August 3rd – 9th

This week allows us to take care of responsibilities early in the week, straighten things out and get things in order.  We may try new approaches in attending to normal duties.  Once we have addressed what needs to be done, the mid-week period offers us time to have fun, get together with friends and explore new interests.

We can accomplish a great deal this week, both in regard to our usual obligations and also in our stretching into new areas.  We are insightful, able to get to the core of any issue or problem.  We can figure innovative means to deal with what needs to be done.  We could find our circle of friends widens or that we have more time to spend with other people.  And our communications can be pleasant and enlivening, since our curiosity is far more intrigued by people’s differences rather than seeking their conformity.

We do need to keep a broad perspective since there could be times this week when our personal ambitions may be more self-focused and not accounting for what might be for the greater good.  Me and We could hit some rough patches, but as long as we look at embracing adventure and the quirkiness of other people, then we are unlikely to lock horns with other people regarding what we want or what they want.  Yes, we could create win-win situations this week.

Where a problem might arise would be over the weekend.  The weekdays themselves seem fine and quite pleasant, but the weekend could have us feeling put upon.  Either we might overdo for other people or buy into expectations of us or we could just tune out and turn on, escaping into our own world without much care regarding the impact on other people.  The former is more likely and we have to be careful not to exhaust ourselves by doing too much.  For some people, enough may never be enough so on the weekend let’s rein in any tendency towards self-sacrifice or we could wind up with an aching back, a large dose of resentment and feeling under appreciated.


Monday, August 3rd – Everything Set Right – Mercury, Pluto, Saturn.  Monday is a great day to set things right, take care of business and focus on the truly important.  We can get a great deal done today.  Mercury trines Pluto and the Capricorn Moon trines Saturn.  This Monday could prove a no-nonsense day, a time when our minds are sharp and incisive, when we can get to the heart of a situation and focus on the essentials of any matter.  If there have been flare-ups in our interactions with other people, today would allow for a good heart-to-heart talk to straighten things out.  We may not be overly emotional today, but we are far more interested in the practical and the pragmatic and getting it right rather than the decorative or overly expressive.  This Monday is the day of the workhorse.  By means of planning our actions, making a detailed list and prioritizing our plans, this Monday lets us be effective without wasting time and offers us the ability of being strategic and confident that nothing is falling between the cracks.

Tuesday, August 4th – Redefining – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course.  Tuesday begins with the Capricorn Moon sextile Uranus.  We start the day shifting much of what we might have accomplished yesterday by refining, finetuning and adjusting it.  It’s not a question of corrections as much as streamlining our projects and our operations.  Unanticipated variables could arise that necessitate changes but any changes would likely make things better and easier to operate.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over seven and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius.  Later in the day, we may feel that we have done enough heavy lifting over the past two days and could decide that it’s ‘me’ time, time for us to be spontaneous, try new adventures and enjoy the light banter of our friends.  Let’s consider how we can do things easier for ourselves.  We are living during times when we have to juggle a number of things and the more we can be effective with less expenditure of energy and without dropping any of the balls in the air, the more we can keep up the pace and not feel on total overwhelm.  And let’s keep in mind that no matter how much we have going on, we always need to take a break now and then in order to recharge, renew and re-create.

Wednesday, August 5th – Me, Thee, and We – Aquarius Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Sun.  Wednesday gives us the Aquarius Full Moon opposed the Sun and a time of a Lunar Eclipse.  This is the third eclipse of the last four weeks.  The question is raised as to the balance point between our own personal interests and the interests of the community.  While we might want to express our individuality and find outlets for our creative self-expression, we have to wonder whether the interests of the individual are in synch, or are in conflict, with the interests of the collective.  Today can have a great amount of talk about what is right, what is wrong and the most appropriate course for the future.  It would be wise to be attentive to the discourse occurring regarding plans for the future, changes to societal programs and how proposed changes are likely to impact the individual.  We are also looking for downtime, time to revel in recreational pursuits and not feel obliged to do anything other than what we might want to do.  Today is a good day to get together with friends, explore new avenues and find new outlets that spark a sense of adventure within us.  Some people may be asserting their will, and we need to avoid those people grandstanding, needing to be in the spotlight without due consideration of other people’s desires.  Everybody is a star and we all need turns at being in the spotlight.  This day is one of those days when appreciation can go all around but the issue is maintaining a healthy respect for me, thee and we.

Thursday, August 6th – Feeling on Top of the World – Mars, Jupiter, Neptune.  Thursday is one of those primo days when everything may seem to be going our way.  The Aquarius Moon trines Mars and conjuncts both Jupiter and Neptune.  We could be giddy today, looking at the bright side of all things.  With so much enthusiasm it would be easy for us to get carried away by possibilities and prospects without requiring due diligence.  Today can be a fun day, a day when we enjoy our social encounters and allow ourselves to pipe dream, thinking of all sorts of great future plans.  Where a problem could arise is assuming that everything will fall into place, that all the things we wish for ourselves will occur effortlessly and without any hitches.  What a wonder it would be, but it would be wise to keep a rein on our enthusiasm.  Otherwise, we could set ourselves up to be a mark, to buy into the images and presentations and even commit to situations that might only be a mirage.  Let’s enjoy the possibilities but hold back on major decisions or definitive commitments.  This is one of those days when our head can be in the clouds but our feet nowhere near the ground.  Let’s chalk this day up to a ‘mental health’ day, enjoy ourselves and have great fun.

Friday, August 7th – Visions into Manifestation – Mercury, Venus, Pluto.  Friday can continue the pleasant feelings we might have fully engaged yesterday.  Today, Mercury sextiles Venus and the Moon moves into Pisces where it sextiles Pluto, opposes Mercury and trines Venus.  This Friday can be a highly successful day, a day when we can be operating from an intuitive level and yet also utilize our rational mind to fit the pieces into the puzzle.  We have the ability of seeing both the big picture and the details necessary to achieve the big picture.  Our visionary sense can be strong and if our emotions don’t take hold and get the better of us, we can also see the best practices approach by which to manifest our vision.  Because we are likely to be rather sensitive today, we need to be careful how we interpret what is being said to us.  We could be susceptible to feeling somewhat defensive and taking someone’s off-the-cuff remarks personally and in a critical manner.  No need to go there, when the energies are strong for us to enjoy our interactions with other people, use our adaptive skills to fine tune our vision and move our dreams closer to reality.  This Friday is also a good day to do some fix-up around our homes.  There is a comfort level to our living space that serves us as a sanctuary and a place to go to recharge and renew ourselves.  Let’s enjoy Thursday and Friday, since the weekend could prove somewhat intense.

Saturday, August 8th – Off the Wall – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Saturn.  Saturday has the Pisces Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring Mars in Gemini and opposing Saturn in Virgo.  If we took slight to something said to us yesterday, then today we could be retreating into ourselves.  We have to be careful not to play the victim today, either being self-sacrificing to other people’s wishes or getting down on ourselves.  Our emotions are ratcheted up severalfold and we may feel anxious.  We might have a lot on our plate.  Let’s just be certain that we’re not trying to do too much, resent our commitments and wear ourselves out, both emotionally and physically.  It may seem as though people, and the world at large, are off the wall, with people going here and there but possibly not getting a great deal accomplished.  Today would be a good day to focus on our spiritual practice.  Whether we meditate, do yoga, or just take a quiet walk in the woods or by the seashore, today is one of those days when it would be good to nurture our spirit and nourish our soul.

Sunday, August 9th – Time Out – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto.  Late Saturday night – early Sunday morning the Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus.  After Saturday’s intensity, we might feel as though our nerves are shot.  We might want to just throw off the yoke of responsibility and our daily routine and break free, leaving everything and everyone behind and embark upon our own personal grand adventure.  While we might not be able to do that literally, especially in light of the fact that we might be feeling exhausted by the frenetic situations of the past twenty-four hours, we could pull down the shades, close the door and tell everyone that we’re taking a time out.  And it might not be a bad idea.  We could feel as though we were at our wit’s end and trying to push anything further could either be nonproductive or downright destructive. Besides, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost eight hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries.  If we take time to catch our breath, recharge our batteries and rest up, then as the Moon comes into Aries we could feel more on top of things, less at the vagaries of situations and people that seem to change moment to moment.  Even though we can get a second wind as the Moon moves into Aries, the Moon then squares Pluto.  Not everyone may applaud our self-assertiveness and we might find some of the things we put on the back burner in order to take time for ourselves percolating and calling for our attention.  Even if they are, we are in better shape to deal with them than if we had merely tried to keep on keeping on.