July 13th – 19th

We start the week full steam ahead asserting our individual needs.  This high energy, self-affirmative attitude continues into mid-week.  The only cautionary notes would be for us not to race ahead without checking the itinerary or to tilt against windmills trying to overcome any and all obstacles.

While brawn may hold force during the early part of the week, we may take on a more strategic, pragmatic approach mid-week.  If we haven’t burnt ourselves out or picked battles just for the thrill of adventure, this mid-week period allows us to be highly effective.  Things fit neatly together. We might feel inspired by a best practices approach to accomplish our goals.  By thinking outside the box we can get a lot done.

The mid-week period and over the weekend can be filled with some wonderful surprises.  Now is a time to be open to receive, to work with peripheral vision and recognize that things can come to us and we don’t always have to make things happen.  Serendipity is in the air. 

Let’s be spontaneous this week.  We may find that we have a great deal on our plate, going from one thing to another without spending much time on any one thing.  But the act of juggling different activities and engaging in social gatherings with various people can give us a sense of being highly active and may help us get out of our own way to embrace magic and to encounter miracles.


Monday, July 13th – Off and Running – Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Pluto.  Monday starts the week with us champing at the bit, wanting to get going and moving as fast as we can.  Like a slalom racer, we may easily and speedily deal with various situations.  We are looking for adventure but also well aware of what needs to be done and looking to do it in the most effective way possible.  The day begins with the Moon still in Pisces conjunct Uranus and sextile Mars.  Our insights can be strong and we may feel that we can get things done.  And we can.  The day also has the Sun conjunct Mercury.  While we are interested in home and family matters, we could also believe that our lives are driven by destiny, that there is a manifest destiny for ourselves.  Although this attitude may be encouraging and add to our drive and determination, we have to be careful not to make assumptions or accept inevitability in some of our decisions and some of our actions.  The Moon goes Void-of-Course for over seven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries where it squares Pluto.  This day can have us sprinting out of the starting blocks, possibly even before the gun or morning wakeup bell.  The day can then fall into a lull before picking up with our feeling far more self-assertive and even pugnacious.  If we become a little too self-absorbed, we could find ourselves banging our head against the wall, trying to push forward our objectives no matter the obstacles and being obstinate to the point of becoming self-destructive.  There can be wild swings on this Monday so the more we can channel our desires and our intentions, the less likely we might become a rebel without a cause.  Today is a day to be off and running but with itinerary in hand and a constant awareness regarding shifting conditions and the response to our actions.

Tuesday, July 14th – Social Butterfly – Venus.  Tuesday has the Aries Moon sextile Venus in Gemini.  Today is a day for us to engage other people, whether in conversation, get-togethers or through email.  We might have a great deal we want to share with other people — our thoughts, our plans, our accomplishments.  We may feel as though summer is for good times with good friends, and especially time spent with those special people who make up our lives.  This is a day when we could easily subscribe to the mutual admiration society, spending time basking in the compliments of others, offering other people our words of appreciation.  Not a taxing day whatsoever, we might not get a great deal accomplished regarding our responsibilities but we can certainly make nice with other people which could prove a boon regarding our goals in the future.  If we want to impress other people, we can easily do so today.  Our presentations can be strong but with an empathic interest in the other person.  This Tuesday can be one of those win-win situations where we can advance our interests by being diplomatic, courteous and considerate of other people’s needs.

Wednesday, July 15th – Fine Tuning – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto.  Wednesday begins with the Aries Moon square both the Sun and Mercury in Cancer.  We may have to square our personal desires with the wishes of family members.  A push-pull could ensue whereby our movements and our decisions are limited by our commitments and our past experience.  But today would also be a day when we draw upon our awareness to see how we can best fine tune our activities and develop our future goals without being limited by our past.  The Aries Moon also sextiles both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.  Other people could prove significant sounding boards, helping us not to limit ourselves to our habitual ways, assisting us to take off our blinders in order to see options and alternatives that we might not recognize for ourselves.  Other people can be far more objective about our situation than we might be, since they are more detached than we are about our personal interests.  Let’s be open to hear the opinions and suggestions of other people.  We might find that we can crawl out of our shell, stretch our wings and soar into new interests and new activities.  The Moon goes Void-of-Course for over seven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries before entering Taurus where it trines Pluto.  From the advice and counsel of other people, we can gain greater confidence in the dreams for our future and then take the necessary steps to create the foundation stones by which to make our hopes and wishes an eventual reality.

Thursday, July 16th – Wake Up, Sleepy Head – Mercury, Uranus.  Thursday continues with the Taurus Moon.  We also have Mercury trine Uranus to be followed on Saturday by the Sun trine Uranus.  Today we can get some of those wake up calls, those ah-has and revelatory insights that provide us answers coming virtually out of the air to problems or situations that may have been perplexing us.  We are entering the ‘miracle zone’, those serendipitous moments of synchronicity whereby things arise not from our making or even in a sequential manner but rather in wonder-full, surprising ways.  We may receive some exciting news, communications from people we haven’t heard from and quite possibly those magic moments when things just come together.  Now is a good time for us to consider new technologies, streamlining our operations and seeing how we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy.  Let our minds wander and we might come up with the right answers.  Today is a day to work with peripheral vision, keep our antennae up and be open to revelations.  It is not a question of our having to do things or force things but rather a case of being in the right place at the right time.  The new, the unique, and the innovative are all likely to hold great appeal for us today.  Not a day to put our blinders on, but rather a time for us to be open to the magic and wonder of it all.

Friday, July 17th – Home and Family Concentrate – Saturn, Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Mercury Leo.  Friday has the Taurus Moon trine Saturn, sextile the Sun, square both Jupiter and Neptune and sextile Uranus.  This is a day when we may have to put a damper on some of our social engagements and focus instead on taking care of the details of our lives, attending to our responsibilities, and addressing needs associated with our home and our family.  We can get a great deal done and we can do so in an expeditious manner, but we may have to put some of the things we might otherwise want to do on the backburner.  Shopping today, whether for daily necessities or for accoutrements to our home or our wardrobe, can have us finding some excellent bargains and adding a little panache to our lives.  Although there is a great deal of energy operating earlier in the day, the Moon then goes Void-of-Course for close to six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini where it sextiles Mercury which has just moved into Leo.  Mercury entering Leo adds a little Fire to our planetary configurations, the Fire having been largely devoid, except for the Moon’s transits through the Fire Signs, since the end of May.  The evening hours can have us interested in pleasurable pursuits and sets the stage for a weekend of fun and adventure.

Saturday, July 18th – Everywhere and Anywhere – Sun, Uranus, Mars.  Saturday is a day for exploration, for stretching our wings and discovering how far and how high we can fly.  Today has the Sun trine Uranus, following up on the Mercury trine Uranus on Thursday.  The Gemini Moon conjuncts Mars.  This is a day when we are interested in trying something new, or engaging many new adventures.  Our energy is on high and we are interested in doing anything and everything as long as we are on the go.  This day is not one for lazing about and even if that would be our intention, we may find that our lazing is anything but lulling about.  This Saturday can be a smorgasbord kind of day when we sample a wide variety of activities and try out a number of new interests.  We may be on the go today, virtually non-stop, and we are likely to participate in things briefly, like a butterfly alighting momentarily before flying off to our next stop.  This can be a fun-filled day and especially speaks to adventure.  We’re looking at being free, expressing new dimensions of ourselves and interested in exploring new terrains.  Today is a day when we may feel that we gotta be free, gotta be me.

Sunday, July 19th – Break Away – Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus.  Sunday continues with the high energy feel of this weekend.  The Moon continues its transit of high activity Gemini and today the Moon conjuncts Venus, squares Saturn, trines both Jupiter and Neptune and squares Uranus.  This is a day when we may want to be out and about, socializing with friends and doing whatever we choose to do without feeling restricted by other people’s demands or their expectations.  This Sunday is a break away day, a day to continue discovering ourselves by means of trying something new.  Same old, same old certainly will not cut it over this weekend.  On the contrary, there would be more of a tendency to push the envelope, stretch the parameters and try things that we are unaccustomed to and unfamiliar with.  We do have to be careful not to bite off more than we can chew.  Various things may seem enticing but we might find that we have to whittle our activity list down to a precious few.  We could be dealing from a high level of energy, even anxiety, so let’s be certain not to get wound up only to unravel and exhaust ourselves.  Later in the day, the Moon moves into Cancer and we might use the evening for quiet enjoyment at home and the nurture of the familiar.  After a wild and crazy weekend, we could use some downtime to regroup, relax and vegetate.