June 15th – 21st

The last week of Spring and the beginning of Summer, this week is a good week to finish up our Spring cleaning and prepare for the Summer ahead.  Plans and projects initiated since the beginning of the year may need to be revisited.  Let’s look at where we have been successful regarding our New Year resolutions and those areas that have proven merely a waste of time or money.

Unexpected situations could arise that force us to rethink where we are putting our energies.  We should avoid getting hoodwinked by our desires or wish fulfillment.  Now is a time to work smarter rather than harder.  If we feel that we’ve been rolling a boulder up a mountain, it would be wise for us to step out of the way and let it careen down the mountainside.  There’s no time to waste on trying to force things to happen when the evidence is to the contrary.

Mid-week we may be feeling our oats, excited by some future plan and wanting to make changes in our lives.  We might want to start slowly and build up steam, all the while that we are checking our intentions and evaluating our methods.

The latter part of the week we can be highly resourceful, finding bargains, making well-considered purchases and being effective in where we expend our energy.  There could be some debts or payments due.  Now is a time for us to budget, focus and see how we can pay down our debts in order to get our financial house in order and enjoy the summer fun.


Monday, June 15th – Helter, Skelter – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter retrograde.  Monday starts the week with the Pisces Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square, as the Moon engages our nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition with the Moon opposed Saturn, conjunct Uranus and square the Sun.  Today also marks the day when one of the ‘good guys’ of the zodiac, Jupiter, turns retrograde.  This Monday could be one when we are going from pillar to post, or it might just be an issue of us being pilloried. The pulls between old and new, a feeling of victimization versus testing the waters, and a tendency towards glossing over details instead of due diligence could all be at play today.  Dealing from a high level of nervous energy, we may be far more interested in doing ‘our’ thing, being free and spontaneous and acting impulsively, rather than dealing with our responsibilities, our tasks at hand and our obligations.  We might have a great deal on our plate today and we could try to be dealing with everything but doing so only in a cursory, brief manner.  This is not a day to sign significant contracts or initiate major projects.  Either we could be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, our methodology based upon past experience rather than current conditions, or we might not be fully aware of unanticipated variables which might throw some curveballs at both our goals and our intended ways of achieving them.  Unexpected situations could arise today, some of our making due to our champing at the bit to make changes to our lives, others created by other people or an unfolding of situations that we had not foreseen.  With Jupiter turning retrograde, our willingness to concentrate on our future could be dampened and become more internalized as we realize that there are greater pressing needs that have to be addressed.

Tuesday, June 16th – Head Bangers – Pluto, Mercury.  Tuesday has the Moon exiting Pisces and entering self-affirmative, fiery Aries.  If we felt that we were being pushed here and there yesterday, that life was happening to us with our being a passive participant having to merely react or deal with situations arising, then this Tuesday could give us a second wind, a dose of renewed energy, and a willingness to strike out on our own and follow our own path.  While we might feel far more energized, we would have to be wary of merely expressing ourselves with the primal scream of self-assertion.  For today’s Aries Moon squares Pluto and sextiles Mercury.  This is one of those days when we might try to move mountains, without considering the fact that the mountains we are trying to move are firmly rooted and have no intention of going anywhere.  If we merely launch forward with renewed energy and self-assertion, this Tuesday could prove a real head banger of a day.  Fortunately, the Moon also sextiles Mercury.  After a bit of banging our head against the wall, trying to make things happen just by the power of our will, we could discover that our brawn is being blended with our brain.  Suddenly, we might take the time to consider our options, take into account the alternatives available to us in the means to achieve our ends.  Instead of us against the world, we could now use our power of persuasion, through conversation and excited presentation, to gain access to other people’s input and their support.  If only we could get the cart before the horse, and think about things before we launch forward.  That would prove the best case scenario but we might still need to scrape our knees with rash actions before utilizing our mental skills to arrive at a best practices approach.  Eventually we’ll put the horse before the cart, but we might have some collateral damage before we do so.

Wednesday, June 17th – Blissed Out – Sun, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter.  Wednesday can be one of those days when we might feel as if we were walking on air.  The Gemini Sun today trines both Neptune and Jupiter.  Social interactions can be good fun, and we could find that everyone is talking up a storm.  Plans may be made and idyllic possibilities for our future discussed.  This Wednesday can be one of those close to perfect days, even if the day is not fully realistic.  We might be far more interested in future prospects than present realities, but we would also have to keep our antennae up and our eyes wide open for changes occurring that could upset our plans or force us to recalculate our intentions and our actions.  This day can be seen as a ‘mental health’ day, a day when we have our head in the clouds but our feet nowhere near the ground.  Let’s enjoy our contact and times with other people today, but it would be wise for us to take everything with a grain of salt.  We could easily get enamored of possibilities without fully considering the ramifications of or the means to our planned actions.  This Wednesday is far better to talk the talk and not walk the walk.  Talk is cheap.  The walk could prove more arduous and even a waste of resources — time, energy and monies.

Thursday, June 18th – We’re Sitting on Top of the World – Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, Pluto.  Thursday continues some of the idyllic sense of yesterday.  We begin the day with the Aries Moon sextile Neptune and Jupiter and sextile the Sun.  There is a similarity to yesterday with a sense of exuberance and good feelings and a desire to bring our hopes and wishes into greater manifestation.  While yesterday we might have had the same feel good attitude, this Thursday also allows us to take our dreams and give them an element of pragmatism and practical reality.  For this Thursday also has the Moon moving into the Earth Sign Taurus where it trines Pluto.  From some of our mental meanderings yesterday and early today, if we have considered our options and our alternatives, have taken into account what we really want to do as opposed doing something different merely for the sake of the different; then today we can devise a best practices approach while utilizing the most resourceful ways to make our goals more of a practical reality.  This Thursday is one when we no longer have our head in the clouds but can also firmly plant our feet on the ground.  A highly productive day, we can use our energy and our enthusiasm blended with our focused determination and intent to make our dreams come true.  We are far more perceptive today, able to find bargains and certainly stretch our monies to make them work for us.  Let’s just be certain that what we are participating in really does speak to us and gives us true purpose and meaning.

Friday, June 19th – Charming the Birds out of the Trees – Venus, Mars, Saturn.  Friday is another highly productive day building upon the groundwork or framework we might have laid yesterday.  This Friday has the Taurus Moon conjunct both Venus and Mars and trine Saturn.  Not only are we interested in design, style and format today, but we can also deal with the particulars, the specifics and the details.  In other words, this Friday is a day when we can put it all together, no matter what the ‘it’ might be.  If we are considering a personal makeover, whether that be our appearance, our image or our personal space, today is a great day to do so.  Not only do we have an interest in how things look, we are also focused on the parts that make up the whole.  Nothing is likely to fall between the cracks today.  This Friday is a great day to wrap up loose ends, to bring the work week to a close on an upbeat and successful tenor, and to make plans for our Summer activities ahead.  A primo day, this Friday should not be lost to idle chit-chat or supercilious activities.  This Friday is a day to get things done, put our best foot forward and make a highly favorable impression.

Saturday, June 20th – Hanging Over our Heads – Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter.  On Wednesday, we had the Sun trine Jupiter and Neptune and square Uranus.  This Saturday we have the Taurus Moon square Neptune and Jupiter and sextile Uranus.  What a difference a couple of days make.  If we have plans on this Saturday, made with good intentions and great zeal, we could awaken on this day virtually resenting the commitments we’ve made for today.  While we might have to go through with our plans, it would also be important for us to add a little spice to our day’s activities in the form of spontaneity and impulse.  We might not want to feel totally obligated to our plans, as though our lives are being run by our schedule or calendar.  There could even be a tendency for us to blow off some of the plans made, wanting to be able to be free to do things on a whim or whatever catches our fancy.  It is important for us to have some time to do things on the spur of the moment, to feel that we’re not tied down by plans for today made at a different time and in a different mood.  Even if we have to do things, let’s try to do so without resentment.  We can make our presence, but we don’t have to spend our whole day with our committed social engagements.  We can engage our friends, enjoy social gatherings and then break away to do whatever we choose to do.  It’s called having the best of both worlds — doing what is expected of us and still doing our own thing.  Although the day begins with the Moon in Taurus, the Moon moves into Gemini and we are far more interested in playing the xylophone and doing a number of various things in short spurts of time rather than the one note samba and sticking with one thing the whole day long.

Sunday, June 21st – Here Comes Summer – Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Sun in Cancer.  Sunday begins the Summer Season and is also Father’s Day.  Venus conjuncts Mars and the Gemini Moon conjuncts Gemini-ruling Mercury.  The Moon also squares Saturn in Mercury’s other ruled Sign, Virgo.  Today can be a largely pleasant day, just so long that past experiences or any walks down Memory Lane don’t create pitfalls of resentment or anger.  Injustices, whose specifics are long forgotten but whose sting is still felt, could be the only problem for this day.  We may feel obliged to fulfill certain responsibilities today, but we needn’t do so with a heavy heart.  Today is the longest day of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere, a day to embrace and cheer the light, which since the Winter Solstice has grown in increasing length and brightness to dispel the dark.  So too for ourselves on this Sunday.  We can celebrate the light, enjoy the beginning of the Summer Season and revel in our interactions with our friends, neighbors and loved ones.  This Sunday is a day when we might want to go from place to place, remember the fun times of our earlier days, look forward to the good times of our future, and embrace the beauty of the NOW.  Here comes Summer, a time for lighthearted activities, recreational pursuits, and embracing the abundance of life on the earth plane.  The world is aglow, so let us reflect much of its splendor.