July 6th – 12th

This week continues last week’s intensity, at least for the first two days of the week.  We could have a tendency to overreach, to be extravagant and even to expend more energy and more monies than would be appropriate.  We need to be careful not to buy into images and appearances.  Let’s take our time before making commitments or significant purchases.

As the week progresses things settle down.  We may feel the weight of the world lifted from our shoulders.  By working with time management techniques and streamlining our daily operations, we can achieve a great deal, get tasks out of the way and then use the latter part of the week for social interactions and time to consider future plans and options.  We may find ourselves in some form of reverie, thinking about all the things we can do and want to do.

Home projects can be accomplished with the idea of creating a new structure, a new foundation.  By feathering our nest, we can create a stability and support to expand our activities and develop new interests.  A look towards the future will inspire us and provide the impetus to get things in order.

Family gatherings and time spent relaxing at home over the weekend can be pleasant and uplifting.  We may want to go to the beach or take a walk in the park, communing with nature and realizing that despite news headlines all’s right in the world.


Monday, July 6th – Crazy Days of Summer – Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury.  This Monday is not one off those lazy, hazy days of summer but rather a crazy day.  Volatility can be at its maximum today, with some real whipsaws in actions and emotions.  Today is one of those days when extremes are likely, so it would be wise to go slow and not jump to any conclusions.  This Monday has Mars square both Neptune and Jupiter.  The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and opposes Mercury.  The potential for accidents could be strong due to hasty actions and ill-conceived plans.  Excess and indulgence might be in full swing and some of it as a result of wanting to make ourselves feel better.  We are moving towards tomorrow’s Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, and today may feel the energy ratcheted up severalfold.  Everyone can be on edge, somewhat defensive and feeling unsure of the stability of their personal world.  Keeping a rein on our emotions and our actions today would be essential and could help us keep out of harm’s way and avoid triggering impetuous actions.  If we have strategized and focused on our plan of action, then we could use the full throttle of today’s energy to get a great deal done.  Much of what we can get done is getting rid of the some of the dross that weighs us down.  A good inventory taking and ridding ourselves of outmoded situations can open the door to new possibilities for our future.  Let’s remember the wise saying that the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled.

Tuesday, July 7th – Sleight of Hand – Mars, Uranus, Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, Sun, Saturn.  Today gives us Mars sextile Uranus and the Capricorn Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, with the Moon opposed the Sun and trine Saturn.  We can bring a crescendo to the past two weeks today, but to do so we might have to shift gears, consider alternatives and work with options that we haven’t employed.  While we might feel pulls of responsibility in several different directions, figuring out how we can streamline operations and use best practices approaches would allow us to juggle various situations without dropping the ball of any one activity.  Today is a day for us to work smarter rather than harder.  We may all have come to realize that there is more on our plate nowadays than even just a few years ago.  We are being asked to pick up the pace and handle a number of activities simultaneously.  Instead of being on overwhelm and hoping that things will quiet down so we can be more singularly focused — a nice concept but neither present nor future reality; we can determine new methods and new ways by which we can effectively deal with everything being presented to us.  Today is one of those days when we can explore our options and our possibilities.  It would be wise to step off the track at some point today, get into unfamiliar terrain, in order to get a bead on how we could do things differently, how we could see things from a different perspective.  Either we can feel on total overload or we can become a master juggler.  May I suggest the latter as the better of the two options?

Wednesday, July 8th – Streamlining, Accomplishing, Socializing – Uranus, Mars, Venus.  Wednesday is often referred to as the ‘hump day’ of the work week.  This Wednesday is not so much a hump day as it is an easy slide.  After the intensity of the past two days and the last few days, this Wednesday allows us to move into a new mode of operating, one whereby we are covering all the bases of our lives effectively and productively.  The day starts with the Capricorn Moon sextile Uranus and trine Mars.  Whether by our own volition or in response to ‘necessity being the mother of invention’, we may be streamlining our operations today, working with time management techniques and looking at how we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy. If it necessitates buying some software or equipment that will assist us in getting things done in a shorter period of time, then let’s go for it.  We are not looking at being hobbled during this timeframe.  Yes, these times demand that we be aware and mindful but in order to be so, we also need to feel that we can keep up with everything going on in our lives.  Overload and overwhelm are not options.  By means of recognizing the changing paradigm of these times, we can shift our practices, change our patterns and keep up with everything demanded of us.  The early part of today allows us to create the structure by which to be more productive.  As the day progresses the Moon moves out of Capricorn and moves into Aquarius where it trines Venus.  From a focus on dealing with our responsibilities and fine-tuning our methodology, the latter part of our day allows us to socialize, get together with friends or make those important phone calls that could lay the basis for our future plans.

Thursday, July 9th – Getting it Together – Sun, Saturn.  Thursday continues with the Aquarius Moon, and today the Sun sextiles Saturn.  With a desire to look to our future, we may focus on straightening things up, taking care of outstanding matters and just generally getting things in order.  Today is a good day to attend to home and family obligations.  If situations have been hanging over our heads, now is a time for us to effectively resolve them.  Tying up loose ends and bringing things to completion could be our primary focal point today.  We want to do so largely because there are other things in which we want to participate.  Making plans, figuring out how we can accomplish some of our goals can be well thought out and done expeditiously.  Let’s look at what needs to be done but let’s also be certain that we have time to spend with friends or time to consider new activities that we might want to further explore.  A good day, this Thursday allows us to get it together in many of the different facets of our life’s involvements.

Friday, July 10th – Nothing’s Too Good – Jupiter, Neptune, Mars.   Friday could be one of those over-the-top kind of days.  Jupiter conjuncts Neptune as it did at the end of May.  The potential for buying into wish fulfillment and assuming that nothing can go wrong could be strong today and possibly downright delusional.  Not only do we have Jupiter Neptune conjunct but the liability to excess, extravagance and indulgence is reinforced by the Aquarius Moon conjuncting both Jupiter and Neptune.  Nothing’s too good for us today and therein lies the rub.  We might want to accept the inevitability of our confidence, optimism and hoped-for realities working their magic and making everything manifest that we want to come true.  Let’s watch for the snake oil salespeople today who sell promises of potentials but without full disclosure or giving us the facts.  Yes, today is one of those days when we need to pay attention and insist on the facts, just the facts.  The Moon also squares Mars and it is likely that we could lose sight of our budget, spend more than we should and even risk monies on prospects that appear to be good but may seem a lot better than they actually are.  It is important that we watch our spending today.  Let’s keep in mind the old saying that fools and their money are soon parted.  Today’s not a day to play the fool, or pity the fool. 

Saturday, July 11th – Well-Considered Actions – Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Mars Gemini.  If we didn’t lose all our monies at the craps tables yesterday or overindulge in wanton excess, then today allows us to tone down the hype of yesterday’s possibilities and deal with true reality in well-considered actions.  Even if we pop the balloon of grand illusions or seductive delusions, today has us putting our feet back on the ground.  Mercury sextiles Saturn and the Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto and squares Venus.  Instead of the promises of prospects and potentials, we can draw upon our past experience and come up with a well-thought out way of advancing our interests, step-by-step.  Although people may ask for us to help them out or get involved in their emotional dramas, we are likely to be far more selective today.  We realize the resources we have — the time, money and energy — and we want to use our resources in the most productive manner possible.  We are likely to focus on the truly essential and the most important, even if it means stepping on a few toes along the way.  Today is a good day to take care of errands, address projects around the house and write out a ‘to do’ list that cuts to the core and concentrates on the fundamentals. Mars enters Gemini and we may find our energy stirring and wanting to be involved with a number of different activities without much commitment to any one.

Sunday, July 12th – Reveries, While Looking Over our Shoulder – Saturn, Mercury, Sun.  Responsibility may be calling today and the question is whether we shall pay it heed.  The Pisces Moon today opposes Saturn and trines both Mercury and the Sun.  Other people’s expectations of us and for us could prove the one impediment to today’s enjoyment.  If we don’t fall prey to other people’s guilt trips, then this day can be especially pleasant.  We can enjoy some down time at home, resting, relaxing and feathering our nest.  We can go for walks in the woods, head off to the beach or seek solace in the cathedral of nature’s splendor.  While there might be certain things that we have to do, it would be best to deal with them early in the day and then have time for ourselves.  If people are needy, then we just have to be careful not to get overly entangled in their issues.  Let’s keep in mind that we don’t have to always be on call to help other people out.  There are times when we need a break from personal dramas in order to enjoy the spiritual recharging that goes with taking care of ourselves.  Today is a highly spiritual day, a day of reveries and memories, and a day to nourish our spirit and give sustenance to our soul.