July 27th – August 2nd

This week could be quite paradoxical in terms of our relationships.  The week starts on a high note with us feeling good about our interactions with other people, seeing only the best in others.  The week ends with our relationships possibly being tumultuous and descending into turmoil.  And in-between, we have all sorts of gradations from being focused and in reality to being grandiose and captive to fantasy.  Interesting week, interesting times in which we live.

We could really talk the talk as we begin this week.  Interactions with others can be exciting, with serendipitous meetings with new people.  We want to be out and about, embracing the fullness of life, engaging in conversations and discussing ideas for our future.  Someone could make us aware of possibilities that we had never considered before.  This is a time to have our eyes and ears wide open.

While the week begins with a strong focus on social engagements with other people, the mid-week offers a time of sifting through situations, activities and events, and eliminating those things that are too much trouble for us.

Like a rollercoaster, this week has its peaks and dips.  We begin the week making plans with other people for social get-togethers.  Mid-week, we go through a pruning process of concentrating on the truly important and discarding the irrelevant.  The latter part of the week can have us bringing more back to the table, adding on additional projects, incorporating more people into our schedule.

The latter part of the week does caution us not to go on overload, take on more than we can reasonably handle.  We may be in an expansive mode, but it would be wise to evaluate and seriously consider all the potential ramifications before making a commitment.  A key element to this week is to be discerning, not to jump at our first impressions but rather to evaluate and analyze before moving ahead.

The weekend could be a little dicey with adversarial positions set up in our relationships.  While we started the week with stars in our eyes and nothing but the idyllic in our view of our relationships, we end the week over the weekend finding difficulties in our connections with others and various push pulls between what we want to do and what might be expected of us.

A topsy-turvy week, we need to be able to shift with the tides, not become enamored with the possibilities nor jaded by the intensities.

Monday, July 27th – Nothing Could Be Finer – Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Lunar Grand Trine, Neptune.  Monday is as close to a perfect day as we could possibly experience.  Of course, we have to choose to make it so.  The potential for this day is super and the energies close to superlative.  Monday has Venus trine Jupiter and the Libra Moon sextile Mercury with the Moon creating an Air Sign Grand Trine with the Moon trine Venus in Gemini and the Moon trine both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.  This day is made for pleasant interactions with other people.  It is a day when we could feel as though we were walking on the sunny side of the street, that life is close to idyllic and all is right in the world, at least our world.  We may find our upbeat attitude to be contagious.  It may seem as though the dark clouds of recent times have passed by and that the sun is shining brightly and that all good things are in store for us.  Great concept and I won’t be the parade rainer to douse the enthusiasm for this day.  On the contrary, today is a day to feel exuberant, optimistic and confident, and to share our good feelings with all and sundry.  Let’s remember that attitude is a key determinant to our conditions and circumstance.  Feeling good about ourselves and about life is like a magnet that can draw good things to us.  Let’s magnetize today.  Certainly our charisma is strong and today would be a good day to reach out and express our appreciation, and admiration, of the people in our lives.  Our conversations can be pleasant almost to the point of sugary sweet with people being a mutual admiration society today.  The one caveat for the day is not to assume that life is always going to be this good and from that assumption go out and be overly indulgent or extravagant.  If we can keep ourselves from excess, this day ranks in the top ten.  What a great day to refresh, recharge and renew ourselves…and even better in the company of those significant people in our lives.

Tuesday, July 28th – Infatuation – Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, the Sun.  Tuesday has Venus trine Neptune and Venus square Uranus.  The Moon slips out of Libra and moves into Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto and squares the Sun.  We continue our romance with love and those significant people in our lives.  We may find ourselves infatuated by someone or something even to the point of putting them on a pedestal.  Hero worship is certainly a human tendency and so too is the tendency that once worshipped, the person or situation starts to be seen with feet of clay, frailties or possibly negative characteristics.  So too for us today.  Someone or some thing that might have grabbed our attention, made our heart flutter, and seemed an answer to our prayers can suddenly be seen in a different light with a tarnished reflection that can give us second thoughts or even reappraisal.  While buying into images, into appearances and hype can be good fun and seductive, eventually we have to look deeper.  Tuesday is a day when we choose to look a little deeper, to investigate further the characteristics and not be blithely accepting of our first impression.  Like the Wizard of Oz whereby Dorothy and her three companions are awed by the image of the Wizard on the screen only to pull back the curtain to reveal the little guy pulling the strings, we too can investigate further situations that had entranced us to see what is really going on.  We could be surprised by what we find.  Further characteristics can be revealed and even if disconcerting, such greater disclosure can be healthy and allow us to see things from a clearer and more realistic perspective.  We don’t have to walk away from situations that seemed too good to be true, but we can be more on top of the substance and fundamentals of the situation and not merely intrigued by the presentation.

Wednesday, July 29th – Intricate Measures – Saturn.  Wednesday has the Scorpio Moon sextile Saturn.  This day allows us to focus, to concentrate on intricate measures.  We may be concerned with the minute details, looking at the specifics from a micromanaging viewpoint and concentrating more on the parts than the whole.  This Wednesday is a good day to go through things, get rid of the wasteful and superfluous and to rebuild from the ground up.  We can structure our activities in a time-managed way, being incredibly resourceful with our time and with our monies.  Today is one of those days when we can find a bargain, when we can stretch our dollar, and be very pragmatic regarding our expenditures.  The energy today would allow us to come up with a detailed budget that covers all the necessities, yet at the same is truly lean and mean, cutting to the bone with no wasteful excesses.  Like an accordion, the times we are going through are both expansive and contractive.  Either expansions or contractions could prove extreme, but both are necessary to find a balance.  Today could be a contractive phase of focusing on what truly works for us, what might have worked for us in the past but no longer suits us, and what we need to do to be more effective with less expenditure of energy.

Thursday, July 30th – Wrong Way Corrigan – Mercury, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course.  From the contractive phase of yesterday when we could virtually squeeze blood from a stone, this Thursday is indicative of going from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Today can be an expansive phase that borders, or embraces, excess. Mercury opposes Jupiter and the Scorpio Moon creates a Fixed Sign T-Square by the Moon squaring Mercury in Leo and the Moon squaring both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.  We may be a legend in our own mind today, assuming that whatever we want, we can have.  While yesterday might have had us looking on a minimalist viewpoint, we may be rebelling against any such notion today.  It is important that we don’t get stuck today, stuck in fast forward or stuck in the direction we’re headed.  Today is a day to evaluate and reconsider and re-evaluate constantly.  No staying at the party too long, for otherwise we could assume that by brute force, ego will and persistence we can bend things to our whims.  And the consequence?  We could dig ourselves a bigger hole, continually assuming that it’s only surface dirt that we have to remove to get to the gold.  The Moon does trine Uranus, so the opportunity lies in thinking outside the box, trying things differently, and being open to receive guidance rather than believing our own opinions.  After the push-pulls early in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over seven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius.  If we haven’t exhausted ourselves by being overly self-focused and insistent of our convictions, then the latter part of the day can be like a breath of fresh air.  Yes, after an intense beginning to the day, we can lighten up and might even become bemused by our earlier antics, which could remind us of a petulant child stomping its feet trying to get its way.

Friday, July 31st – Reality or Fantasy, What’s the Dif – Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Mars, Venus Cancer.  One of the beauties of these times is the fact that no matter how sure-footed, or how grounded, we might feel ourselves to be we are living during a period when the earth moves under our feet, when stability and security are notions that have no relevance to present reality.  There are times when we can be spot on regarding how we see things, other times when we can be downright delusional and lost in a fantasyland.  Friday offers us an excursion through reality or fantasy.  But then, in truth, what really is the difference?  This Friday has Mercury opposed Neptune and the Sagittarius Moon trine the Sun in Leo and opposed Mars in Gemini.  People can wax poetic regarding their philosophy on life, how life could be, how life should be, but perhaps not fully taking into account how life is and its unfolding in the present through asequential patterns.  It could prove amusing so long as we don’t take it serious.  Remember the saying: ‘life’s too mysterious, don’t take it serious’.  And that would be a good thought to keep in mind today.  We could be a little bit confused, our thoughts wandering into all sorts of possibilities, impossibilities, realities and fantasies.  Our communications can be off.  Either we become tongue-tied or our discussions go through maze-like non-sequiturs leaving the listener wondering what is being said.  Yet, the persuasiveness today can be strong, so let’s be careful of those people pushing their agenda and presenting it as the best thing since sliced bread.  Today is a day to read between the lines, postpone important decisions and especially to be clear about what is going on.  We might want to broaden our reach but let’s be mindful that we might not have all the information needed to make a wise and competent judgment.  We can let our minds consider all possibilities without having to determine what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s realistic, what’s off the wall.  Let’s have Friday be a la-de-da kind of day.  Venus exits Gemini today and enters Cancer.  We may want more time in the refuge of our home, feathering our nest, making nice with those people we feel most comfortable.

Saturday, August 1st – Either OR, Tug of War – Venus, Pluto, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune.  Saturday is Saturn’s day and this Saturday could be exemplary in that way.  The Sagittarius Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring our recent [since the Autumn of ’08 continuing through mid 2010] nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition.  The Moon squares both Saturn and Uranus today and could have us pulled in various directions, or just pulled apart.  We also have Pluto, which is transiting Saturn’s Sign of Capricorn, being opposed by Venus.  Relationships could be a little dicey today.  People may feel on edge, quite possibly wanting to prove a point or win an argument.  Old issues could surface and expectations that would be hard to decipher could be strict measuring points.  Fortunately, the Moon also sextiles both Jupiter and Neptune.  The best course of action today would be to get out of Dodge, do something exciting and preferably with a group of friends rather than with just one individual.  Today is one of those days not to be pinned down but to be moving around, going from one thing to another to another.  Staying in place, even running in place, could prove a neat target to play pin the tail on the donkey with us in the role of donkey.  Today is a day to keep things light and airy and not to take any personal critiques to heart.

Sunday, August 2nd – Back on Track – Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Mercury Virgo.  Saturday night and early Sunday morning we could feel as though we dodged a bullet.  The Sagittarius Moon trines Mercury in Leo before both move into an Earth Sign, the Moon moving into Capricorn, Mercury moving into its own Sign of Virgo.  Before we get there we could feel light-hearted, reflecting on the joys we might have experienced on Saturday, especially if we didn’t find ourselves thrown under a bus.  Our sense of exuberance can give us a good push to attend to some of the tasks we might have fled from or postponed from yesterday.  Some of these issues that we might have to address could be clarifications regarding our interactions with other people and also becoming far more clear regarding what is truly important and meaningful for us.  It may seem as if we get a second wind, take on a far more serious tone and are looking at what best suits us, even if that means stepping on other people’s toes.  The Moon conjuncts Pluto and opposes Venus.  Relationships can still be a little dicey, but there is also likely to be greater clarity regarding the characteristics of our relationships.  With Mercury moving into Virgo, our rational mind is engaged and we are far more analytical, able to see the particulars in any situation.  We may be looking to get back on track, to focus on our goals and to give greater energy to achieving our ambitions.  Not that summer is over but any suspension of our personal interests to enjoy ourselves, recharge our batteries and take vacation time recently is now being balanced with our concern about our routine and our daily existence.  We may be getting more serious and in the process honing our awareness and our mindfulness.