June 8th – 14th

This week starts with a ‘can do’ attitude.  We may want to be in contact with those people that can help advance our interests.  There is a no-nonsense quality to our thinking and to our intentions.  We can accomplish a great deal if we are not distracted or sidetracked by silly diversions.

We can cut to the core, come up with a best practices approach to our daily routine and still find time to explore new interests and involve ourselves in new activities.

This week starts with a ‘can do’ attitude.  We may want to be in contact with those people that can help advance our interests.  There is a no-nonsense quality to our thinking and to our intentions.  We can accomplish a great deal if we are not distracted or sidetracked by silly diversions.

We can cut to the core, come up with a best practices approach to our daily routine and still find time to explore new interests and involve ourselves in new activities.  The primary caution for the week is not to take on more than we can effectively handle and to be certain that what we take on is worth our time and commitment.  Feeling upbeat and at the top of our game, we could easily engage in filling our schedule to overload.

Although we start the week focused with a clear budget and a willingness to streamline our activities, a sense of confidence could result in over-optimism.  Let’s be sure to take time to consider proposals before we commit to them.  Our feel-good nature this week might have us saying ‘yes’ to everything presented to us.

The latter part of the week and the weekend are great times for social interactions, having fun and enjoying ourselves in the company of good friends.  Focused intent and work are strong at the beginning of the week and if successfully accomplished, allow for fun and relaxation during the end of the week.


Monday, June 8th – Heart and Soul – Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course.  Monday begins the week with Venus trine Pluto.  The Moon starts the day in Sagittarius and square Uranus and sextile both Neptune and Jupiter.  We may feel highly impassioned today, wanting to put our energy in those situations that are truly meaningful and doing so with passion, drive and panache.  We are interested in our connections with other people, not concerned about superficial or shallow situations but looking for depth and getting to the very heart and soul of matters.  Although we might experience some curveballs to start the day, any unexpected situations can keep us on our toes, even if they divert our attention briefly from our focused intent.  The Moon goes Void-of-Course for over six hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto and trines Venus.  We can start the day with exuberance and enthusiasm and as the day progresses we can match our optimism with a pragmatic, well thought out approach.  This is a good day to get to the essence of any matter, consider what our future plans might be, and then devise the most strategic means by which to achieve our goals.

Tuesday, June 9th – Open to Insight, Putting Plans into Action – Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Saturn.  Tuesday is one of those days when we can be operating on all eight cylinders, just so long as we don’t hang on to preconceived opinions but are open to revelatory insights.  Mercury sextiles Uranus and squares Neptune.  The Moon in Capricorn creates an Earth Grand Trine as the Moon trines Mars in Taurus and trines Saturn in Virgo.  We can have some interesting ah-has today, even though some of our insights may counter our accepted opinions.  If we will be open to receive answers and willing to adjust our strategy and our methodology, then this Tuesday can be a highly productive day when we can make manifest in the most streamlined manner some of our greatest ambitions.  We do have to watch for overconfidence or assuming things to be one way without due diligence and seeing what is really going on.  But if we are open to changing our plans and our methodology and not locked into the way we might assume things should be, then we can come up with some interesting options and alternatives.  Today is one of those days when we need to keep our ear close to the railroad track, work with peripheral vision and recognize that wonderful surprises can come virtually out of the blue.  Now is not a time to push or focus on control but rather to be accepting of shifting sands.  Once we get the answers, we can then move forward in the right direction with right action.

Wednesday, June 10th – Forging Ahead – Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus.  We may want to make radical changes today.  The Capricorn Moon sextiles Uranus and trines Mercury, but Mercury also squares Jupiter.  If we got off on the wrong foot yesterday and headed in the wrong direction, then we can continue to do so today and with added gusto.  We may be champing at the bit to make certain changes in our lives, but we may be more willing to leap ahead without looking where we are going or taking into account the conditions.  Today is a day when we need to incorporate thoughtful and repeated evaluations, look to see what is really going on and not merely assume that our exuberance and optimism can carry us through.  Part of our due diligence today is to question where to put our energies and not merely how we place our energies.  We could be enamored by the image, the appearance and the novelty, and consequently seduced to waste our time and spin our wheels.  It is important for us to constantly put brakes on ourselves, in order to take the time to consider where we are and where we are going instead of just blithely forging ahead.

Thursday, June 11th – Eyes Bigger than our Stomachs – Venus, Mars.  Thursday has the Moon entering Aquarius where it squares both Venus and Mars in Taurus.  This is a day when we need to keep a tight rein on our finances and make sure that we’re not overspending.  We may want what we want but it would be wise to consider the costs involved, both the initial costs and the long-term costs.  Our hopes and wishes may come with a price tag and if we engage our desires without considering the expense of time and monies and energies associated with our plans, we could find ourselves digging a bottomless pit.  As the Rolling Stones sing: “You can’t always get what you want.”  This Thursday is a day to keep that song lyric in mind, almost mantram-like, in order to maintain a rein on our desires.  Whatever our plans might be, it is suggested that we be exacting in evaluating the implications of our involvement.  If we do take on things today, let’s be certain to have an exit strategy.  Some things may seem especially appealing from the outset, only to discover that they come with a greater cost than we had intended.   Let’s slow things down, be very discerning and take things step by step today.  We also have to be careful for the hucksters, those people who can spin a tale and seduce us into doing whatever they want us to do.

Friday, June 12th – In the Still of the Night.  There is not a great deal of energy on this Friday.  The Moon is in Aquarius but makes no connections to the planets.  We might chalk this Friday up to a ‘T.G.I.F.’ [thank goodness it’s Friday] kind of day, a mental health day, when we just take time to enjoy our friends, catch up with people, make our plans for the days ahead and just kick back and enjoy our reveries.  This Friday can be a pleasant day but not one when we might get a great deal accomplished.  This day is far better for conceptualizing, planning and blueprinting than for forceful action.  If we can tie up loose ends, clean up clutter from the week and clear our plate, then we’ll provide free space for some fun times over the weekend and during this next week.

Saturday, June 13th – Celebrate, Celebrate, Dance to the Music – Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, Mercury Gemini.  Saturday seems to have social gatherings, family reunions and celebrations written all over it.  The Aquarius Moon trines the Sun, conjuncts both Neptune and Jupiter and squares Mercury.  Later in the day, the Moon enters Pisces where it sextiles Pluto.  Mercury exits Taurus and enters its own Sign of Gemini.  No matter our plans for this day, we may have more going on than we can possibly fit into one day.  We may feel torn between different possibilities and we might even try to spread ourselves thin, going from one activity to another to another.  That could work since we are likely to feel jazzed by the interactions with many different people and the various forms of celebration that could be occurring on this Saturday.  We might feel that we can’t sit down but instead find ourselves scurrying around.  While we may be highly energized, let’s try to take our time in driving and to think before speaking.  If we cast our fates to the wind, we could become somewhat ungrounded willing to do and say anything that comes to mind without a proper inner monitor.  Later in the day, we can focus on those parties or interactions that seem far more functional and productive for us.  We might even find ourselves wanting to go to a concert, or a film or find our dancing feet.  Certainly, this is a day when fun is emphasized and in capital letters.  Let’s not get too heavy, too philosophical, especially if in our celebrations we are participating in rites of passage — graduations, marriages, retirements, moves and any major transition points in people’s lives.  With Mercury entering its own Sign of Gemini, we might all find ourselves with an increased gift of gab, looking for endless conversations and our mind awhirl with a cascade of thoughts and ideas. 

Sunday, June 14th – Sunday, Pleasant Sunday – Venus, Mars.  Sunday has the Pisces Moon sextile Venus and Mars.  Today is a good day to rest, relax and re-create.  We could take care of various household chores, home projects and even summertime purchases to enhance our enjoyment of fun activities at home.  This is also a good day to stroll the beach, take a walk in the woods and just catch our breath from the intensity, and insanity, of the world nowadays.  Spirit in action can be a large part of this day, but let’s realize that spirit in action can refer to all the various and diverse characteristics of our lives — from our spiritual and philosophical makeup, to our recreational interests and pursuits, to our interactions with friends and family, to our home environment and living sanctuary, et. al.  Today may be a far more introspective day, a day to focus on the inner healing and nurturing.  Whatever outlet we might chose, let’s keep in mind that this Sunday, pleasant Sunday is one for us to recharge our batteries and nurture our soul.