August 17th – 23rd

This week, we may feel the end of summer is fast approaching and we might look to grab all the gusto we can.  This is a highly active week with wild swings of energy.  Like a roller coaster, we might have extreme peaks and dips.  Let’s keep our wits about us, since we may be in high gear, trying to cover all the bases, but possibly not looking at the specifics. 

We could be enamored with surprises.  We should be certain to take care of what needs to be done and then survey the landscape before starting off in new directions.  If we try to do things too quickly and not be mindful, the liability towards accidents would be high.  It’s important that we look before we leap into any situation.  The more we blueprint, the more we plan, the more capable we shall be of accepting opportunities that come up.

Change is in the air.  A sense of Autumn and a return to our daily routine can have us grasping to have as much fun as possible this week.  Let’s try new things, engage with new people.  We’re looking to spice up our life, but some of the additions might have to be re-considered.

Over the weekend, there are some pleasant interactions with others.  We feel more ged, less likely to jump at anything that captures our fancy.  Let’s enjoy social occasions but keep in mind that we’re in process of getting back on track with our normal life. 

[N.B.  a.k.a heads-up… A fairly intense energy configuration will be occurring next week… On the 26th, there is a T-Square in the Cardinal Signs with Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer opposed Pluto.  This is a highly explosive situation so be certain to be vigilant, mindful and aware.  Some of the areas highlighted during this time could also serve as a prelude to the forthcoming Saturn, Uranus and Pluto T-Square in Cardinal Signs from 2010 through 2012.]

Monday, August 17th – One Foot on the Ground – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Venus.  Monday is a high energy day to start a most volatile week.  The Sun sextiles Mars and opposes Neptune.  Mercury conjuncts Saturn.  Mars trines Neptune.  The Cancer Moon today conjuncts Venus, sextiles Saturn and sextiles Mercury.  We may want to have several irons in the fire today, dealing with outstanding matters and stretching beyond our normal affairs.  We may feel very much on top of things today but it would be wise for us not to merely look at the big picture but to also take into account the specifics and the particulars.  Today is a day for balance and blending.  Where a problem could arise is a sense of wanting to get on with it and proceeding even before we have fully considered our itinerary or our direction for the day.  If we can rein in our hopped-up energy, then this can be a highly productive day when we can take care of many different things without letting anything fall between the cracks.  Today is a day when we can feather our nest, straighten things up around our home front and create a safe and secure sanctuary for ourselves from which we can then move out and broaden our scope, widen our terrain.  If we let the energy get the better of us, then we could find ourselves running in place and feeling a little down that we have all this energy and nowhere to place it.  Let’s not go there.  We can do the necessary preparations and reconnaissance before we head out.  Fully prepared, we can virtually move mountains today.  The questions of where and how need to be fully considered in order that we don’t go to extremes, exhaust ourselves on worthless involvements or take on so much with micromanaging detail that we trip ourselves up.

Tuesday, August 18th – Mishaps, Intentional or Otherwise – Mars, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course.  Tuesday has Mars square Uranus and the Cancer Moon trine Uranus before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost seven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo.  This is one of those days when we have to keep our wits about us.  Unexpected situations can arise that upset our plans.  Let’s be sure that we have enough of a cushion regarding time and scheduling to allow for unanticipated variables that could force us to adapt and change our intended plans.  This is also a day when haste not only makes waste but could also cause accidents.  We may be impulsive, looking to be spontaneous, but acting either in a knee-jerk manner or without considering the conditions or possible ramifications.  Today is a day when mishaps can occur.  If we’re working on the computer or dealing with any high tech equipment, it would be wise to back up, take our time and be on the lookout for possible glitches or screw-ups.  We may be champing at the bit today so it would be important for us to do something on the spur-of-the-moment, reinforcing a sense of our independence and ability to be free and choose to do what we want to do.  But let’s be aware that the energy today is volatile and can easily get away from us, especially if we get caught up in a frenzied whirlwind.

Wednesday, August 19th – Finetuning – Venus, Saturn, Jupiter.  Wednesday has Venus sextile Saturn and the Leo Moon opposed Jupiter.  We may be feeling confident, exuberant and on top of things.  Nice concept, but we do have to be wary of being impressed with our own press releases.  We could feel that we can take on the world today.  Instead of giant steps, let’s take baby steps and deal with one thing at a time.  Distractions and diversions could easily grab our interest.  Today is a good day to finetune situations, iron the kinks out and to be certain that our methods and our intentions can stand up to critical evaluation.  We might see things according to our own perspective today without accounting for the true version of what is really going on.  Today is one of those days when we could get snookered by our optimism.  It would be wise for us to keep in mind the idea that by taking care of the small things, bigger things can follow.  Let’s focus today on the minutiae and not get overly wrapped up in the big picture.

Thursday, August 20th – Wrong Way Corrigan – Leo Lunation, Neptune, Mars, Sun, Pluto.  Thursday has the Leo New Moon and the Moon conjunct the Sun, opposed Neptune, and sextile Mars.  We can be off and running today, as though the starting gun has gone off and we’re sprinting towards… And that’s where a problem could arise.  We might be so jazzed, so focused on doing things that we forget what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and where we’re going with it.  We may want to put our imprint on things today but it would be wise for us to consider whether the focus of our attention warrants a great deal of time.  As the day progresses, the Moon exits Leo and enters Virgo where it trines Pluto.  If we can restrain our desire for action, any action, then we could find that we become far more focused and far more attentive to the substance and the core of situations.  We do have to be cognizant that things can change immediately and dramatically.  Even as we go along with a detailed and well thought out program, we have to keep in mind that unanticipated variables could crop up that force us to adapt and make changes to our course of action.  Evermore, it is important that we make our plans and execute our actions with pencil in hand and a large eraser at the ready to shift and change as circumstances warrant.  With New Moon being an opportune time for new beginnings, let’s consider outlets for our creative talents, areas where we can put our personal mark, all the while that we’re willing to be flexible and adaptable to shifting conditions.

Friday, August 21st – Eyes in the Back of Our Head – Mercury, Uranus, Saturn.  Friday has Mercury opposed Uranus and the Virgo Moon conjunct Saturn.  Although we can get some startling insights today, it would be wise for us to consider whether we are seeing things clearly or through rose-colored glasses.  Today is a day when ideas can come fast and furious but they may come and go in a fleeting moment.  If we are working on computers today, it would be wise to continually back up, back up, back up.  There can be computer glitches, electrical blackouts and miscommunications operating today.  Much of it can be laid at the doorstep of trying to do things too quickly or being on overload.  We may want to take some time today to explore, investigate and try out new things.  But we may have certain things we have to attend to, take care of.  We might feel like the push me – pull you character in Doctor Doolittle, for we might want to do something unique and adventurous, all the while that we’re feeling restricted by our responsibilities and the tasks at hand.  Even if we cannot fully comprehend all the variables influencing this day, it would be wise to keep our antennae up, not to accept anything at face value and to recognize that things can change without a moment’s notice.  Let’s focus on the particulars, all the while stretching our parameters.

Saturday, August 22nd – Serendipity to the Fore – Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Sun Virgo.  Saturday begins with the Moon in Virgo sextile Venus, opposed Uranus, conjunct Mercury and square Mars.  We also have Venus trine Uranus.  We may be amping wanting to do things that are not necessarily customary or in our playbook.  If we are open to receive, this day could offer some serendipitous moments, bumping into people on the street, or receiving phone calls from those people we haven’t heard from in a while.  A sense of infatuation and being swept off our feet can enthrall us.  We’re looking for a late summer blowout today and are likely to move beyond the familiar in search of those magic moments that thrill us and enliven our days.  Things may not go according to plan today, but we should remember the saying that life’s too mysterious.  Mystery, fascination and the enigmatic could be in play today.  We just need to avoid having too much on our plate and exhausting ourselves in the process.  As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Libra where it squares Pluto.  The Sun exits Leo and moves into Virgo.  Our mood can shift and we could feel far less ‘in the moment’ and even constrained by our daily tasks and responsibilities.  We may feel Summer coming to a close and the need for us to get back on track.  Let’s not forget those magic moments of today that give validation to the fact that we don’t have to make things happen as much as keeping our eyes and ears wide open.

Sunday, August 23rd – Overhaul – Sun, Pluto, Jupiter.  Sunday can be an especially pleasant day.  The Virgo Sun trines Pluto and the Libra Moon trines Jupiter.  We can do some major makeovers today, whether those are in regard to our appearance, our wardrobe, our home, our scheduled activities and/or our associates.  We’re getting serious with life but not in an adversarial or confrontational manner.  On the contrary, we are likely to be very diplomatic and charming today.  In fact, our interpersonal skills are strong today and we could easily win people to our side both by our graciousness and our ability to cut to the core and focus on the essentials.  This Sunday can be an especially pleasant day, a day when we can enjoy interactions with other people, important social gatherings or just special time with that special someone in our lives.  Whatever we do today, it has to have meaning and purpose to it.  We’re not interested in the shallow or superficial.  We want the essence of everything we do and everyone we encounter.  Today is a good day to reflect on where we are going and with whom we want to go there.  Yes, this Sunday can be one of those primo days of good times with good friends… but nothing superfluous today.