June 22nd – 29th

The first full week of Summer, this week could have us fixing up our home, making purchases and focusing on family matters.  While there is a desire to create a comfort zone in our living space, we might also feel a little bit off, as though things were operating below the surface causing us great concern.  Let’s be clear and consider whether any anxiety might be more related to what’s happening in the world rather than our own personal situation.  It is important that we create a sanctuary for ourselves, a place to go to recharge our batteries and nourish our spirit.

We should avoid falling into a victim mode, assuming that our moods are at the mercy of the vagaries of these times.  We need to take a proactive approach, feather our nest, make our home a warm and nurturing space.  Mid-week, we may want to take in a movie, a concert or some other re-creational pursuit.  Let’s have some fun!

Around the weekend, we might become critical, feeling totally blocked or restricted by everything going on around us.  While evaluations are necessary, it would be important not to become hard on ourselves.  Time to lighten up.

Sunday night offers some pleasant interchanges with those special people in our lives.  Increasingly, we may become aware that living simply does not mean simply living.


Monday, June 22nd – Putting Plans into Action – Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Cancer New Moon, Sun, Pluto.  Monday is an action-packed day.  Not only is it the 22nd, which in numerology is a Master number related to the Master Builder, a time to put down solid foundations.  We have both Venus and Mars trine Saturn, giving energy and style to our daily requirements and providing the wherewithal to focus on details without losing sight of the big picture.  The day begins with the Moon in Gemini and trine both Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius and square Uranus in Pisces.  We may feel energized, ready to spring from the starting gate as the wakening bell rings.  No snooze alarm for us today.  We want to get on with things, push forward our interests and be in contact with anyone and virtually everyone.  The phone could be ringing off the wall in the morning hours, as people’s desire to converse and discuss all sorts of topics can be incessant.  We do have to be aware that unexpected situations might arise that force us to juggle more than we had intended.  But we can probably handle it, since we are far more interested in doing a little about a lot of different things rather than concentrating on a singular focus.  As the day progresses, the Moon moves into its own Sign of Cancer and conjuncts the Sun at the time of the New Moon.  The Moon then opposes Pluto, which the Sun will do tomorrow.  Although we may find that we have a great deal on our plate in the morning hours, we may find that our priorities turn especially to home and family matters.  If we have too much going on, we’re either likely to eliminate some of our activities or put some on the backburner to deal with at another time.  With a little planning and not being distracted, we can get a great deal done today.  With the New Moon we do have a signature for the fortnight, and this one speaks to a focus on home and family matters and the possibility of a good early summer cleaning up and clearing out of old debris.

Tuesday, June 23rd – Straightening Things Up – Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Venus.  Tuesday has the Sun opposed Pluto and the Cancer Moon sextile Saturn in Virgo and sextile both Mars and Venus in Taurus.   Building upon yesterday, today is a good day for us to tidy our lives and straighten things up.  We may have to balance our personal interests with our routine responsibilities.  In so doing, we could determine what activities are merely time wasters and what projects are our priorities.  Dealing with details and finetuning the specifics can all be done effectively and with style.  We may want to add some accoutrements to our home, whether they are accents or a bouquet of flowers.  We’re interested in creating the comfort of our home and if we are looking to make purchases, we can find things that are both aesthetically pleasing and masterful in their attention to detail.  We may come to realize that less is more.  We might do an inventory taking of our possessions, and even relegate some to storage or to the garbage can.  We are interested in cutting to the core, to have things that offer some meaning, that are essential ingredients yet tasteful in their appearance as well.  We could feel as though we are going through a dramatic transformation, a sense that we want to look at our interior lives and build from the fundamentals of our being.  We may be straightening things up but more importantly we are looking at tidying ourselves up and even shapeshifting from who we have been into a natural folding of the essence of our being.

Wednesday, June 24th – Stepping Out – Uranus.  As the nursery rhyme states: ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.  After the past two days when, if we didn’t have our nose to the grindstone, we still accomplished a lot; we are likely to awaken on Wednesday with the sense of the nursery rhyme, feeling that we’ve done enough work and now looking to play.  The day begins with the Cancer Moon trine Uranus.  No matter what plans we have scheduled for the day, we would far prefer marching to our own drummer today, doing things on a whim, and allowing spontaneity to be our directing force.  Our desire to have fun and enjoy re-creation is enhanced by the Moon moving out of Cancer and coming into Leo.  If we have been holed up working or largely focused on home and family matters, suddenly we might feel the need to spring ourselves from dull routine and abandon, or at least postpone, our responsibilities for the day.  This Wednesday is a day to search out the good life, find outlets of creative self-expression, whether that means taking in a movie, a concert, having afternoon teas or engaging in other fun events.  Let’s chalk today up as a ‘mental health’ day, whereby we step out of merely attending to our obligations and embrace and enjoy ourselves.  We are looking to affirm the attitude that life is good.

Thursday, June 25th – Pushing the Limits – Mercury, Mars, Venus.  Thursday continues with the Leo Moon which today sextiles Mercury and squares both Mars and Venus.  The old saying of ‘too much of a good thing’ could be the hallmark of today.  In fact, we might even assume that we are so much of a good thing and that whatever we want, we should have.  There could be a tinge of narcissism going on, with everyone extolling their virtues, their recent accomplishments and their desire for more, more, more.  While we can present ourselves in a dramatic and impassioned manner, we do have to be wary of not going to extremes today.  The energy today speaks to impulse buying, where our egos can get the better of us and we decide to make purchases based not on the quality of an item or the need for the item, but rather as a palliative to an insatiable and acquisitive ego.  It would be wise to keep to a strict budget today, for otherwise we could be indulgent and excessive in our expenditures.  The result might be that, unchecked, we could be bringing home things that are garish and nothing more than gaudy and sparkly.  Excess and indulgence may know no bounds today, so let’s keep a heads-up for our tendency to go there.  Major purchases would be better made at another time.

Friday, June 26th – Getting our Feet Back on the Ground – Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, Sun.  We start the day with the tail end of the Moon’s transit through Leo and the Moon’s opposition to Neptune and Jupiter.  Our desire for keeping the good times rolling could be our wakening instinct.  We might decide to make plans with friends or for social occasions just for the sake of putting on our calendar some exciting and enlivening events to look forward to.  We could easily over-commit ourselves today, all with a certain sense of noblesse oblige whereby we feel it our right, even our responsibility, to engage in various planned social activities.  Like someone who has had too much to drink the night before and has a nasty hangover and searing headache as a result, we could be feeling the pain of our largesse as the day progresses.  Mercury squares Saturn today and the Moon moves out of Leo to enter Virgo where it trines Pluto and sextiles the Sun.  As if we have come to our senses after a two day binge, we might shake our heads at what we have agreed to over the past couple of days.  Reality can set in and we could find ourselves having to come up with excuses or justifications for extricating ourselves from our planned social engagements or some of our purchases made during heady moments.  We do need to watch for any elements of depression, whereby we might feel on overload or have a sense that we have so much going on that we cannot possibly handle it all.  The key is to prioritize, figure out what we need to address first and take things step by step.  Let’s keep in mind that part of our ‘to do’ list can be attending to projects around the home.

Saturday, June 27th – Errands and then Some – Saturn, Mercury, Mars.  Saturday has the Virgo Moon conjunct Saturn, square Mercury and trine Mars.  We may feel that we’re in catch-up mode today, trying to take care of things that we just haven’t been able to get to or get done.  Let’s be careful that people don’t have more tasks for us than we had bargained for.  As though being the donkey in pin the tail on the donkey, we could experience people pinning various projects on us for us to deal with.  Enough already, we might feel, and we may even seek to dispute what other people are expecting of us.  So long as we have some breathing room, time to do our own thing, whether that’s hanging out at the mall or just relaxing watching a sports event, then the day does not have to be a death march of one errand after another.  We may have to impose our need for some down time, time to recreate, or we could find that there are errands and more errands virtually to infinity.  The evening would be a good time to enjoy ourselves but let’s be careful that we’re not operating metronome-like, going from one extreme to another, and having too good a time at night.

Sunday, June 28th – Get-Togethers, Pleasant or Otherwise – Venus, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto.  Sunday continues with the Virgo Moon in the early part of the day and today the Virgo Moon trines Venus and opposes Uranus.  We may start the day looking forward to planned social occasions.  We are likely to be dressed in our Sunday best, even our casual best, for we’re looking to make a good impression and wanting to be socially correct.  But like a contrarian, we could find ourselves wanting to change plans as a result of some unexpected opportunity that comes up and digging our heels in not wanting to attend to whatever we have already committed.  A tug of war can be engaged, and we do have to be careful that if we do change plans, that there isn’t some form of hell to pay in consequence.  The best suggestion would be to fulfill our scheduled obligations, without too much resentment, and to do so in a timely manner, putting in our presence, but doing so ever so briefly so that we then have time to take advantage of situations that are far more enticing to us.  The Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra where it squares Pluto.  With the Moon in Libra we may be feeling far more sociable but with the square to Pluto, we have to make sure that we were appropriate in our earlier actions, did what we had agreed to do before venturing off into doing our own thing.  If we weren’t successful at that, then the evening could have us paying the price in our relationships.  Did I mention the possibility of having hell to pay if we weren’t adroit and adept at doing what we were obligated to do before doing what we really wanted to do?  If we were successful in skirting lengthy obligatory engagements, then this evening could be a delight with that special someone.