Monthly Archives: July, 2009

  • August 3rd – 9th

    This week allows us to take care of responsibilities early in the week, straighten things out and get things in order. We may try new approaches in attending to normal duties. Once we have addressed what needs to be done, the mid-week period offers us time to have fun, get together with friends and explore new interest

  • August

    We’re looking for good times even if that means suspending rational judgment and embracing irrational exuberance. It doesn’t matter. We want to have fun, affirm our hope and assume that things are straightening out and getting ever better after a period of tumult and turmoil.

  • July 27th – August 2nd

    This week could be quite paradoxical in terms of our relationships. The week starts on a high note with us feeling good about our interactions with other people, seeing only the best in others. The week ends with our relationships possibly being tumultuous and descending into turmoil.

  • July 20th – 26th

    While family matters may be our primary focus at the beginning of the week, our interest may turn to fun, adventure and advancing our ambitions as we move through the week.

  • July 13th – 19th

    We start the week full steam ahead asserting our individual needs. This high energy, self-affirmative attitude continues into mid-week. The only cautionary notes would be…

  • July 6th – 12th

    This week continues last week’s intensity, at least for the first two days of the week. We could have a tendency to overreach, to be extravagant and even to expend more energy and more monies than would be appropriate.

  • July

    July seems like a roller coaster type of month with ups and downs, but we should be used to that pace by now during these volatile times. The characteristics of July can be seen in a paraphrase of the old nursery rhyme: when it is good, it is very, very good. But when it is bad, it is horrid. The month has swings from irrational exuberance and downright delusions to snags, delays and frustrations that can let the air out of the inflated balloon.