time for inspiration and walking on the sunny side of the street.  Let’s keep in mind that attitude is an essential ingredient to both how we are feeling and the circumstances we draw to ourselves. 

Friday, August 28th – Picking Up the Pieces – Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn.  Friday adds to the upbeat nature that we might have engaged yesterday.  We continue with the Sagittarius Moon which today sextiles Jupiter and squares Saturn.  Mercury sextiles Venus.  No matter our responsibilities or those things we need to address, we might find ourselves postponing some of our ‘to do’ list of activities.  Whether we are looking to squeeze some more summertime fun out of the month, or just looking at taking more time to catch our breath and recharge our batteries, this Friday could find us more interested in stretching beyond our normal parameters, enjoying ourselves through distractions and diversions and putting on hold some of the things that need to get done.  Even if we try to take care of business today, we would have to be careful not to gloss over details or skip important aspects just to get things done.  Far better to take time for some end of summertime fun than trying to roll a boulder up a mountain and be attentive to our tasks at hand when we are barely concentrating on them.  There will be time to play catch-up with our obligations and that may come as soon as tomorrow.

Saturday, August 29th – No Rest for the Weary – Neptune, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Mercury.  Remember Wednesday of this week?  If we tended to forget, then this Saturday offers us a reminder and the ability to consider some of the issues that could prove problem areas over the next two-three years.  The day begins with the Moon in Sagitarrius sextile Neptune and square Uranus.  We might have planned a continuation of the la-de-da attitude of the past two days, making plans with friends with an emphasis upon fun.  We are, however, in times of dramatic and immediate changes and today could show us that no matter how well conceived our plans might have been, unexpected situations can crop up that throw a monkeywrench in the spokes of our wheels.  Remember these times call for flexibility and adaptability and today could have us flexing those tendons.  While our schedule might be thrown a curveball, we might also feel as though we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, for something to happen.  We might not know what that something might be and in deed we could play something of a waiting game since the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over nine hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto and creates a T-Square by opposing Mars in Cancer and squaring Mercury in Libra.  It’s back!  Wednesday’s T-Square of Mercury square Pluto and Mars opposed Pluto is replicated today, thanks to the Moon coming into Capricorn.  We have to be aware that we might have more on our plate later in the day than we could have ever intended.  Pulls on us can come from home and family projects and also the needs of other people.  We might feel like the adult at the party, taking on our own responsibilities and virtually all of those of everyone else around us.  Today could prove to be one of those exhausting days when we have so much on our plate that we’re feeling a total sense of overwhelm.  We do need to watch our response, avoid any knee-jerk reactions and be certain that we’re taking care of ourselves, all the while that we’re being asked to take care of other people’s needs and issues.

Sunday, August 30th – Time to Regroup – Sun.  Sunday has the Capricorn Moon trine the Sun in Virgo.  Today is a good day to make our plans, regroup and consider the most expeditious means by which to accomplish all of the various projects we need to attend to.  We may be exhausted from and by yesterday, so today would better serve us in a planning phase rather than trying to get it all done.  Let’s keep in mind, even during these volatile times when we’re being asked to juggle ever more activities in an ever shorter period of time, that we do need times of rest, times to recharge our batteries and times to regroup.  We cannot keep on keeping on, for that would be a fast lane to burnout, overload and overwhelm.