August 10th – 16th

We may start the week in high gear, ready to go forth and put our imprint on the world.  Delays can disrupt our plans and intentions.  Let’s not skip over details, or we could find ourselves heading off in the wrong direction.  Overscheduling or having too much to do might trip us up.  While the beginning of the week may have us impetuous and racing ahead without itinerary in hand, the week takes a far more positive turn from Tuesday on. 

We’re feeling energized, enjoying recreational pursuits and looking for activities that will broaden our scope and widen our circle of friends.  Although slow starting, this week can be a fun week to go on holiday, engage in pleasurable pursuits and put the emphasis on re-creation.  Now is a time for us to jump off the track, recharge our batteries and focus on the good things in life.

Where a problem might arise is having too good a time, being extravagant or indulgent.  While we may be looking to take on more and more, we need to avoid too much of anything and everything.

Over the weekend, our additions to our life could catch up with us.  We might find ourselves juggling so many things, with unexpected situations thrown in as well, that we just can’t keep up with them.  While this week can be an exuberant, expansive time, it would be smart for us to keep in mind the wise saying of moderation in all things. 


Monday, August 10th – Start, Stop – Mars, Saturn, Venus.  Monday starts the week with us wanting to get things going, go into turbodrive and just plow through a number of different projects.  Great in concept, hard in reality, for this Monday starts the week with Mars square Saturn and the Aries Moon square Venus.  A sense of fast forwarding only to slam on the brakes could have us banging our head against various impediments.  This is a day when we are so wired and have so much on our plate that our sense of overload, while trying to juggle everything, could have us glossing over details and doing things in an impetuous and cursory manner.  This is not a day when everything seems to be going our way.  On the contrary, we might feel like the Keystone Kops bumbling about.  This is one of those days when it is essential that we maintain a sense of humor and an attitude of bemusement at the foibles of humankind, even our own humanness.  The dialectic of this day is both in moving ahead too fast, realizing that we are not comprehensively dealing with things and also a desire to put our imprint on our world yet with a sense of vulnerability and even reticence creeping into our behavior.  This Monday seems truly paradoxical so it is important to remember the adage: ‘Life’s too mysterious. Don’t take it serious.  This Monday is one when we need to do things in pencil rather than carving them in stone and to have a large eraser handy.  Flexibility and adaptability are keys for this rather hectic and confusing day. 

Tuesday, August 11th – Summer Fun – Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Netpune, Moon Void-of-Course.  If yesterday didn’t give us a migraine headache and exhaust us from all the running around that seemed more like running in circles than accomplishing a lot, we should consider ourselves blessed.  Whether Monday was vexing or not, Tuesday is a totally different scenario and a welcome relief.  Tuesday is one of those days when we can fully appreciate the fun and lightheartedness we used to associate with summer.  The Aries Moon today trines the Sun, sextiles Mars in Gemini and sextiles both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.  We are feeling energized, upbeat, with a sense that everything is going our way.  Today is a great day to communicate with friends and associates.  Our presentations can be virtually spotless for we are feeling good about our future and our creative talents.  We have panache.  We have style, and we are optimistic and confident about our days ahead.  No summertime blues today.  Instead, we’re enjoying ourselves and looking to broaden our pursuits.  Getting together with friends, considering our plans for the future, and stepping into recreational activities today are all ways to express our individual characteristics.  We’re ready to shout from the rooftops: ‘I gotta be me’ and we are likely to have an applauding audience of our friends as supporters to urge us on.  While everything can run quite smoothly today, the more we can get done earlier in the day the better.  For the Moon does go Void-of-Course for almost eight hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus.  Tuesday, and early in the day, is a time for ‘carpe diem’: seize the day.

Wednesday, August 12th – In for the Long Haul – Pluto.  Building upon yesterday’s enthusiasm and enhanced confidence, Wednesday allows us to channel that optimism into practical outlets.  Wednesday gives us the Taurus Moon trine Pluto.  Today is a good day to make necessary purchases, especially those items that can provide a new foundation for projects we wish to develop.  This is a time to focus on being more effective with less expenditure of energy.  Time management techniques will allow us to focus on the truly meaningful, prioritize our activities and concentrate our energies on the most important events.  Let’s remind ourselves of how we might have been scurrying around on Monday. We don’t have to repeat wasted energy or frantic behavior.  We can learn from our experiences and determine to do better.  This Wednesday allows us to do it even better.  We have the persistence and determination to lay the groundwork for our projects and our activities with the realization that we are not interested in wasting our time.  We can find bargains, stretch our monies and are less likely to be influenced to make impulse purchases.  It has to work for us or we aren’t interested in going there.  This Wednesday is a highly productive day, one when we can get a lot done and attend to meaningful involvements.

Thursday, August 13th – Euphoria, Irrational or Otherwise – Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Neptune, Uranus.  While Monday and last weekend could have had us stubbing our toe, running in circles and not getting a great deal done, from Tuesday on this week we’re running on all cylinders, aware of our direction and focused on our intent.  The combination of euphoria, vitality and pragmatic approaches could have us feeling invincible.  That’s both our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.  Thursday has Mars trine Jupiter and the Taurus Moon sextile Venus, trine Mercury and trine Saturn and sextile Uranus.  The Moon also creates a Fixed Sign T-Square by the Taurus Moon square the Sun in Leo and square both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.  If we do not get carried away, we can be highly effective, get a lot done and even find new ways of doing things whereby we’re working smarter rather than harder.  Where a problem could arise is that we could fall prey to being a legend in our own mind, assuming that nothing can go wrong and believing that everything will work out according to our plans and our dictates.  If we get arrogant about our abilities, then we could be putting on blinders, blinding ourselves to true reality and even creating some difficulties in our relationships.  There can be a piggish stubbornness whereby people, ourselves and/or others, can get stuck in opinions and in actions without reviewing and constantly evaluating the proper course while going along.  Although we have had more than one opportunity to realize that life can change suddenly and dramatically, we might buy into old concepts of things being fixed, stable and secure.  That was then, this is now, and it is important that we be open to changes in the process as things unfold and develop.  Again, the importance of flexibility and adaptability reminds us to be mindful and aware.  It’s great to be ‘up’ and feel that we can be co-creators of our destiny, but it is also important to be fully aware of the conditions and circumstances and how they can shift and change with hardly a moment’s notice.

Friday, August 14th – The Best is Yet to Come and Won’t it Be Grand – Sun, Jupiter.  Friday has the Moon moving into Gemini and the Leo Sun opposed Jupiter.  We could be feeling our oats today, convinced that the storm clouds have parted and that life is on the upswing.  Our confidence may know no bounds and while that can be exhilarating and certainly an improvement over the sense of defeatism, victimization and fearfulness we might have been exposed to over the early Spring, Winter and last Autumn months; we also have to keep in mind cycles and realize that things go up, things go down but rarely do they stay the same.  While we might be feeling at the top of our game today, moderation would be advised.  Otherwise, we could make commitments based on hope and faith but possibly without due diligence or being fully cognizant of the conditions and parameters.  We may be feeling generous today, even extravagant, so it would be wise to keep a rein on our finances and also be mindful of commitments we might make casually assuming that we can handle more, ever more. 

Saturday, August 15th – Scattered to the Wind – Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Mars.  A sense of confidence to the point of overconfidence over the last two days might have had us taking on too much, committing ourselves to many different plans and projects.  What we sow, we eventually reap and this Saturday could have us reaping a sense of overload.  The Gemini Moon squares both Mercury and Saturn in Virgo.  We may be pumped to have many things going on today but the question as to how effective and focused we can be with so much happening must be raised.  We could easily skim over things, trying to handle everything but in a perfunctory manner, which might allow for significant details being forgotten and certain issues falling between the cracks.  Due diligence is essential today.  Slowing ourselves down in order to be attentive and to carefully address our scheduled plans would be important but difficult.  As if we were plagued with ADD [attention deficit disorder], we may be enamored by the many activities that grab our attention, distract us from focus, and provide a myriad of exciting possibilities better enjoyed in split seconds than longer, concentrated periods of time.  The Gemini Moon trines Jupiter, sextiles the Sun and conjuncts Mars.  Nothing might escape our interest but everything could become a kaleidoscope of sounds and sensations without substance or depth.  We may have a lot of energy today but it would be important to rein in any tendency towards hyperactivity.  Today is a day to play the xylophone, hitting various notes but doing so in a way that creates music and not cacophony.

Sunday, August 16th – Bumping Along – Neptune, Uranus, Pluto.  Saturday night, early Sunday morning we could still be wired, excited, wanting to grab for all the gusto that we can.  The Moon in Gemini trines Neptune and squares Uranus.  Our sleep state could be far from restful.  We might be over-stimulated and finding it hard to calm down.  While interactions with friends could have been fun and made us aware of possibilities that we never considered for ourselves, we may be filled to overload seeing the grass greener somewhere else than under our own feet.  Our sense of stability can be shaken up, especially if unexpected situations crop up that force us to reconsider our plans and to look at alternatives we hadn’t taken into account.  Although we might be overly excited, as the day progresses the Moon moves out of Gemini and enters its own Sign of Cancer where it opposes Pluto.  Same old, same old may not cut it for us, but we would also have to be careful not throwing over too many things in a fit of breaking free of restrictions for we might find ourselves throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Sunday is a good day to straighten things around our home, balance our personal wants with our normal responsibilities, and consider whether we have gotten off track over the past two days by the whirlwind of activities and interests we might have pursued.  We may be bumping along on this Sunday but it would be wise for us to pay attention to getting back on track.