June 29th – July 5th

The beginning of the week and the end of June offer some pleasant interchanges with those special people in our lives.  Increasingly, we may become aware that living simply does not mean simply living.  We can find great enjoyment in the simple pleasures of life — getting together with friends, having a picnic, going for walks on public lands. 

But this week is like a Jekyll and Hyde character with the demarcation line being the two months that end and begin during this week.  We start the week off pleasantly enough, but as we come into July, things can ratchet up and we could feel as though times have shifted radically. 

As we begin July, we enter a fairly intense period.  We may feel like we’re all over the place.  No matter what plans we make, unexpected situations are likely to arise to throw us off kilter. 

Being flexible and being adaptable are keys to navigating the swirling currents of this week, and of these times.  We need to avoid any immediate reactions and not respond until we have fully checked out the conditions and before we have comprehensively evaluated the situation.

It would be far too easy this week to give in to knee-jerk reactions, to act precipitously and then have to fix things later on. Now is a time to slow things down, put a brake on our actions and tone down our discussions.  Not everything is the way it might seem and the more time we take to consider implications and possible consequences, the less likely we are to rush ahead and quite possibly put ourselves in harm’s way.

This is a week to back up, to back up our computer files, to back up our thoughts with hard data and solid evidence.  There are times when we need to go back over things before moving forward.  This week could be one of those times.

Change is important now, so let’s look for ways to add a little variety to our lives.  Although we might want to make radical shifts, it would be wise for us to budget our time and budget our expenditures.  Remember that things may not go according to schedule so it would be wise that we have contingency plans at the ready.


Monday, June 29th – Home or Showpiece – Sun.  We start the week with the Libra Moon square the Sun.  We may be overly accommodating to other people’s needs.  Our focus might be more on the other rather than the self.  We have to be careful not to add on too many planned activities or schedule too many engagements.  While we could go out of our way for someone else, let’s be certain that it doesn’t curtail our plans or our desires.  Inadvertently, we can be putting ourselves on the backburner.  Today is a day when we might want to spend some time beautifying our homes, adding little touches that help us feather our nest.  Under the guise of summer recreational activities, we could provide our own stimulus plan to the economy by buying things that provide a little extra to our lives.  Let’s just be sure that the little extra is adding to our comfort and enhancing our sanctuary and not adding more than a little extra to our debt load.  If we feel on overwhelm by people’s neediness today, we could withdraw and seek refuge in the quiet of our own internal space. 

Tuesday, June 30th – On Top of the World – Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter.  Tuesday is a primo day, possibly the best of this week.  The Libra Moon today creates a Grand Trine in the Air Element by trining Mercury in Gemini and trining both Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius.  Even if we felt pulls between our own personal needs and those of other people yesterday, today is a brand new day and we could be far more sociable but with appropriate boundaries.  We want to be with other people, enjoy the camaraderie of those who are marching to their own drummer.  We could be making plans for get-togethers or just reaching out to contact friends and acquaintances.  Our communications are clear and we may all be better receptive listeners, hearing what other people are saying and not merely focused on our opinion or what we wish to present.  There’s a grace and charm to the day with an upbeat essence.  Plans can be made for fun social occasions with others, and today would be a day when we can shine and give accounting of ourselves and of our future goals.  This is not a day to be lost in merely the mundane concerns of life.  This is a day to stretch beyond present parameters, even to reach into a world of limitless possibilities, and a day to savor the beauty and enjoyment of doing life on the earth plane.

Wednesday, July 1st – Up, Down, All Around – Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Sun, Uranus retrograde.  What a difference a day makes!  It’s been recorded in songs, certainly notated in historical recollections.  Things can change dramatically and radically overnight.  This Wednesday is certainly a case of that shift.  We might call it from the sublime to the ridiculous.  For as placid and enjoyable that Tuesday might have been, Wednesday is anything but.  Could it be that with the end of June yesterday and now with the beginning of July which also represents for various businesses, organizations and governmental agencies, an end of one fiscal year and the beginning of a new fiscal year we are beginning to witness the collateral damage undetected to this point, of the economic credit crisis that unraveled worldwide as of last August?  Could the bloom of euphoria with the feeling that the worst is behind us be off the rose as we discover that problems we had not suspected are staring us in the face?  Any way you slice it, today is diametrically opposed to yesterday.  Instead of the Libra Moon we have experienced over the past two days, the Moon today is in Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto and trines the Sun.  We may be a great deal more serious regarding what is truly important in our lives and what is only fluff.  We may have been willing to put up with the fluff during the Libra Moon but certainly not under the Scorpio Moon. This Wednesday also has Venus square Neptune and Mercury trine both Neptune and Jupiter and Mercury square Uranus, one of my least favorite energies due to potential problems with air travel, travel in general, computer glitches and foul-ups.  We may be communicating our ideas, our opinions, giving greater belief in our hopes for our future, but we might be dealing from a best case scenario, perhaps even a marvelous fantasy, without being aware of unexpected situations that could come up to upset the applecart and affirm the saying of Scottish poet, Robert Burns: ‘the plans of mice and men are likely to come to naught’.  We also have Uranus turning retrograde today.  Like the old saying goes: ‘the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions’.  We might have the best of intentions today.  But our hopes and dreams cannot account for the unanticipated variables and sudden turn of events that could come up with the energies today.  We may find ourselves going up, down and all around and the key element within this kaleidoscope of incidents and events is to maintain our balance, to keep calm, be ever mindful and focused on awareness.

Thursday, July 2nd – Passionate Interludes – Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Mars.  Thursday has an emphasis upon Venus, the goddess of love.  Venus squares Jupiter and sextiles Uranus today.  The potential for indulgence and excess cannot be ruled out, so it would be important that we keep a rein on our desires and not be overly impetuous in satiating our wants and wishes.  The Scorpio Moon sextiles Saturn and opposes Mars.  If we do not give into our impulses for instant gratification today, we can see what we can be rid of and what new and exciting things we could bring to the table.  The primary characteristic to keep in mind today is: moderation in all things.  That may be hard to come by today, especially as some exciting and unexpected opportunities are likely to come up.  Due diligence would go far today, preventing us from acting impulsively without considering the possible ramifications.  Today is a day to look for the passion, to stretch beyond our normal parameters and embrace the wonder of life unfolding.  We don’t have to be merely spectators to the dance of life.  We can engage the dance and en joy ourselves, but let’s be judicious in our expenditures, whether those expenditures are our time, our monies or our commitments.

Friday, July 3rd – Can’t Always Get What You Want – Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Mercury Cancer.  Friday has the Moon moving into the expansive, exuberant Sign of Sagittarius.  We are likely to be looking to spread our wings, stretch our parameters and seeking out the good things in life.  Before we get there, however, and before the Moon moves into Sagittarius, the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and in so doing squares both Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius and trines Uranus. The beginning of a long holiday weekend in the US, our plans for the weekend could go awry.  Being flexible and adapting to changing conditions would be important for us today.  Even if we are disappointed by shifts or changes that go on with our plans, let’s bear in mind the old saying that god and the universe have far greater plans for us than we could ever have imagined for ourselves.  Even if things don’t work out the way we might want them to, we can be open to unexpected situations coming forward.  As the Moon moves into Sagittarius, the Moon opposes Venus.  We may suddenly have more invitations or opportunities than we can possibly engage.  We might go from one thing to another to another.  Our disappointments earlier in the day with a sense of not being able to fulfill certain scheduled plans could dispel as new situations open to us.  Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini and enters Cancer.  Our thoughts can turn to home and family matters.  We might feel more reticent about expressing ourselves but we are also likely to be more receptive to the things going on around us, less likely to jump on the incessant carousel of more and more, and become more attentive to what will provide us the greatest nurture and support.

Saturday, July 4th – Bombs Blasting – Mercury, Pluto, Saturn.  Today is Independence Day in the US, a day when fireworks light the night sky in many US communities.  Those might not be the only fireworks display today.  With Mercury opposed Pluto and the Sagittarius Moon square Saturn, today could be a day when everyone has a fairly short fuse.  Discussions could turn heated, and we have to be careful that people don’t become either too exacting or too critical.  If people have an edge on, let’s walk it off, disengage and go off and even get out of Dodge.  We might feel pulls between wanting to just stay at home and have some quality time or wanting to break away and free ourselves from same old, same old.  It is important that we don’t let things get to us, for any seething below the surface could eventually rise up with explosive consequences if we don’t have some way to vent our frustration.  The energy could prove too hot to handle, so let’s be certain to have some outlets for our energy and not get micro-focused whereby we look at only the specifics and the details and lose sight of the big picture.

Sunday, July 5th – Meanderings – Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Gemini.  Sunday could have us looking at a world of possibilities.  The Sagittarius Moon sextiles both Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius and squares Uranus in Pisces.  Social gatherings can be pleasant today, since they are likely to help get us out of ourselves and our daily focus.  We can be expansive and exuberant and consider options and alternatives that we often just don’t see.  We may take the blinders off and instead of concentrating on what is right in front of us, look around and see other things we could be doing or other things we might be interested in engaging, all with a little help from our friends.  We do have to be careful that someone doesn’t try to rain on our parade.  Amidst all our enthusiasm, there could be a creeping sense of unanticipated variables upsetting our plans and dashing our hopes.  Why go there?  As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for close to seven hours making no further connections to the planets before moving into Capricorn.  From the excitement and exuberance earlier in the day, the energy dies down and we could hit a snag and take on a far more serious tone, put the blinders back on and focus on what is right in front of us.  Venus moves out of its own Sign of Taurus and enters Gemini.  Social engagements are far more interesting in short spurts of time rather than long, drawn out get-togethers.