July 20th – 26th

While family matters may be our primary focus at the beginning of the week, our interest may turn to fun, adventure and advancing our ambitions as we move through the week.  We might start the week making plans for future outings, vacations and social get-togethers.  Fix-ups around the home may be like the eagle feathering its nest, then flying off and gliding on the air currents.  Home is a good base of operations for us, but we do not want to be restricted or tied down by it.

Mid-week gives greater emphasis to our creative self-expression, a desire for venues in which we can stand out and put our mark on projects and activities.  We may give thought to travel, taking a holiday and enjoying recreational pursuits.  We could have various projects in mind and might prefer sampling different interests rather than a singular focus or committing to just one activity.

The weekend could be a time for us to clean up outstanding matters and clear the decks.  By straightening up and getting rid of old garbage we’ll make room for new, more exciting matters to come forward.  Let’s pay attention to details, deal with specifics and clear the way for a brand new day. 

The weekend comes to a close with an enjoyable time with that special someone.  Reach out and touch someone, whether we get together in person, over the Internet or by means of phone.


Monday, July 20th – Standing for Something – Mercury, Mars, Pluto.  The week begins with Mercury sextile Mars and the Cancer Moon opposed Pluto.  We’re in the dark of the Moon, awaiting tomorrow’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse.  Monday can have us presenting our ideas in a dramatic, forceful manner but with flair and style.  We may want to nurture the world but it would be wise for us to be attentive regarding how receptive other people might be.  Although we can be glib and entertaining, we do have to be careful not to draw any lines in the sand or butt heads against insurmountable odds.  Today is a day to do the tai chi moves, see where other people are coming from, work with their energies and certainly not seek adversarial positions.  Let’s remember the old saying that you get more flies with honey than with vinegar.  If we voice our interest in honey tones, appeal to people’s self interests, we can still win our way.  Whatever we do today, we need to keep in mind that the energy is far better for dealing with outstanding issues or unresolved matters than for initiating new projects or launching new activities.

Tuesday, July 21st – Good Bye, Yellow Brick Road – Venus, Saturn, Cancer New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Saturn, Uranus, Sun.  Tuesday has Venus square Saturn.  We may need to deal with commitments already made or connect with people that may be more associated with our past but with unresolved issues to address.  This Tuesday also has a Total Eclipse of the Sun at the time of the Cancer New Moon, although the lunation is right on the cusp of Cancer – Leo.  The Moon sextiles Saturn, trines Uranus and conjuncts the Sun.  Now is a good time to clean up our homes, straighten things out and shift things around.  We are looking to make changes to our lives and even small movements in our home environment, as symbolic of our intended changes to other aspects of our lives, can get the ball rolling.  We want to get things in order so that we can partake in some of the grand adventures of summer – recreational pursuits, vacation time, and fun summertime activities.  First the cleanup and then the fun.

Wednesday, July 22nd – Fun Times in the Summertime – Mars, Mercury, Sun Leo.  Wednesday has the Sun moving out of Cancer and entering Leo, its own Sign, the Fixed Fire Sign when Summer seems vibrant and ablaze with fun times.  The Moon in Leo sextiles Mars and conjuncts Mercury.  This is a day to put pleasure in capital letters and seek out, or plan, those events that will refresh us and make us feel good about being alive.  We may feel far more energized today and looking at sampling various fun events.  We want to put our mark on our lives, focus on the good times, and live life to the fullest.  Let’s find outlets for our creative self-expression, those venues and formats by which we can feel that we’re having an impact, making a difference.  We don’t want anything heavy today.  We want things to be light and fun-filled with an opportunity for us to take center stage.  Today is a good day to give thought to various venues for our creativity no matter how involved or simple those creative forms might take.  Even fixing a cup of coffee or a cup of tea could take on creative form today.  This is an upbeat day when we want to shine, shine, shine.

Thursday, July 23rd – Too Much of a Good Thing – Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course.  Thursday continues with our desires for good times and enjoyment to the max.  The Leo Moon today sextiles Venus and opposes both Jupiter and Neptune.  While our focus is on having fun and enjoying ourselves, there is a tendency today for us to go to excess, become indulgent and just overdo.  This is one of those days when it would be wise for us to keep in mind the sage saying ‘moderation in all things’.  Are we likely to heed that advice?  Not likely, but it’s at least worth stating.  We do have to be careful that we don’t create a tug-of-war with friends and associates whereby we want what we want, they want what they want and there’s little accommodating on either side.  People could be a little too self-centered today so diplomacy and receptive listening would go a long way in avoiding any hurt feelings or steamrolling antics.  Let’s enjoy the day but maintain awareness and be mindful in our discussions, actions and choices.  Towards the latter part of the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost seven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo, shifting the energy with a sense of accepting our responsibilities and recognizing that the party is over.

Friday, July 24th – One Thing At a Time – Pluto, Mars.  After a couple of days when our priorities may have focused on having a good time, expressing ourselves and living it up, Friday allows us to get back in touch with reality and our feet back on the ground.  Friday has the Moon in Virgo trine Pluto and square Mars.  We may still have a great deal on our plate, much that we want to do, but it would be best for us to take one thing at a time.  We might get distracted, our attention diverted, but the more we can concentrate on taking things step by step and completing each project before heading off into a different direction, the more productive this Friday can be and we can be especially effective in dealing with our priorities and addressing the truly important matters.  We can be very focused and detail conscious but we do have to watch for a tendency to jump from one thing to another or to multi-task to an extreme.  Whether we have taken time for ourselves or not over the past two days, we may not have been as highly productive as we might have been.  Friday allows us to take care of our responsibilities and play catch-up with things we let slide over the past couple of days.

Saturday, July 25th – Run Around – Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Venus, Uranus.  Saturday has the Virgo Moon conjunct Saturn and creating a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring Venus and opposing Uranus.  We may have more going on today than we anticipated.  It would seem that we had already scheduled Saturday to the hilt but there could be more added to our plans both from other people’s needs and from unexpected situations arising that demand our attention.  This Saturday could have us running around, going from one place to another, dealing with one thing and another, and with little time to sit down, much less catch our breath.  This Saturday is a high-energy day that could prove exhausting.  The more we can use time management techniques, consolidate errands and be certain not to duplicate our efforts, the more we can work with time in a qualitative manner and not just a quantitative manner.  Taking some time to plan our route and our course of action will keep us from being like the Mad Hatter off and running, racing around, always feeling late for a very important date.

Sunday, July 26th – Special Moments – Pluto, Sun, Mars.  Responsibility and taking care of business are wonderful traits but we also need to keep in mind the old nursery rhyme about all work and no play.  Friday and Saturday could have had us attending to what needs to be done.  If we concentrated on our responsibilities those two days, then we may have accomplished quite a bit.  And yesterday could have had us racing around, dealing with both our ‘to do’ list and unexpected additions of things for us to take care of.  We all need a day of rest and this Sunday could prove a wonderful elixir.  Even if we have things we feel we need to deal with, we may postpone them and free ourselves from obligations made for this day.  Sunday has the Moon moving into Libra where it squares Pluto, sextiles the Sun and trines Mars.  While there could be a little bit of conflict regarding plans early in the day, once we are on the same page with that special someone in our lives this day can be especially pleasant.  A drive in the country, a day trip out of Dodge or just finding that perfect idyllic place where we can spend quality time with that special someone in our life is recommended to recharge and nurture ourselves.  Today is a day not to rush things but to savor each experience.  We may want to create a colorful mosaic today of special moments neatly woven together that will last forever in our memories.  Creating a sanctuary for ourselves, whether that sanctuary be in the external environment or the interior space of our being, is a perfect project for this special day.